Slacker and Steve - OPP: Tell My Kid About First Marriage 7/27

Thursday, July 27th

Carrie has an 8-year-old son that knows the importance of family values because Carrie and her husband have raised him on that understanding. Carrie has been married twice before and her son has no idea about it! She wants to tell her son about the previous marriages but doesn’t know how her son will react. Do you think she should tell him or not?


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Staying on there. Hole well well well hmmm yeah. Firm paid germs if you have children are prepared to be called a liar but hey the guy who is a hypocrite but not all because you're a liar I don't beat you don't get to. Decided you weren't hit. Instead we see that's how I'm more much more clear judgment and no because I am above you looking down on the situation and it's just another okay let's has died yeah I. I BA I have an eight year old son since he was born Meehan my husband have taught him how important family is. At least the most important thing you've got in this life. There are the only ones that will be there for you I love you through at all. What my son don't know is. That I was married to other times before his dad. The first one was right when I got done with high school and only lasted for a year the second time I got married was this one time I was in Vegas with a boyfriend. We were together for a couple years and he didn't want a family and left me. The other day my son told me one of his friends moms was mirroring a new mayor on that wasn't his dad. He didn't understand how somebody could love more than one person because you're only supposed to love your family. I couldn't tell him that I've been married before I think he would break his heart but then he'd be mad if you ever finds out I've been lying to him his whole life. What should I do tell him or not this is from Kerry. I can't I can't send. We media say. Because I know you're just gonna call me bro bro I won't it's there's certain things. They do your kids. I know that their parents out there who are just completely honest and say. Sun your mother and I are gonna go in the in the room and make loves it because we love each other and that's how we may do it we would never do brother can go in there and didn't take this article but it didn't like the Turks. Old brutally honest with the children about everything that they would they would even tell them when they're having relations eyes. Im not that makes. I'd never done drugs. But if I hadn't. I don't think I'd. I wouldn't tell my kids when they're young. I wouldn't tell when they're eight until when they're. Wells. And it might and as far as previous marriages. I don't know that my kids know or don't know I sort of had said it. But I'm not hiding it it's just not one of those things that comes up because your kids think. The world didn't exist. You you got to remember when you're young you'd think anything exists in three states new. 20 dollar new with mere revolves around the flight so they think. The universe. Brought their mother and I together and boom they were born and that's when life began for the entire planet. And you think that they don't need to know the gritty details of reality and how you people can hookup in the breakup and divorce and they don't even know when they're young it because they haven't even thought it ends for you offered that information up before they asked him this is this is different because it's a disastrous. But my chin you know me is was five and like it's not like oh my friends is in a source. I don't match. We did yeah yeah yeah. The tour de force on your kids don't you don't offer up the information but if they point blank askew. Depending underage lied to them instead you would actually I don't know that there you are okay but you which those of you think it's a pro there are appropriate aged vet if they ask again. And you divulge the actual detail that's I do and I don't make I don't know if Whitney point blank you if you can lie to want. Like her kid is point blank terror. I don't know it's a right thing to do to say she's been married twice is at a bigger deal. I mean she's our third marriage are big deal I mean. Why is smiling just put skates well yeah out. I was married wasn't married let me just say yes we got married. I can't I just say this to anybody else on the planet except. I got married. Because I I was gonna launch early shift in my opinion I been married 34 times because you've been in long yeah. This relationship with the difference between being married not being married is cheaper car insurance that piece of paper that's. And I. Which Kim longer almost longer I mean I'm now surpass that with my wife would know she was your longest that you would never find insanity and it was like being married so. I gotta tell my kids to ask where you've been married before. We don't once but only framers there was this other girl and I got to do in the weeds on what matters more to sign his neighbor in need pro create and that's analyst. Yeah because for them that's a learning experience it's no different from you teach him how to tie their shoes. Your passing on information pertinent information is he goes to Zurich and so we can judge your character and then second of all that they can take that information we're also gonna get that from the needed. Beset straight from their parents but you everywhere every parents' jobs thinks he seems to be keeping information from their kids lied about stuff when they ask. I would tell them I don't I it's not a lie to say I've been in several. Long term marriage like relationships. Whether or send a piece of paper or not is that. Is that really even deals I say sign of these three times one times five times 60. If it goes back to what you said in a child's head. It was you words you're pristine new moms pristine and you came together it's fairy tale of scripted. And it's is the greatest thing our. Now and you tell on the gritty details of reality but what's wrong with that and let me ask you this what's wrong with airing on the side of truth. This thing in Terry's case what's wrong with nearing nonsense truth. Is it she's made such a big deal she's almost come at this marriage very childlike and she's like. Nothing matters Morgan Stanley will always be together we were meant to be together there was nothing before us and not them before you she has set up. A situation with her eight year old kid. At my age this is the baseline for all of life and now she's Dolan so it's always been like this right. And he got to know. Are. Sort. And I do think Kerry. I think Keri sees her past as she failed yes yes just to get us as she does a wanna admit that to worry year old son come clean those guys made some bad decisions. But better news not to bring it up at all and tells fifteen years I. They ask to act so this is a question she's ASEAN. Should tell women not eye opener not to win win if you're you're gonna tell them eventually windy tellem. Is there are there real precautions for Blake Tony's time that I would never and now. I don't just be about marriage I think you should be about drugs. I think you should be about experimentation and other forms like what all do you oh. How much truth do you or your kids 100%. At all times. Are more important to us or you're at your Christmas did they need to know. I took a second job costs go so that I could go out item actually didn't even Knoll. Extra but birthday was stellar that day thing no need to build we did last night they don't think. You have to do. And all the deet tails you we'll take away the magic. And yeah see him and just like all right. Chad you were able to provide a great birdie or great Christmas actual date you know I got down and dirty for that Christmas yes they should should go. Often yup win. All the time Terry asked and those like this kid he came home we are on the schoolyard is your friend it's going through that situation and so we came home and just carry the mom. And she's doing be invasive or shady and he says she's ashamed you nailed it yes she's such a shame their ego of her pass a Dutch shouldn't keep her from doing the right thing is apparent. Being honest that all tied San you have to say how many. Yup. Mouton and absolutely brilliant had been divorced twice a hump. Help. Her why why does being artists feel so bad you compared to believe it's because of bad taste in your mouth. Want my kids to have a lot of relationships I don't want my kids still married the first person had relations west but I don't want them to I don't want him to feel like. I look at marriage is something you date it's a doctor in science this is easy to unsigned it. So it's one of those things words you try to do that do as I say not as I do right and be best if you didn't know what I do so you can just do an asset. If she didn't. There it's a right to match I should be loves them very embarrassed but I still as I say not as you well you know or not just one idea you don't need and health. I do drugs. No did you know it doesn't matter how good luck does deficit ago it's now. Every lie you tell your WO job governor doesn't. We're not stealing ever stolen. Don't steal apple shouldn't question. Don't see guys see you don't need it now I so Jerry wants to know should she tell a kid about her. To divorce yup. She's clearly ashamed at how bad they were just went up in flames she's married now marriage material don't China has got to be honest in all honesty or just let your kids live in the same SeaWorld for as long as humanly possible Jill. Our guys. Are artists what do you think. I found out my mom was Canadian. Previously an excuse me and that non ideal way and I would say a good barometer of truth is do you think your child. Will. Heal the trade a year over if they find that out from another source you later in life siren is your old. And I found out via a newspaper clipping in age crap out coached and I don't think that you need to share everything with your children but I think as you let that she'd start up and I idealists. Idealistic environments. And not to be realistic like not to talk. About you could bust someone else could doctor excellent relationship how kids get sick Mary direction I don't know I just I wouldn't hide something I might. I probably would until the all that he tell I would probably. So you when you sound now what was your first where you sat where U mad were you betrayed what were you missed it. If I was betrayed and that and I was over all a little bit Mac and now and I was like well you like having Shipley. You know I was trying to let the urge you came into my mom I didn't. You don't get married unless you have kids see you are. So that claim it changed your relations with your mom forever. Little bit and we got no Britain's seats told me why shouldn't feel like it was not a very. Turned out my father was previously there aren't as well but it cars I would say probably. A little bit correct what I was parent one at about our. So you wish your parents would have been just put parents should do is. Town and you know actually you know I've been married before or you are able to block other people in which you know mom was married previously Irish. Still make a big deal about it it is what it is now. You know this is really hard to find the time Nabil nights now Malone. Armor running grab my karma Marciano by the way since the thing I'm missing rail another girl lettering on her finger tip the place okay. It's so. More about love and about how you can love it. Different people differently at different levels alternate that type I think I think that I eat talk about it. Not familiar to be a good mom yes I hope you're also gonna lie to your kids like it's your job I deal is now. Once you realized that trap I can't tell them that yeah. All right I am not move you call us back once the first lie slips past those that support to our viewers and I beg you jail. I'm telling you I said the exact same crap as she did. And then when you're in the situation it's like your brain is not ready for their only to lose follow through you said you were doing just follow through was last time US relations dad. So how does a downside relations is with this you had to hook on the job this dealing with a Gloria I shoot an Iraq maybe Doug well it may really isn't he tells us kids. I don't actually sorry anybody who works at my wife I don't have a swing as far as you know you sold to meal want to chance anything could. Our guy you're disguise what you think. I don't think you should program. Odom aren't important you almost twenty. In my guitar know when you're on camera moment music vibe aren't allow all. And Rick are not totally great you can lower what we do you know what whoever are not hot water until. Well or poor I don't really buy it every few weeks you slowly the more question. Over and you want goma particularly younger and me are you neutral. Ultimate reputation Domenici on paper the one people people who give him some didn't want you to vote. Thinking about getting nearly people who want to wipe out the usual. Tell a kid and I've been divorced five times and the first time. You get if I would bet you there really what do you do divorced me like everybody else news old bulls these kids take information you give them and use it against you. Later that's why you don't wanna give up and say hey look I don't ever Macy's Sears and cold more colder you can see it yet. Support they give credit card can be off dude. Didn't make curry lessen the mother she's a great mother and all eyes question she asked her whole life is why couldn't she trusts me with that information you might hear hasn't tarnished. It's not certain it's not. They don't even know but I drove a Pinto who when I was young I had other cars doesn't matter what car I had you know ahead of occurrence Alltel Iceland and other people can lots is that Kentucky though they need to go no they don't Zach side. Taylor. A guy who what do you think. I tell. No she clearly I didn't say that crazy camera is not everything they are not the people who always kikwit eager Eckert and takes the big thing is trash. And change if she wants her son to try church. And to be honest with her actor director global life she needs to be on the what I learned with my mom going up and that's exactly what I've done with my son. And the duration happen aren't family I call them carry out yet I got married before hand I would then may get I was drunk. I thought I would love by exactly what you got her earlier marriage just repeat the paper it's right you do it might make it work. Boo you on that. It is about trust even gonna build trust when you're constantly loaning your name. The sad that sense just came out your mouse makes me wanna hit you with a baseball are pretty you know that okay no. Yeah pay your mouth you're signed tailor its steep learning on the honest. No DP more than once Caleb because he is searched ten like 90% of OPP I can summarizing in three words. Brought a bit but I'll lie. You say that almost every single time now there's a miss truce is right you know PP simply children learn ball all. Who could match. And why is losing your Taylor yeah. Knox is that the ecumenical Taylor do. You're on my last. This and now I get it do you still look the what do you see it didn't meet so now you're just gonna push this artist and. It's limit that's case about bouncy I should put the results are those voters who worked at the money just. Yeah I know I know what do you thing. Half I think it depends on the age and the stability that the child to. Give them information because you can shatter their worlds and they're not prepared for information. An eight year old. This is going to be the most these you know earth shattering. And I tell him because she's not ready to get beat pretty bad I can't understand it you're not gonna condemn an era you've not developmentally ready to understand it however he doesn't need to know. But he can now. When I need a little bit older when people are getting divorced arm around them and remarried and all that because it's gonna happen at just how it works because we know how it's how we know you shouldn't. I don't know either do you prevent a Massachusetts and a diamond drill down in the back is that. Why if you don't have can you you have to do that and you have no idea how difficult it is to right. Keep your child together. Everything being great in the world and I I think about it on the other hand that they inquiry did truce might situation wired. I. And I am so my husband. Told her and that. Malicious moments. Or discredit me costs and I am I would like. Hey you know what you know your heart looks like. And I would I'm prepared to do it I'm gonna tell her when she lived you know in her lit later Jean. A similar circumstance. Came around. Around with it and believe it or not and she learned about you and this guy and similar indiscretions. And she was older and you'd like a big jump. I'm like. Yeah. I'll that's right so I don't eyelid early chat and when she was fourteen. What can compare to the information but now that you're the boyfriend now that he knows things can happen. Now the probable I'd go with me I always want to try heard an age were she can't look at. And my technique is she might meet this sibling so she knows all about that I did my older kids that there Itar. We drove her to ask it. They're old enough to understand no cinema so you tell us now I can't. Is it do you get into developmental practice thing you understand there's certain things are handled this morning you're not able to handle different. Monica you still there trying to count the time okay. I we lost you for saying don't have harmonica player children Gmail user and I don't understand something you turn your back on army just ignore him not nice nice guy nice I know. Here you know once you can do. Down that well. I know I know we've got did you have a chain that is kind of the aspect do things begin to try again and they would everyone Jean has that that they kept. I. And okay Monica think they re calling we appreciate you drive into town so we're gonna continue July absolutely okay airline did you do in the far right these you look Trout do you ever see you have proud a lot of time and I'm proud because I just somewhere into my baseball bats. And is probably alas I'm worried here's army because I'm going to jail for the so so so we're we've learned very shouldn't tell the kid until he's ready and he's not ready despite the fact that he's asking B. We'll ask me about sex when he's like speech he's ready you know he's not ready ready you know some you know everybody itself but he's ready to find out carriages are ready to tell that's what you're. If anybody can help me I need more help over on the side currencies FaceBook page.