Slacker and Steve - OPP: Too Much Criticism 1/30

Tuesday, January 30th


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Stay right there. It got this some OPP opinions on the I don't know it's it's partially her fault that things are going bad and her relationship to partially his let's just talk to her OK Andrea. And what's gonna. Yeah. I'm well and have a little problem I'm I have always been and habitually late on. Just let people hill I didn't get anywhere on time and are critically aware. I like kinda significantly. Oh yeah I've actually locked up or didn't get jobs. Because of that particular shirt I don't mean mommy. Go strictly to the story is odd because of that. I don't know forty year you know my problem. I'm obviously. And I. I'm maybe help me Alex and like I I don't want him to get on me about it but it like. I hate to say that it's you know I had you know not let you be late people are important things are. Our money teach you an idea. Compassion and to see no okay the regular human kindness I don't consider her brother people's feelings why sort of if I. I don't know if you can tell injury you've hit a little and hot button but I raised. Not early there. But I'm not really great because when somebody comes in incensed oh my god I'm sorry I'm late travel these guys thanks guy now for all of us so that's why I'm not sure like. It's allotted for that I died I used in so you you are saying get your time. Is more valuable and then nice exactly that makes me. I'm not I don't give me. Tony if you. Didn't or both. But I think they I coming into an anti. And now the problem main thing you fool I hate. Q Ari he'd like to drill sergeant about it on you know we are actually thank you dinner party I would do I and I was in the bathroom predominate dot. Well I guess what I. Eyelashes. He went and why in a pair of one an eyelash divergence I don't want I. Don't authority. Do you did that partially I didn't pick stop. I'm really big problem and you know. I don't like. She's the problem because he's doing what you ask your not the problem because your not. Changing but I just need to make sure it's like LeBron I know it's other people's problems what we're trying to see who the problems physically of trying to Nino here Andrea but late what do you want you want they. Just wish you would do little more like compassionate about it I mean I'm on girls girls take forever to get ready we'd have to look perfect to understand now. Not to speed shallow out my body about it. Well but CG UUS for a pattern changing your life you asked him to a system that now that he's just a slackers and now he is and now here's your problem the frequency so it was like nitpicking everything you do or just when it comes to be an on time with stuff. I'm. I just turned into every day I think you guys have. I'm at Joseph Beimel what they said now he's on the charger because I guess I am not ours yet to speak. And now I can kick myself in the butt because. I I can't take it anymore really. Guys really helped batches. Recruits because it but he he would stop if she started being on top flight. I don't I don't wanna I don't wanna get in the weeds on the split into what you need do is maybe one day. Go in your bathroom. Take your son and hit start on a timer and then get ready and then back and then when you when your done look down into it says 92 minutes. Then the next. And when it's no that's why did you 92 minutes this thing is he's so many women out. Underestimate their like Hewitt 660 minutes you ready since. It really doesn't take you long and so then. We beat you at a decent hour by three units a half hour away you go back to two surge that's when you need to leave and then you go back in 92 minutes. And if you're not getting ready by then. In it's you or salt yeah or problem and you deserve to go to the event with only one I actually because this is the. All you got. Like the idea that you guys you know I could try that. But I would I did he's taken it too far but isn't that what he's network change comes from. Right I mean like when somebody goes to boot camp they don't go go it would be swell as he would do Tony Lucia didn't I didn't get the super nice if you would yeah. Asked sooner rather around the track or music just gets cool you know I don't wanna be a dinner guerrillas shout to. So we don't do little but more good news don't. Give me wanna get. And then you you become a different. And yet to get. I don't know that that's the way to six or chronically late person is to break him down boot camp style but. Means. Well yeah I don't think. That that's there right away with me I can which is it really is angering me and I'm getting on him about it midsouth I don't like the candidates say describing chaos. So we need to back him down a little bigger of his ego trip and just kind of chill yeah OK yeah your your into your part to. I don't think so yes clearly that the oh and I are injured and we're gonna try to do your husband's at you hang onto. A mom logs I know you have you had a couple issues with with your way if you don't be in my wife's little these little. We we have we have someone called deep he tees Dave person time I'm here because he's got beat in 2 minutes. There's this morning minute he'd be easily. It makes me did you. If you find. I have some pleased to be a seal RPI think you're going to be there at like 1230 and then I start feeling bad but I'm gonna get there I'm just don't wait for ninety minutes. That's RBIs a mixture ideologues error I'm desire yeah. People are late. Driving not so I have to recuse myself from its bottom line because you're right I get too hot about it. I agree with Osborne at sites there's a point or six. Hey you green light media too loose to do it on you'll be in play and the way to do that is to stand over you with why you got curling iron and go. Many settings. Our marvelous it all ends of this is how it's going to be that you want my help this is my help. So Israel backs that down how do we get to drill sergeant husband to be normal or should injury to be the wine making the changes Andrea. Guy when he's thanks. I I think you're like the did or did she really didn't think I I'm sure that you really hurt Eric figure out how to make sure gets around tiger Buehrle really annoying you know. Yeah. It is one of the most disrespect so I mean you don't think you're being disrespectful. Let's talk a party. I don't care right because parties are one of those CIA but if we don't reservation at 6 o'clock AQ and you show up at 615 AQ with your BS like. Unless gamer death. Blah blah blah you once that's okay. Stuff happen so now your just respecting an insulting me would you keep coming with you seem excuse traffic. So injury do we ask to shut her husband is doing the right. You write them including the renting out a little link at its UK do this and in doing and then not urge you all know. Wow that is true I that I didn't I didn't expect anybody to be role. He's only he's a bully but he's like badgering her but apparently as well as pro badgering people are out there. Christie. Yes what do you think I. I'm glad I'm right there would turn I understand exactly problem I'm late error on every time and I don't like stats. And stopped because if you're bit you know it's not I do it every day I I know I'm on time everything it's I. Christie I don't mean to be injuries husband and that Steve's. Steve. Shops pendulum too far the other way but it's Christie it's like I'm just the only person that's like. It's not true it's it's you not wanting to make it changed that's the true grade but let's just. You crap. Earlier. And they end up on tying him to everything. You're saying no no they're easy to be the prime he's a problematic. No no no I'm not saying he's the problem and that the Indian general sergeant I think actually it makes it worse because it. To me when that happened it's just not even more work. I lost focus and I even took longer to get ready so what I did was. I had been told me. And our children seemed to time armed or indeed you know it's party was our decision was. All the parties it's it's really it's seven so then you're gonna be laid at your own time. And you know usually you're out how you have that you know. It I have them change it all the time anywhere from my house cartoon art whatever side that actually helped me out I would I'll you know does not relate then to. So you'd rather keep being rude at least pool. And then you're not room. Mo because I helped me get in the pattern of you know it's getting ready says. So it got me in Paris I don't think beyond time and I don't know why that was that's what helped me. Laugh OK and so they you've got Chris appreciate it you're a little beat us he said some of its clocks forward fifteen minutes it's like losing you know. Last New Year's adjusted for a segue is really 1140 fives actually 1130 so I saw time and it didn't change it it did it all it's done. I don't know why the subject it's under my skin so much Sarah. What do you think. I agree without written not. Why. We turn it's even ignoring their. Torre decay and and how long you're ready he chronically delayed it that's that's not a real staying huge confederate. Yeah if you're not born with their you weren't in a slick dude with some thing we do that a juror meg got in your issue is surely it's not polio yeah I guess it's easier just its yield now you've you don't value it. In it that's when you do that. It makes me feel like. I'm not value generated and that's not good histories it's so much disrespect so do you think he should keep barking orders or she should just figured out on her own. Oh. I mean it's set up carpet premiere expert at it got Luke or problems they may be heard and more help them irradiated general. Keep I keep doing what she act and. Yeah doing which aspects. At low. Tribunal Sasser. Appreciate it costs here while I'm floored until I do. I think there comes a point where. Back you have to sisterhood isn't as important as just the right thing to stop you rooted in any more advice you have for any injury maybe you could put it in a timely fashion a bonsai turn Steve FaceBook page.