Slacker and Steve - Overreacted 10/16

Monday, October 16th


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Steve content and who loses in the screen first yeah. I as a unit. I don't sluggers who really can mimic the and we tell the story that is truthfully. One of the biggest over reactions to a situation ethically. On. A little over a decade yet go a guy in his fifties and Malcolm Applegate from England. Was tired of his life's nagging him. So he disappeared. Literally. One day he vanished and no one heard from them again. Or ten years ten years he recently turned up again in the center called him how screwed which then helps homeless people get back on their feet. By turns out this man decided to overreact to his credit marriage in such a way that he walked out of this house. Into the wilderness. Into the woods. In lived in the woods for ten years those there's no I never lived off the allowing them. She worked as a gardener in a community center next to the woods in the net night he would just go back into the woods stuck. With the eventually he went to this of place that helps people get back on their feet in decided to do an interview he's moved in there now at age 62. He's putting his life back together. And he's in touch with a sister you thought she was dead. But he is not. Gotten in touch as if he hasn't won. The hat so food did what cool. Hunted what kind of person. Over reacts I. I know. And I overreact beats a CNET. Noble why can't I accident while I designer immunity in turn put me on so I capitol Maria if you. I know that ideal but axed this makes me seem slow but I'm not saying the rest of us are team. Really do do that spiteful. That's that's yeah he's he's sage my wife nags me I'm gonna live in the wilderness I hate my life's. Therefore I put bugs in it for ten years that's an overreaction. If you've done something like that. We I don't think anybody's done anything quite that extreme but like. There was a couple stories that we towns. Obama. Most of the stories then I see what I think of overreaction. Is like the retail stuff how many times have you seen somebody. It's now off this game out he didn't somebody talked about com. Walked into like 7-Eleven and the woman was on the floor kissing and screaming. Losing her mind. And the guy goes to Karen's like used as a woman went quick easy I know we ran a total blast. It yeah. So she says that she's gonna do that he's gonna do jail she's losing her mind over her purple last I know you and I don't do that I have seen people. You day into the grocery store when somebody's getting overcharged violate. My mom is this person. If she's overcharged she doesn't make it seemed but she will go back. In she'll go back into the store and take hold Michael. Did you read those first let's beaches 49 and they charged me 2797. I drove back over there I was I got on my third act. So like she buck fifty in gas and you're free to acquire bear with this leg she didn't she will freaked out like every times it. Especially when she asked me should you are trying to adapt to it how much today. What are they want to pass up the story is so what are my car and it was a slight. Mine died during don't Wear a lot of forums people okay I'll let my mom is the person who wig out I love the fact that she won't do when I'm behind your line shall room to do with them the following day or separately which you know there are people who do that over asserted that fact when I see this happening all pull out the thirty cent a go hero limited today what's the principle no I don't yeah I thought. Thirty cents a they want to overreact to ask something big error error thirty cents bloom your mom Bristol for the bigger but do you. In. And she's another person wrote there witness an older woman have a total tantrum because the sale on air freshener and ended the day before cashier wouldn't you be the sale price. So she's doing the thing she was stomping her feet slapping each count her tears in her eyes knowing just give me the sale price it's not fair. So once it was all over the customer found out the price difference. Was 49 cents all my car her your writing. I just that's that's when I wanna carry change around in just yet here here's your 49 so yeah make it hail yeah but I know it's just. You have it's the principle. And another person now this is an overreaction it's not a retail one and I don't. I don't know that this is actually you know reaction. They shut down LaGuardia Airport. Here helped because I do you just seven year old dude made a bomb joke. Yeah if you don't understand by now that she's a seven year old Asian dude today and he says I'm an Asian. I have a different culture making jokes here and there. But they overreacted they shot. Down not airport. Ali says it was I have a bond because he was angry about the value tree he had spirit airlines' response procedures to I don't know on the record but he means so all sued everyone's saying the airport overreact. She's seven. I don't know you keep IS US seven year old guy goes they all sorry it's eighty bucks your bags using all of Zidane had him backed Obama now backlash. Do you really show and yeah markdowns due Bastia you do movements procedure is meant for 77. Asian or whatever. Yeah my favorite one and then we'll get to your blog or you're up over reactive series. There is a dad who went to a daycare center he's right he's a very still. Should this is the grosses exaggeration. Overreaction is human being. So there's a bunch kids or their joy and makes Father's Day all and there's a bunch of kids there in the way I understand story. One kid that isn't his kid. Grabs his Father's Day card and start playing keep away with it all just screw around haven't flown DN aside hero. The guy who was an cabinet like puts him ahead buckets down on the ground like is he's like can zoom down and screams in his piece AG. Overreact to that point to that to where the daycare workers have to call the police. The police show up. This fool goes. Jihad today. Others are trying to instill. Cops are like now you're gonna come with a better side. No sir it's the over actor that's out of four year old who's given you so why oh yeah else do you believe that I wanna say no we yes she he had to be released on 15100 block a dollars in bonds. Yes he was the Arab success. Are all over her Father's Day card full but our. All right so if you're overreact here whatever it is or use. If you don't wanna admit it may be you witnessed a gross overreaction we wanna hear your best stories Tony. Yeah I yeah I overreact his. So I went to Bobby Hurley youngster. And made a purchase remote control car now 25 cents short owns the guy I would not give yet so I went to the bank with a 230 dollars to purchase that car. Got all quarters. And put duffel bags. And restored dump all duffel bag onto its count. I got to spend thirty Bob Zollars thank. Orders lease so you're mad at him for not charitably I know you add 230 and you're only a quarter short. Out of 232 but come on man who think that I did and the you what was what was our Cecil was that the same guys. Thank god. You know if I was a guy Tony I would say here to stay here sir until I counted how would I always hear your view I went out they. More it makes it. I did that and then when he was 25% shorter for the last quarter out of my pocket. Tony I am trying really hard to not like you could soon play the kind of a bad ass. Yeah he's been out here doing it's total overreaction but you've done. All of us have wanted to do at some point in our lab serves alone scored its only 235 but sequentially goes and pays they're like my electric bill that 600 bucks and does it in pennies. That's another level that's. Tony well done and so are DURECT sets in your honor meant they usually call. Hi I'm Morgan in the hobby store Emery to do yeah. That's that's my last day that I consider your. All seem easy year old boy does Andy's. Yeah I know I just I love overreact to. Okay throw arm aren't if each European you don't feel they're right well I elementary future. So our mode there were pure frontrunner not Pete Peters are eroding the commercial the fifty yard pass rush. Beyond that there were there family there and they were really really interest nurture and to get on he ended up looting and adapt not a big deal everybody ribbon we Mubarak. A couple weeks go Bahrain and I'm. And all the more getting me phone call from people and you're like. What happened field day cooler during the primary what kind of tiger did you how it turned in Cuba opium leaves. Mood tried to do but cool all and then it turned into like fifth draft. Did your critics see all the wants an. Item you are losing both yeah somehow the I don't see the Olympic Committee. Like she's not going to be able though like I peace. And took the artist's tribute. You the only. Burger. We're very proud I I have nothing to do a PE and are part with the meager food are reviewed all of all throughout the summer. Amend on this pork in the poor Q what you don't go our course director. You know he would move there again we go arc. Words you may not actually all turned into a direct route prudent reform Mildred you're. What is your world's money stuff so you can you know you're wearing short reported Maualuga and vitriol more than just us. He is telling this kid we all know him as you've seen bolts or something like this little -- This is your big group to look yeah that is a grotesque. Seem dim trophy anyway you still. Oh my god you are they even the guardian be a tender. Yeah I overreacted us. I'm Mike might bring it brings lunch alert on the delivery driver when I without honor ran my putt. I'm not on the top and actually got arrested her loitering. When your boyfriend who brought you lunch got busted for loitering we've yet. Your boss just doesn't like people at your business. I don't know I parent every month that you didn't have a bad days but you lay over reacted. I got a question but competent front on my whole key it would though. Long how old that he is not meet the loitering charge sticker the cops look at. The boss like what the hell is wrong with you. Well it did go to court judge yet there good idea that there. But you're right now but he did get a ticket and we didn't we didn't attempt finer anything that I didn't thick but we still have to go to court or at the. We years that is. Oh man that's somebody uses fully have been a bad day I was injured and out on then you hear that god ginger you. The caution even sure what exactly. Is he ordering leaving their standings this joke ten holly. Yeah yeah I overreacted. Betemit bet that need to or copied corporation and our power went out. Old. I don't know you Leo how are you solar Ollie yeah okay so you're reset and the power went out and then we were kind of losing you what happened. And then I'd gentleman asked for a beauty not of the bike at hand to crash into that I am I glad I told I could you started yelling and other customary didn't know. How does their customary back through a share and other out I'm. Stormed out. More huge is somehow create the force of a blender with your hands now tell me I. Yeah yeah it was like oh with like a mortar and Haskell is just it's like. Ominous turn butter churns style play with arms and now. Weird though do this. That is no Bueno today usually call. Daily. Any day. Overreacted. A case so I work at Starbucks cash and I implement Charl perhaps you are at base camp Olympic rate. So strapped that she knew you feel like that's only release is not I'm afraid I don't know it's blended beverage to the colts. What was wrong with it looks a little Pinochet Campanella there there was like Gordon responded sharply to eight straight out like. I'm Charlotte and I like the predictably she'll know. Like what its entire strategy birds and it would have been easy to enjoy like when one of our data is. You know that's the next.