Slacker and Steve - OPP: Young with an STD 8/1

Wednesday, August 1st


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Steve are there. Time for other people's problems. Hum we call it OP PE for short and we didn't really really good streak came from where. VO PP brighter whoever sends us a message on social Peter whatever has been able to come on the error and tell us their stories of this a little different though. We found we reached out and then we started thinking veteran ethicists if you're a parent. And you have IE eight teen tween daughter each year gonna wanna listen up and you're gonna wanna help us because someday this Ed. Ice can be helping you work child team next year ago. OK so I'm only fifty and I'm learning about STV's in school and I know I have like four symptoms of an SED telecast I made an appointment. But I'm not sure how to tell my ex boyfriend or even my mom should I tell my mom I'm just like really confused and frustrated about the whole situation. I don't think I could tell my mother about everything with me being only fifteen. So yeah can you guys help me get some good advice and what I should do I listen to YouTube like every day so I hope you can help thanks a lot you guys are great. Tonight I I don't I know this is very serious and we we gotta tackle this and that as a serious thing but I just for a moment commend you. Because I have the letter in front of me and I don't know how you read it I know because almost none of those words are either spelled out were spelled correctly with the no poem she weighs soon and there's literally no and no cap rules and no just no breaks I don't know how you knew where to put this guy talking to this is like every now telegraph future but it's not my first. They have what it it's like one giant okay sort of it's you did fantastic you super dry idea. On fifteen. Makes for symptoms of an S. He thinking she's a foursome just obviously if they learn about a CDs and schools she knows. Day you would have to be actively having relations to get one I would assume she didn't just just think she got it from a toilet seat right she did have relations console war symptoms. So I mean and there are some more obvious I mean there's some of the more like these are the things that how to get at we don't have to get in the symptoms and if she's got four different things she's probably got some of the obvious ones that we all know. You troubles within Boca number one's in. It bisons. Easy in Jerusalem some things this rule some physical signs of an STD now it sounds like the boy is she may have gotten them from is an ax could she's an Irish too and I'm not sure how to tell my axe. Low moment. But you say this if your fifteen you know are ready to talk to your accident and asked TD. Oh you were ready did you already have relations. Yeah I'm sorry and I remember being in a hurry to have relations but like you. Sweetheart. Tennessee have we done this a PP at a different time and our lives I might have answered this isn't even now talking to my own daughter and my toe I just wanna shake. This girl go what are you talking about half you're not. You you don't know you should tell your mom you know she's tell you you're not ready for any in this march you just shut it down. Until you know it's too late so I'm just I'm preaching in for no reason maybe some and also fifteen is loosely here on the cusp of having relations with your boyfriend. Look at yourself in the hearing go ten and I tell my mom that I'm pregnant who good wars can I tell my. My dad and I knocked a girl lot because if you Canadians and don't do it while we'll put on the bring your raincoat good for you they're not a 100% and boom so if you're ready. To walk into a room with someone you respect in Cerro. I went too far don't do it that's a good litmus tests. Known whatever rallies and let's. You're ready and you US relations later and you still more ready now telling anybody you know I didn't figure that Katie of these things so now now that we've had there I've had my home home. Thanks what what are you. And answer of course she says I made an appointment. So thirteen year old Q and oh yeah you just he's a doctor appointment OK so there's little laws are that they they just. Chip a lot as they age you if you don't have it listed I mean it's if if you're having a relations problem this. Look I don't only think it about this just my kids are too young to be in this place but I think what doctors have Don it's kind of loosened up so we gotta tell your parents saying because kids were being a situation like this. And either a not doing things for treatment right at worst right or B go. Oh my god is getting worse I can't tell anybody and then it'll themselves. You know because it's like it's so overwhelming suicides. We as doctors in Britain. Funds being a doctor right now. How still like making a safe place for kids he commits now to tell your parents dying the street dat but it does does the important thing and name maybe did you some guidance on how to talk to your parents. But arms goose is good she made an employment. But she's she's she's Lawrence is stellar mom of four legged. You're the ride the lie got animals you're right delight that we are talking to a fifteen year old girl would you not say anything to you to test back would you tell you. Like flushing what are you don't ride your bike to Denver general. Well my guess for real funeral I don't know about doing a bus in front row of. It was from a sibling or older sibling a sixteen year old looking drive if your teacher probably know somebody drives right she's trying to take care of this herself. At fifteen but I got a would mire her yes there's a threat of getting in trouble for mom and exploit brings up but she's made an appointment on her own. She's trying to rectify this are narrow some types a letter like this make an appointment or give you an actor I have no idea how she and they I'll give you that. But that's a good thing though she's been responsible now. It's sort of OK so I think she I think she she needs to stay on this path. Just keep trying to cure yourself. And you're right. So I dealt the results first what you we always tell me that that that a pregnant woman never announces a pregnancy within the first trimester she case something happens that's kind of like this okay so. In this case of pregnancy is herpes. But okay Brad and I don't. Now again gorgeous and no no for sure nobody ever did before you start knocking down doors go here. See you gave me is a good could be needlessly you can keep this yourself and no one would ever have okay but let's fast forward. She's got four symptoms so the likelihood she's got something okay. So she's got it may be treated legally they can treat a fifty run no positive so maybe some of you can help us with that but let's say they can't. Does she ever tell her parents. No you don't have to they're not gonna tell your parents. House. Don't put too if you took care bit in the symptoms are gone and it's number. Why okay what does so wanted to come back and she's got beyond prescription if it's herpes she's gonna have to be on like a medication. Forever right. Yeah she doesn't want to go through the I I had friends still close friends and it's a part of their life and there's. A very rare attack every once wants somebody can get herpes and and goes that you always had an engine lease your spine and you don't you're getting more outbreaks and the most people. Continue to get outbreaks. And there's medications. To take us they can can lessen the severity of them. Okay only then did it's that happens to this would then rule and they sometimes then I would say some do but it's not if you could take care of this yourself a Millen has the know. That is so mature that is so adult maybe. She'll start and you just ride any lie as long as you can ride it. She's fifty I'm just scared for her she's fifteen. It's Elam most of her Boca sixteen not positive what to do doesn't have the skill set to chimp to immunity to anybody. And she shows us. That's bad news that's like where I love it she loves our show were like the older Brothers that's awesome. But one older brother Tony your right Eli and the other ones like Jeanine moms help on this one I think any moms help you need another woman. I knew we don't worry there's already women on the phone we're talking you guys like here we tried these women first and avoid the whole mom situation we can't. OK I just still saint. I've got ridiculed fashion the mother knows best and legs yet tell you mark your mom's you have to tell your mom you have relations eventually anyways to just get that. If she doesn't already now and I and teller I think I got some. If your nose revelation she should be asking you are you being safe do you have any thanked. OK I just you know we are not obvious you know or say her name she's not on the phone when this so. If you got a fifteen year old when you're worried that it's her he could be assumed that it is and tell us what you would tell yes your fifteen year old daughters who think she's got the symptoms of it of an SES TS UV. Com she she. Is he righteous she just continue to take care and on her own and no one needs to know it's her thing her body and she was almost ninety appointment. Or. Should she involve other people obviously she's gotta so let's tell her boyfriend but the idea but until then. What should this fifteen year old with a potential ST deeds do next. I have a guy but he thinks. And I wouldn't like to say that I like every girl younger brother had them. Actual relations it kind of nervous and scared about it and I think you know telling your mom that I never gonna be easy but. You would rather go with that like guns relentless online and that you trust and love and at the debt by yourself and be scared and I like to know what's going on. That's what's best friends you trust and you love them you that's you go with your best friend a cash. But it keeps fifteen her best friend don't know any better you better. All of so then do with them what would you say don't tell mom or do you tell mom. Now I would say pound mom I mean at this Gary speculation and you don't wanna got there yet. A loner with someone doesn't know what they're talking about I think she need not support. But Sarah at the tests come back and she has absolutely nothing now she just blew up this whole situation for no reason. The reason I. I had not known Reid and I mean that he match he had feminine she can talk you went. I mean doctor that they can come back soon good. I'd miss it can't come back negative but a caveman at come back come back positive and now has that he eats an all round and it. Someone can driver straight to the pharmacy there's a either mom mom should be yet. Thank you said you you are so compartmentalize when it comes to you don't want you don't want anybody. To be burdened by your illnesses right or anything but just. You're not safe T did she needs it. If she starts compartmentalizing now what I've if she made her own doctor's appointment that tells me that she's that is immature is everyone's making her out to. Linda. Yeah I but he thanks. So I worked for a community clinic and around the team could make this a plane made it could be a confidential playmates of the need to co parent all the or where she can nice. It's so there you Graham center and am new. Funding to come then you know. And it's a confidential teen they don't need I'm in any additional co payment any ink so basically minority Serb at this. You're saying they're professionals and experts of a re taking care of all these avenues and she is abuses fun if I see so you're talking quietly and using big words. The professionals and you're on. This a fifteen year old girl yeah she's mature cushy mineral reporter Emily will descend with the Denver help people rallying. There that's not you may seem like she thinks she's changed her own way always not charged immeasurably more oil and her years. Take the first step that make enough women after that who professional should be put a guy. The series US a professional do you ever guide them hate you might need your mom's guidance you might need somebody at home helping you are now. I only to find support the pro finds a court friends zoom you know the issue you won't go to my way out. I Bob's left his support usually you don't freak out and go round you would do everything wrong but you'll also get your medication for something to the fifteen year old can do to. It's gonna show up you've got to tell your mom. Anjelica. Yeah I what do you think's. That. I don't think she wanted to do like a scenario I don't know him situation. But I I thought I was pregnant so. I had just unconscious side wish they had that huge story can do have a lot of back story right. You what you may. Made a lot of dear mom nineties. We can't tell you get an idea of watching the field and it without a mom would not believe our goal my old. Got pregnant her mop going crazy. Oh my god what advice would you give mom. Does tell me all. About it badly and you told me oh well you don't want to. I would love my god I would support her negative. I hope hope hope hope to see who plays poker hale take the high blood thinning. Yeah that was brilliant Anjelica. To come out like like mom what would you think about the obvious thought I like about. I like my mom like my my friend and yeah in that scenario what advice you get and that's when I was like okay. I'm gonna going to hire enough. Do you were you pregnant. How things. Which you know she she couldn't she couldn't so yeah. Well because you guarded had her committed to that brilliant and fly if you're a fifty arrow then you're not ready to tell the truth zoom back to me that's not and my guess is the solution perfect solution.