Slacker and Steve - OPP: Wife Cheated While Dating 8/14

Monday, August 14th

Today's OPP is from Carl and he needs your help! He just discovered his wife cheated on him when they were dating. She doesn't know he knows and now he's going crazy trying to figure out what to do next. Do you think Carl needs to confront her or drop it?


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Staying on the it's already this so PD is already turning into a debate in in the studio between Stephen I don't. Which your bridge you you kind of clarify things so I I don't fully understand I do have a site at all right guys guys guys. We need some advice about my marriage I'm not gonna go into a lot of detail because I don't want my wife. To hear this and discover this is about her. I found solid evidence that she cheated on me at least twice while we were dating. We've been married for two years and have kids. Yeah we've been married for years and have kids she's never brought an upper apologized or do you think this is when we were already exclusive so she hit it from me in May show right didn't find out. So what do I do now under way bring it up to it is forget about it. I know was a long time ago but it's still hurt to find out I thought she was so insists she were when we first cut together. Now I fired up it was all shale. Help guys this is from Karl about my real name. So I was a quick side note for you is your take a fake name I'd go better than Carl Williams who I would put down I'm just throwing out Carl is not the night is almost a Steve for someone to really think more of but the color yes we don't have that and never mind. So okay so what do you think about OK see you and I were talking about this and I was kind of using you when your life is a situation. And then. Exclusives. It's cheating it is if we haven't had talked its chief that is a matter was seven years ago or seventy it's still cheating. Right but if we ever have the talked to see if it did feels like we're exclusive but we never really said. Guys often use that is the Al awful tight well not. So certainly it's if you wanna disclose I will definitely start nailing the sixteen other people that I may only him but you gotta tell me that we're exclusive. So odd that warranty you this now is he's writes in she still she saw she none on with that same guy. And all their. I don't feel no she's not done so what does she want to take it though are she wanted to spend the rest of her life with our guys somehow it didn't work out. So she settled for second best and still fighting for that guy. All that's true Carolina like six sand living a life yeah all liked it I don't I think I think it was cheating. I can't I can't say that she's not doing what you said based on the information that I Adams she's been doing it the whole also has Ngo and kids there's. Got underway with a yup she's just who she got on with a life with this guy that she wanted with the first guy. She does not not love this Carl. Is not in love with Karl. She couldn't start a life with the first guy so she's been Cuban and other guy and I couldn't. We got some guy she was sleeping rhythms of it was I can't think it's just a booty call was to hook up and then. Mean when she started didn't really serious with Karl she does night. And I can stop this I actually love this guy got to stop that's a scenario. Happens that's a scenario that's happened to meet. Flight three pads converging at the same time I was dating more than one person and finally it was like this is getting serious and I got to shouted don't. And I got and do the upstanding thank you I'm never went back and said by the way. Two days ago I saw honestly who really did go. But if it is just you let me know I bleached yeah it was his wife's never said. I. I did this I think smooth and I just I can't jump. All the way to do. Put Bolivia ask you this then so another words in Karl's head. Them before they made it legal their marriage. She had to sit out and come clean on there Murillo slayings that she did before she goes Dublin Karl. Is that what you people do for you make illegal U barrels okay. All right you're using words aren't trip when you meet you said she S come clean about everything she did before Carl every little thing that. Right this wasn't a four car was whistler from during a car wheels that stuff. I matters it does matter. Night even if it happened there's a matter it's a three time as a matter for seven years or seventy she still achieved as she cheated and that's where it's but it's so weird to bring up now. But you marry you or have kids were asserted your life your probably all the and usually really good analogies from this is not going to be one of those times Soka so it was Steve analogy no. This is like Jordan the first thing upon him ahead in this is terrible but it's like you see this old man on a park bench and she is. Suite two grandchildren. Any feeds the birds. And he instead charities and he's just a great man and you look at him and you admire him he's great in his community and its site. Who that man is today. Is a perfect man. She was a guard for the Nazis. In Chico. But we still if we are now about to die we absolutely prosecuted for that on its portrait but it. So it's actually a good analogy I can't see it set same thing we're excited she's perfect now she's small she's great why is it's all good we just found out. But she's not perfect yeah that's running the kid out there it is so. So Britain but he soon know peace in his head he's he's stuck with the wife. That was a start with a perfect wife the woman he loves the day before until I found this out and I'm. Does as we all know. Knowledge is powerful and dad yeah because now that he knows you can learn that Kia and stuck in his head now. So what are you like he's got a late at dinner. Or after they put the kids to bed any. And I. Still sleeping with Mohamed by the time we took over we back when the dead and that I was still and we were already exclusive then she lied about it now. It would be horrible. I do we need people who'd been in the situation if you found something out is to meet the most telling thing he said it was about how. It is terrible piece he had a picture. Of somebody innocent and pure praise he was married to. And she wasn't none of us so far. Right so it's his full time job yes but that is engine that isn't it just doesn't change the fact that she's in Nazi criminal industry. And it's likely then he married her. And they had they made life yeah but now the snug in his little knowledge nugget from eighty years ago what do you do there's when he if you listen this is what we need if you if you had that bombshell dropped on you and it's like. Who he is today he knows he second best is what he knows that. That would be one of the feelings I'd be feeling is like Newton you were still played you more convinced. From golf I stop sleeping with everybody because I'm like crap this one's the one this is the one. In she was like could beat this one could be now one. Could be innocent overhear their shares it was still kicking tires a lot longer than he thought she won and our respect because that's a guy move she basis shoot a guy move in this OPP coming from a dude needs remarkable to me to guarantee you. Most of the people who have been in this situation we're gonna call us right now. Are going to be women got. And did she did a bachelor of art I think so too is exact but what do you do fast forward to ten years in two kids out what do you do. Like break up your marriage over something he did. Before you were married. I see women knew and that I don't know what this. This guy no he now knows he's second best and he knows that she's probably been cheating on this entire I don't feel that part friend you'll Karl wants he wants us. To make his marriage steps make her snowed like no way he wants us to convince him finally win it he does is she's writing us. He's hurt and he wants us to say I told tech Q do you have things you don't really I don't know. I can't say you should break it up because of some she did before you want to on the even though he still cheating and she's. Just personnel she's old little park and orange she's still she's still an extra of course she's still didn't see these days with Cuba. Apart and she still is killing people. It is fair to I don't think you can subscribe to that theory is well. What should Carl did he found out she cheated that was before they got married but they were committed to each other they were absolutely it's loosened should he bring it up should drop it Powell do you drop it. What you Carl do next amber. I what do you think. I know a huge and it will do any day like. Dead or whatever I don't have the anti air but I'm getting that the one hour getting married on that went quiet about a part of the highlight the fact that they weren't screened says. The film need to get this herbal supplements like hate tape and you get married out of it. And that can have a whole relationship early he did then I mean my. Are okay as of yet and I'll which. He's very Kennerly legacy to enforcement. Easier when you're single so he wouldn't do it dumped her I think I think he's in the marriage matters is just somehow when a guy's mind because for years I truly believe the bachelor party was invented. So that guys. Even if you're an exclusive relationship with your girl now you're engaged here it's obviously still has it exclusive. You go on this passer party and you do bad Danks. Was your last her rot and somehow in a guy's mind now until I signed that paper. Yeah I'm here coats exclusive once a senate taper. Now it's cheap now it's nice to know he's on for a god damn right before that may you know it's not there's some gray area and yet most if there's not. I don't believe they put guys rationalize a yes so I think he's coming at this from the guys' perspective obliged. Half as far as I know us as we got married it's been great. This happened before a winner so exclusive I think that's one of the reasons she brings that up is that's his little thing trying to give us and how I see though. Active part of life he'd married and get very you know but I can't read my opening at like I would I would let them and Paris. Eric I found out Evan you're the key but we were eight he'll be yet it's hurt and it would hurt that the nice well. And I would still make that decision of whether or not it at that point though we're not mean eight I hit the Florida board and today. So I think he did need I don't hybrid I had heat is too carried out of the way to look at the whole relationship how would eat eat. So married or not if you found out you mean she did on used 78 years ago is that enough for you to end it. An upturn in and just kids now under the lights is. A licensed. I imagine trying to calm man. I don't know I didn't attract aspect of that as he made poor he's gonna constantly be wondering like Orbitz she can't stop there or has there been campaign like what's going current humor I think. I mean rusty but he can confront his wife. He's obviously think that she's gonna come clean now she has not. That would be our primary goal degrees and you come. Press tends not evolve I think she would go nourish your ride the life his kids are able to turn. And why would you want to be someone even. Mean I know that Papa eagle I did not come clean about it especially if he can that in really not the way. To allow her iPad app and she bent but then I don't know that you can trust someone their character and that. There does say you're the call you know on TNT. You aren't nice you are disguised come what do you think about girls are people who are here. Will she cheated on them before they're Mary's. And I favorite from personal experience because I found out Barack mare. No one's been fooled around with quite a verbal support we were buried it got out after a period. Who. And you stage. Why. Tim Geithner Bilbao furiously. You know it's not a joke when you get the blueprint the new. So you're saying the browser what matters what every did before didn't matter what she'd said it in front of the church standards over. All OK it's like with soccer said earlier when a guy's mind if we can do anything we want to tell we've legally signed that piece of you know it is Stephen Hugh and you'll delinquent but now knowing that I can buy a mini name wants attorney team. I can't expunge these things there it is a marriage is door. Reaching your majority today. There yeah seeing my turf toe didn't end up like weird. The we the deal are stupid and so you know you trust him around your sister. Well. Eighty Darnell arm and it out of router our food maybe a better in my court. Let her and art you know how it would bring doctrine I think what you are not copy that I Apatow popular. Years old kid who felt. 000. Now we move forward now it probably should not have been happy all we heard later where Olympic bad that you would be different but beyond that nothing's wrong widely used. You know we've been looking up this. Yeah because you can donate eighty each other since the current yeah I know it. Girl. Whilst holding call. Everybody thought well I call. And everybody's yeah because it's a very busy I Sony's good positive decent possibility. That it is not Collins. Yeah I think we ninety. So ominously. He's not a divisive one of my good friend who account to get me that you know your child and I got to learn. You know the best basically what the healthy relationship that watching their parents then. So I tax cheat sheet army numerous times. You know she got pregnant with that Newton. And you know I cannot just cut off cut the post up but you know I try to stay if I try to keep the family all I tried there you know really just suck up my own personal. You know you go to stuff and keep my family together for my daughter. But you know really basically got the point where you know I would not being good auto itself without being a good human being. You know I have around my accent. You know what I want my daughter to grow up thinking this is the way our relationship is supposed to be so. You know frank you can try but ultimately you know I made the decision for her and her made. To be happy with my life then you know a couple years later I'm I'm definitely don't get didn't super happy and that definitely made me a better father so. Why could you see your daughter down and go were in this situation because of mommy she's secede I don't know that's great parenting didn't. I didn't conquer okay. It's. Kind of promote recommend against us they do they didn't call the own hands. Yeah yeah but he thinks yeah tonight. OK I had to rid our perfume has earned her some what I how do you look back. I mean after however long they were very that this guy did not know about those people are more and it just it consultant to bring out. So saying. What she's saying. That's just found out yeah recently sound you. Heard. She does these here's the deal he didn't wanna give us a lot indeed just as he doesn't want her to know he's writing then Thomas to people on the planet to get advice on his teacher with his wife. He he basically said they've been married long enough to did got a good marriage they've got a couple kids song put them into seven to ten year mark icu and but this all happened to free marriage and it. Think you need to point you're making because. Concrete evidence. My daughter my current state. A hard time. Believing that he didn't know something some version of can't let one hour and knows how he'd like intricate and nobody out there and. Using this disadvantage. Oh now I like somebody else so mcsame would you cheated June oh OK here's what I'm taken and I hate don't come around eighteen Steve you what concrete evidence if she really move Don. What what if what evidence do you find that she cheated like she's held her daughter's well that's pretty indicative of what you're theories of of blanket. He's alleged about children. All of a sudden come all at bat like how the. But Getty find out that all of a sudden he's believing there after a computer to order didn't. Lot of people are very bare head didn't they aren't there and that's why even bring it up because they're married or happily married have kids. Or pretend happily send him there are saying you've called Jan she's got me almost sinking achieve this woman still cheating why did you. I like some sort of cancer are. Down to the point where you have that what what is she holds how it would. Could you possibly can see that's the thing Simmons had to a hole but that's that's hearsay it's still they remembered ten years ago you were made machine was hook or she would sound if you don't like it hasn't come close look like remember those days. In June oh someone that he. Something like that. It has to be something more than someone's work. Wow if you got any more theories or advice for Carl is either trying to save his marriage or end it right now. We'd love to hear about him over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook paying.