Slacker and Steve - OPP: Unhappy Losing Weight 4/12

Wednesday, April 12th

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you are going to want to hear our OPP! They’ve been trying to lose weight and now she’s saying maybe it’s time for women to stop trying to be thin. Hear her OPP and tell her if you agree.

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And great losses on for the pretty much always a hot button hole where is everybody so a few years they don't lose when you are losing weight he might want to lump. Listen carefully because you've got somebody here that wants to talk about it Tina. Yeah yeah okay guys you tell us what's going on. It's so I've struggled with. Raise my entire life that it's been very very easy for me to prove I'm me very difficult for me to leave that badly alienated huge change and furniture and started counting calories then and I want to keep I found you. And it's it's a lie and the element of that I he's actually really am happy now I hate. I'm constantly counting my calories I I don't get to enjoy a beer at the way I used to I don't get like come out with my friends and and have fun with them knowing I used to and to be honest I like look in the near and I I don't really like. Recognize myself I don't feel like me anymore and I guess I'm just wondering if like. It didn't look normal or should they keep Colleen and I know with our parents or leave via. I know I'm I'm really had a struggle point and it kind of hope you guys can help. How do you say you don't recognize yourself but do you like what you see I mean. Dean I can be completely honest I I never did like the way I looked before. I kind of felt like fit for Haiti did. You know constantly getting made fun having school and I was going out like. People are always commented on my late and I personally thought. Well it could mean I think Haiti president healthy you know it's not prepared by my doctor put me lately. Now what might happen here and I think OK it's sure you look fine that's. It's gotten me I don't know. Well Tina I've never heard this you changed your physical exterior. We all got your interior yours you're jerking inside cells can just it didn't take you it's your outside. It didn't speak to your mental state or your emotional consult with most people that I've known who have gone through the transformation of losing weight or. Doing something physically getting. Classic surgery procedure error or something else. It gives them so much confidence they changed so that. While there outside changes 10% there inside changes ninety more. They're just they become so in in Europe. I I I did you are not the only person like dat. I'm calling you guys it could I don't know I don't know that the blog if I should push through Britney if I should just go back to how my life if. I was about to ask you that Tina. We weren't you know what I prefer my old overweight so I'd go back to that now I'm just going to beer have a don't. Like I would mania my sister and my dad and gender and revealing how he should pregnant I didn't never join opened a boutique and it was blue inside and like I could have a slice I couldn't chilling man. I can eat fifty quit then because I delayed so we eat fairly. It just feels really restricted you know I'm constantly just counting how are you people say the ball again. You can ask you. The so you've lost the way can you do you're gonna wanna go back to be in living place and eating what you want drinking what you want is this kind of like your rationalizations though for going back. I miss that old it's nice your body when he craves painkillers or alcohol or whatever your body goes your payment you're not in pain you're not yeah. Calm may may be I don't know yes. You are to a man or husband or your I was single married. I have two kids feel I don't actually dating. You keep up with my children now I mean I know that that's. That's incredibly important I don't want to. And indeed well okay good now these three kids and do it don't don't you feel like you're setting a better example for them now that you're you're healthier. And out here all year you're not happy outside this or I'm sorry you were the first human being I think you'll ever meet fans lost a ton way and just isn't hatch is is is I'm more surprised I know she's a first you've met and the first I've met. I see what is he says it the I don't know she's alone. I think so I hate to play Federer hotter healthy yourself I wanna go by officials say this the guys who know more most and the women. Sued for them is merely sustenance UBS's survive I mean I still watch his guy who worked here she would he would microwave a sweet potato and that was his new zones of its oil chicken in unlike. You enjoy anything near green had because almost everything I ever choose to put in my head. I saw early now joy everyone does. So happy I love a good cook to me I just love that I I love a good PR I can make it so much I wish I had. But okay we you're gonna go back to that hole. It was eat unhealthy. And I. So you'd like when people weeks on the view and our own okay this is to consider this is impossible rare because you'll. You don't wanna be her as you didn't like the way. Yeah pat yourself from within or let's society attack team from outside. Blah blah nailed Tina they're. Armed there's got neither are there are weak. Hey aren't there were any decent advice I know you you do this to me every time so it's my turn to do why we need you know who you always turner army. We knew transformed. You got until I HT and you reads you know matrix skinny I still have that picture is your profile high drama around you did you. Did you hate yourself. Or did you like what you saw that you just having any fun did you can you really to anything she's saying. I hated myself for not losing their weight sooner. That's the only way I hated myself I loved the new meat but white and I go back to the old me that if I look the new may what do we got everything to state that knew me and I just enjoyed life are you want to spoils of more wins than bugs aren't quite I had no balance she's going she soared one extreme to another we think about the fact serial. She wants just dude she is you don't stop her she's had a beer in a birther. Writing today it's easy to be happy again she. Will she I know don't see. So she wasn't happy or she would start died in the inner prayer is so which. She uses earlier dude she's trying to jets this new bodies she as a walk around to look at a new thing where where and she's there's always she's comfortable you should not she is she wants a return. Yeah offshore so I mean we don't turn it on and pearl are supposed to be given this is is it he's given more. I I don't that's the question is if this is something that people who lost a drastic amount of weight and had to push through what she needs your help or should we let her. We let go back to Vienna happy version. She knew she was happy then 55 pounds and she's miserable today and blood she was miserable before or tell T know what to do next Victoria. Guy who do you think you've endured. I am I'm totally I'd I mean seemed saying I've been struggle ethnically my entire life and that she can't much further than I have. It it's really important especially Trent. She then get it dealing with that her entire life. Speaking continents. And even her own person through all that despite all of that and eight it's easy for me straight to the table when I was trying to go through a lot I struggled with. I do dramatic sell because I wanna be healthier because I'm not happy with how I look army doing because other people aren't. And it sounds like she's just eating at our other I mean. She. Have a letting stand me in she found that before you lost all of this way and I understand you are listed perhaps did the deal to keep up with and that there's there's a balance there. Where he can not sacrosanct her own personality for her outward appear. Victoria USANA words. That Tina said as well it's it's I think it's what's hanging yup you said I've struggled with weight my whole life and she said the exact same thing. On the team that just won the struggle and so aren't you happy when you win bringing you just want good you think you. How dissing you struggle with and now you kicked its but why are actually have to. Why just. And it is just golf. You would you would think that they you act. You became happy despite. All of and negative comment saying all of the sullying in this by. Even if he came to terms with the fact that you don't have to be perfect looking day your personality is more than and not. And so. The rain hearing diet. When you're not looking actually for your attic for yourself that it's for yourself could you got that this and Beckett isn't that the air time saying well I don't need to live the way because I'm great Kurt. You know. Yeah it's so what do you think she should do should she go have a beer and Ryan. Enjoy yourself she doesn't feel aides. That would meet a worker re now that keep feeling like you have to sacrifice everything that she'd done everything that they're happy just kids. Six this outward appearance that she'd been struggling with her entire life being played like he's trying to battle that owned. Site within herself saying that side that said it's okay it's okay. Well maybe it's not okay but I should I just feel happier but she doesn't because she know about that dot com and kicking and are you are. It's just it's just Stephen buyer like a gas can I just died because of victory you want and you its IQ one of little gas take your critics called Louisiana and see what she wanted to hear is that there's other like minded women out there are so. Nicole. Yeah yeah I what do you think. So I am I'm kind of a similar situation and enough that my sister and brother and lie actually and it still. This for a living because people under huge tranche at. And at one beating of my sisters and there with me and teach me that. Now Americans we put so much and protect aren't happy wise around who you know we gather for. Dinner and at the Simpsons pretty much everything the celebration students happy. By the food ever makes you happy actually JER I can cheek guide but you can help the rich got to know. But I'm never make anyone happy and it really accompanied her right types you or your diet or like all right. But now that you stop looking for for happiness and sued your better. I I feel like you have to find comfort in something else and when your dealing doubt. You cannot go to finicky cat L I want that peace is you have to and it changed the week you think about it. There I am telling you might enact this is that we do I and I would call myself maybe overweight but I wouldn't but I signed immense comfort in food. I love I think it's one of my true had grown as a coach you love new things when it comes to food absolutely love your life revolves around the coaching for stress going to a great sushi restaurant in downtown. Yeah I never realized you right as Americans we hate Sony are hassles shoals d'estaing. And that's why were fat I wanna be happier and happier. So many eat more and more. That is. Seems that's very insightful entry hole on the Cole but do you think that's enough to flip her eyes and know little. She does talk about I just one need decade she dot she'd be happy she can be eaten some of that today yes or have a beer next week. What is not good major you lazy socialization. Comes around that night. Courtney. Guy is some real thing what's going on this. Am here real thing honestly garnered a lot of people do go real well. I just think either in your body isn't and you mentality is. I had something similar. About a year ago I it was getting laid off from my job I wasn't eating try eight to gain and how about the heaviest it ever band and I eight didn't know what to do it like we're working out. But nothing was happening. But now I reached out and I found can you believe or not institute Graham son didn't get that person and an Victoria would develop this. I should diet program that involves talking about how you're feeling while you're working out and she's one of the key things is that the it worked out to punish yourself and needs and how how they usually at best accounting Tyree huge and meet with the scale. Which is something I'm still working on I'm out there that the scale. Though machine you define a groove either and on Nancy Graham. Or. Ed in the neighborhood rhetoric that you and or something like our friend even. To get pocket out to you know like hey I can't really weird. I can always clowning they carried that I can enjoy things anymore. I did try to hold. You know relaxed it's it's going to be OK you're going you're losing it's what you're doing a great job your mind will follow. Do you get to take a victory lap we do you get so like go over yeah he's got a laugh beauty though lapsed back to your you aren't really out a yields begin to be careful when you reward yourself can you remember everything you gave up dig into that hole. Hey O'Reilly. It's this they admit that you have to get yourself don't you give your trouble lying cheat you don't have to try it yourself Bob. Completely from the things that you love it okay debt Italy don't go quite a while I thought that might get a Mexican restaurant once a week and I am happy at that. But when you would you sign when you go there you're like yeah and leave it sees us. Yeah now Maryann don't you go you go all the way you're all in stride when she's inside here like all the way there it sounds. The lead and then the next day you know I'm. And that being my normal you know without lead and we did things like that and I go to the general run three miles. It for you or me that's awesome thank you for the call and she needs all the support she can get even if it's on in Seagram yes Serra. You guys who do you think. Am I dishonest they're so quick so it still stopped counting calories you as somebody who robbed a 180 pounds and learn how. Yeah whom. You act and they are they didn't like six chip away no trash and it's absolutely need only and I exercise everyday. She continued to tell entire issue is going to be unhappy issue and it still empty. She's not gonna get pressure rights and I think treatment trial under special occasion. Read what I wanna eat. Do you drink beer do you have take I don't I don't. And cash so we were talking what you should reborn food should be reward or something like that but a lot of people use that as a reward. It's me it's more self satisfying or rewarding myself with like the movie uniter summer. Brian I get it needs I think I've been so good eating boiled should game I want in my area on cy ST potted meat you're always there actually is a trigger for you. So I can't bank is and special occasion again everything. How do not eat. People Kate gun to my claim her what I particularly like myself because I've been doing so I'm dead letter to the mini Mac RD. I may ecstatic. Okay here because you punish yourself then oh my god I had a DC Kate Snow are gonna punish myself tomorrow forgetting every yes she needs again how she's she's lacking though likes. She's not happy she did all this world this work but it did lead to happiness it's. Can't shoot too busy counting calories and not living life she just switch it to play military aspects that super and only. Yeah no cut and columns he's going to be able to live life and be happy. As for you 180 pounds you lost to her saying yeah. Good size dude edit the home that's amazing congratulations Sarah you sound very happy. Christians. Yeah. Yeah do you think she. I am I edit nutrition and fitness coach and why IE. Client is the blimp I had eighty when you grow even start trying to be healthy and clean and 20% time you get your style that till free all you have and you shrink but here. You have a burger and you do what don't feel guilty about action and I really think. Ginny are happy. She's maps are happy the way and I think she needs that big a little deeper and find out what the real proof are or aren't happy that they. OK it's not the way the commute reuniting has not been denying yourself the cake it's something else yeah. Aha so therapies the answer then probably consider your way Kristen yeah. Do we know the answer every OTV with senator anything a couple of an odd taste you guys so much it's eye opening to know that there's other people who could least. At this point they lost the weight it's like to be careful what you wish for you got what you wish Lauren wasn't what you were hoping it was gonna so if you wanna help Tina anymore if you got in some Gramm's support groups. The league come up to the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.