Slacker and Steve - OPP: Tinder Vacation 4/23

Monday, April 23rd


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Steve are there. People's problems. On the news we get a girl here who's been on the dating scene for awhile and is thinking about switching things up a bit of good and means all of our help. You're gonna I don't I don't I don't do the app adds. Mean we'll. Well it would be weird to be on any into the dating apps is always a married guy yeah you're right so while I'll a little weir okay if the truth I'm Julius. Yeah I yeah I went to tell us is going on. Okay it's so I have a good trip to demanded. It's coming up pretty fast and Scottsdale home going to be staying in a resort. And seeing all I've. You know I've tried everything that dating wide online and I am. All the web site. But I haven't really had anything work out to this point. But I found out while I'm on the trip there is this big conference going on at the resort and that. And. You know I was thinking there's you know polluters don't go to conferences I. That's an opening the original Yule. Have you heard of comic on the sorry I'm just kidding stop writing your angry letters weirdos. Could they losers only losers attend conferences no losers don't all saluted all stuck in a mannered are the one bit. You are you see unemployment Oca got chest. OK so all I thought I would give it a shot with all the stuff on a bike up the phone apps specifically what tender. And I figured while I'm there I would give edition are we trying to hit up as many do that I can. You okay so yeah I mean I'm hoping something can turn into something permanent. We what I thought yours are going to go out and use what you want. So your critics you've tried to eat those and those sites that are gonna find you forever love hate relationship yet so you're gonna try. Go look up apt and with a bunch of dudes who have money and hope today your hook up this so good. They wanna keep big guy wouldn't. Well I mean that's. That's kind of my plan I don't know it just completely stupid I I just I'm feeling desperate at this point. You know you. Do you know why we. It's not mean that Giuliani on this. Steve do you really wanna I mean are do you plan on how I don't this is weird deeply did you plan on sleeping with a bunch of people while you're there then that's your. That's for you this plan on what what's your plans. I mean you know whatever happens happens as far as I know with. These things that's just the doubt but. I mean you never know like anything can happen. I mean I'm just hoping that it turns into something more permanent because I I didn't really want to find. My forever person I Catholic. Okay I'm gonna and a conference Dana how easy they'd they'd have more money so you've got you get a better quality of man. You feel like you've tried everything else personality wise so now you're in this chum the water with your body is kind of like I think I know there's. Dad's that's the best way to look at it I guess I mean I mean I'm not trying to be. You know turn into something. Where I'm just getting. Paid for something that. How you know I I just wanted to find. A good. Honest guy that. It is. And that's I tend early you have accomplished. Much in so so you heard use one night stands and hopefully like suckers they look order yeah flip border turn into Boca. Okay thank you in your question Joey and then an act I don't wanna put words in your mouth but. You know it's other people's problems in we're gonna try to get other talk to other people with advice or are are you asking. Has anybody. Turned tender into Laos while is that what era. But can mean head has anybody been able to find. Love long lasting love on me. On. I've spoken to your I I get that though those those big box. Dating sites and I don't wanna name a mall but like you know we all know the the big story he. They did they laid down their their algorithms are sometimes crappy and units going and three dates before you even begin to get physical or you don't there's no chemistry in this is all chemically tenders just. Just its physical damage inside. So you start there and work your way towards the Oki B yes limited. That's right and tender my god gender is very much like. We both swiped this direction. You don't know algorithms said that. Your theories and this combined with your culinary love aid means we should you look at this picture went icing and see that and he did the same staying and let's get busy let's see what happens right so. Arms. Turn contender it's for you be by yourself because he's giving a bunch of drunk. Based foods that are our unity safe yet there it was nice to. To be so got a girlfriend OK okay if she she knows your plan she's up for urges you win more than and the guys are great questions are unlike the yeah how is she changed. Susie she's going to be their bed you know keep me as safe as possible so while Julian Oca. It sounds like you've got it you've got an idea for something and I don't know anybody's attempt today the wall takes we're gonna get some advice you hangs there aren't there. I know you're not tender guy and act you know I guess that'd be weird if I was who my. Screen name is no scientific the and she eats it's her it's her last ditch effort I don't blame her but is this righty. I I do you think anybody's terms. Hook up. But to tender hook up in delight I forever I don't know they Ivan heard blood you would think me being. I mean she's tried every everything everywhere else she's going to mean in she's like. It's just her gold digger ration this but it's not because she just wants a quality guy PH knows there's going to be turnaround but how many of those dudes are going to be. You know their wedding ring is sitting on their nights there how many Amare really they're nuts and bolts rights there out there looking for a long term there there there. A month. Look I'm from Denver I'm in Scottsdale if there's a pretty girl that wants to have relations let me let's get a darn narratives but she wants so hopefully get that in turn that into a long term. Is Gillian idea. Of me vacation. Solos tender hookups to find the one. A good idea or a bad idea you guys make the decision on what she does next. Lawrence. Yeah I should Jillian go for a little things. I know what I. Matt young they aren't and Eric and we're getting married neck may know. Were you look and long term or you were just wanted to hook up for awhile and you just fell backwards into a relationship. No actually recommend it I'm in turn out like like a satellite in pictures that. On there. It. I'd like now you out on the analog at it ill and that added no I mean I let him and now we're getting married now. I don't know how I feel about that was never my goal but that's where Rio and then out by yourself it's a good yeah but does she go in with that being our goal is there there's a chance she's gonna be disappoint because it is a bunch of dudes you wanna send. Tissues of their Jong grave. Literally but I mean it like an open mind into it. I never happened I mean what can or not if you don't know I like you know out of my pet and edit in anatomy lumber light in it at that point it I mean it worked out for me I think they might or. Or else the junior Robby hook up that first night them. Know. Do your funds own Joseph Lieberman tender from. This is old neighborhood and senator Yahoo! is thank you Lauren Breyer asked. I what do you think she should do. I should go but not it doesn't tension I think as a single girl she could go and how I didn't know my initial print print out of bed but I don't ink she'd meet those expectations. Because I actually kind of scared. Middleweight. Or Turkish and ran to my age you collect herself out Aaron. You know I didn't think 0%. And it's not about loving somebody else without letting your style urged and I didn't want you love your thought about how much and when you're not looking at and I get. Good points. But can't take it but if she goes in east so you're are you saying don't do tender all just go there and hang out in the bars where the command since. Or going or should she be slight and rhino we tend. I hop on Internet and I look I think air base it's not looking at about ten years it's kind of like what about Barry do it here. Maybe I think they did not happen expectation. You have the least Bob you adopt the expectation because point. I love it Welker. Nicely you don't play thank you Brian asked. At least. Yeah I guy who do you think. I'll show you Hebert crazy I met I had been on it actually clubs. Because if they were nobody even trying to get better yeah a couple of I mean kind of our nose and people are trying to remember where right okay so does he just can't see your pictures and I started. And I'm. Highlight all of his diction it and then he finally realized it's getting mad at streaming out on a. Home. Since you did you even notice you aren't doing this since this is solid steel this is sold. Are you wanna go to those people do you sing did she's going after this the wrong way and by needs she goes. If she tries to Scottsdale on swipes right NTELOS some falls off. But are. Don't know about the hooking up right away at it maybe that's been there. Wrong mad that they're not early entry has been a long trip they diet. It is now we're expected on tender little literally. I don't know I've never been on hand I would say probably how much the deepened and run you. I feel good for you well you were a great new graduation. Yeah Graham should send you letters and then just at the bottom line is did. I feel like this is pharma pharma dude who's married or in a relationship. And I make money and I'm going this can mention. I'm I'm bear looking for someone they were blanked someone outside my area code to hook up with. I'm not looking for a long term that is true the odds are it's finding the one dramatic convention in those settings is going. I feel likes. She's not images but is it me or she's got an itch that needs scratching go crazy old Ford and she will do well she's at a convention and I'm still here yes. I think there yeah shooting. This in a barrel amounts of well if if you wanna help Jillian out I'll we'll give you her profile name on tender I hate to know just teller something nice on the site Guernsey based group says.