Slacker and Steve - OPP: Talk Out of Coming Out 3/4

Friday, March 4th

Our ‪OPP‬ today is from Candy. She has a teenage son in middle school who wants to come out, but she thinks he should wait until he is in high school or maybe college. Should she try to stop him? If you were Candy, what would you do?


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And the so yeah there are certain decisions. That's what kids should make but apparently has no say. It seems weird because you are an open until you're kids reach their majority should really tell mom just to do the dishes. One time when I don't know if a parent can tell their kid what to do okay. Candy. CI AU. You are disguised so don't don't worry about temperatures and no this is a very personal thing we appreciate you coming on the air to talk about it. Word tell us what's going on. Com so bright I'm Brendan. Is. There a cane growing networking. I know quietly he came out communicate. Religious. Kind of scenario it kind of thought that maybe it. Maybe even pay about. We don't I don't. And say I'm sorry cities how old thirteen. There okay Coca. Yeah I mean I think the whole thing and kind of the perfect little you need what I've heard it. You know if you're hyper paying I'm. Louis are not sway our do you think it's disgusting you said this young Zoe you said. Yeah I need to multiply that thought that camera can bring another gory. And violent media can play kind of person now. Since columns and you do you know whatever it will include not. The other thing if you get with the real thing. Came here. Let me that he'd want to come up in our crops. In school lol I think. Billick he accurate parent you always wanted to capture trial. And I do don't want anyone curator shorthand that I had let. I could feel like he. What I mean they got it after a little bit more progress but now I feel like cute cute couldn't keep that in Colorado he ridiculed. Will you work than he did directs you ridicule him or you know. We Gregory you'll have an economic climate camp I mean OK. And I mean it's not a particularly if you don't know it could be. You know like he could change of mind or. Amish. Whatever he didn't know you're reputed don't know. I hate about you you said the I mean that's two we can we just do it too we cut through all the crap real quick. You you kind of alluded to maybe some signs what were their science. That she might be a screen easy ever been interested in girls or act. I prehistoric have a lot of girlfriends like. I don't know. If Pedro hurt I mean I think together and we don't really are quite dot. Com. So I don't know if you go to how are people I'm national. What grade is thirteen is at seventh grade seventh eighth is when things are and Boca arm and you're gonna. So you wanna go back to your son and talk tombs and amount ago. That's awesome you wanna come out but this is not the way to tell you do it win win do you think would be a good time. In case he changes my back I mean if you if you get your way in LXT is saying and you tell him no he doesn't do it. Win win do you think it's okay for him to come out or safe for him yes. I didn't think like a little bit older. Play middle school is the war. Yeah this urge lift her off right it's still it's honestly like. You know maybe a local leader or great or horror when you go to college. Even. I I just I mean I can't help but. Feel like you know it's I think Steve you were starting to try to appeal some layers away on this. I feel lights. Steve might be very intuitive on nests or are you positive. They you're worried about him and now worried about you you because you've you've said some things that aren't. Necessarily motherly like you find in disgust. Leaning think he's gonna change his mind is if it's something that sure maybe ease you need put on a pink shirt today and then put on a black church tomorrow like. It feels like you might be more embarrassed. About him then key is you're not ready to handle it in he has. I I would compare them Aaron Ernie being under. Are concerned mother I think that any confirm the mother we feel OK okay. And who didn't want their trials are very QB mark borer. No gift. Hurt in anyway yeah I didn't know I don't. Hurt it yeah I mean if that's truly where it's coming and I understand that it yeah it's it's I mean Mike my gut says make. If we're really help you I feel like if she wants to come on now I don't think you should stop him but I would say. Probably because kids are so cruel I don't know if it if I were again I would say almost do it. Like at graduation. So then you're just announce it on the stages aren't necessarily have a distinct so they don't have any time. A major life miserable. They just aren't. Just brutal what would your personal envoy to north non normal can you I don't casino wins there's just a tough you know like you back to me. I don't clean and they're just when you're difference. Yes it's tough enough with and then vests and okay we are pretty they're more accepting no closer to say dude I don't know the culture of the seventh and eighth grade maybe they are more it is this what kids do they do in front of the class he said he's gonna do it in front of the it was yeah okay. So so this came into. One of the power poll clap order he's so awesome DL or threaten to go. So we've played these and they knew that it enjoy it didn't talk that reflect how opponent we'll look at mouths. So candy looks like her says he's come and out whether you like it or not so I guess were here to help you get used to the fact that he's about to come out or organ and give her the tools to say hello to tidy tell him this isn't I ate an ideal thing to do. Which I kind of when I sort of kind of approach to protecting her son Muslims yes. It's like if my kid. Suck at dancing you want to go and in the talent show I know these are totally unrelated so don't start to intimate does that analogy to your kids from bats away our hearts go out on the stage and try to do this dancing dude you're gonna be. Yup it's gonna be bad I am not saying just a kid being bad dancing the same as being gay right I'm just right. Well candy we're giving the benefit of the doubt and and assume your heart is in the right place. And try to get you some help. As it relates to your son had to hang on right there. I did not like when she was. Yeah but I think this is new to her and she's freaked out and she never imagine having gay son but it's like configuration is under process. It's used the word it's disgusting that's. So we needs. I guess from your days like Bernstein friends and we need our. Our parents thirteen and we need our teachers thirteen from its immunity did you I think a lot of people obviously know when their much younger and he's. He's ready to tell his mom so now he's ready to tell the world should he or she writes. She keep this to themselves just a bit longer Jan. I. So my brother is twelve from about could be thirteen at the heritage and kind of you know just like she that he now prolonged time. I'm and he did an out and when he told her mom's cheetah like oh OK you actually little shock didn't you like you know. This raid what you're trying to gonna age it had already called my friend and there are people that I think. Leave teenager lived we live in it betraying how I am now where it's more extra. So I think Fred the not machines yet except the fact that her child might be a and it's not necessarily get prince and other people agent. It sexual preference is different. Couldn't log in many laughs yeah didn't give him any less change to accept him personally won't. And it'll be a lot easier for her.