Slacker and Steve - OPP: Weight Gain Divorce 4/25

Tuesday, April 25th

Due to a stressful year, Candy gained 55-pounds. Her weight gain caused tension in her marriage and now her husband wants a divorce. She is struggling on whether or not to lose weight to save her marriage or let her husband go because he doesn't love her for who she is regardless of weight. Should Candy fight for him or let him go?


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Staying on every time this a tough one because it does have to wait and it. But. I don't know I think we just read this it's it's she's right he's right there bolt wrong or is this one Sox died young guys. Over the last years so I put on a lot of weights about 55 pounds. I was going through tough times stopped caring and really let myself go. Cause a lot of fights of my husband and I guess he finally snapped and recently told me that he wants a divorce. It was kind of a wake up call for me made me realize that I needed to take better care of myself. But it also made me realize that my husband didn't really mean it when he said for better or for worse. He's ready to throw away the nine years we have together because I had a bad year. The first I wanted to turn this around and get back in shape to save my marriage anonymous assurance were saving if he doesn't love I mean for me. I'm so torn what do why do but my husband walked out because he's not happy with my weight try to get back to where it was to save it. This is from kid. Do you think is just the way. God I can good point though. She's bowed down to be in the weight but. She's she was she's an unhappy miserable. And that that that has followed and other aspects to it does but it. Is it his job disdain or I mean at what point. Is if if you're with someone. Who. Won't save themselves there it is. How all your drugs or alcohol or weight or just anything. Russian even yeah that's kind of where this is act and that's the depression part of me is where I don't know the answer somebody's on their source rehab. You have every right as a human being even if you out before god dates for better or worse there's a limit to that let's say you keep you dragged me down. I can cut off depression. If that's what's going on with her. Isn't it is at stake I'm torn because it's like his job as a husband try to save his wife's life ever back. But it's been a year she put on the weight they've got and argue he's like I'm trying to help you and they didn't arguments. At what point does she get to go. I mean I did my do I tried. I lived up to those words that I said of the oh OK I brought real quick are brought to sip before but. When you as you marry you stand up there and you're saying your words and stuff this is words that's it's a part pageantry are not really meaning for better or for worse or just say in the words 'cause you think that's right. If you want to Mena I think most people who do want to meet him and that's why a lot of people write their mouths now. They wanna they wanna say the nontraditional things they won't say what they've really promised oh I thought installment I'll Obama be more creative appear myself anyway enemies. Back to the cool thing is for me I didn't say any words we have we decide to operate as a friend Jessica Parker I'm sorry I don't. I mean let's say it's just about the way. Then okay. I can relate to her 'cause I've I've put on pound steel and towards the end the last half from the original PP it's like she's turning it around and everybody else she's pointing the finger back it and your blood type game it's everybody else's fault and it makes you could fix its us. But it makes me happy you're making six and I don't want to there. It says she had that face and had yes yes yes (%expletive) out. I don't know how to fix this this woman I don't know how to fix this marriage animals it's our place but I think there's probably people out there who can relate where. Your spouse feels like they're nagging you feels like they're not supporting you when your time of need. But is. What's their real job just to sit around like good job for Jane to deflect counts or is it their job to be like hey honey. Not even about. The attraction there has been relations just helps yes you dean's 55 pounds you don't give a crap about any. At a certain point he's done talking. And now he's done. OK so just initial reaction I I'm just predicting the initial reaction of the women who listened to us and they're like. What did you bet ya I absolutely she's leaving her because she gains marine ship died here what a jerk yes. Barry is there any way. But you started this whole thing was like what if it was drugs or alcohol or whatever. What does it was not what does it was what do we reversed genders and to do and she's like he set a drinking problem he's really tough year he's been fired from like. And that and he's he's he's fallen back on drinking I think come down. I think anybody would clean break because her for being that is when you equate a weight with mend so be deal with the right errors but if you do with females only got to look out look at him he doesn't find me attractive he hates me it's him him him via yeah. I don't I don't know if we can get. I don't know what she wants from us I feel really weird tackling this one because I think she might have some depression going on IDC. 'cause she's like it was just a really bad here in the weight is one of the fact under my prodding yeah yeah yeah let. Now this divorce it's like what's gonna happen now if she does turnaround and she. You'll have to turn around to save your marriage around to save your life nice button but. If she leaves. Now she can beat up another fifty fives. Yeah and it looks and now it looks on his part how shallow he guessed the rate he's leaving because I put on a couple proud yes no he's not leaving. He sees is that it is rope too because of all the other stuff or we completely about it this is a tough one so if you didn't through. A situation like this doesn't have to be weighed again we can be any of those factors. Wind it is candy bright. Should she be mad at her husband's not honoring their vows war is your husband right and it's like. Hi I have I've there's a key cheeky on this. Because it's got the word weight and it. All of a sudden they're gonna have to get shallow he had simply have to walk on egg shells and high. Hot enough for anymore so he's a relief that its seat that's. Zealously and I guess it makes her feel OK II don't let's is it but it but now she expects to beat him I can be a victim again yes yes. At one point when he asked for the divorce she says. It was a wake up call for me and made me realize I need to take better care for myself awesome but just like you said by the ND UPP. So longer to do so now it's site. Well I truly did take better care myself to save my marriage why should I don't have to do that he's do you believe in the back out he's sporting a way out of this situation yeah yeah your. Take care of yourself. Okay link I'm not seen who cares about marriage but usually take care yourself period is that shows that she's kind of holy to know us and Canada say Oca. She hold the upper end of the human contract OK let alone the marriage is pat. Yeah maybe we're just being completely insensitive to work you do not only does so it makes. As a woman what are what would you tell candy if she's your best friend she's gonna be because leading to different towns and had a bad year if you were Cheney's best friend. What would you tell us that's what she needs and has clearly she's got nobody else in her life. It's gonna start seller straight her husband has tried. But she thinks she's got ulterior moat motives he's probably looks like he's checked him out now yeah so. It would cost you let us know if I was being insensitive I know I mean I never know fight him or not I know we're just we're guys yeah yeah we're kind of domino regard so. Can you held candy orange or an I guess. What can you help Kenya with can you helper with her personal stuff you help with the marriage or as a marriage just a daunting she needs to worry about the way. What do you what do you do for a woman who's put on 55 pounds over a year and has done nothing to fix it and it's ruining her marriage just. Yeah I used to each. That he's totally you Ron I haven't Max who gained about 35 to forty pounds while you're a Aaron he'd decided not to. And not to Wear it anymore I'm not elect our youth we would always eyed about it because I was back into the job. While he would select all and he got so quiet loud like I can't do this anymore I do you button all I can't do the opening night. I'm gonna try and be here right are you. Losing sleep if you'd like it to be not. You when you told them it was over was it it was a wake up call for him like he was for candy. Why. People are breaking out again by islands like I'm done I'm not biting as relations. 02 Elan are all or net like you deciding to fight now is not enough to turn my ship back around. You gonna back on the healthy passed the leaders like okay how he sounds good look at your lineup. She's you know what's become of him. I'm saying keep spokesman all he'd lost a few pounds. He doesn't knock me anymore or anything like that. Okay Suze is devaluing your card for not hanging around you shallow noticed no. Old do everything you call. I mean I tried to heat game and only within the first six month to rip together. I stayed spread these areas Brit two and half years I worked two jobs because he wouldn't Rick. You now see go turn. So don't ask Sam conquer only let me get a bit tired and there are tired I'm gonna CD. Unit gentlemen. Have they given contest I'm a little I'm I'm kind of slower dozens. A woman just descended music can be once all you guys to come to her defense and sanctions act your husband's a jerk. You better off without him but it's like that's how I thought it was gonna go Jacqui. Yeah right guys who who do you think. I I'm I'm candy trying to do you think that sometimes people have different scenario where I work Gillick a lot of people who are over a week. Aren't into other we have like some weight were really at its peak I apparently not detrimental. Straight you'd think that women have their hormones again and they eat and spend it could be stranded. Up a lot scorched she injured her topic that we don't know what tax. Etched when here they're very short time. For someone to just get up on them idiotic especially primary tried out on. Oh no he's gonna stick around for how much longer. Steve I don't know we know that some sacks he's got a you write an abacus like 089 years in this column we scroll down here because she looks like it's you know to BS three year or stage. Already did he should the student day that they don't Boca amateur who know they yeah. Current payment they're not at that time frame on it change if she really truly doesn't care are herself and she's being very theatrical I think action. If you have someone truly love I mean you care about and you're just not that easy to get up I equally. I just look at what only they kick. There's only so many times you can beat your head against the wall and expecting different result before you go this is insane I'm gonna stop Friday. Maybe it's not that he has an eating problem it can be turning up completely beyond her own and control. You there is. Or it sounds like they tried to talk about it and they just in a fight so they. If you're saying he's got to stay what didn't then what Dick Cheney's notice they're repeating your therapy together what's what now is he's done Saturday. There's a lot of things that they can do to get me to see two QB or acted together. Actually your problem or he'd maybe need to help Kirch (%expletive) you're at a solutions she can't go to the doctor that helped to hormone replacement that that term hormone that mean there's a lot of different things which. Ending the took I can he may be why he's starting feel that way in the reports you can get back. I don't think that that. Really is true love and. Wow so you're is easy do you that there's a point where. If you won't help yourself. And you won't let me help you. Let guys. Don't wanna say it's over but the same time they're like. We see things we nearly ten logically and there's a point or like. I know how this ends I'm the most attended now right instead of prolong the inning let's just. Link and keep it all Jacqui we do appreciate it. Are we other people have been in this exact. Same situation. And there are people out there that we're gonna talk to you that believe the marriage vows. Literally more and those urges more so he's. Step back all the you don't know what it takes those words lose is blah blah it's like over the world Kyle. Yeah I had no. Clue I was Erica god there are a couple of years direction. The girlfriend just stops taking her resolve and it cannot make you feel bad about yourself you can remain. Mean just. They're linked together kind of and that person relationship let me get it and I including the way to try to work together it would be about drinkers. Iguodala takes that really big deal. There Derek. I mean it's in the end what is she lose if she tries to get city and it's like. It's it's a no lose for her it's like that's something you have to do anyway anything it's the end result is you get skinnier and see your marriage Celtic win win. Don't dear I'm sorry you're you're totally right it's been years not the right word but late. Com win win though win win if you did healthier and you Mary still fails he's still got healthier exactly and we can tell you a reason why you wouldn't while others and you get to be unhealthy and blame somebody it's your fault not now my depression is because you left me yes. It's like to. The factory didn't. It's because there are some of the blame let's go to didn't mean not women in general just period you Reinhardt helps everyone wants somebody of the blamed their. It's gotta be somebody else's fault. So your suggestion is she's got to get busy. Yeah I mean even if it's not for him. Hurt. That's one thing she's like should I love my hasn't walked out because he's not happy with my weight or try to get back to where I was yeah to see that. Go back to where you were. Doesn't matter what you liked it's hard to say your marriage doesn't matter. Any ensuing. We're going for her and then they've spent like it looks like benefit. Their marriage it's better. Maybe good point you might be too late today the apple own you for the call Kyle we we appreciate it tastes. Nine. Using marriage vows are legitimate bank there and think they're literal. Actually I think that can track gridlock that he can do whatever they can dreaded it came at all now I think he clearly needs to see doctor Paul dork on the weight and your direction initiated. Well a key real quick Jeremy good news. So those words that you set up at the altar. You took all those so hard when you were saying and you meant for those you like the only person I've met that actually mentos work. Absolutely totally meant that it. Better for so you're in it for coverage you're married right now you know your memory for the rest of your life no matter how big or small your partner is. What does it turns out to instill some money. Well obviously there's a few exception and it appears that he is involved or some. Something like that but. There's there's no amount of depression beating you down date you where you could go I gotta get out from my own mental. Oh. Eat. In your husband's the same way he he believes in the words that they said of the pomp and circumstance. I don't know how to feel but I do I do Kazaa a but likes I don't I never said the words or whatever but I haven't I get behind it I think it's cool. But I I also give behind there is a point where you've got to. Witten win. And not didn't eat like Al we went through all these things alcohol drugs depression there's a certain point. We're the humane what are what is the word instinct to preservation for your own my guess is you're you know so cool and somebody's drowning and that you love that person you do everything you can't keep them from drowning. But in a certain point means you're both conundrum Z. Also at a certain point you have to save yourself you have to swim away. But if you. Are key wow well that is true all I mean it is but it's. So preservation kicks in on almost everybody just a little more like an instinct yes. Can you didn't hesitate in the conviction you hearing that's that's incredible yeah. That's good for you thank you for the call maybe maybe using these husband is hearing that in his right years of marriage shall be like you're right I east. I eventually. Like the swim analogy stuff from each as you know I struggle in the to be that I would swim like I think there's a my tolerance is lower winner because I'm already. We can you are now so there'd be certain when or tonight. Sorry rate I got. Especially when you have kids in and I'm using this woman LG I gotta swim away his Mike at least in comparison lit it's the same in a marriage is site. If she's spiraling down into this. We deemed unhealthy depression. And she's dragging you down you leave your kids would not and just these two broken parents they're not guiding them in the right. I really bad parents for not you know you are most free and go and taking care of your kind are. Emily. I CIA guy we. I need it disagree with her I think that it's easy to say that. It is in the weeks just because that commit another give Simon a similar situation right now I gained like forty pounds over the course of our relationship. And we're about to get married in the summer bad I mean he's good at singing like nephew says. You know. It's more about the attitude. Lately I don't wanna go out I don't like the way my clothes bit. I'm always upset and depressed and we fight about it all the time but you know nauert you're gonna work out every day together and we're happier and I'm living wage and I'm excited about it and you know I I'm not using that they used any market I think she should at least try. One just dig deep deep it's a snake eating its own tail you were depressed which means you get sacked. And how he will remain Wrangler now you're more depressed is your fat and unhealthy and which makes even more and it's just it's it's a never ending cycle and you got to snap it. Or else you pack your. While they do for the words emily's mom staying arrow we saw meaning I'm pretty sure we need everybody a little bit mad. No not intentionally probably due to what he gave me and I'll order to get this kind of step to me a little bit you got any up you have got to like yeah I know some not some times and and admit it's nobody's fault you're against certain point in the head you gotta save yourself or let yourself track there is some you still if you're talking about he yell at us because I said steamy and not so it is nice it's insists harsh I. Yeah I mean for CNN get this up on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.