Slacker and Steve - OPP: Wife Doesn't Trust Me With the Kids 4/14

Thursday, April 14th

Eric and his wife have a 2 and 4 year old. He loves to spend time with his kids and feels like he is a pretty good dad. He has noticed that his wife never leaves them alone with him even though he offers to watch them. He is confused and doesn’t understand why it seems like she doesn’t trust him. What’s your advice?


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Ever eight and then a bad rap or shall I I think I don't think it's on purpose but I think men get about rap and agree and this guy here and I think his way out of one guy guys these guys. My wife and I have two kids they're two and four I can probably count the number of times she's left the kids alone with me on 1 PM and it doesn't matter what she's doing or how busy she is she always takes the kids with her. Even even if I'm just sitting on the couch watching TV. I have no problem watching the kids and I told that she can leave them with me when she runs out but she always says it's just easier to take them with her. I don't get it I feel like him a pretty good dad and play with the kids when I get off work every night that never yelled at them or spank them. I don't understand why she doesn't trust me with the kids. What could hire have done help guys. This for America. And I get it. I I I did I don't wanna say I went through this exactly mean you know that it was like. Was close to two years before my wife yup. Was not next to my son that's true effect you guys couldn't go on vacations he is when no where we can she could not part from the kids so that. Makes I mean I understand that but is it. Healthy. Enough room there maybe it is for her wonder if she's healthy for her that she's on the cheap it's almost like an obsession. I mean I know your mom and you have that maternal instinct about a not but isn't weak link is there a point where you should may mean. Like go with some of the control little link but men but the guy aged he this these children wouldn't exist without them. So shouldn't she knows job is done an OK aren't really as over. I look at what I mean. I know I started this by saying men get a bad rap. What can you do or if he's done nothing in the past but you screw up with the kids. How do you insist how do you tell a woman. Leave your they know it's compare our kids yet there hours this it was an accent she runs out they just among kids does not up there to stay with me this time. You don't ask us if you tell that you just tell that others stay with me I got plants. We're a new stuff. Thought well thought. This is down time now. She pushes back for some like that then we got avatar. They're gonna have a big big yeah I mean she does not like you said treason though she's doing this all the time here's the thing that I think is going on. Bottom line is I think more women are like this than not like tennis and just don't even realize I see that too. Q you are my kids down and you think you do better and we did exactly. Or they don't want you doing some different than the way their donor arms. Here's something that's really uncomfortable. I would say in my dealings when I how I say it is now getting myself in trouble or little deal in trouble or anywhere if I think sometimes. It's I think sometimes as do a better job behind certain instances yeah absolutely. Because we don't know helicopter and then you're not. Oh my blog over I'm not a parent and you're seeing exactly what I wanna say okay how do you know that. How do you know that it is its true light there are times where I've seen friends of mine I would their kids and their kids. Like. Loss and they're different kids. Out physically to get to be more kids like kids. Is there any sense that there's life there's really no no no S there's just you know do. And and a M not slamming you mothers who are listening but it's like mother's mother you carried them. And so you have this bond that we don't have and I in my DU sorrow that in our face Salisbury. I don't doubt it but I wasn't my choice I actually choose which gender its series of counseling that car right but they. Bomb. Mother's mother. It's the I don't I don't say that desire don't. Sure yeah. Right and I see this debacle is a sign it that's. I believe that to be sort of trip kids get to live more with that we get a little more life but so how does dad get control of the kids. That's the quite the question he's asked in his like she makes him feel like free contender final. You know what I mean it's every time links he said don't tell you when nothing why would you not leave your kids don't exactly do we was good enough to have kids with. Why is he not allowed to Beale moment to it into other any mom missing about a serial or less why he. He he's he claims is OTT he'd never yeah. Screwed up he's a good dad when he gets a chance to be a death and how can he cut his teeth as a data. Learn to be a dad is good though kids ever got to leave them you've got to have them some alone time she should be changed and I mean took two years old. To inform these kids are the toreros probably potty train owner how many diapers changed by himself club hasn't had this guy. This is again to go back we say guys don't always do a fair shake on the show. Armed I think. That there are men like Eric who want to be a dad. And don't get the effort it's just they're assumed to be like every other dead beat out there who doesn't want appeared to console moms and even though. Jeter meals dinner wherever she's an autistic to kids put among their ipads is they're not safe Ethiopia. But all are you according to hill. Eric can't achieve it. Stay I think you kind of alluded to some earlier too because you went through this to. Your wife had a set pattern way of doing things and then. When you've got to be with a kid you did things naturally different to the way she would do it the end results the same but she got there and tutor for waste and Sheikh in his like well you're doing I don't like that suggests. Yes. So she's just an aborting that whole thing just. I have with me all the time I deal I love the way he said it with the way the way you send an extension and now she just stop for now. Now they're staying late they're staying with me back up plans we're gonna do stuff. That works the reason you're not in relationship wise is because you don't talk to somebody like that. I don't they why don't we said I don't feel like it would throw her off guard a little bit but it sounded very like I'm taking. Many many use their the female language I'm taking your kids from you know I see that she got a does it to him absolutely so why can't tease a Suu Kyi rephrase it. This bill. You look how. How do you refer yeah I don't hat that's big that's a quick if your mom who's like Eric slice was mother Kaye asks you must this mother could cook but yeah. Or we create a receiver Chris rice always just tell us rights to her prerogative as a mom and they need to bond more with kids this young urban dad does or something. Having inside you bonded with that I. That's tripped spoke to nine months are the effectiveness of the mousetrap in my belly and go to Wal-Mart that's the right so Harry did we could begin to add a little bit. But his wife won't leave him alone with the kids what can you deal. Days. There are now. Are you hi what are using man. Well the child do you like this director of the paper every day you know financially. You are so well there are so particular autos. But that I don't get picture of the kid so much Austria which is years. On us. Hurting dealt with not for that release once he got to Tucson homes the I don't usually you're sperm. Well you just earlier your bank account let you hear. Julianne you're about everything else periods so we're just coming from a place of tenderness how long you've been divorced. With. All in the port but I have to catch oh you do not just I that's what else are you sure. I know a lot of weird girl like that in your right donated over the electorate spit no clue what it's like snapped her out next. I honestly I think you should get one of which you got French. Who beat him like this stirred talk to her about the tragic traffic from another mob ultimately what you look at another guy shot now. Maybe and looks like she's needs another mom to cite his battles. She I don't know if I series sixty do you wanna be nice but Sara is hearing from another mother smother. Things are their mothers and earlier in Europe cheerleader from another mother figure while okay all right should. And I think you know honestly inching back given him any credit the community. And shot that took place you can listen any guy period. Who knew tiger and Steve Smith good torrent. Ferret. I did I appreciate it slacker you actually it's it's mostly used yet not. It just doesn't know there are yeah definitely true that you can't dance with the Kim. Yeah I resent. I think. I know mama I and so I think you're capturing my mom that he is it export it to get Irish our day. 8 o'clock in the morning chill out playing area something shall that mom can realize that it's okay her to eat with Al. This don't roll off disorder supervise the visits that that it is really why I. I got to jump does that kind of looked I'm guilty until proven innocent there her chance. He came out of her oh my god who could I know you're being facetious but I don't know if the thought that that line drives me. So that the Daytona simply keep do you admit a lot of women are like this. I like that would dash first couple of blunt and what do I get trashed camp I get it now all. How old should be whipped how am. Everything I did revolved around I no longer what is. Actually now it's just a mom right though they are just. Just an extension at aged grabbed her she grabbed a geographic he's an out the door you go. And my mom has to be reminded that she is the person with Al they. Polo so knee that's his job that's what he just somehow convince her via but she did she feel weird at all times dump Daschle he's probably do it right. I just wanna scream all you women listening who think this might be about you if you die who wants to be a dad slipped and let him. Instead of assuming. He is he's waiting to cheat on you when waiting to deny you child support and waiting to be the dead be they all men are. If there's a guy who like he's looking you don't tend to kind of kids and please. Don't. It just proves once again that we don't need dad's in the scenario anymore don't. You don't need you I mean I agree with you dude you don't think it's not easy it's not necessary. Rights as the kids can be did setting go to bed on time but. Makes me so irritated Terrence. Hey guys. Thought I think that. And that just means just probably try you on my apartment in their lights and not the kind of addiction and that the mom blocking out the torch and you thought pattern telling her grieving protect. I'm just gonna. Awkward fight at the kid that I have to live and each which isn't good Saddam demand that. You that you have never talked about what is in the first four years but the kid like the first two which. Yeah I'm an actor you know he would watch it. He's watching TV right mom comedian he's not with the kid accidentally engaging and. Beat McCain if you live. Mean what am when the mom of the leading up in the eighty should be. Oh OK see you realize that she's not doing the effort he's not be engaged before she leaves so she's just come Troy leaving him there is more than just not knowing that you didn't speak to kids that you were mean the kids it's much more than that you don't gauge jumps but yeah gauge really time for Indies. I just wanted to I just want to credit for being alone with him for a couple without actually Jessica. You guys to. Reasons are I think that you guys are right on me. Ted moms tend to be a little cheap control on a little bit Jewish mother in its though we need a man to step up we need them to kind of saying hey. Alan there's something with the kids so I'll try and trying to take control of the situation a little bit take charge. I mean that it sounds like you and I I felt like not too harsh or anything very suddenly you are not great. And we want to not put and I played so they wanna have that trust that we can legally chimps and you've got it. OK so he just he still likes the Steve's saying and be a little more authoritative and say you know. Not to thank you I'm going to I'm going I got it. I agree completely I'll make sure it's not to release the rain and once he does the few times will be out the door a lot of. He's got to be careful he cannot screw up. During these tests were to tell you CT will or any of this from personal experience and tell you as you know we sense a mother's mother whenever you know I just climb on the bank accounts they follow us they got a bruise fast time where that Bruce come from all I thought to cast and it's night. You're shut down again. Yeah Cole has been removed got to be careful. You at all if you. See what happens nothing wrong here remind the woman that it's okay and I have gotten that very assertive and very. He kind of put me and it sent my my age they he says to come down the silly neat how your relationship might get and how important are actually here. Guys don't flip out if things come home in Cedar Key bruised on the left actually but it's a reverse this surely go. Feel like hey this is exactly the kid was playing I learned twice already got our twenty guys that don't wind. And they were playing and got her I remember and like it's on your watch that he's. And there I feel bad Alec I was trying to see your advice was wrong Steven that makes he's got to be driven just. This is mile high city would have to be careful that this is just deeds is there's a whole BC news drew applause that's it that's some idea. Marianne. Yeah I yeah I think that he's it'll actually buying into this cultural pull it would have been better idiot. Commercials and the doubt their own bumbling idiot and do anything they don't have to right. Colonel Cole yeah. Really multiple holes improvements without the whites greens the relationship merges the Munson dumbest idea. Sure if he got a great we are currently. I am one in particular that the reason you might hit it that has been. Act are open hurry and I love her and her knee but he needed an idiot. But if he wasn't there she would have been just fine. Oh yeah she's been all the different persons who would have been following you did great Tony you're he'd see you couldn't tell over generalize your right she beats fine but I think. She's probably. Better beat her she had better be yeah. But so we I just wanna say when you save any TV in every name all these ads are olds I. I think there's a reason that's funny. And the reason that's funny is because there's a mosque. Crappy dads out there that people can relate to it. But it's like you've got all women have got to stop assuming that all men are that stereotype you you just can't cross Morgan treat all of you guys there's not that she is. If you don't really notice I don't listen or generic right yeah. We asked. Well thank you for the call Marianne odds week. Yeah yeah I love you thanks. I think that in. He means it actually had eighteen Hewlett pressed hard and say hey I'm picking it could I and he'd keep them for years he had cute kids care and he's just it's carrying out the. Mean you can't always used. The community don't get it does aren't good we've been on high end and are excited to ride this is Susan little you come into the party a little late Derrick and I think that's. So yeah so he put his foot down. I'm glad I think he he really need to be like Eric hey you know I can't panic it's gonna take you back. You know it's start pumping malt starch and being worse he's got a home in Houston Portland where she can incarnate. Go to her shoulder. Here Hummer. She's doing great now and let him do things he's not the way it is almost here yeah. Any moves turn there be no better friend involved we like okay. I can communicate to keep making you are going to Ding Perry here and every carton then you're doing next few media are slow these states. He needs help forget however that control issue because obviously have to make your control issue. Yeah thank you for the cause any. I hadn't thought about how long it took him I was singing about the two year old I have to admit I like to. That is true claim the first two years of the first did dared now suddenly now you want both its if you have any more advice for Eric or smother mothers out there will take him online or over at FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve Ference.