Slacker and Steve - OPP: Tips for Coming Out 1/3

Tuesday, January 3rd

Eric’s friend wants to tell his family about his sexuality, however he is extremely afraid to do so. He fears they will not accept him, especially his brother. Eric has given him advice and support and he knows his friend will be happier if he comes out. What are some ways that could help Eric’s friend come out to his family?

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Staying on every utterance from. I think I feel weird isn't easy we amortize that we are going to help other people with their problems. And sometimes I think that the correct answer is about out. United in this isn't this might be one of them but I still think we should your device you want us so he'll PP rendered about out or we should be but not a lot of also got a little bit but just because this is an extremely. Personal behalf guy yeah I. Boyfriend wants to come out but he's having huge reservations about the whole thing he wants to tell us fairly about a sexuality was absolutely afraid to tell his parents. I tried meat though tried being extremely supportive but he's too afraid to do yet. I know he'll be happier once he has a soft his chest his main fear is that his brother won't accept him. I told them that their family that they will love him no matter what's but he seems to think differently. I wanted to get some tips from some people who have come out for my friend. Please help us from Eric. So somebody's Monty ordered kind of come out to you yeah I was a lake with a hole was like what happened with Diaw to me was like him. Passing by the way if you're by no good time yeah. That's kind of like like this past. Still you know we're just checking in on you know I know yeah. You had the whole. And we talked yes. And I sat down into the weird thing for me is an I don't know how it is for everybody in I don't wanna sound. Any time we talked about a subject like this I know that there's a political correctness that we got to try to adhered to but. Recycle and Stephen you don't always do that the week we admit. Upfront we're kind of idiots in their debts and insensitivity is not intentional no act. Astle right now because we're learning with every ya but I just what I wanted to say about it is. I wonder how Austin somebody coming out is actually a surprise. Because. They young nanny came out to me. Like we were working together and he just felt like it was tie game. To. Ask you like to detain and to the office and said you know can sit down I wanna talk to you wounds like. And I want you to know that I'm gay I was you know my first reaction is. Good duck the night you know he's an incredibly personal for them. Yes. It's a very trusting of him yes economy but its sights the school you realize that but also. Jackson dome light. Are you kidding me I only hope we didn't know. That's right I appreciate you tell me but I kind of just go back to work out your that I just wonder ES Eric's friend when he tells the Stanley if they're gonna be the H. Do you think your Stanley if one of my children was daddy. I'm sorry. I would know it or else I'm a completely disconnected Barack there's there's a member of all the mighty. In laws and I told you this from the first time I ever met him she was you know he's like 45 years old walk around my age. Does kids' day. In not in a battle and decides that kid. And now she's all grown up and guess what it. I don't know if he's come out everybody's not to mean we've talked about it he's like only boyfriend does love you guys have a lot. They pulled. I don't thinks he asked an onion I could be wrong I don't nobody ever had to say it is an armed don't know. Moms get ready for a huge shocker. I've just wouldn't she she should know. But the parents and I know were never blind side never brightly they day they know their children. Blige it's a big deal for their children offered to do that but this RO PP writer's friends so. So this kid he he he's confided in his training he says he wants to come out. So I asked them we don't have to but out because he. The desires aren't still OK it's not. Like Eric steel PP Ryder today is like do you hear just a much better you got to come out to anybody who forces somebody out to them. I think that's really. Or or steals or opportunity and a that's no reason they just eats the most. Not everybody and it kind. Of wonder what's weird am. See how did you get into trouble with every sends its poverty in my head right now but it's like why you have to say that. I and one day cemetery is only a mom dad. I like girls. I it was. Number or I'm left handed or. I did tonight it's not minimize it it's it's huge deal it is. But what we've why don't we made this still one announcement that I. IE eight is where it was truly trying to move past yes you know these guys are we are normal for being heterosexual and their abnormal if we're trying to move past sent him why does anybody have to come out I shoot a right to know like. You know. Serum that would I don't have to sit down would you wouldn't tick off the few things that I find exciting about relate it's just. I do mean in the privacy of my time you do you think we we I don't you write what wiser so pomp and circumstance why I don't know what. As there are more of the senate but again I guess with your family. But you're right you think your family would probably an anyway anyway I cancer I'd I'd I don't know what I'm talking about their life and you'll Pete Peters a brother the raw freedom apparently was the brother won't be accepting saw my question is. When you come out. Coming out to be accepted. And if you know that someone's not gonna you stay in or your coming up because I gotta get those are just this is me so I wanna why are you coming out. That is that is an insensitive question. No I don't think so okay thanks to you why. You don't wanna be hiding something you shouldn't have to but if you're afraid your gonna lose your brother over in May be. In that that concerns you maybe you don't want to do it okay so Zend. What's what trumps what this is the time you desire to be except or the desire to be free of the secret you. I don't know you know this is this is tough and it and like we said it's incredibly personal but it if you have come out. If you had somebody come out to you he wants tips on how to come out it's like a playbook that that's been run that's kind of just like you know. That's a question get bleach I started to have those like birds and bees talks with my kids right and there are nights and I'm not comparing this thread. You'd be surprised what you signed up diet books on how to do not blame books and I talked to kids books on how to come out. I got several illustrated things have made this while awkward it much easier for and I wonder if there's certainly. Coming out for dummies. Kind of playbook. Again or is that she's generalize at that sites individually yeah yeah is this one of those things. Eric has a friend and I am sure Eric is a good friend he's probably got his friend listening to us right now. We need pointers on how to come out. We need to know what to do when you think you're walking into a situation like he is with one of his Brothers were thinks there's good and our relation he's not an acceptance. Do you still do it you just come out to some parts of the family. Is not something that we've had to deal with that so if you have. Eric and his friend could really use your health Alexio. Hey guys you are disguised as you asked to be what would you know what advice do you have. Go opera didn't I think my brother was always kind of different. When he was 28. He came out Q my mom and dad and I that he was turned under. Total. Didn't you ignore you like Sammy you said you knew it was different but you did. Was this what you thought it was are now. Completely blind sided and my leg. He had no idea how late you wouldn't tragic shocking to a worried that might doubt what they get their way and might I kept him. Show but I look they have earned that he'd come out about two years ago he'd been a completely different person to look like. How much happier. So much more lobbying and even kind of the person and really didn't. 'cause he's been relying. Yeah. Soon you all to himself. To everybody every Chinese around you guys how liberating his that's an got to just. Yeah cheers. If you kubert he'd he'd been born Rupert and I encouraged that our President Putin Kurt I don't. You come out and do you have written that he wanted to be a really what the world needs to. Yes I don't care just gotten extremely friends doesn't matter it's about all now so you do it yeah you did dizzy dress. Act as a man or woman when he's around her family. And he around needy and I live with him ejected like a woman. Well around ever I don't know if you spill is some. So he's not all the way through Friday yet. We've only got about que me and my mom and get out and we have other family felt CMS. No matter. Right that people potency you need to know we could very well what you'll. Blouse and if they don't then Venus didn't draw each step and call us out here I don't. I won't get all high and mighty minute sakes it's still your brother or. Yeah is this matter with the shirt there wearing in the shoot losers villiers he's still the guy who you rode down the hill want to argument and using just your back to you're supposed to have their back and yes. Tab lets us. I guy. Do you think it. Go for it beyond let's be honest with yourself then. Whatever they can't accept that for communities they have to do it. Are you speaking from experience or absolutely. OK so you come out now. Now like I'm 34 now I came out he might Sarandon Stanley went up sixteen. All I mean I live here in the southern state and militarily in north gay. Righty or. But it. It's really working did you have specific people like Jerry disarmament is trend the spirits. You meet these same he's he's he's buddies brother is probably not true except where they're people you're like. I'm gonna roll the dice on this most probably you know south on the I don't need a creature who saw its have a son and how did you go. Out. We're getting to be where we're talking you'll have a relationship. John how to tell with a huge new. Did these are rolling dice and this all to come crashing down on your head but she thought via media is more important than having the failings and am happy for also resent righty. Good morning regular Olympic sell. Its exports here honestly do yourself a lot of incurred on clay you search your life you truly are. When you get to go out in space flights as who you are not how everybody wants this year. Have with the do you do you look at people like RO PP writer's friend that's waited longer in life to come out here like why did you do this one should the time he. No it's scary how mean. I miss my dad's going to do you know Egypt. You get a deal with Peyton and I had a great support on the other side my mom with a great court I had bringing people that that he should do I was. Really great them owns what can be different. Okay I'll take you could not do Don. I we're goodwill what do you think. Our first thing we don't worry is the Egypt individual thinking about coming our are and whether or not it actually treat for the person to come out. That the person that my anger and living in households that does not accept the if there is potential that the chick can actually kick out of this house. Luckily I exercise stress Pamela you know. Yeah specification that kid you know it's probably not jade for him to come out one hole. Okay it guys it's old and it's patriotic and I hit on the tarmac trying to think up supporting. They enroll in a potential shorter. Physical harm or you're getting ticked obviously much lower but there is only potential for that. It hit Stanley is completely against. LG people and it's something that he really does need to keep in my. When I came out I was likely in my forties exporting of racial but even then it was pretty darn church from. To just to just. Rip that band aid off and tell everybody this didn't did you did they know do you think Hillary just to blow people blind side editor they kind of knew. We're not a couple people that were boring trite and my sister so what you really had no idea. My son's forty and they had no idea. Pretty much my. I think that's wishful thinking on their behalf that Irish is being shy and everything like that not personal relationship may have. With. But the fact of the matter is this we're in your sport aging like eight in somebody's got a text you're probably. Wow all. So how were they now. Well there are fantastic little Irish super effort supported my sisters really from around announced she would want my life. I'm actually married not like veteran. And it got turned up a fantastic. But it's. It's different for everyone so it's putrid this ashtray and I understand that he wants to do the best pitch Trent. That very niche brand she moves well for the London burst and she didn't like that's. Question buddy you come how much test probably just call. Make this damn you Christian need to really understand shall all week. They can't think is a potential consequence in the coming doctor Stanley. Is easy to our situation you know he could actually insurance from this family. To those are great points and we don't know the age is a these guys we know obviously. You were you were secure announced by the time you did it thank you for the words O'Donnell we do appreciate I hope. Just again. Just can't. Bush has confused young think about it you know. Doesn't acceptance or get out of my house I didn't even bill that is really kicked out of the house always homeless so Nicholas. CPI guy's guy gets the nice. I just think you need to know your audience appeared buddy notions and we better than you thought out. It's certainly many your business not your place to go on a lot of people like myself. Pico Richard conversations multiple times in your head about who you wanted to how are you woman child. And it's and then the back iron it this guy gets it knows Milan. So. Anybody encourage you or how did you end up doing next. You know I can read about twenty years ago I was seventeen years old and rural Nebraska. On the international routes my dad who decided chill. Charlie Campbell. Bold he's so easy now for you to the rest of the team that's sent you. Yeah it didn't two point you know it took awhile to get over but eventually do and luckily I've had a really accepting Jane lane. Really good group of friends so we're worried that really all blind side and murder. I mean I whether choir boy oh OK okay good sales of with football so are we in six and one half dozen the other. It's nice do you feel I mean I know I know we're not gonna try to push Erik to push his friend back. It does. He does liberate you you feel weight off of your shoulders once you've done it even if he goes people don't accept she would still like at least I don't have to pretend. Eight you're right here are exactly. While it's it's a decision that you need to make just you know a personal decision and be ready to take it got her about. While Macy Melissa call Nicholas we appreciate it on a CD guys speak eat this guy originally reached out to us on our FaceBook page. If you wanna continue the conversation they're great. If you feel weird about we wanna force anybody on the Clinton you know always direct messages are interest rates yes and we would love to help Eric tells this friend come out since just finding slacker and Steve FaceBook page.