Slacker and Steve - OPP: Ugly Boyfriend 7/25

Tuesday, July 25th

Candy has always dated hot guys. The guy she's dating now is funny, caring, smart, and generous...but not attractive at all. Candy wants to know if she will ever be attracted to him or if it's possible to be in a relationship only for the other qualities. Do you have to be attracted to someone to date them?


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Staying on the so alone as we said we're gonna try to armed tackle the beauty is in the united the ball holder cliched day yeah. But because it's kind of a touchy touchy subject she's down and she's changing her name and add a little voice disguise or to the mental stuff candy. Yeah yeah I know you are disguised as you requested calm and clearly your name's not candy so what do you tell us what's going on yeah. Okay hero Tom. I'm used to being pretty smooth good hard guard is so old and he conceded. You on the hot barbecue there and you know I've been a problem like being part guys they're not really that far near him and are really they're carrying imperil. I was breaking a book Mortimer hardee's. And and I became present with equipment IRA Brad. And you know he's the only moody who played. All right in caring thoughtful and he really by the he'd done some that are worm. We're growing big thing now. And it's it's it's pretty cool. K. There's a but coming in here isn't there a book that. Yeah I'll. My diet. Is attracted Truman that I wouldn't like to be yeah since they lose. Make. You know they would say you know moderately hard approachable properly future you know alms. He he you know you're not as they are you attracted to him. OK you just described nice caring thoughtful funny person and that's those those are attractive qualities. But physically. Art are you attracted to make his his face his body are you be honest takeaways. Nice caring thoughtful funny are you attracted to a. Not so much you. Yeah so it's okay you know not really aren't promoted sure. So you want us to cross pollinate one of your former hobbies my aliens rectum with this new guys are her parents know who that doesn't work. Very few people are others then I mean I can only speak for myself very very rarely does it happened when somebody is as good looking as I am asked. With all the thoughtful funny but wonder I John we're hearing word did you ever all I've heard it more times I can tell me it's an end with the modesty that I have as well if you think yeah I mean. Wow. So what do you last year not asking and we are you mean. OK so we've only been dating TV you're paying now when her fully. Pretty weak and I'm wondering. But you get out of your boat. It's tough oh there's a you can get it's only three weeks ago now can you syrups and wanna get out she wouldn't be all you wanna. I know. More like I think we entry of this way about like I'm I have my question live. People are groom will grow immune plate I'm not used to this thing. It is he gonna borrow warmly and I'm going to be more attracted to him now you know from thing known. Yes yes there's not a hero and you gotta do what everyone does. You you have a relationship with ugly nice guy that you cheat on him on the side are you telling me this I'm. The driver I don't want it here. I. My. Anybody who are getting intimate or physical for the entire rest of your life is are there to have you been physical with him. Knew. What the ugly all right you can all UN. A lot of really good start but he's not well I didn't he win I really did not. I'm just I'm just not as attractive and would I would like to be. All. So we are blank you know and I'm wondering if you're gonna get better in my gonna get more attractive and continued their own ninety if you know. You're instruction league worst. If you warning it's as if you were close your eyes and think about it. This seems you're attracted to you. Are not physical things right you're attracted to how nice he is a caring is. The way you treat you how funny he is that when you talked about being attracted to add to Brad it's it's his personality you're attracted tip. Yes. And did well under a little bit. Why did I did actions fear you know I mean there's just seen some really often actually and the boy you know within peeling human being used to mean for our food these other guys who do you got only eight. Oh. On the plus side. I want you know that all your pretty boys will eventually. Not be pretty on the outside anymore and then their outside the manager's. Call and there outside the match there inside they do you think you're left with this ugly guy with no personality. You're guy. Blow Yi I think he got Bermuda I I I have experienced that too and I was like grow up I didn't matter. I know but I got beaten I don't were hurt we've got our life can you like me. But I am I'm just not to insure someone bills are due to continue doing. It didn't get any better. We've all seen a super hot guy with a not so attractive girl or vice Versa smoke a nod girl more often smoking not girl. With an average looking dude and we wonder. What is she doing with. We judge you we we we figure it's either one of two things daddy parts or wallet size it's usually one of those two that's all that's why she's with Phil I just I was Simmons wallet yeah I mean to put it you -- why can't it be she's like like candy in love with his personality she makes her laugh that it did adopt what's gonna happen here candy is. You got the good looking guy with no personality over here now you've got a great personality. Not attractive guy you you're trying to assemble a perfect may get half fly half and he got half over here apple over here there's guys out there. Like apparently slacker yes that happened and how to vote yes so we're very rare enough gas that was so why uses so why you subtly white is selling for half overhear half over here. This go find a complete I don't know what I have to superficial. It doesn't matter it's that that's what units. All the time though been out looking for the looks and looking for the personality there's guys like that out there are so why why stuff yourself with these these guys. Well I I've become an attempt to Armageddon you know Barbara like come hiding under a rock and neglect I think very relook. Blue flu at period. It is similar route sore back to satellite. Were up better than the zip ugly guys we're gonna settle for the ugly guy. And he's not only doing it he's not a story. Of personality Jack yeah. And I need to. Either type guy now and why he didn't. Are you prepared for a life of people will connect you this is the only time I'm gonna be the negative guy. Are you prepared for life for purely do you asking question what the hell was she doing them you. Is that does happen. I don't know you don't hear and then all its. But that doesn't mean Paris drew them if he makes you happy. This is really awkward but did you quit was good in the bedroom. We are you at Newport Rhode. But she's very giving. Because guys like that yeah they are very get yes they make sure that you're taking care which is awesome king I here speaking from experience still owed them. Yeah. Attracted to a big. I don't downriver where I wish I wish I was more charges can be. So here's what's gonna happen candy you're gonna eager to start dating this guy your never relationship with a minimum revenue cheated on him because you're not getting everything you need you working every everything and he was hot guys you know they get everything you need with a yeah personality guy we know you can play this process. Don't cut her hand and bonus glamour. I'd zero. The. I'm not the cheating crying I don't know I know he's. OK I. This is your your unique women and our listeners. Are you or your situation that's settled for personnel so unsettled. Maybe they discovered that what they really wanted the whole time was the other stuff because the beauty is superficial. We do but to see but that goes to attraction you have to have an attraction with your mate we have to be intimate with your view. But women are typically more attracted Menem told totally visual animals were right women can look at a mango. He's going to be a great dad he's funny he makes me laugh you feel puts me on a pedestal for a lot of women. Let's not say I think a lot of women used to say that they they're like that addicted modern times though they're more like men may wants it's now and I want you sure are a little bit. I'm. King we're gonna give me there are other women in your shoes that her son are along there and stop saying settled and stop saying ugly but George you're not allowed to for the rest of the OPP. And I know where I'm gonna set my sucked what's really see how long it is the promise to a lot. I can hang on yeah or other women who have been in your shoes are gonna are gonna help you through this you associate pastor guy over here now she's got half guy over here I'm gonna say this she adds 5% guy over there hot guys hot is only 5% of a person spoke on. And now 5% it is a depression glass set. Where's the other stuff appreciates. Sony gets better with age right looks to get worse with age so where do you put your money on this thing that's depreciating side or your input on this saying it's just getting better like real estate whining she so once again and being physical intimate with your partner relationship we're gonna kicked out to the curb now that's why light switches were invented this is it a hoax could look at I like that SNC about slip through my itself picture hi guys. You're okay. The containing needs your help to not settle his acts he's bad word Coca to to appreciate the guides it's everything. But not hot. In if she shouldn't if she's if you hate to wish you start to ring now to teller look this style so much now most got a nice guy nice guy personality go back to and go back to your shallow pieces that you. What would you do what have you done if you were in candies shoes Stephanie. Yeah I nice. I am armed man. As Canada it's inside. You as a very hot lesbian relationship with Graham like if he's treating you loud and that back and it being its speaker great. I say you don't have to settle it she's constantly going to be thinking about Powell. She could find that person and that is the whole package is big and happy that you know that happened to me I thought I was in great relationship. And it turns out I know we can't bring your in my life and then I was so that aren't being in relations net netted it can't be myself and really crappy really dipped after that. And then finally just leave it and that's Albuquerque diet or that got everything manic ever want to keep interest we uber hot. And he is kind of oblivious to the fact that he isn't attractive RCA and who. You may see more and more idea. Exceed all the right Stephanie every other human being can go out there and find someone that they're attracted to it that treats them well but apparently can't be. It's always half of which she's looked good. For your saying you are right I'd say I guess is the forehead you've never seen somebody. Really kind of like ugly when you say you have somebody really high and you just assume that guys on money. The navy using maybe she finds him attractive because there's that. He reminds me my dad Dana she likes like huge noses and nobody else really nicer she likes of bald guys are a few and tastes may be yeah so nobody in this case if candy doesn't like it. Then he's not right. Is that right opening. Well because I I if you think that you probably could eventually at some point find him more attractive than she can't find out. But why is she leaking her time when the right guy probably is out there. I usually think retirement this guy and lay the leading him on it she's already thinking about not wanting to be depends because of the way that you. You write and herders say a lot of but like I hope my hope and hoping and hope yours is a lot of. Yeah I trapped as attractive as she says Richie is. And you can probably find anybody is bound to run and that guy that has both the left and the personality. There you go really good all day here holocaust doesn't he deserve it also can I say. You why you are low. I knew I UIPG. I don't like using this word your pants are too hot or not you're. Broad and deep and turned me if you can. You'll and infected. I confess I what do you think. Island and very similar situation or I guess camera where my act whereas smoking hotly ripped body it but he is not. You know he didn't lacking a lot of crucial things that are important for a long term relationship you know my current boyfriend. Palin you know. The most drop dead gorgeous man armor entire planet but he's so kind and funny and intelligent and they treat me like that's. And I think that if she's stayed she is not completely and totally you know repulsed by just give others. Slowly. All I. I'm going to. You sold like you're on dean slacker and all as I didn't like your your physical standard is if he doesn't make you bomb making you feel the same day that the best. And then it's not good and then. I mean I think the CB could be tracked the quick attractive than ever you know you annihilate. Yeah she didn't say he would ugly you you sound like he might be our number I think you are not exactly the kind of no perfect physique has it booking por no. And she'll get used to it tends to you know show me she'll just go you're. All these other things that. Beauty is fleeting and grow a good plastic surgeon can make anybody good movement and not saying that to suggest that he needs plastic surgery what I am saying is. Certain people can look good for the right clothes and little nose job your nipped tucked whatever. You can't make somebody nice who you. You can't make somebody funny no more thoughtful more cheering. The same this guy's got yeah those are valuable to. Valuable in past when your beauty seems so close. It's a couple of good golf jolted and the on the shelf. Yeah I mean when you. I hate being patient and let them. I'm honestly I used to thinking that I had to have an immediate physical attraction before I could ever really got the break dating anybody. But the person and I ended up marrying more and I absolutely love with someone that I led for and look for a year and was totally brand owned before we ever started dating and. So you so you wanna stocks. Yeah. New Zealand and really not now now now certainly not and he would enabled if you make me happy. Bold in and out of the bedroom more than anybody else ever house. But still you're not 100% truly physically attractive you kind of have to make allowances you can't overlook some. Hi I am now all I wasn't when we first mad about what you're the first thing that struck me bank. His personality his trade his Kerry Kerry is more attractive to meet in the physical attributes of people that I used to date the I would look after they. Do you think by staying with him and hoping it worked so Michelle do you kind of rolled some dice at first but it worked out for you though. Pull out literally I mean we've been together for over ten years and I never looked back. And ask one more shallow question normally. When you're. When you're thinking about creating your family and smear or having kids. Does matter that you know what the guy and I'm gonna have big kids with he's as happy for kids can be Haiti supermodels parents are typically pretty ugly that's true. Annan I think our kids are not only am Super Bowl. Brown hair blue white people like angered it or not only gonna look very bad but they're going to be seen yet and we're both engineers were both educated Smart happy people. A good for you guys freedom to thank you for the coma die you cease our children so always have been put to. The fact. You're gonna pretend to be the good guy right now what it takes you almighty god thinks Orioles. What do you think yeah. 80 I actually don't feel less attractive Barack and I can only on March 2 Guidant had to Mormon and he. But it's. Are you and that's all I see you when it's used in. Unbelievable. Highlight for a while and then another guy came when I cannot say. Edit video and and let me eating meat on me big expensive states in everything. I. And the other guy like I note that march toward ten. And he just I don't decrypt your Luke girl I knew I kind of felt border you know personality and outlook can not like people are attracted to him and everything. Internet even about a money Steve it's about something it's the whole package he can't hate Obama you guys Monty I don't know I am the analogy. They announced. You know what is. When you go to the store and see you go to somebody's house and sealed the Christmas presents under the tree to help you choose the one that's got the best wrapping paper on it or you want to present with the best stuff inside. I want the biggest 1 I am assuming that's the best thoughtful guy but it's wrapped all pretty and you get inside it's a big box full styrofoam things that I do advance I'm ripped off the so. So tiny one this is Scott parcel paper around it. An iPad iPad stroke plugs a friend Neil I just got. It's considered particularly governor declared everything you ever. Could see how. Cars safer we'll see inside is more important Stephen and the rapid only the. On now and all could you do both tours ever Steve know continue surface porn on the boat with no details. I said Brian save the paper and they save the both. I get a real like people and apple are using the new line with the opinion surf porn on the butt oh I know. You can really nice town around and do our program. Tim Cook golf since you might get justice direct message me on the two Internet but the floor is just. The he thinks. I mean you reader how whether she can do what other people's opinion about him moon and his manners I mean. I imminent nontraditional all Arab relations at my boyfriend at older and I am met and you'd think as well years but. I had to get over the fact that people look at me great leader think that I just mortgage money or whatever it is. The bigger that out if she can even handle actors it doesn't matter what other people they knew him elude the car. I'm I am real little bit called depending on the whole year whip but. All know once you get Arafat. Is a lot easier and then your focus on your relationship nobody yelled that they are not really into a big step for you and that other person. Laura can I ask you something to do you find that when you're with a guy that's not physically attractive. Other guys see that and keep my serve hit none you know like I'm hotter than your guy I can take you away from him regulates you know much more. Dudes. And no I mean yes they think it's a lot on year but. They also are dead right to boost their own competence Dan that's bad more about them and it says about me. I see Oka a trio Lawrence judge your hold your head up there. I think I won this one side really needs to tell us what what Juarez says Larry gross and then it lets a relationship let let him grow on you let. Let him treat like a princess and you realize how beautifully is slow moments on the tour and the Twitter than though the FaceBook and so when vendors say go for the whole package either out there we don't settle for half capacity and surf porn on but I'll should check. And it's ten I had Perry. The smartest dogs myself yeah that's happening more and more of your comments overcome this laggards DJ's go to aids.