Slacker and Steve - OPP: Thrill of Getting Caught 1/26

Friday, January 26th


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Staying. At the good news send OPT I believe about relations so you can be really yeah used to. I mean we didn't you to listen to you sir relations one to cost you change your name AT&T and she also wants voice disguise your so candy. Yeah are you are disguised tell us what's going on. Arms so I've been married are here and I are really struggling list of specific area of our relationship. I'm. When we power relation. I'm didn't want to put coal mining experience at home we. How relations then I'll bowling Alley bar rooms. From the car dealerships. Are already married people need and the proper permit the reception hall and yeah yeah yeah you know there's always have to be big. An outcry it. All. Was it this way when you guys are just eating or is it just isn't getting worse what's. And you're warm but we did it I paralytic writing partner with. And I I didn't realize that we do what he really bid we created. I really shouldn't and then now when I RE true. You know they own and how long ball normal experience. The school library. You'll see the Dutch. DMV. Can I mean you relations and furloughs. I'm giving them ideas I don't deserve great ones that isn't so do you think it's. He's forbidden nature and or busy it is easy he likes the excitement maybe somebody want to name what does Ted keys in jail. Actually I can match and and you are you didn't mark are aiding and immediately I could I I don't relax in that situation. No no I never feel like we actually really ever. So it's only he's so far beyond new. Nor mole you know every day even garden ready relations if she needs all this weird this true mall all of that has to be able. He's really he's desensitized so. Am. If any relations in the bedroom house or in hotel any time I mean you. Obviously at some point I'd release and a guy that is that for. Your problem. We are all you warm if he's like in his own bed and stuff. Here are. Oh he is soul for all this guy. You busted him like really like looking at adult material a lot. I think it's okay he's he's watched too much maybe he's got a Spanish and that's the he slow. You had a huge threw a wild look RO and then. The heat that he hasn't done every two lane apparel and I can from him you showed your history and and I don't hear me being fair credit. Okay that's really hard to delete. Him or not it's all. Candy what are writes. It how do you do to make you feel dirty mean I'm trying to figure out can you tolerate just just indymac in marriages a lot of times there's somewhere at site. I'm gonna overlook that slaw. That you have about this this seems DB. Two big overlooked because eventually you guys are you caught did thrown in jail for indecent exposure mean your go to our U. Yeah. Yeah we've we definitely I'd movement red carpet you're all we needed to darker. You know it. At that spot airing at 800 really pressuring me to be had because I acrylic and I don't be enough can be a. You that's almost a right to use be loved him we just love and not have to be adrenaline junkies are returned we do some that. We are and used her help now and you know were any holds you in the bowling. I don't really like how do snuggle it's the fifth or is it just yeah Boone. Who all I don't. Here's the thing I would you go all the way Collins tennis sex addict or not I mean. The G men deviant but just how do you get it is what I guess we need people who are like debt can you. But I once you get there how do you get that bad. I do own again to our look normal level of TNT and the rest of us this is the worst analogy ever and I just I forgive me but I feel very strongly about a couple things wine and sushi mom and once I had the best sushi restaurant town. And this sushi at my grocery store. It's just it's it's not never ever gonna cut ever never once you've got a great line so behind this two buck chuck. Are you saying that not nothing gets candy but the kid he's kind of the two buck chuck and how was he ever gonna come back you should live and earn. And she lot of them out there already but how she how was he ever gonna be I don't think you can continue. I can't honest to god we're not trying to be discouraging news. My two cents following ideas the first time I. Obviously there's help out their for the stacked just really need better is this just so it is so lark for him and he just he's beside Darren said told. This too much like we've just come down to earth sometimes just a little bit. It doesn't. Have to be in all we have yellow regularly go to amusement par contrasts super stoked even two ideas of the library in DMZ now well see if you are I'm sure. Agree can release a little bit could see any honestly. I know you're not alone I think it's an extreme case. But I think I think there's probably somebody listening who's got. Help for you so Arnold. Oh all right hang tight yeah. And I'd. Don't know anything about though that's that realm of but I just think I see this guy he can it's hard to come back how do you combat I don't I mean I don't like I said. But I'd try to come back down this is again it's a terrible and nobody's ever really tried decision prism like. I'm sorry I can't I've had the bass my taste is here now so I can't. Go here or here or here is another relations is the same thing I think this could be over. Can these men only wants to have wild crazy dangerous public relations she wants to get back into the bedroom if you can help she can use it now here's what scares me the first person we have up is Daniel who normally has historically response. But I think he might have some things. Actually helpful to say it's. You. IIRL. So it's a little what do you see is this guy that did we did impact Earth's. It into the problem didn't. They don't look you're gentlemen might want to upset me too much. Our oil and women have been on your show but it. Said well I am an open and the wanted to look at it doesn't wanna touch me until without after the baby this woman got a guy who want to hurt. The only one answer. On weirdness. In danger but you don't care you just think he wants you and us. Let that go with that we're about it out. I reject take care that's where does. It doesn't have a week off. Zach I think there's this dark so we were expecting Daniel you're. Out. She's got a loving husband DDR did your husband would do anything to be with you need anywhere is just. I wanna go to the bathroom in the bowling Alley bass you know let alone meets James she loving miss you. Sarah. You are you are disguised as well what what are you thanked. Our well our camera earlier conclusion the elite and if it were not a public and a third. A duo or group but there are very light Burton we need to do certain things we would never really learned. I'm. Looking it would Brodeur would do everything plot right borrowed and air and our aid we go to war on our burden on our tournament and we are. You know what do what do you bring their old and all I hope you would not okay. Majority of Connecticut you to walk. So you'll you open up to keys to the magical kingdom and now that's the only place he wants to live here is never wanted to. To stay in your carriage house he wants to go all the way. Too crazy to us every. During and I it would immediately tried you're greeted round like important Gatorade right. And whose. Arm then you wouldn't incur a well or poorly that it's it's not like he drove up. I don't need her or would you important. Well. Goal I think if you could. Oh no we lost. Out. It's just seems like she's tried to talk to limit and it's not he's still wants to do the he wants herded off to his level in us yeah I mean there are sometimes scrape through but you don't meet me down here in the mood to watch every once in awhile. Amber. Hey. She I arm and I totally think that there's been something that's very very. Period. I mean because they're the ramifications. Of you know where they're doing next and feature eight world and how much trouble making it and and I. I I've been if you ain't very special effects airports where my own hard. Near a relation there their state they can be in the evening and I I think Alex. Really help her out and need any help her feel more comfortable. And white applicant can work on April 1 before they can you want together. No. But there is hope you got your husband back down to like us. DMI. Analysts lowered normally write any sort of behavior all over the air it out but I mean is he is is it better. I don't think they're thinking such an abnormal everybody you know. How they are cool and it's strictly a matter of making it comfortable pearl what works that you have you. But sometimes it's almost impossible to. To communicate with the person that you love the moat AKK the third person it's impartial. Due to try things out and then they're in yet true. How. Would I as we suspected the answer is. Not soccer and Steve yes it's an ugly it's draining you know rural and uneducated learned the horror T used to the smell of bowling Alley about her commotion shakes.