Slacker and Steve - Pain on the Playground 12/12

Tuesday, December 12th


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Staying on the I grant you I don't understand how this when he got hurt when you're trying to play when your tee ball on how does this kid. Knew little. Any assassin restaurants in going to playground area because there pristine clean no rocks and every ball and that my daughter. Yes she walks within 35 miles of anyone who has the sniffles she's sick for six weeks Christmas night. Mayo early in the bullpen when that kid who's never seen it Kleenex and into my face and he's just like you seed Carlos I formed already. These women. There's nothing and no. No so I don't go to these citizens but whose story we're firefighters had to rescue girl got stuck in a clear area of moves to ease. In Massachusetts. Firefighters needed a latter to reach the girl she stuck ten to twelve feet in the air one of those big tubes that you crawl through his own as Lawrence. That's trying to figure out little did she has to say it was a one and it. One of the cargo nets are sometimes so here's I don't think it is like Vieques they have some of those tubes I don't know if they still haven't I haven't taken my kids and these player is yet because I don't wanna introduce him in May have to go through the pain of trying to get him out of there once we're done the but what I was younger they used to have like the tubes that how. Had been netting himself on them like on the bottom of them I don't know you know what I mean and it wasn't like the netting but it was like the key in this draft. Stuff I can't crawl across so what are the maybe one over lake slips through that I. Oh and got stuck to know when I was a lot of stuff doesn't saddle I thought Mike a lot of more lights. It's just that netting in you climb out of this let you usually out and then there's a net you Rhode and then there's the tubes that connect. The nets on either side but hamster Miller's legs yeah but she was somehow stock. A hug. And it dislocated her meaning that's why I think she was stuck in May be those like cargo Mehdi sings 'cause tissue and she's wrinkling trying to rotate lay out how are you just okay your need just like crawling in a tube out of I don't know anyone in this issue stuck dangling in the air she's she's so I was thinking about me being vacated Stevens just reminds me he. Like when we were kids these landlords about playing pain on the playground and it can be a restaurant can be on your own playground. You you were young salt content from you don't get it. Legs and Steve and I are not that much older menu but. Girls are made of black talked. That's what I'm what is good luck top know what Todd did crunchy it looks crispy treat so it's like the gravel street I sorry Jack just the country road that they haven't you know where they just did the one Leyritz are so it's still got enough for the tables do you know a back. Bachelor play the parking lot yes it's one car team actually hit it taught us to. Yeah core I had balanced because. If you didn't you bled and not a little you glad I'm not a bad idea and resides now all my friends even in their backyards or top. Oh we go to little thing it's just Fisher Price stupid legs picnic said it's only one foot off the ground and meet up last night Bono rebuffed a rubber mulch that. I was paid hundreds of dollars to have cedar chips to shift into my backyard so cool you're shares are. Ya put a rubber more honesty I brought I could jump off my house and land and unfamiliar number into the what happened to you that when we're kids I certainly don't multi artist that did you don't want a flag had those. Saddam dame where you climb up then you hang down. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a kid knows hang in a lost their feast. From trying to do around us are really good now hang on and then reduce its appearance in Redlands. And it's like you're landing on concrete just assume it's always when he gets if you're one of the merry go round and you walk in the middle and get it just book 00. Go flying off there go right across the parking must yeah yeah. Batter I did suck about my generation is we like we didn't have any of that stuff on the playground Blake I remember one time we went to go visit some friends and they had this apartment complex laid back behind their subdivision that hadn't been updated in like forty years Stan love Joseph there were like. What are all these toys on the playground. Like merry go around oh yeah well that's all they don't do those CNET and legal anymore. Merry go around oh no way watches are rusted out hunks of metal that you sling children are self harm I. But they did a nice home you don't allow your daughters can we teetered talent no old in what is your decision as if your routine it's harder and once he staggered in the other. And your fat shaming and oh my grass. That is true I mean you're abnormal pretty much everywhere and they're like setup like American into warrior courses so it's. It's like climbing walls failed call I guess all cargo net. Who is everywhere by John dumped playgrounds and kids yes in fact one of my son's friends. Like on these last day of school last year was doing the cargo net bang and wet and slipped Dawson that he's. Any formal thank you and asks so what about the Alex who is who he was the weirdest fracture I've ever seen you know that's not because we have that for the whole summer almost all you what I admit I understand why does in schools gonna pay all this insurance money to stab a mayor early screw it they know all the things that we had. But what's you'll slides or near a classic now what we have the men should he be mental. Ink and you know why that Iraq. I am a bunch of stories we're we're I'd rather listen real stories like. The brits would come out of room right well although our big holes actually noticed no longer metal slug it. It's a human she's great athletes snippets of her life sliding down a site just underneath there's a pile of flashback stuff that you don't on the top of the giants certainly cannibals all else. But the farm par was trying to run up these little sloppy out it was a temperature of the sun you. That's great old tough. They would build playgrounds I don't mental slide seizing some nor her request only got the I signed up all day like do you lose like this. And you're zero I don't mean you should all Lofton hit a cheese craters on your. Shoot. I was kind of fun. So did joy if the team on a playground for God's that's oh my god that she's greater pay off is so nasty piece if you've heard on a playground with. We've got people like hold all playground exploded 21 children injured after a platform complete and try to make it isn't this third cross. I only got this park or playground over here. That doesn't work like down the trip that he did in the Mary go around out of the value added height and dad took it at all. I did you've got. Paying on a playground we'd love to hear how it happened Ashley. Yeah I. And so I was climbing up to. Latter to go download plastic quiet and they have the plastic little hand rails right next to the pole at the top of the ladder. And has grabbing onto the pole instead of the plastic hand rail and my foot slipped off my hand got. Back in between that class ticket. Guardrail in the poll. Dangling by in my hand this. I. What does it mean they broke in was it cut off was it. No. Was so my foot got. Snapped in half so I fractured it before of the bone in my hand but are dangling there until my brother came and helped. How easy. Yes ha ha ha ha that's sounds fan hurts less pain on the playground that hating you for the call Ashley. Yeah I pain playground stuff. Oh about fifteen years I know my brother sister I grew up on a military base in Mississippi. And we had a playground made entirely avoid. And now look at a bush does now. I don't see everything you've got a good group that's it's. And there is this what implying I was on the eighteenth until my brother and sister I would try to lean on or off. Well I was sitting on it because it was my turn and my brother jumped to hide and I got a two land. Intel might but she movements. New and. Yeah I don't know how to take reading murder conspiracy. Museum you nine acquires the paint to hit a lot. You're gonna setting really be used treated lumber and you guys who are angry claims your senses her. Alarm or yeah expressing nails and it just it's not out yeah. Yeah very global player. Who's your. They have a little sign him trying to look at you and you didn't exit the debut of brouhaha. Oh hole that is impossible down here with with yet. A pain on the playground with. Yeah I thought I can end of the crowd that looked out of the month are we got beat up and see the air attack any harm won't be like let. And I am action and I want he had I did not get the bodies back home I thought back out all the ball like I hope. And I thought I know he ground aren't broke my collar. Soft. Just Julie and I might once I'm not gonna fall and in the end nice hit all my that in some. Betsy Wright is ninja warrior go nowhere and you really is and make things your way to hide and no sleep. The alert pilots are back even called my mom per hour but. I can't. Do I. I'll owed to New Orleans rub some dirt on dvd you're really hurts. I don't know. When wow you know that that's neither the pleasure that is seen on the playground to be sure. Taylor. Yeah I came on the playgrounds. The Aaland oh tired but my brother and let him a leg attached by a very metal chain. Donors say there is just so. So quit laying around we're trying to make something safer kids within the. Then you're looking at how really really bad and I'd balloon I. But I didn't block I got bit but yeah it might grab got scared. Tore out that you. He variety packs. I never drove that car you hideous but a lot of yeah yeah. And you can obtain the bluegrass.