Slacker and Steve - OPP: Terrorist Attack 5/23

Tuesday, May 23rd

Losing a child is the hardest thing a parent could ever face. Our OPP says her mom is worried about things happening in the world and it’s ruining her life. Hear her OPP and tell her what you think.


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And it's pretty rare act we didn't know Pete Pete and I'd like I couldn't. This so people could be from my family right now well it's it's there's. That the recent world events are causing a lot of parents to rethink the way they do things is Lutz and young guys CIA. Its ultimate mom almost every night when she gets off work and she called right after I got the TMZ alert about the Arianna ground concert running on it yet. I told her what happened and no she's freaking out. She knows I have tickets to see Justin Bieber later this summer she said that I really shouldn't go. I mean I'm 42 when she can't really tell me what to do but also listen to my mom if you know what I mean. Do you think there's really a threat to all concerts it's something like this happen here. My mama's restraining herself was basically saying no we go over I would go over her dead body. What are you guys think should I listen newer and selling tickets my friends are all talking about it Nolan is sure what to do this is from safety. Like the more. My my my daughter is super indicate Perry right now she was Wayne Taylor Swift and now Taylor does now meaning coming out or whatever and so she's in the Katy Perry. And the more footage that comes out about what happened my life was like you can't you can't take me into Katy Perry now. Oh sure what so what can take new Katy Perry oiler. Because what if OK I should do X I I am a hundred for standing right here is what I know I know wherever we go whatever we do there's going to be do you wanna beef. If the mom. Who sent her kid to the show you wanna be the mom that lets your good permits are kids from whether the truth that's. Billion dollar question is like it's so easy to say you Europe logical and you don't have any saying. You care about spackle your Christ so it's so easy to use or go. I don't ever let. Because constitutionally the terrorists win if you if you if you don't do anything and then yes I am I making I'm not making like I you know what I'm guessing you work no doubt that I was yeah you're right. I'm just saying you you you live in a world I have where. This fear of losing. There's nothing you see your loser right I've nothing left to lose so I can I parents are Garnett and yeah sure is awesome yeah. So to put my son try to put myself in your guys' position I totally get it a lot do you have kids that are starting get to the Ager going to concerts and you're going to be taken him to these concerts and heaven forbid there at the age we get to go by themselves. Our friend list. I say this Wayne you reacted laughing at me saying that they'll do it. I didn't want them to go mean near to go to Katy Perry yes. Add moment I realized how you lasting I didn't take it is a sense of competition did that wasn't. It's it's just somebody like you and somebody. Everybody else. It's illogical and stupid upswing it's all on you and I here sure it does it. Brother walking outside Boston took effect where it. It's your time it's your time and it was a new people's time because they just went to a concert that's that's a big mistake they made in life. Was loving Arianna grind day and going to that concert. So if you're gonna stop doing any thing in staying home. What if that's kind of. Senate Democrats senior housing anywhere else other. It would happen you. Yeah I if she spent every moment constantly thinking in dwelling. And you just you're just I'm just this is scared mass that is can't go turn any direction. But would you would you go because a lot of these terrorists attacks recently and then in the UK would you go there and don't. To the UK I guess. You know the terrorists then then then the people ramming through crowds in the end. You know the parliament starts and all they and that stabbings and and then now this summation to meet. Right now it's a little too close so as a parent I can understand are all concerts right now are off limit I don't care I know your tickets ago here but this just happened to at a at a concert -- to chill out for at least a little while if your kid wanted to go through Europe and back back to summer. Now. You have to rethink I think now you just have to take this a Mickens at least taken into consideration. It's it was ray I mean this could happen anywhere current price we have with this I'm going anywhere and a. So that's that's that's way at saint east problem is and that's what my problem is in every parent anything you. Kooky. She's charted to booted a second ago. You're already bad talent in debt. Have to think twice about a little little red that he got his idea you know you're asked if I would go to UK right right well. Yeah if you if you can't sub eleven season are you should know I know that's on your bucket list it's one of the things I know in my heart that that's one thing you wanna do. Why don't you don't know OK I would tell you that Safire had a skip a trip scheduled light blue in the next week to go there the last two weeks a prime lingo now I probably wouldn't I would let things settle. Don't you think it's safer now than ever well broke quicker than it was say happen to another country and if I was supposed to go there are more than a social scientists and UK as a country is just any country this happened did come just what was your question Roy you that was probably safer now. Because. Now when scooter. I was on high alert right now it's everytime these things happen in light cycles because night right now now they're watching everything. After the what was that day Eagles of death metal or whatever you after they started late every exam was asked of slot for whatever the most secure those places ever going to be you're right wing assets are and why wouldn't you yeah. I would don't now proceed and I would go to a concert now. And we've promised. But it was really hard surety concert to be harder they were you if things be different it would be as cool as flip in his. I know beasts who structured into regimented and ends the video of this in the east are all this were re a blob of you'll remember. Years ago here Rorer Colorado theater shooting made the premiere of that man. And after that happens any time in the next couple weeks when people gathered in a confined space season. You would be looking around going where's the accident. And who like what am I I I felt like ten to. Where I know I don't knocks you like I toolbar so preservation right there right there are no joy now trailing. It was so fresh at that time. It easily we now know because then it's you know six months later whatever and CD has this fresh wounds where. Her her mom is telling her don't. Don't go to this concert it's dangerous Justin Bieber super popular. And it's a terrorists could attack in concert he would you wanna choose the one to get the most. Infidels the most impact Leo yeah which makes sense but I mean you have to let your kids live a life. I don't know who never forgive myself if I look she's too she can tell her mom. Now on golf you don't be reduces I'm twenty going. I'd love Justin being from going shut up. But if you can't live with the fact that you couldn't forgive yourself for something did happen your child and that means your child is not allowed to go anywhere it's temporary and yet. It's what was your question she was asking she's saying should I sell my tickets. Tonight show I listened to my mom. Should I sell my tickets or should I live my life basically and the mom will be worried when she's at the concert that everything goes okay the mom to be done worrying. This is I mean it's obviously very fresh it's obviously very raw we have a woman. Who's on the phone right now who's supposed to leave for the UK tomorrow to go to some concerts. So. It's super fresh and Roth for her so we're gonna talk to her and figure out she's like upsets and at elite so we've got high seed the guy who doesn't. Don't even in this crap saying you would cancel your trip. It's no statement people. If they got to you dude. I see that. You're the guy who'd be like what to show off course of getting a clean yard ED I would have been what you said this is a time to go type let's all go right now. But yeah I would I would chill a little bit so saying he wants to go to Justin Bieber her mama sand not after what's been known chronic concerts. What would you do Caroline. Yeah are you guys. Are you okay you're good yeah it actually I'm not going oh god. Tags. And NT EE doesn't see a problem with gone to Vicente if he doesn't go attend a terrorist Koreans eat when he won. OK with the terrorists are going to know that that you do your someone by going to the cut counts are I understand you Mundo thumb his nose. OK I don't Lawrence I. I know you do you're you're you're walking right up till we do you know what you wanna say you they don't care about the individual they wanna causes a swath of damage in his. If your sons one of the people not there and not damaged they don't care who thought they can at least did another. X amount of people innocent people yeah then. How old's your son. When he wants what are you gonna do are you trying to forbid him from going what are you gonna do carry no. I I can't forbid him he's 21 he's gonna tell you in the and he spoke district six months ago. He has no here. Now he doesn't. And I respect I could affect our respect the heck out of that and meanwhile you're nothing but sheer Caroline and I suppose you would your son and goes just this once do this for me your mom. Just don't go. And he's like no I got up. Yeah you've got quite quite he's done east and she didn't there's not stopped and it. You mean you can find out. So were you I know Caroline. What are you gonna be like the entire time he's gone. I'm gonna be a mask because he's going to be gone for two weeks in their beach there'll be a time where he won't have any contact we're past. GE's Caroline that hard. That is tough. What what. You have to let him know you're you're doing the right thing everybody's doing. In their mind what's the right thing it's just we don't know when told he gets back if you did the right if he was under age you would have brought this to a screeching halt right. Alia Ali yeah there are yeah of course that he went under twenty line I would tell him no way and you know why oil I'll reimburse you per whatever the ticket widespread. I can't begin the 21 and he's an adult now and it. I didn't I didn't I literally afraid. Are you type with the other moms of kids are going with him. I don't yet he's going to aim so Omar Maryland. Home alert. No wonder you are there wow are. Now holy smokes. Every parent listening is related do you think absolutely says hey can you say this Caroline scary for real that you we were be guessing. I I the one good thing is I would feel better about him going now. Because. They are going to be. Due diligence. For our next. I'm sure they will be debating you know whether it's government that's your mind back. In all these kids to Bechtel but it can't hurt and he'd he'd only signed Q my oldest thought he might all the sorry old and in god it was so I don't aren't careful and I don't know what my husband thinks because each. You know like I am you'd not a mom. He's not nice things claim tough guy card probably don't use in the military they would Mona Mona come out because he's the only son of his family. It's kind of reminds me like they wouldn't let him go to that structure. Yet he's freely so I guess you could you into the dangers yeah which is in seem to be called the UK here's the danger is our Ali I don't run day concert. Well he's fallen employed meander around UK can we know that the terrorists won't do it. My lord I drew my I have to I have to think that I'm here to going to be safe and. Going to be safe I mean can you let us know who can really play one hole and then we we talked Ewing and make sure he does Oklahoma thanks for sharing your fears Caroline. In your feelings. Let's say this and I. Right there. Are you kidding me Friday. I think I can see and know I'm looking me Owen I'm going I see that too. That's one year old is still it is parents cry you are now you know and say I don't just months ago write them guys grow up is an eagle and only now. Shana. Yeah I would you things. I think you're living in fear is not living at all. Yeah you're absolutely right slacker. Everything is heightened awareness right now. And eat we have to eat. So many things that aren't as well. Don't you go to concerts. Eugene yesterday you look her own agent and you can random picture if you feel uncomfortable all of the great to meet you out but what are. But look it right. Ever example slacker kid I'd really adore I don't worry you it Dario. You might adapt what are your daughter very current very well random offense trips well you're right take care of the daughter doctor diet a car accident. You wouldn't regret not making memory more than anything how. It's truth. It is true sew so make the memories now in. You say this study says. Got it we can keep art about it weakened. Understand that we live in a bit more dangerous world than it was twenty years ago but we have so many things at our discretion. There is safety number. There it's filming eat into available at our fingertips can make kept steel paper. You're not comfortable car an my security guard. Goat can't I mean the luck of the survey and it's your uncomfortable you have the availability to delete. Great points thank you Shana and ask you questions season. You little concert now. I always leave the concerts in front York. Who. I'm gonna go out. I door that I was people don't walk toward a half because that's where the bottleneck is in no one else is thinking about this you're the only one that's thinking their own to meet like sheep herding but it's words now that's just be part of my concert going process. Now where am I going to hide my zip one baggy full of maker's mark is your your new self preservation so Louis checklist is. That's six logistics indoors and exits and I'm not an FBI enjoy what I care about we all that are starting to know much just. Hi what do you think would you go. Are absolutely not while. You wouldn't go to the concert you wouldn't go to the UK you wouldn't do anything you're shut down right now because what happened. Yeah out arm district and remember I'm Tony too well we've grown very different world nowadays either it's you take on a crowded area. It's. May not hit today or tomorrow what my head eventually. Is your head on a swivel when you get the crowd now. The are you like cog considered more cognizant of looking for people would bulky clothes and if people out of place looking for is things like that is Aaron a list. Absolutely I actually ever until Kerry I have friends now that we're totally against gung. A couple years ago knows what's going on saying it. Where did you did you carry course and and because they're they've I have several friends that are afraid me. And so or Jeff are you gonna speaking for your age group to this is that the world you guys the grew up him. So this is kind of the way you are mentally no such 'cause of the way the world is a you grew up in. It's. Our little like some policy how little bit just because it's we have this problem 1020 years ago. While while thank you for the college Jessica I mean it's it's so sick that makes now you know we used to get on an airplane and we be afraid of the airplane crash. Not simply taking control of it. In flying into don't like wearing a shoe bomber this type of thing or that type of thing needs to go to a movie theater not to do anything about him he's a total concert not thinking anything bankunited youth that's a plus is we go to escape that yes so what's gonna last to go to that you won't. So I don't wanna beat heavy I would go back to be in soccer and see here in a minute the lights. Julie. Yeah yeah I don't know gals. I am I need help. I'm trying to can't and then the Scotland until weeks and I'm not needy I'm going to teach you how old are you an. I'm pretty color are your parents alive they know you're going is even trying to like I. My momma and let me. They're going to. So no one's going I'm Omar god what do you do you guys 30 yeah well. As such. If you let cheers stopped you from being from England you're just letting the carrot. Plan. So Julie soliciting this you'll plus is having another country would you probe for busy schedule a trip to that country like Osama in your nose like I know nothing's gonna have literally I guess you can. Well yeah I mean I didn't chip plant attention since last. Come August I bought tickets to Harry Potter and the curse child touched in London and I had it planned since then and I cannot get a shot now because something happened to each speech. Oh I see if your goal of the red light and Amsterdam was shot her in the head. A couple of days into the car doing while you bottom line is. You know she's she's trying to do is keep our live in the news scare reminds me of world according to Garp is really strange movie with a rob Williams when I was young like uh oh we a looking at a house and a Cessna crashes into it and the realtors like who obviously will keep looking like I want this house. Because what are the chances what else can happen truck he'd Smith cites this house is like. So we're going OK it it seems like we ever show all right if you got more comments we know this is a touchy subject. Please let's form the community let's give each other advice over on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.