Slacker and Steve - OPP: Used to Date a Man 4/5

Tuesday, April 5th

Candy's guy friend has primarily dated men and is now in a relationship with a woman. Candy is worried because the girl does not know that her boyfriend has dated men. Candy wants to know if she should tell her that he has dated men. What’s your advice?


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Stay on the OK so we do you have today's OPP writer actually on the phone she's got some sort of the secret to that she's holding on to. I'm that Steve is already jumped on to camp in my OB yes she's she's like keep that secret to yourself. Because it's a secret she's asked to be disguise here candy. Yeah I tell us so what's gonna. Okay well I got a situation it really could you'd feel if I thought I had a friend. Committed and you guys are bigger stretch for a long time to call and talk that's not a drill bit and I talked. I don't know. If you exterminating war computer. Beatty he's bisexual B key huge big guy occur about electric upkeep you dated somebody that was scared. And he has moved on. And everything woman. What's called her carry. I met Kerry Patrick taught when they started dating should really nice girl. Dated together for a little over a month to meet these shows not a church relationship but you know they're together. If she doesn't know. That he used to hear about it. And I am wondering if I should tell her. You know a woman and I would want and how old are you know especially because she was with from the UK and you know I just think. You don't know or he didn't and that's I mean. Well below or I forget this for health reasons I always good but I mean he'd pop promiscuous. Heterosexual. People just is is yeah I mean I don't know that. Yeah but I think it's a little different you know she's Irish girl I don't think she had any idea that could completely. Change whether she'd wanna be determined. I know and I know he hasn't told her I don't know for fact that they've been mentioned it. Media hound group I'm guessing it's been about a month probably and she should have the bridge protector so I was spending. But doesn't he have a right to like. Privacy privacy or she wants a teller of himself to should you have an opportunity to were you snatch them from a. Why haven't done anything yet I was calling for advice I wanna do the right thing you know but I you I wanna be loyal to different but I also would treat. I I think about how I might feel in her position. You would I mean it's so weird that we're going to depend eat. We've had situations like this where it's like I found out he's cheating should I tell I found out all these different things and should you tell him and more often than not the answer is just. Stay out of it thank you bet this did this is one of those situations where. I don't know do you do you deserve to know I mean if he wasn't. It if you if he was straight. This would never just super premise let's pretend he was just super promiscuous straitjacket you wouldn't say a word would you do. If you knew he was the man's life. I think it's different so I mean I think at this stage are you would whip our eyes. He gave Barrett inject Baltimore from my understanding is is that they are often. At a more relaxed attitude about traffic and you know but we just think if Al. Culture and are just being here he might have been exposed to you after he'd know exploding her sure and I. I don't know I'm really am comfortable when I see them together as she doesn't know about it. Yeah I'll tell you are of your good friend you wanna protect your friend but that's it comes with a cost we don't you feel like you've do you have a little bit of us. I don't know what to but I act I don't. I don't. One of these the guy can you you're you your lovely and you listen to our show when you called us and you need advice and everything but. I just have to just I just have to ask you feel like you're maybe just a little bit. The Atacama fault isn't a word like anti gay security you've you've you've you've you have this palpable and saying do you keep coming back to light. Like what he did over there is gross and she has a right to know is that is that sort of how you feel. I don't know I don't know that I I would say that I think it's grown but I think if we don't be surprised if we behavior was changed risky based on. We've which as I just keep pushing the ninth Earl. And I think she deserves to Machida put it I guess I'd potentially protect trademark for a bailout or I'm so. Torn. Right but it comes with a concert on your closer to him. An elite and for years and has he always. Has he then was he had a role long time ago and many just this was this guy six months ago was this is first iris. Is there been a long string of guys. Will look at the as far as I know where I mean unless there were things I didn't know about this car I built a character I thought he was probably experimenting which. Are being confused with women and and then she comes out it's god because they were get a perfect mom but you know obviously I don't choke. I don't know there's been other relationships. Or one eyed candor. I don't know I mean just it makes me uncomfortable. You know but it's me it's like here's one on the mall you see some other guy looks for miscue resign voters see John Warner curlers out a year it's just cut your I don't know I know you have a connection with this these people but. The beginning you're just Ernie Els I don't know it's I am this is a hard one because I don't. If I don't wanna be perceived as like saying. That. Gay people have. Less rights because there is more yeah promiscuity. You're perceived in Dayton Indy unused in her words right. But like but at the same time. I don't know the you can't just butt out if if she doesn't have all the information in this guy has been promiscuous. Please and we already know right I would definitely wanna know if my health is in danger for sure while. Do you. They've achieved a couple of them but I need at least make sure she's using condoms nurse you know what I mean like it's. I know and I don't I don't know. Maybe that's a conversation has to say. Pain for no apparent reason guys wanna make sure you're being super sex. And trying to approach sets a good and try not to its claim by year one to ensure. Cheney's me. Don't you think you would think that would reared it's it's just like for military and make sure yes I'll send you I'd go we. It is very is that there is no there's no way did I guess in America automatically added to bless you and you're now what you're saying in some way. Candy are yeah you're good friend candy hey hang on we're gonna try to decent advice. So this is why I just just naturally wanna butt out because and you're just causing you know your world windows sometimes knowledge is that like just a just. Beyond putting I just don't know anything and I don't after a down. Heard what that whether you're they're intelligent they're not. Strategist numb the mind can't go so nuts instead effects found should candy tell her new friends that her boyfriend. Was. Well with men yes. That's the alternate question if you're I gave me all and you wanted to. Talked to about her. To do. Assumption a year more promiscuous and less safe we can we can address that too but she's she's concerned about this woman's health so so. Armed should she tell or is this not a verbal test. David. Yeah I know I mean look what do you send. Well so what I'd mention it in mind your own business I mean they've only been together a month shoes are all concerned about this I think she's in my own business and it's. There and the chance to progress at that point in their relationship and actually eliminate the bullet in the dealer mark took another. Amnesty so you wanted to know up front its site its sides didn't know somebody in your sleeping with a minute they dropped the and I'm not saying these are the same they dropped the bombshell that they have an STD's they dropped the bombshell that dance kids they dropped the bombshell that are still married they didn't like. Ease this one of those bonds show us. I'm not a bit of a different situation I mean itchy nose for example she knew that he had. And that's CDs are sure they're not yet completely different story but she doesn't. And I don't know I mean it seems to me like what she's tiptoeing around saying based on here's previously carried us split. Men is that he's chief concern and I met in December and I don't let you know and that's what it seemed like you getting around me anyways that. She doesn't know that her facts are she needs to butt out I mean she can dress up are you want to say that she's concerned about her friend but the reality is. You know she's sticking our nose where it doesn't belong if she knew that he had not CD I would be a completely different case but she doesn't. And that she wants to go ask him. And then confirm whether they pay does or not that's one thing and then she got from their left. It could just blood in there and jump the gun and tell her something actually news you hear from him when he's ready to have that conversation. It's just get out of line I think certitude. It it's like she's guilty until he proves themselves and a sense absolutely. What the weight she spoke about him it was she was my guests but. It's being very stereotypical. Big totally different car there or do we do appreciate it man. And Rhea. Marina. Yes yes what do you think. All right guys are brought to think your thoughts Flacco three you don't have quote that the chief is. Eat a bit Cuomo well he is completely wrong right in my family we had ordered it from eight. I read the nephew because look one of those steps. And I can tell you that's. Everything they're what you want to eat with and PT this has nothing to do with that this has to do with people Laura I. OK and already she told her friend if you need your help hurt or I'm cool. Because if it's not any choking thing it is not being homophobic. You know arena to arena quality. It's it's it's kind of what Steve just said a second go like she's guilty until proven innocent. Do you assume every day man has its. That's no chance or not but you know what the thought they knew it to Murray family members or stay. OK Carrie and big keynote. I knew it inside with a Q okay I'm 58 years old and they were very open about it. They a lot of them and I'm not train all but a lot of them and another friend who was gave the past eight years it will even actually. People waiting to do anything. Okay so in other words. Did it we Ali now we're at this and I would just you know having fun with trying to yet it with something that you know it fits your lifestyle. You never know nick had its own guess nowadays you're allowed it to that'll keep you alive for a long parents. Let's. It is burdened them it is parity and it's been part of somebody Derek amnesty at least. So you think she sort of obligated itself she has an obligation. She does have an obligation and that act Gary Patton obligation and it even the right guy I picked somebody who sleeps around with anything that Walt. They have an obligation to the open who that person that there wouldn't. You know look at other people getting and unfortunately. It's still a very happy kid is. While father we thank you really call Rita we we appreciate it. I didn't I didn't seize a PD to go that way quite this Jim. Yeah I yeah I what do you think of missiles earns. Clearly she has Shalala and day out and car actor head to see as she's putting gay people. In that. One particular category. I've been in the same relationship for eighteen years very faithful no matter what others have. Don who in Q other relationships or sexual relationships with anybody else. As far as protecting yourself. She really should drink to that anybody who's going to engage in sexual activity would someone they've known for a month now. Should also be protecting themselves. Regardless of what's a person's past and you trust no one. May well yeah I mean you really have to get to know somebody first. I won't tell you there I do believe. Bet he can't turn the switch on an aux you're either gay or your not so would exist I doings. I don't know the situation I don't know she was experimenting. If he had his church if you restore armed I don't know but you. I guess so long relationship gem that this guy had with another. Man. So it is seals. Mean we don't know what he's been you if you was hiding it before arriving caning like it's just a really weird thing maybe he doesn't. He's not ready to come out so we just can exceed dating women Intel he feels comfortable I don't know. OK so her her obligation is to talk to him. And not talk to her because she's involving herself with her business you can shoot closer to this guy eight. She needs to talk to this guy and find out. What his motivation hatched. Yeah same what's going on man this just what are we doing it I don't I. I don't got an app for his average is over here and I can't really keep score so. Yes and Britain should she make this random like don't I'm not a threat but should she tell him she thinks that this girl. Deserves the knowledge are now. Yes I do you think. As good as deeply loyal friend she should talk to him and say listen. It's your obligation to tell her stand. Our silicon in the middle. And if you don't change something. I'm gonna tell her because she is also you know of course this person and she needs to know what you've been doing for the last six months last. Thank you for the cause him yeah thanks for being understanding and we knew we we're I'm we're talking normal little concern by some I think she said to so. Matty. ER eight guy when you think. I think she needs I'm Madeline and less taught so where elect I could be it in and I could of contacted HIV expense even matter age you need to keep her you know I homophobic. In the chat. It's okay yeah it's too do you think skiing and even by curious where is the way and he wants to tell his girlfriend actually detects. Rates so your own team Steve stay out of it some don't ever get involved unless you you have all the facts have been a mad lurks. You. Only eight C notes you HIV positive response and the fact that he benefited me and it's not hurt or her storied at Howell. That's just match you get an. MYAOBMI. Obesity agency Hannity UST zero win this. Do you you'll find a way for live happy childhood. Sort of lights promotional shots don't abuse what does this tell us you're a company would have to stand up or anything I don't know do you ever since I really you're lazy superhero would just be laying down going pledged you're. Food being shown towards you and I definitely doing Steve does does don't get involved 807. Innings. And I what do you think. I might think that she is trying to think I know Greg doesn't belong I was a similar situation with my boyfriend and I. Is that email friend Kate you and Ernie and I am thinking not seen doing it huge paper. One really hurt IRD Hyde earned him and I Ari had already had that conversation. I'm you know where you consenting adults should meet you what we're getting in Q when we started dating each other area and I think she got all your your not a. Oh Stephanie was your was your Mair and Connolly Todd in the so PP was that would carry issue. I'm I'm not die issue exactly like you know let's add that group Ngo. Kind of called to tell she could play nineteen gas comes with somebody needs manage medications or are. Yeah I got it. So stay out there unless you know yup you know every dang. Exactly I mean it's our end that she knows you know they they talk to each other they're adults they know what they're doing and if they haven't and back on the girlfriend you know she need to protect yourself and eat it and how about opera comedy and and that haunt her but it this year though PP has no right Ted go by her I think she's doing her a big they are because Egypt it will be big turnover that all our. Thank you so many. As your phone call own captain lazy ass women okay. Well he's so irritating guy. Mind your business and if you're the voice of reason and yet there is a reason for a keen to get involved you can give your comments still. Online or if you wanna champion captain lazy guys is there as well fight is that FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve stay on.