Slacker and Steve - OPP: Watching MMA 7/20

Thursday, July 20th

Today's OPP is about a mom who has two men in her life, her husband and her seven-year-old son who are both big fans of MMA. She believes that her son is too young and learning behaviors that resemble a bully. What are your thoughts on a child watching MMA with their dad?


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Staying on the so I guess the point of today's OPP is we're exploring the line between. Aggression. They're protecting protection yes and Andrea is gonna help us find where that line has apparently Andrea. Yeah I would you tell us what's going on from. This. Yeah has so I'm married I have a seven year old son named Jake ski. Either real sweetheart come and my husband Mike is. Who really into an exciting he's watching bit ordered a bit why there was friend. And read only he'd started having Jake. Watch what am I. And also role not only is he watching him what he'd also been teaching him them man who like how to throw punches and strikes. And he's. Just concerned that keeps you young for that and also is he had started getting a little bit more of grassroots. And I'm worried that my husband that kind of turning my son and to a bullied and I mean honestly how many times. Have you had gotten into it physical altercation or you had to like throw punches. Bombs. It's happened to me a few times in my life ones for me more total. I know or are you Siri I always pay other people to take terribly dirty work foreign. You in a bar fight stands you'd you'd be amazed what a carton a smokes for someone will do for Curtis knows how I'll enjoy bags they are we if we did Stephen bar fight can we borrow your seven year old ethnic. Com you know and that's the problem my I don't why did it have to do that I keep Il Blake. The I didn't feel we insulting to the words I don't like I don't like my son we kind of turning into a bully actually got to my husband Joseph. Well and so karate will just steer manure karate because every kid I know is in karate huge discipline it's more defense of the McClatchy now the teacher to lash out when you need to you but to teaching discipline MM they teaches you discipline to absolutely people run around his punch each other in the face is is your husband on its -- telling him. Strike first talk later or is that just your impression because and I am not trying to paint you as anything but are you. A little bit more of a pacifist your more it sounds like you are yeah words first son is sweet to you cities like various sweet child. Yeah he hit. And I definitely I am more pap that I mean I don't watch it ma'am may I get I feel like if its weight too violent I mean crowding him okay what could he actually teaches you to block and Ankiel if the effort by about especially like. Televise them I made it. It is like uber violent I just. I don't really feel comfortable and I and I have talked my husband about any qualified to deal lake is just Blake and you know my guess is not like a violent person so I'm like okay. Sure it's tough throughout your sweet child. Danger to ask you some so your son is seven. He's not allowed to watch like you can't watch those of a violent movies or violent shows and so did you watch PG thirteen stuff yelled out. And it was always a must. She's got a couple PG thirteen things but I don't really like it and eat it he has. I mean I Khaled that but I don't I don't wanna kill. And he's deadly now watching like super violent movie I did Vinnie ciampa. All right so peachy or watch the super Marla movies that's intercede to watch the super violent. Late night here I see what you're doing there on time eight that CNN is probably rated. TDMA or something I don't know what is I don't know in the Israel off I don't either arms. I am really a question actually don't know but I'm get TDMA. On the like I. Arms free a lot of money in their profession today they. The thing is your tip let me get your first impression right now of Jake is he is he still sweet. She. Can lead but he I don't know whether they think he is becoming like a little bit more like. Let's see and like when he get frustrated now hill like needy sometimes like punched like. Like put against the wall and senator elect puncher but I feel like I've noted more like. And you know they sold as a seven year old she would you saints none of that would exist had your husband not. Because here's here's my thing I there's no way would I can prove to you that I'm right. But like my son doesn't like Tim and thank. And he was Javanese like I it's yeah it's it's just it's I don't know I think maybe it you're rejecting. Your hatred of anime. On her. On to your kids new behaviors of these dispute normal seven year old whose sleep with the guns in the swords and punching a wrestling and fighting India and myself started getting into all the sort all the stuff you're talking about then it was like I was watching Lord of the Rings and it's it's TPG thirteen rows like. They ask you wanna watch this is serves some parts are kind of scary with works in more. A quick and easy you know it didn't make him more violent or more by. I looked injury your mom and you know your kid yes senior obviously concerned enough. To get in touch with us as you did you're doing the mom thing we wanna protect your child does he thinks he's in arteries that's been safe he's not in a safe place outing. Into a safe place. But if he goes a school. Any gets bullied. And somebody tries to hit them and he knows how to defend himself he is that a good thing or do you not want him to defend himself if that happens. Monitor relate tough question I. I would I would prefer him to surely know it kept away from the situation and then go and each one adult about it and then it Gillick at that way that you know that point these hits are rapid. Super rally maybe Egypt you don't children are growing all the time and learning and she. She maybe it is it is separate from the and I am and I aimed at protecting added it's very valid point I just. I feel like. He is growing and changing at light young boys guilty then why add fuel to the expired that. Like chilling violence and you know I. And maybe I can I can talk to him more and and maybe expressed I can turn to him I just I just runner up and a daughter pat. Bottom line is I think there's other moms and maybe even dads that are concerned about the amount of violence their kids taking and visually and whether or not it's a good thing whether or not it's didn't in my quit or whether or not it's desensitize them to something. That is a bad thing is like they're there is that fine line between I'm teaching him somebody's. Comes out you center line and you watch you watch him MA guys they go sent airline they break their nose don't kick him in the private stay. There will six out looking into the crowd I don't see a lot of seven year old boy is in the crowd watching it's it you're right that's per the needs young yes definitely young OK so. Andrea I don't think you're a a pacifist or bad person I just add we're gonna need a good mom you are so let's we're gonna get some advice for you and see armed. See where rat hang on terror so I don't know who's gonna have kids of the TV then may remember the most mature I don't know when you sound it's it was useless AMA is like PG thirteen balloons and rated. MMA summer as soon. I even this is gonna sound really windy I think you remain I think sometimes I get really I just can't stand in people with their ears all balls just out and just. In blood in her it's too much for me but my son and daughter have both sat in the room with watching boxing instilled. Beaten the crap out of each while while I think if they understand that it's. Sports food. Forget pain and my son karate and say I was gonna bring that up no you ever mayor talked discipline karate definitely have. Am amazed are based on a martial art in one another just jet sue or yes we can I tolerated in the U they just blood flying itself like that but when there and real like normal life when they're not the ring guess they're disciplined individual. So. It basically Andrea seeing her husband is let them exposing him too much violence in she feels like her kids getting aggressive. If you've been in this situation. Sure we stop this kid from CNN or is it just normal seven year old behavior to get a little more weight little boy ash injury can really use your help. Yeah hey guys we use thanks. I think that there have been no you're right I think I'm on the first stop I have two daughters that I pray in jujitsu. When they were around eight and nine. And I get down so that they can build confidence in themselves you that they can get the exercise such and so that they can have the discipline and their lives. They are terrific girl they've been stirred a student my second one can repeat that graduates. Portland though they're both up to college I mean and now for better chilled. Out then. All because you know it teach them discipline and a teach them how did. Defend themselves in. Cheer madly in a different scenarios not only in school but in real life easy day ever car of. Use it for non dissents know dees again ever sing to you know I can ticked up persons but so I will. No he never now they do think oh you know I can handle that person they've you know there's been a couple bullied at the score better try it and even one of my cousin nephew. My current climate tribal Warner my daughters and they stand up to them but they never have gone out and started by the most of the time they're standing up for other people. The only thing the bullies understand is another bully or sort of trying to so well and a breakdown right. Something you're also. Even it's all sort at seven yeah I started my girl who here comes the crazy one now. We'll. So even at seven and any I staggered my girls and taught them discipline and that bottom. That the federal Beltzner news I feel very confident with my girl going off to different states and going to college. Knowing that they can defend themselves. Yeah it's. How would she'll do. Yeah thank you for the call me we appreciate it I mean I didn't expect. I didn't expect her first car to aid in but Chad I got to be a woman for it and to have her children who enjoy her daughter's. All right Chad what do you think. Well first off on their props she started to come around to maybe she's protecting something yeah but oh my god dealt castrate or her child at seven years old. Yeah I mean yes yes karate is is teaches respect. But if you remember MM AQ just time to respect. You respect the fighter you're fighting against it's not about going out and start and it. Just because you learn to fight you're you don't mean Europe Foley actually spends you can you know you don't defend yourself against the bully you know arm. Shall imitating her dress sense what about dad. Is a boy copper pastoral you know. Seven already really old oh well it sparked when a football at seven you know learn how to tackle you learn how to. Just go and get the other guy absolutely imminent thought turner just stroke the ears start to build your report your mail it's typical I don't think it's grow older. He will get more and more as a boy it's natural RP and. But Chad you run every point the only time ever won the world sees he's MMA guys is weathering that octagon piled in on each other but if you follow these guys in normal everyday life in training and there are other modes if they're very. Barf I say get a seat. As they earn it. I'm Darryl. I remember their personal local guys here that I'm actually friends with we'll keep mop gear but. They're they're very claim buried. Respect of their sport they warship our bodies in other not out drinking and you'll all of this is very hard for what they have absolute discipline yeah com. They also perhaps Jim now wit seven year old or teaching kids. How do to balance and learn and and the respect your right if it is still pop up so many a martial arts of confluence karate and you get to a judo and all of them combined. You know it is say it straight who learned the discipline the strike. When he needs to strike to defend it's a defense that's been through you know it. That's not. All right Chad since world kind of piling on her tonight to play devil's advocate for a second seven year olds ready to watch a guy pummel another guy's head in telling bleeds and he's not down there is that. I think that's. Losing your radio watch that. Are they ready to drive placards and have somebody dismembered we're next. That's an accident this is intentionally sitting him down and saying watch this guy beat to crap on this other guy. Com that I have to admit it I guess a judgment call I I have four children and make it watch whenever younger. Armed only cook to have a friend that does that come. They got into it as mighty one of my son got all very despondent to duck care but the other ones still love it that your arm. So we are really no I don't mind. It's just a question because I love my kids watch PG thirteen newbies and not thirteen but it's only it's the parental guidance and music it's okay thank you for the for the tips or Chad we appreciate it. Unfair our FaceBook page Amanda says that there are countless news stories of children older than that imitating wrestling and killing their little siblings. Seven is far too young to be watching that sort of stuff are so firmly in the land of make believe and not fully capable suffering consequences of their actions in Tennessee. I'm behind her 100%. See now I mean a seven year old assay this so seven year old little boy is same as she lands. Is sometimes violent you. All the time like Arnold seven year old girls are fantasyland is mermaids in prison and dust in marine those and seven year old boys and guns and battle of flights and blow. Hello Lee how I see yes all that so. I know it's not. Mike sabers it's two guys hitting each other in the head to other years Dick cauliflower you don't worry it's still in the wheel house I. I don't know where you need an answer this on the word to try and shy and yeah but he ninety. You know may end only the end and that's what I did you push and I also think they'll wait very. Just the I wish I had an engineer mr. irons have bought your father son bonding experience. They are that's what they shares together. I remember watching boxing with my dad a rabbi did to that young. All right professional wrestling here yeah support do is that's interesting so she's she's a drop it and let him keep watch in MMX. I think OK I used to watch I can't put my dad and I like this oh. Overly aggressive they kneel at my brother. Are you sure were you doing nowadays. Kill people woman who. Do not. Don't I don't watch and then learn like what. Shouldn't you you're a good point to you science appreciated. At least. Yes but do you think. I'm so my little brother used to beat pretty much the exact same way not even more aggressive and it's with completely just days you know my mom got him playing. Aggressively yet in the that they do that the reason he was so. Aggression about one point he like wood straight up like beat you at the hockey stick they they're like it that. And and we get into the doctor Korean leader said it just because he's starting to go like get more hormones thinking you might not be. Experiencing that great web site you will grab a bit and I got a but it Diddy the the sweet kid Al. And I would take days. Nine is so then we can let him keep watching people beat their faces and view up. I don't I think that may be more of the paired decision on like what it is what I expect that but I don't think that's what. What influence did it gets hit you're actually if you have a top without outside of it like. Sure you can not like not watching it by it I don't think that's include. Ellie what about this what if one parent says yes there's no harm no foul the other one says this is dangerous righty I always said for years one known marriage means now that's what I heard but then then it's no and that's like people wait I think this is good. These enemy fighters live outstanding lyzard their role models and discipline. Yeah I mean they might be disciplined. If it is now what benefit is execute getting out of it like that really enhancing his. It's like yeah he's gone and when his dad there is so you know. Could push stop being so Smart and we're don't do well I love how come you don't like you have an answer for everything incorporated. I want to thank you for the coming up the proposal. Tickets and did so he does do these pretend to be stumped by us at the scene hours superiority over you you could laws and Shawna that the. Guy a guy who do you teach. I think is great but it just can be more. Looked at differently should I have a seven year old who never will act he's older now who never watched any of that and he had eaten that chain. I am frustration outbursts to go on so you have to explain to them and I think it should be that the addict. And it. Self control and they're they're trying to play. Jiang none ideas do you explain the saints can keep watching MMS I think that the. You can do till whenever you want. And that's the Kyra conversation that perhaps apple attempts especially can the mom gonna notice that before that to act because mom they're a little more attempt at. And tuning manipulated women are poised while she thank you for the costs are we appreciate it bombs. It looks like it's well it's kind of overwhelming I mean there's been a couple people who say you don't get a lot of Arab the most people like. Seven the tests are serves chicken and let him watch it Brady's going to be kind of more aggressive anyway whether he's watch and if you still wanna sound off for Telus your favorite enemy fighters if I hit us up over on the slacker in Steve FaceBook page.