Slacker and Steve - OPP: Wife Doesn’t Want to Move 4/10

Monday, April 10th

Our OPP was offered a new position with his company that would put his family in a better position to succeed…but he may have to turn it down because of one little issue. Hear what it is and tell him what you would do!


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Selector in Steve's son today. Mosul PT's bid could really be elected greatly debate actually. They're struggling with size careers and feeling comfortable in what now we try to get all this guy and now I'm. I don't think they're gonna do Grenada base we're just gonna read is OPP and see what happens dear slacker in Steve. And so I mean some advice. Of the company a workforce offered me a position in another state out east it would be the same rate of pay him currently making but a higher position. Since he other State's economy is different I would not get a pay raise. The company is also willing to help cover some of my moving costs. When I spoke to my wife about everything she said no. And then took the time to short apartment we could afford that would be bigger and cost 400 dollars less a month in rent she still wouldn't budge. We have two children one's about to start kindergarten the other won't start preschool for another year I work full time in my wife is a stay at home mom. A wanna be able to give my kids the best chance in life and sadly the doesn't seem like it would happen out here unless we get established a comeback. A grimace idea pasture as I as well only to be shot down. The forum is currently have no choice but to live in a one bedroom apartment ambient food stamps to survive. Not looking for a handout but some advice as to what I should do banks this is from bed. An extra. I it I chilling and I know we have asked you to talk about tennis but I feel like each. I'm gonna approach this is as soon as of logical. Move. I was if I just I do I feel like here you are going to be on the same page and my balls and do you do you think he's right. Excerpts Warner bucks a month you're little food stamps here in a one bedroom apartment you can have a huge apartment. He's a permanent furniture in my legs. I'm shouldn't we can afford it doesn't say and we just as visitors it's a bigger apartment and makes a decision Vermont he's got a higher title. You know she's still mommy can do that anywhere you live now I don't wanna be a jerk. The idea I can do about it because I know how much I know how hard to stay at home mom works I do yeah. But here's the thing what he's the one who's working so when it comes time to make a career decision you follow the job don't you. None in this instance. Why not I have to read between the lines. Are caves real well. One of two things going on their kids are pretty young so she's still pretty young your mom carry one saying guys if you're ever gonna get married. And you're gonna start a family. Make sure you are sick and you've got to have your head that you can't move. She's got to be next to her support system she needs to be next to her mom she needs to be next to sister she's being next to her whatever else and is this year. Right you sanctioned right even though she's a stay at home mom she needs a support he can. Lenient we left sat out. Let me know may or may not be true I tried it is that this has. That's when I got I know single I know stay at home moms especially new moms they will brief you know delta force you and heartbeat if she's staying with their support system a month. Or should she not bump into while it. Yeah I don't know why don't go and why. My friend yes. Exactly what. When she moved everything you said news upside just here's the thing. It's even if you have a lesser job and I'm seeing the man or woman whichever one of you has a lesser job you don't. The one who makes a big money can look at the other Ringo Haiti we candy chew a job and craft store in the next day but. You we need to know for the absorbed from my career. Which. We flex on the trail yes yes and it sounds like a selfish thing for him to ask. But his selfishness. Is it still finished its business in itself plus he's going to do more. You like someone who writes he's willing to move. For the betterment of the families being logical their own food stamps here. We shoot it if I was them I would try and do everything I possibly could to get that back off of food stamp yes. Especially excited thousand dollars a year they're gonna they're gonna have to spend what do wouldn't get them off. If you sir Arnold bonus even 400 dollars a month cleaning groceries probably be lashed them as well I think the you know we didn't say what CD's we're talking about a whenever. Or just does so upside following hearing from you was upside. The problem I have news. In and this is talks. Marriages are partnership. Of one says no minutes no for real. But she's not giving a reason she's a no. No no there's no she probably deep the reason he won't tell he's not telling us I I think you're probably right on the money. She just there's there is a support group here there's there's whatever might. This this sucks. Because. Yeah as I always bring up this example. We've coworkers along time ago there were youngest newly married and there and they just had their first kid while he got a great job offer on the West Coast like double the money double everything. And she agreed to move there were there for like three weeks and she cynic can do this issue back to were mum until he lost the Johnson job loss or shock or hearing gaseous start all over because she needed to be next to her mom. The new month. The question and we have a mean yeah he needs advice and again we we are reading between lines but. Does. Paris it is now being a jerk she wrote. This email and I know she gets a vote as a place when it's you don't. I did your serial mom and it infuriates you. I'm not say she's not working by terrorists and mom yes you can do that stay at home mom singing. Wherever home it is the exact so why does why should. When you're right dude is a gender thing if she was the breadwinner he was a stay at home dad. You'll follow his whole career and well look this is not I'm actually this is not a gender thing for me it's like. If she can do our job anywhere if I was married to somebody who worked at McDonald's. Her job three states over right. Quick Google surged. McDonald's there. But still yet you can do the same thing you're doing here. There are always hiring you're going to be fine we're good oh it's so bright tang for fossils we're gonna see body at this new state of the economy either tagged Aruba. Or no or we know because she just she's showing your reading down with no I don't wanna move. And that trumps everything I guess. It certainly can't because I am also a person that you sent it already but being in a marriage whatever it is whatever she's not telling us. Is she feels uneasy about moving picking up and moving the four of them across the country is that an. All the kids if she's thinking about the kids or any in school yet. Right there one's about to start kindergarten no one's just a kid so in kids are resilient U right so if you're gonna move we do and now he put him in kindergarten and your new place rest. And it's not like you're leaving friends of the kids signs are we don't have for the ordinarily know it was a parent's right and it's all going to fix other. So our goal to cut bottom line is. We need you to be those people who meddle in other people's lives guy's shoes whether they should move give us some valid arguments why if you've been in this situation why you did move what you didn't move. Because it is is hard to live here. If you did did a lot. Money this year if you define a place is cheaper. I think I would do it and ask you some real quick yet when you get an argument blues so you for both something your wife and she says no. And you usually don't like oh ha why not rise. And she's she's not dead he's no no no that wouldn't I just her it's infuriating yes tonight. No means now. Yes why should she have to explain herself today as is going to be no. I only tell you why yes you still know city he then it's just let's say on Tuesday and Trevor much but slowly drown my slowly drown my staying here but who don't just had to as a stay home mom what you want better for your kids influenced when to provide. I thought your mantra is follow up just lied to me better than what I hey this is so bottom line is her brow beating a woman who may have a very good reason she is also why yes. Why don't we need he wouldn't reach back down to us and we don't know what her story is the based on what you know. Can you help him she sees it seems you help him convince her to move. Or can you help all of us convince him that she's got a gut feeling isn't tuition can be amazing an amazing thing. If she feels like it's a wrong move is bad enough reason. For him this is just food stamps to just let it go and stay here and a one bedroom apartment while he has reached out to you guys for help. It's your turn to decide whether they stay where they golf Haiti's. All the guys who you think. I am a mom my felt like pork shoulder an in school are ready human rights gone through an elementary ball. Hang. I know you I felt I well I am. The economy and normally rent out anywhere that you would need money in the white I add my. Even though you'd be losing its Connecticut you if you've been here a long time. If you got in a car wreck right now and couldn't make you to pick up what are your kids to school you've got six numbers in your phone winning you can call that would protect your kids at school. Yeah yeah it is your support system here but if you move to a few moves you're starting from zero. Yeah as I am I would no ma'am I mean and that. Well in the area that I live and I actually lived right across the street from gambling but yet I don't have that. Very close for a good part of the green climate not necessary in the past and I think maybe. Moving overall I'm not support this spam and learning how to do everything I own is much better and being independent on your arm and having everybody there direct it. So there is no other reason why it is so the wife is saying no removing of what else can there be one of the reasons why she's saying no. Don't know all made it current. They're road America. Well so there. Katie looked into I ask you this as a serial mom who's doing if you're raising four kids you're probably working harder than he does he at his job. But when it comes to. I wanna move the Stanley. He's juicy detail over ride here no yeah should then be allowed to say I appreciate the fact you don't wanna do this. We're doing it anyway Ghana. And. In my own additionally senator. Might have been would never override my decision if rates. We discuss play and communicate day. It wouldn't be I wouldn't be that one is flat out Spain no it's not an all out. Oh he had been there before or single mom or Harry camera mom rather fair I went to the color of the outcome England. We're losing you KD so I am so sorry but it sounds like in her case she arm. She she she would no one but she's her husband community a little better than then yeah and his wife do. Rosie. Yes. What do you think. I don't teach your Bridget Smith you're from out of tank I only because I can't everyday that come and it really hungry. Ahmed how much gets back they're learning I think absolutely they need you know I think if you're on their hands and Gary Hart free money you know. Aren't black I think I am at someone and good and at career at that doesn't get very mad at my eyes and how to act and can no. Because his job pays him Juarez and I got. I might be a little bad about that because even now I did okay at my. Age and. You your bad days she pulls a card like well I'm the one earning the bulk of the money so I should get a little higher vote. I don't think I think heat snagged a higher boat. I don't think I can there's anger that I hadn't made her mark my own. The same time I am having career they just about money. No you're right but I means yes and not to say that she never career she's staying Oman she as a bit shares one of the most important jobs ever. He has to see where you know. Yes to keep the whole family mellowed yeah trying to get him an extra 5000 dollars a year if she wants to see on food stamps in their crummy in small type of Marin bedrooms. They didn't call Rosie any. Bottom line is where it takes more feedback if you. Please what words condensate wording may serve your steel mom and you have that support group police say it's it's if you're right and it's a support group think that's scary thing tonight was to see him around sort of attack. I didn't we know six other teams in our neighborhood they know knowing that know me at the school knows them and they would let them pick up the kids that's you dash John enormous snapshots comes with living in a place. 056 years and we are you going to move somewhere else. But guess what you meet those people pretty damn zoo or you'll do do do you re developing over again they've only had and what kids for five years is it is about to go into an earned run you grace. Guy what do you think. I I think our Ripley he should move army IC he shoot in a place to. They all fairly shouted at the top if you look at his kids they're not. They're not super old yet so a one bedroom is it true bad but if you get old third and other kids get old aren't they here. Gonna need more any dependents now. I woke. It targets or by almost anywhere but if you can. Up 83 you can survive on 400. They cannot afford a plane ticket pretend that come back regularly. Instead of avoid hole. Going all the way. But she's cheating on choose one believable moment you're coming up winners yeah. Yeah it does seem like there's something tiny energy business. Not a lot this year to get me wrong I I don't I don't wanna know sort of you're food stamps and you're starving your kids aren't very good team apartment with four people as a mineral for the bedroom now. Other cribs in the living room no matter how decisive stuff. And outgrow their place. I mean the five year olds already a mean there are no other main crib anymore IE so then they're they're sick and on highway Anderson it's it's integrated I I mean I grew up. With very little but there's a point where I had my own room eventually want to my Brothers kind of because it's normal season. Stop it's they're not dare not getting anywhere here so what do we say to a grace to give her very. She's made yard is like look how big this apartment is received for a month and she's like close sweet no. Just what are hey how do you breakthrough. If you explain odd and that would 400 dollars a month to. I need and most state anywhere you go 401 K you are round trip ticket. Depending on the type you try and go. I think they can make a trip back regularly for the holidays. Like every other holiday they probably hate that. And still have enough for food. And it. Everything they needed eating get maybe 82 bedroom and not all I know there are kids together. Also on this 400 bucks that's just under sitting only a part of us. You grocers are cheaper car insurance cheaper if if a part of Ford about cheaper amongst everything's cheaper and get off food stamps and you. Yes all of me your just your bashed in place because we food stamps you're limited to what you can buy for relieving your kids to eat you can't Israel buy whatever writer I sit become more relaxed but he you know we it's I mean you can't go out by that unit case of Snickers you're buying staples. On now oh number I actually don't buy light cut cheese milk eggs just by products that okay the government deems. Paul sees it ish I believe from Europe who Simpson that your whole world opens are there other choice and absolutely Coca thank you for the call race. Sandra. Guy what do you think. Com I think they shouldn't go for it. Com now I don't remember what was a growth mainly evening. We don't have her name his name is Dan yeah and shows little bends likes. Well. My husband and I I came originally from Arizona on it from here. Do you think they need to move to move aluminum like no I haven't liked what you guys are saying about the sport fish dumped. My whole family area of Arizona everybody there. I came glad I made the move. Shirt Spain he has a job they have a place that they could live Internet bicker the kids have a again I'm establishes goals might have church teenagers. We had no home no we had a one car we lost the other car. We have on the Mac. Pretty much not leaking leaking out there with nothing. We struggle we ended up living and Alex how the hotel the hotel and chili made it. We've been here seven years I love it I mean I'm the change. Sent both would you say that is why it's what what convinced you have to leave everything you knew what what one weren't sure what emotion meet you go. I can do this go into the great unknown even though I got everything I need right ormat. It shouldn't start a new beginning a new life. I don't know where it is holding their backs. And it's a boyfriend who is unknown where I can't let us. It's something so strong she can't explain why she can sing no. Exactly and I can't say no because. Nino queen Mary twenty years. I mean he won in the Lou what you got married I'm like no we're nearly quick and it would melt the kids started school now the kids earn high school there. And no one gives her ass is it am I shaking event we watched everything all I don't know what it is for her but. What I can tell is. Don't be scared Il may get you find yourself out there you'll miss you know I can be you know something that is is maintaining you know. I support group to make you have here a major new any any benefits of digital commonly it was a boyfriend. Junior won the most. Other channels have boys mostly ordinary women there you can yes frustrated at every sound guy. Because these are losing everything around you look at mile high. And what's now. Sure why you got more nicer Bennett and his wife and to wish them well. Please send us up on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.