Slacker and Steve - OPP: Tell Him I Cheated 6/8

Thursday, June 8th

Today's OPP Myra has a boyfriend who is perfect. But he hates cheaters and has the "once-a-cheater, always a cheater" mentality. Myra cheated in her last relationship and is terrified he'll find out. She doesn't want to tell him because he might end it but she feels bad for not telling. What should she do?


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Selector in Steve's son today. I don't know much as I can. Have to tell your whole life when you start dating somebody gets to say all the stuff you've done there it is let's find out. Nice guys here eight. I think nowhere else to turn to get some advice from a problem sort of trigger right you guys in haven't seen a guy for a while he's got a great sense of humor he's humble and to be honest he rocks it in the bedroom while. Karl he told me the reason he and his last girlfriend broke up was because she cheated on him. He has the mentality of once a cheater always a cheater and has said that he doesn't think he could ever be with someone that cheated. Well. I know cheater. I cheated on my doubts on that is the reason we broke up. I didn't have the heart to tell them any of this and we were talking. Now I don't know what to do I don't wanna tell him because a he'll probably want it ended even though we have a good thing going. I feel bad for not telling them because of that good ever comes out on the road he's going to be mad. What should I do now help this is for Mira. Okay right to life and it. You see in a bowl and I don't know how to deal until I don't wanna be here but I don't I don't know I was out. Shower I then. Whom the only reason I'm. I'm even saying that. She should send some when they're having that conversation. Okay. Eaton tiptoed to bring it up now. It's like why you are having this conversation in three nights in the why wouldn't you same thing why me why you tell me again. Is her defense gives you go I know I should have done and then. But I thought you were gonna dump on me in the inning and the role I don't want I don't know Emmanuel sort of fixate on. It's so she could get that part of the explanation that you don't here's I don't know if you're like me. But what I'm about to date somebody I just assume they've cheated. You really believe that he had his aides called on emotionally physically you look daddy cheated yet you've cheated. Don't you cheated. Now knows all we know one person why Egypt. One that I cheated a guard she is bright and proud of I think there are more people than you seem true. I books we had we had this guy neoprene key yes and that's it. I don't eat. You okay so if you cheated. And I cheated I don't how do you feel about the phrase once a cheater always cheater. Pretty much. Okay how. You know no. You have any new you know you can do you haven't you been conscious choice not personally committed conscious choice not to but once you've you've got an and you already. T guerrilla. It's part of your. Doesn't mean you're gonna do I know blight you used so many kids he wants a cheater always a cheater it's once Jeter. You have parents just did under the right circle. Outsider yeah Arrojo. Always kept that guarantees your right yeah. Particularly want to you're always Jeter implies. It's the wind blows in the wrong direction I am falling on to somebody else and that's not the truth I don't people so they can change in stuffing you can you can permit from this point forward you can make the conscious decision not to cheat but it fury don't you know you can't you see American machine on this guy I don't why. She may eighteenth. Purposeful effort to right. That she's rocking it in the bedroom dishes wanna screw all this up she she thinks she's funny she thinks he's humble she thinks he rocks it in the bedroom. Now this guy yeah now but the guy she cheat don't probably wasn't rocketed in the bedroom maybe he wasn't humble enough whatever it is she sought. She sought comfort from someone else I see that she wasn't getting what she needed an overpass relation yeah this. So far down right now right so you're just so Senegal that you feel like I'm realistic with the so the second she's the fails to this are getting what she needs again she's gonna go somewhere else to find much to do what she needs maybe. OK so when we get back to your original question real quick so let's say I'm hooking up with a girl now we sit down and our first date. And we run down our checklists of all the stops are usually or. The Mario out. I've had the following three as there were zero and there you know all I've been a part of us you terminated pregnancies they went like I don't I don't know what all you have to say. But in a conversation where he sang. My ex broke my heart because she cheated on me I'm. I don't think that you deal with a cheater. I think doubts your window they have to say. Oh boy we need to talk okay solution mr. window now you did you think it's too late now. I think it's I think it's awkward as hell now it is awkward but if she really wants this relationship to work she has to re address it again somehow or ride a lot. And right analog then rod. I don't I day in this one Ambac cool right to life. Well and I don't know because the farther into this relationship they go saying they make it three years saving make it to the altar OK I'd say they make it today. They're the premarital counseling before the counseling before the altar. She it's gonna eat erupt inside that there's this one saying. Like they believe that this is the horizon mine this is this is our ground zero this is where were beginning our lives. And she's lying about one thing one big thing she can't you can't inter relationships like that you can't go win. With a big huge hairy lie like that we can limit your penance is you get to continue living with I don't idle your tenant deaths of censorship as a comeuppance. Lanka what's what's priority here so chic to come clean this guy maybe not have relationship with the guy or have the relationship but the guys. The priority is to tell early with him and have the relationship hopefully he loves someone else what's hopefully was six attacked and we let's have both. Let's have come clean and still retain this relationship even though he's anti there's got to be way we did that. Creek that's what we want that's what she wants so we need your advice on that or is this instead of your advice on the decides she's she's keeping to himself if yeah how is your dating a guy whose ice. I I never did anybody used terminated pregnancy and you terminated pregnancy would you talent took this business it's your body it's your medical thing but. It's something she is she's vehemently opposed to that. What do you do did you do you hold that secret NR Diego welcome change your mind about that is on somebody who you love and I don't match. You love me and I cheated now what this is still ride the life and I. Or you're still ride the lie I'm trying to Gator Bowl so she doesn't I'm I'm I'm well I'll do both to. We're gonna try for both the we're not sure we're gonna get it Oca if you've got advice from Mira the cheater who's dating a boy whose. Wouldn't data Jeter and we could really use your health candy. Or hey are you are disguised Tom will what do you think. Well I'm a bit eerie air. It's what she peered. A cheater well Ali you cheater. App it cannot be third in the other group they're going to be blurred there. No way to achieve weren't nobody here it's normal. Use. Well what what are your mail order or all our PRO. If you. Incur no way to let their. And you will do what it PM. ER thirteen I speak are eager caddie. If they want to beat your. Picture there that hey they're all better then go treat armed everybody. I only that I mean that's you'll you'll really truly believed that no human ever cheated. Felt like that was a mistake couldn't handle the guilt they still struggling even if they got away with it and said I am never do with not ever know. I don't think they're openly cheat Kirk I think. All the mentality. That they can kill it. Right to be where you don't know who they're hurting in the hot bath. They will you wouldn't. Get the report out. I just I so you don't then does that mentality don't everything is somebody has stolen some things aren't they always a stealer as someone has. Hit some line. Are they always a hitter I mean. I don't understand how you don't think people can. I think I think these moral if your if speak the other gonna get. Away with their. We all Q. No matter what the what no matter what the mentality or if they get older gonna get away with their old they'd look at. What's your suggestion then took you're saying to her. Would you say what you say and then she just wants the data cheat on her okay. Thanks for hurting its comeuppance and it's like that's not happen. This. He you know lack I give on virtually. You know hopefully I'll get richer and AMP built and then you figure out. Oh gosh thank you for the car cannot our arms. Clearly somebody who is freshly cheated on you I mean in can't do it. She's just like Meyer is Nancy can't get past it if it beats you essentially official said it's. Asked why it is or leaves the relationships in the past in the past and give you new person in new chaos we are freer fairer shake I greens. Hi when you think. It's higher. What harm what is movement. It's karma apparently she did in previous species actually no she habitually the only stipulation there that weekend. So I guess he surely didn't matter how strong it's part him negotiation really care. About him enough to help him. So you wanted to come clean and you want it to end their relationship because. Bunkers aren't you him. I eighteen Aetna. She should just how much time if he loves her or more aren't to be there then that's odd I am. But she should expect him to do it yeah I actually had to after he told. Note to what Irene what you just said I I'd or she should she's the run. Even this relationship let's say he takes her back in the relationship every time she's four minutes late at home every time SM yeah I met yet. How can she live under those rules. I owe you dinner and then it had been once he noted you're gonna be right back. House sure are you now that's the sign I can't karma gasoline how should she had about when just LM. Irene how long ago where he cheated on. I just say you sound like somebody who see who's seen the mayor and sperm and you gotta you want to hurt us. About relationship and I just LAPD. And you don't understand if you are much somebody you know why would you even put them in a situation where. Did you say your reject you know I'm only gets. All situation could be getting their wish all of them. And I really hope that she kept her and she got hair I don't. In hindsight all I Tracy. It's the yeah guy when you thanked. Lot RA Iowa this year an IQ on my Blackberry with my ex husband and now my boyfriend in my husband who. And I think for her if he would screw leave the door right Orion that they and he should be able to look past that. Like I can't hurt the last Kearney was saying light Kiki. It is you're getting away with picking up maybe you will continue to cheat but like if you sign a great person your racquet that she she she didn't she'd on the specific. You see this as an iPad. Which use board cannot I don't feel that. Does your new husband know the UG MDX are asking. So easy so every time nearly two minutes late getting home or something is healing given you the third degree thinking that you're cheating on him. Are you shirt. Yes I'm shirt not. I mean in my gas by continuously started doing something maybe be a little spoke. Alex suspicious start. He's always LP believes and trusts you wholeheartedly Xavier once a cheater doesn't mean always. But you have it and you Tracy. You do Abbott and you. Literate I would agree if he narrated. Is it me yeah. Which means you don't need is a lot of glitter yeah yeah it means that it's the tie it thinks it's a direct. Until later so every time we go to a bar set the bar owner license strapped everything down byword. You know that's probably isn't there more accurate in the once a cheater always Jeter then the data because Tracey and the honesty obviously Becky. Yeah I do you think. All I do not believe that want to during early but here. I have been married for almost eleven years. Anyway my husband partner. I I'd. Shouldn't speak one night at one point I felt so guilty I hate it how sick she never ever happen again. It never ever well. Are you I was at a very the world Twain my life my action tried to contact me my mother had cancer or they would just bad. Anyway. And she didn't cheat on him bring you I don't think she'd have to tell. Yeah I think issued. I. If she she don't normally never play you're going to Altera yeah you need to be honest about that aren't there warnings from relationship. To learn. It's a waste. But she specifically said I don't know if I could deal with somebody who has that gene of a cheater so does she owe him. The knowledge that she has that gene. I don't think that Jeanne thank you. Seek out patent that mean that and basically I'm great exposed Jill go at age do whatever I had an opportunity I'm given what somebody else. Not respect he she never cheated on him and what she did in the past none of his dale business. That's really what we're only about people who numbers. All are you know all never this time and things like diet like some of that doesn't really. Matter now CO. LP. And you really feel that she can't move forward with him without clearing your concept. And maybe bat into the best they were hurt so. Our age like other cars and tried as if you truly love turn out in the process. Klein and I accept that fact that she didn't she can't she just had no relationship. And the prospects. Yeah it's even more write a lot. Why India. We're right where we started to that icky place where I had to join teams see if they ask you why it feels good it doesn't feel good young but did spears feeling I want to. It's there's feelings any keeps a relationship going for the I did ten and save every don't overrun. Okay if you haven't so full moral compass. Why thank you that better words to say to get to debug his bride the lie trainees are in this. Kiss up over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.