Slacker and Steve - OPP: Wasting My Life 6/20

Tuesday, June 20th

Morgan just finished her sophomore year in college and is thinking about dropping out to be young and adventurous. She wants to see the world and not another text book. Morgan knows her parents will disown her if she leaves college. Should she give up college to live life to the fullest or is college really that important?


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Selector in Steve's son today. Crossroads that's it's kind of a thing that people go through different times of their life and we've got somebody. Super impressionable that needs our help with a crossroads yeah I'd be sorry for. But listen you guys since I was a kid needs some mounds some advice for. Well I heard reaction. All you little whimper snapper I just finish my sophomore year of college. I kind of feel like I'm wasting my life though. I'm young and I feel like I should be dealt CEO in the world and meeting people experiencing things instead I spent only time go in the class and studying. On top of that I'll be paying off his debt until I'm fifty. I feel like they can go out in the real world to live life to the fullest in comeback can get the same job somebody with a communications degree Caron and the reason I'm still here is because my parents will basically disown me if I drop out. I keep asking myself why my passing up the opportunity to be young and adventurous. Should I give up college who live life to the fullest. Or is college really that important. This is for Morgan. Joseph Benson thinks morgans are girls. It anymore in the Blair off early girl beatings hurled by wrong. I would Voyager young girl cat that doesn't make a difference. Good question. Yeah for some reason it does to me and I don't know enough though because she's a girl. I feel like she should stay in school why. Because of the way so he's variety works in likes to be sick or she should she goes out and agreed then she's got a better shot at life and nine. Always can just don't walk in and help. Your son back again Rask I don't realize she glitches and ready being overly sexist there I personally I don't know. This is hard because I want my kids go to college. And I don't think college is an important move month. I don't I don't think college. Actually does what. It's supposed to do you may be back in the day with I think college just. To a certain degree. College just proves you have those. Tolerance to sit through four years crap is that they you never can infuse in the real I mean. I think everything should eventually just be a a vo tech Clinton technical school and that's why vote taxing tech schools are becoming more more popular they're cheaper you don't have to go is classes you don't care about you get to study exactly what you wanna study. I. I. And I loved math and I loved music can music is math and I was doing all this mathematical stuff and then I go to school. And I want to get into we danced Good Will Hunting kind of masks and if you are Syriana's. And I have to take Greek with all you do all that Sean Kelly no matter to any thing. If I think if I had status is to tour does it never pulled up in front of the University of Colorado and lured me out there. What do you in what engineering firm would somebody walked in and go. Oh what told you know how the Odyssey and Gilead we need to know how much homer you know it's like a lot. This new reactors melted down and you'll hear what I know about homework why I'm taking this stupid class. I'm wasting my tinier and among need blocks off. Money on stuff that you never gonna use but they say you have to have if you want to degree in the thing you're actually want you gonna have to endure all the crap you don't. We have someone on our show. Who is going to repay he's educating Helio and yeah. He's going to be paying student loans tele dies and he has the same job we get sort of yeah I feel that this whole day. While I agree with you. I think a lot of big. Is kind of a waste. I think part of the experience of college is opening up because you know you said you're good at math. The college kind of broaden your horizons a little bit and opens your eyes to other things that you might not have thought you would have found in time for folk like. Cited low Greek mythology bread I descent like all my life to that. I would've made zero dollars how many how much money easy average Greek philosopher I I know Joseph no I don't know any of those so what are. That's what I say I I think I think it opens like for me I hated philosophy I thought philosophy was the dumbest thing I've the dumbest college course I could have ever wasted time money. The resource and everything on. But I took history classes and I was like. This is amazing like this things that I wouldn't have ever thought so read or look up or ever talk about I was like. It's kind of cool like I I kind of got into that a little bit. And I would have never done it if I would've been in college and granted yes I'm not using it in my day to day life right now it's not like I'd turn on my my can get on with you guys and talk about you know like. The 1920s stock market crash and look like that's self. But it's still cool this kind of like have known it and learned a little bit about it I just wanted to ask real quick. Now that your team back all of that it's still it's still old but ballot it's still do now. Oka who saw him why you challenge her to do. But I think it would yeah I even though it sucks making that payment every single month I think I would do it again a guy and I I think the reason that I would do it again is because. You never know when it's gonna come into play and when you're gonna need it I might not necessarily need it like you guys don't have one for this job I might not need for this job but. It's one of us were to die in a car wreck tomorrow when there is no more slacker and Steve show. I at least have something to fall back on I have a plan B. Yes and that's river when both college says his plan BI can and fall back on yet in her going out and traveling the world and partying and drinking. Is not gonna give her a plan B well. I don't think she seemed partying drinking necessarily just experiencing my experiencing so when she gets back to reality kind of stood back here. She's going to be behind all of her friends of the same major going to be other agrees on their careers and she's going to be kind of behind them. Right in theory if she wants to go back and get it or she can go on it's much experience to a job and start living now. I say okay here's here's where I'm I'm I'm always with you when that once like we're comes continuing education. It's not it's not going anywhere so you can take five years off and still golf it's just to be more expensive so more again if someone's given you a free ride to see your parents are paying for it. I would take advantage of it. If not. But but he's a really necessary anymore is my question makes it. I know like 90% of jobs claim on their website now must have a degree but dude I'm. This did so bracket Osha's I'm smarter just to do almost any of those jobs. And the only things separating me from that other dude is he dear belonged in a frat and I dear belonged on a tour bus. I still learn stuff I still know styles and kinds. I actually know more because I had to do business stuff firsthand not just read about it. If he can improve it by without one little thing on his resume I graduated with a four year does Reeves from the job of the my NN. We're torn on the shall I say get out I you know and I think colleges for the people who are committed. I really do if you if you know exactly and your Guinea pig to stay and you wanna you wouldn't go to this deal or. Or you really believe that you're not gonna get it anyway but she sounds she or he sounds like somebody. Who wants that other saying if you're sitting in class from every day. And waxing nostalgic about what you know getting you're not getting anything new you're wasting everywhere losing money yes they'll. I say Morgan gets out there it's up to you guys if you've been at that crossroads where it's like should stay in school is it worth say can I remove all of my life with out an education. Morgan's ready to bounce if she does her parents probably know disown her and him. What would you do what advice would you have for a nineteen year old Morgan struggling with tests Stacy. Yeah I what do you think. On and all of you and I dropped out I know firsthand they get it. We're seeing wages manager of prayer for about a year made great money but and chipper I got pregnant. So then you have nothing to fall back on and you know provide for your child. We know CC. So we say fall back on and so let's say you've got a degree in some thing. So that's your piece of Myanmar who tried waitress seeing cinema gentlemen's club that is a work out I can go back to bite communications degree you're whatever. On yet and that trend and pumping it into something where you can provide a future for your health for your children and Annika guaranteed paycheck. Oh OK but there's no guarantee you're gonna grow old and it's one of those things and I just. I don't wanna say that to a nineteen year old because you you've got a better shot of growing old. Then I seventy year old person I mean you've you've probably got more years but Abbas could fall off a building in Rhode what is so it's like. This person is right. I'm not. Eating anything out of this right now are now all I see is. But even suffering with paying this a little bit told me before. The amount of lead paint on a student loans in every month and a mortgage. Spits you see here and. I mean it wouldn't you rather get this going done now all of a bank 3540 year old school with a bunch of eighteen or nineteen year old. You're right Stacey that's the thing a lot of people that waits the go back to school another decades behind and when they join them were worst. An eighteen year old is way more likely to get a job than 42 for a multitude of reasons energy and their salary requirements wow I am. All right so that's one bodes so far first saves no good news is easy Andrea. Am I what are you thank. I think she need to finish technique earth and then take a gap vehicle or is he goes on I did that got my master's degree in finance the eight. And then I wish I travel the world and then I came back in got a job. Security did you Greeley. Just explain to people why it was like we got your degree what do waiting here. I don't look like that he found it very cool like it let me make you very interest being. But if you go O Jerry Lewis school and and try to go back to go he'll never go back and then you're heading molding yourself. Careers that don't have a degree and everybody would agree even with firefighters at the had to greedy banks. Wow hole to be able look carried 500 pounds a hose and run into a burning building whenever else is running away US duels. In George Greek mythology. I. I tell me why. Why don't we let you in just BC socialize is to speak well. She can't die and he can save money like she's in college. Take a 118 credit hours battling the country do you call it in three years and then get back a year off. So let's call the gap year and only day happier OK I got some people that the gap here between high school and college but I guess okay no surgery unit great. You have a great career. You're happy. You Schmidt and I Monday it's free of pain student loan dead tell you die right you can not personal loan it. Okay all right thank you for the colleague Andrea I just. Here's the thing I'm clearly looking out of touch is I think higher education's important to Savard like most everybody thinks it's more important and I'm giving it credit for Hamid two. I Courtney. Yeah I what do you think. Association today. I am I it took the route I'm not going to college I wanted to have kids young but I can explore when I'm older and retired and to have fun. And I love my children I love my family I'm glad I'm married by. Irish recently laid off from a job that I thought I was secure and I had worked my way it should really good position and I got laid off oh southern in the real world trying to find a good paying job it's a lot harder than you think that as. Just going off of experience I have a lot of experience but I'm young and the people don't think I have the experience well. This is huge pay cut which sucks when your kids in daycare I. And I really think she should stay that he had back to put on her right there makes sense to help her. According you can under the double whims of the new wanted to start a family first let it worry you don't regret it but you right when you lost your job relate what. Ten's all right now I know there's a responsibility. Yeah I know the sun now. Exactly so I'm like here I am like I know I'm good at what I do. I know that I get a you know the job that I have but people feel that I'm 27 year old America media our gonna go exist. Forty year old at the degree you know I didn't really think it'll help her in the long run actually get a degree. So you clearly according said do not have kids. Is not a very nice she yeah I know you're putting aside the for the the candy. Yeah I for some reason UMass you have your name changed in your voice disguised what's so who do you think Morgan should do. Arm I think why do Gary real and I think college is absolutely great. Reality it doesn't prepare you ready out blue world. You're gonna narrowed. Customers should be aware of the baby our customers may be just other people you work quit and that's going to be the gamut. People your own aged. People are your age people that just are rude and ugly. And it doesn't prepare your credit act and what I personally Spain is people pressure our college. Early to join outside their own age generation and up but it didn't requirement. Little vote at all. Well despite all change travel get some experience there is nothing really prepare you for life like we cable. Because of its. It required of all important our speed and grip on every. Are there are convened a few I try not to be out because people are disturbingly. Both ways when you're typically talking to someone on the boat and they are. Guarantee you can bet that you can't because you just simply can't get their mean now he can't take the tall you are you know people are not prepared for that out expect others. 'cause college in the first snowflakes. All I wouldn't trade that'd be dirt some people but he truly benefit arm but it's not for everybody. And if you wat true experience you just got to go out and get it there's no other way you get. Where it you have to X period there. So you think she should be doing both so stay in school but like little. Or can all become life. If you know it's not a finger to quit school Edmonton don't go to break. Travel experience different culture and it's the biggest big world. Culture huge huge become yardage figure the total and BP. People when you're don't think likely do what they broke out the priority like we do. It bury it make you more relegate her spirit and it may even give you that people could draw aren't. You're actually in the workforce working forty hours a week when you're tired and you don't want you were not to kill what art situation. Half thank you really can't outings nice to share it oh Blair. Yeah I what do you think. Best of both worlds Manny meaning stay in school and study abroad in I get to have great. That way and I mean for me college group on the best experiences in my life and then I studied abroad and and yeah I wouldn't trade it for anything. Okay. So you're not wasting your youth she she just feels like it but normally don't school classroom all DM days when you win yeah. I've studied abroad I had to go to school one day a week that if they stay weekend every week. More singing just wondered around met people had relates it created the human Nate you're going to be as an adult. Learned a ton about myself absolutely and had honey it's time to explore and travel and have fun and that now I. I have graduated in you guys know the statistics that typically people are gonna make more money with a degree. Traveling is more fun when you have money. And you know dead there at that point on I was in school you know I got out candid that the do it all again I wouldn't trade it birth. Wonderful experiences they get out see the world but I did that judge that education done wired and you know halfway through it. Everywhere. Days illustrated by so. Riley. Yeah I am I what do you think tar. I'm an engineering at I'm an engineer ray now I'm uncle I graduate and the primary and I don't think that I learned that. A great deal and school life and it's kind of disappointing because I do you want to make it different and eight and education or that but. I don't think Morgan going to be held up I need job is. They don't suck it up and get an education because unfortunately. I don't think a lot of employers will look at people have a. It didn't work just saying. We all have to go it's I do one time we all just to go there but you knowing you're not gonna be a better engineer than I would be. You do after you have the certificate you have are going to put into about it it's yeah yeah. Side but I am hoping to be an engineer because I want to have a comparable in L lifestyle when or bat on it it'll take care of a family now. I'm putting in the high man I don't think that you know I know more than most people but I am I'm doing what it takes. While it for you Reilly gives me thank you I just irritates me that we're all just saying she asks is seen school. But there's no reason to other than just the way it is and you can do that on your resume. Morgan ansari you know live lives and now the best chance you got out of all this was a sunny Hostin who's data or stick with another two years in your done all right if you got any more advice for Morgan or you wanna yell at us do that over on the soccer in Steve FaceBook page.