Slacker and Steve - OPP: Trash Talking Husband 4/13

Wednesday, April 13th

Janine overheard her husband and his friends talk badly about her and their wives. He claims it's normal to vent to others about their spouses. Is this normal? Should Janine tell the other wives about the "vent" session?


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Stay right there. Com like the saloon I'm nice eight. I don't really understand all the details and that's what she's gonna come on here there's no immediate. Those little voices geyser I'm Tom. This sounds icky he needed to be it is Janine. EIA tell us what's going on in her. My husband and I went issue at birthday party last week and I. I hanging when compared to get him another drink and I knew that they got it records. And while going down there and I heard him talking about me. And. Make circulated to play. Add power. To make a lot of her cry as I look or I didn't he was complaining that I can't make the same thing all the time and her. He's dynamic at play started did you know to talk about and I are doing. So you're you're halfway down the stairs you know nab it I can't stop it scared. And you're gonna stand there and listen thank. I don't know what I would do that situation I don't know that I would. Stay in oh gosh did you stand and listen he's somebody trashed talked you kinda yeah you could say oh yeah. OK so you're. Okay yeah this and I talk. Yeah yeah I know I never like OK well that's fine you know 'cause. Quiet and I am I did. Kind of rare for him I'm trying to open up that way and I got a check. I run riot at a clinic Yahoo! there you know. Skinny kid channel and I knew just you know makes you need and I'm glad to the way. I do things then he. You went there are more than the other guy and he he would just plain amyloid the green man lit. You know it felt like in Iraq and in a lot. It while it was a it was a doing that isn't about relations. With the recent run. I think you happen I mean yes well I did not do. I want a clearer sign. Was it. He wasn't him standing there telling makes unleashing all these problems on his make. Guys were all singing and some of their once a girl you know who else. As Blake yeah they were all like kind of complete genome like Chiming in and then a heat and ten K and then. Do you he kind of went parallel on more than a Mac and aren't they yeah. Mean how hard and actually took at least none that I'm not our kids though I knew they were all late getting together having their men therapy guess. Ali WiMax. I thank you I hate to use it makes you can go back upstairs and give an exact same thing and that's. All I mean and and I can I ask about my thing you know the Denver they're husband let you I each. I I don't know I mean I mean like it hurt my feelings and why and I don't know I want to hurt their feelings but it. My did a great got to tell you gonna tell your friend no oh yeah have you confronted no CC the new home. No dude you're gonna tell them you're either dropped to oh god now they need to know honesty. There's an easy time. You always did well. Sure sure. Just did stages now what are used no no no but I can't talk I AMD's. I took this decision. And it's not you got a good idea are usually here. No no no no no not even just oh don't me I. Not obviously this is what is what what good could come of that if you would tell all the wives about what else can feel like Geneva on the phone with us next week's. Where I'm Janine have you talked to your husband about what he said or is are we don't know. Hit and no I mean I get I try to expand my game which. So he he could explain it no big you are clean you know our guys get together and talk about that I don't I didn't really did. How did he knows that I heard agri. They used and office. I add and I don't I don't know how old chick get sick there's you know kind of ended. You and me I feel really hurt and he had just. And candy doesn't mean anything you pretty quiet most the time and then. Here's a bit in front of all these people for the first time I mean you know. And I have. Asked them really they're really terrible question that you probably don't you know. Easy easy right. Are you kind of in Iraq. And you have to bank Harrison probably is an Emmy night. I mean I have argued that clean clean up because I know it any easier day he's he's. Probably ready again as I mean. I don't want I admit that because I don't know how LA. Get out of there right you know once you're kind of in it like how do you. I did they see trash talked his vice and she feels bad call Hillary Acer. I was really weird thing happened kids he's gonna act into a corner and apologizing saying he'd he'll only say princess things. Guys do a lot of other events sometimes. I don't know that I ever said anything even when I have a major problem with my wife and yeah I don't. I don't gates sit I I don't. You know guys will be like everything though there's only did you know it's married Brad yeah it's not. I mean specific in saying. This in this stimulus starts at all times and no tonight's new it's she's in a rut in the bedroom and it's nice to know aggressive about it it's like he was waiting for this moment system. All over you. Well you feel betrayed and you don't trust him now a little bit. And I don't hack can when he saying oh. Oh don't worry about it and you know look at it there might back and that's what I heard you know I'd quit don't trust him I don't trust. They signaled it. What Steve is gonna try to get the information call of duty to the other women who are not for anybody else seen you know relations or it was just. Mean. I'm eighteen at the now all they get one data to talking about a girl I work they eat how hot that Blake not least you know let me. Not knowing nobody else really talked about there. They are glad you're not always. And it and it comes so here's I just hope we're gonna try to give for you is number wine. It is your husband right and this is this guy Todd Alex. We I mean we I I do I think I do around each other have a little more bravado and maybe sometimes say they don't meet these same things they don't mean. Armed or so where is he right when he tale told you. This this means nothing. How are we gonna did you Nino for them. As your now you you feel like you've got a laundry list of things you got a chance and yeah. And Warner and I what are songs OIGE. Hang on for us a gauge anymore and eternity is organized in as you. That's the one person in your life as possible one person that he's his sure any concerns about each other only one. But he did the unforgivable sin of nagging you saw this here isn't. I I I think you when I talked about a long time ago. I feel like on the weekends you call little. I don't you talk talk your friends about this religious. First you this is the only relationships. It's a long term commitment you have to vent about a girlfriend did you California. I I I'm admitting I vented about my wife. To my friends. I haven't gone tore her down owner ripped her parlor or. Yeah now sometimes guys need to vent the big key was like tenacious. Jugular additional hard. So how do we get you can't rebound from that she's never gonna forget that ever come chickens Asia validates cinema she says look he was more serious and ammunition type I don't know. You know what this just normal guy venting. How can she convince him. Howard she's. Here's the thing that she's doing now she's not telling immoral she hurt that's why he's not on hard you know that's why he's just like kind of slip it on this just guy talked. He doesn't know if he knew that she heard it all. And how much it hurt her. Military give him one of pace mojo and rice. And that's. So Geneen is hurt and needs your help if you've been in the situation where you just have some advice we'd love to hear it. I feel awkward having you stick around you mean but. If you don't mind maybe you can maybe some of these people can give you some advice and and make you feel better about that is cool. Where are obsolete. Let's start here with. Joni. Yeah yeah I would he reasoned. I might seem. And he fifth in the red himself especially to talk like that it's kind of other people. To talk about her like that info and other people it's just need to unforgivable. Well I get a marine. Unforgivable meaning why they're of their relationship is doing his daughter had to drinks and. Amity you don't eat I could never forget back. I don't think everywhere and it you know. All but certainly not. It's deadly unforgettable. So what should you mean do now go. Talked to McGann urge is what world that account slur I mean what's next. Counselor exactly counseling can have a list I think the work I hit it and know do you go out there and repair stroke. I know this team meanwhile is a good group. Your guy is only days they even called Tony your guys are any kind of quiet do you think she would do to counseling thing. Knowledge he's got you know we had to come up a while ago. And as I mentioned a record end the inning and he absolutely did not wanna do it and then things I don't you know under ironing out better. That. Yet he he he's not and cannot count claimed I didn't think I cats exchange. Let me just sorry I just I'm curious I mean I I think that's why I feel really weird having normal thumbs is I think a lot of people are gonna just say. How are you ever gonna get over this and there's connections I don't want another reason your marriage breaks up. Worrying times well. And meet me you know I know live a lie and I don't wanna be you. Ultimately with somebody who. You know can't be honest with me. Through. All right let's say let's get somebody else in here at Jake's. You guys what do you think. Are homeowners sound its going I mean they're married and starting with you that you know I think it's messed up you know on what did you bring to the table you directly you know bring enterprise. Has I don't thing you know target eerie darkness my words that's that's brand you know about it but he's not the people all that information to look back you know I think it does not stop. So what do what issue what can she do neck like a I don't want to be answered a decent easily this guy you haven't another solution Jake. Farmer I mean yeah I there'd been merry go forward in relation aggregate walk away you know I think they they did she should go from about it. Yeah 98 you know we're paper and write. I really get out of it together. Yeah and what would you come talk to me first before sentencing is all your buddies are parents tell their wives are. Our country needs some you know it's just sometimes easier for a few facts no it's all easier to complain about it and they knew once I got enough on yours would you ride and an angry letter and throw it out there just he's just. She's is sensing an ID I gearing to I don't. You mean I guarantee you he didn't want to end it doesn't congress or even feel as strongly about it. How it is they do you get daughter restaurant and you decide you walked out in the do you tell your friends later admitted they sit up to this is dead nobody. He didn't suck that bad you just kind of you inflate earnings as you just you know who you guys see I'd want that to be due to your husband was saying and not what you think he was saying. I never. Gary dying what are you seeing them. Her or so or or they emit colors but there that this biggest part of relationship which has brought us. You know everything out of the cable. Either hacked it out. Or in my I'd just leave her relationship now because it's always gonna be in that backup reminding you turned it they go out so more. Gonna wonder you know. These is eating all the guys to do in order what you saying here and or else he's never gonna Turkoglu are actually realize there's no doubt you are sitting here everything you know I mean. That's a good point he's finding trash talking her for years you sound now. Now we're a young guy that thinks it is. Well it would hands it to that you don't know what's broken. You can get there is a big thing is. You know just as simple as disturb Hari. And you know we don't singing you're gonna continue the same thing until you are they urged their or let's turn out how to make him and you are huge mural. Are we want. There's got to be a way to work earner but if you don't talk about it but it is it's pointless it is gonna continue to eat eat eat yourself. No no thank you for the Comex. Derek. No idea what you think. No news lamenting guys have actually been in his situation before and when it comes to a group of guys. And one of them is over sharing and it's because he has some serious problems in the relationship. And he's trying to reach out to those guys and kind of gauged their relationships. And basically use the data to figure out what he need to do so maybe need to go a different direction. Who is you are. Emulate what leave the relationship. Now all I mean it could possibly lead to that or maybe reevaluate comes to serious issues in the relation is how would you just. Yes it is. So you started trash talking your wife to your friends and when you realize there relationships weren't as bad what did you deal. I have to believe I had to leave it situation. I mean so sometimes you gotta just know when to call it quits and it started out. Small issues and escalated from there and it just got worse over time. Mean are you OK are you OK Jimmie. Yes I'm OK I mean I just think Blake. It. It popped big hero that you know lake I change we have a title and a lake thank you imagine. You know I at this. Just really good here that makes this stir actually read something that attractions like an all cash will be key this friend when people she's at her when. You know or not. The most important thing that but I guess the iron and I guess that's true identity and let people can donate to the problem now that they do re. Maybe I mean maybe not any Derek is one man he's not your husband's but he had some good points so. I don't think it's over yet either do you need not mean it's it it was a long time coming in my relationship and I think. Well you really need to think about is yeah said early on that the thing that you are complaining and complaining about aren't true. And cases you are wrong and I think. What really need to be addressed between you guys are in this serious conversation. As far as where things can change in what you're willing to ban on and when you're not. While. Daring to say you're very painful but thank you for the call. Ginny and let's just let's give them more I know this is terrible I knew I mean you can just see I like oh my god Tim. Yeah I'll K com what do you have advice for Jennings. Yeah I yes I do and Kenya you know I hear when I know it and that it's not is yet you don't know until. It's broken until he talked about it he knows what the differences between respect and no respect. And if we look and at this time is pallidotomy at Torrey unique here. If he's so you go to counseling Milan's. And paying me it. I started ISIS' and her simple. Eavesdropping. Nothing is OP TM and marriage is about tone and everybody's. Thank you for the cost him. Mean. So we didn't yeah where is your head right I mean here and ABC's movement in that direction in hearing all these other people telling you. If he doesn't respect you. What he deep do you have any. I mean how a he not been good at this sort of just to hear the people. That we're concerts or could you get your head and and learn. I mean I think that there's a lot of truth in all black and I think that we do meek cal playing if not gonna talk to meet them I need how to know. Someone there that he well because it is. I can't vote. In something that I can't see myself then. And and I'm not enough for somebody that it doesn't Wear on you over time and I can't give that. Not to mean hang on hang on for appreciate you coming on here this. Thank you. Here's. I am this is how passive aggressive I am I had to put her on hold. Since he's trash talked her arms in front of all if in front of all the friends. She he. Came on the radio. So what's the difference she just came on the radio and got all these people to tell her what a bad person but I feel like. This is their whole relationship does this font instead of her likes and Noah Blake she just did the same thing she's junior bigger forum but it. And the tie him more and the it's I mean I he did in front of blatant Sierra acquaintances and she's booed in frustrated are very excited she didn't disguise or who would add. I support just really mess my hand up you think her friends are merely call her like Boehner thoroughbred noble what are my husband say in his if we just. Oh my god. Our relationship is this is old Julia yeah we're done with this guy.