Slacker and Steve - Pampered Pets 5/2

Tuesday, May 2nd

There’s yoga for cats and spas for dogs where they can get facials. People have even left millions to their birds! What's your pampered pet story?

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And no comment on whether you are big time. I don't think I'll ever get another one. Oh no because you know you look I know you lost mode Jovan that was the sale that was your dog before you can sort of semi you cut your fairly teeth with Mo Jo absolutely. During the kids that if they might pressure years like nope. They pressure me every time we're around one of their friends who has a dog they pressure me and I don't. That was your dog if that's you that's your dog is. At bat I look at this so that we talk about pampered pets in this new lit this news sting came out that says how much animals cost you. I'm telling you this is this is all a lie. This is like a your bones all I want that is all I know I mean the numbers aren't it's still there aren't according to a new set a survey of donors. They're saying on that to have a dog it costs you anywhere between 270425. For a dog perimeter of the breed total. Total for the lifespan of wood to putting in the breed I here's here's what's not real. It says that's for armed salute toys grooming and basic care all million familiar ride into play calls almost 2500 bucks yeah he has a little arthritis or hit displays it whenever it's I mean 42000 I'm telling you right now. Remote Joseph in his sight she fourteen years so. I spent considerably more than forty top 100 grip and G stinky and I would not be I don't think it's a hundred yeah it's it's there if people would. Yeah I can only teacher pat now but you could start save a life 45000. Popular person would can't afford vacations well we kind of do ready could have if we didn't have a ranger. Actually it's OK so I mean they're seeing an act cat gets better that's only 22000. The first one to ask didn't cull. Why scenario I baguette to a searchable by you kill yes I saw earlier if you wanna dual rabbit he gets down about thirteen grant. Relics are actually high maintenance you gotta be on your game for resume around until what's about the dude it's a lot all for you not them. That's it. A pillow the world. We don't tell doesn't go. Yeah I did so rabbits people think rabbits are easy either nine we have to do what I mean just like freedom you don't want to come you know with the very active in their very. Jesus there's a lot going on with the round no people who have rabbit I don't put their rhetoric saying about both people because people give rabbits into their easy only had a week to link we slid him on Easter and yes and in some leaders when travelers in my neighborhood yes I think exact mom so we'll put. This is just the numbers to keep the penalized that's what we wanna talk about we won't talk about you nut jobs or maybe you know when nut job. Maybe I should pull back on the net jobs I call we want people. Who go above and beyond their pats who do in scene there. Hampering. Of their pet so basically it's adults and don't have kids and so they just the channel and funnel all of that into their dog can't you read this whole story so German shepherd. That's worse. Listen carefully to what I'm going to save people. 400. Million. Mark million dollars Russia but that's no. Her or if the owner was like. Very rich and left it all too. There it is so there was this couple was mega rich and she was rich on her own and she loves animals love this dog this German shepherd apparently. So when she passed away or will she bequeath eighty million dollars one dodged to one dog. Now that was years ago it was about dog passed away in the the next stop in the inheritance goes from this side or so from one dog to the next event. Please get this is my guest is kid ever go to charity or anybody its stance vis a German Shepard family will also had a financial plan her long time ago who turned that eighty million dollars back in the day to 400 million dollars today. So jerk juror Wall Street guru now. And you have to tell people your biggest clients he's a German dog it is if it's like to force version computer for you want to. Because so. Yeah. A hundred. All the. Me you eat steak and caviar he travels in nothing but limos he goes from one report. Out. You are in the summertime a climate controlled pool just for him no one else is allowed in there. Ya some good picture just a human being born large multi. Our style Anderson surge are just you know we just wants to smell but sack when. It's expensive month. All the my eyes yeah god I will so this. Along those lines apparently in Minnesota there are boutique hotels with flat screen TVs heated pools Vegas inspired sides. All for the dark and only for the dog I don't think anyone else is allowed to hang around their room so real you. Why I know why they'll do their nails. Were you know they colony do dogs' names why I sort of got its water caused some of the party cures. Putts Q there again. Because the there's also a new story of somebody overhearing a facetime chat yeah I'm like yeah. Who's gonna be could you be Google or on vacation and they this person assumes the wizards Russians can lobby so much and we did that we're gonna so much fun. And they look over these people's shoulders. And it's they're talking they're now they're Golden Retriever. Yeah they thought it was like baby your spouse who turns right people without children that's who does that what are mostly worried about it is we're setting these people up to be such wacky news I'm afraid nobody's called the we meet you don't tell Lachey out how far have you seen somebody go. For a pack the final story that I have someone left a hundred grand not as big is 400 million to 32. Birds. Birds. Head cocked its heels cop car. On she met detailed instructions on how she wants her pets to live table on the she wants him to live in the aviary in new York stock accretion it should they be moved to requires a protective place is similar to. But she won the when will I lose seats at all. 100000 dollars for birds. Urged. Yeah I'm not trying to be mean birds don't know when he sang it's. The reason I don't know anything. Secondly the money to see ash they know that they have a hundred grand MSU beat you sort of financial planner for the birds. Unlike us here read or Europe tomorrow you're urged a tougher to. Don't look good if kids and target and 90000 dollars more to meet fees is your white collar crime those birth I'm absolutely. It's up to the birds I know America tend pyro lawyer bats that ER yeah I can't details of the kind taught. The young Mario more money to hire its short tracks is certain is that they just all goes lawyers and the funny name on the TV to this. All right so is the deal. But whatever it is and if it's you will take it like give your dogs are your. Cutting deals or whatever wherever we if you pampered fish I want papered fish first. It's got I want to I just saw staying on our Mike neighborhoods FaceBook page somebody's getting rid and they're they're gold finch does it outgrow it there likes. You know grew its outgrew its tanks and they wanted to they wanted to go to a good home over the bigger tag we should be preclude it it's so early adopt and I'm just China's NIH. I'm no where there's a huge tanks K eight KK it's K Egypt's 3.2 assets that. Do you like this. She knew I am waits. That is fun is your new home on daddy you love your finished in the new Hollywood films coy I see. Please call finish it outgrew its ten. And I I'll if you are different story though we'd love to hear its title the eEye yeah I pampered pets. So what we're in college my sister at 8 AM storage or bolts and it got a tumor basically it just. Besides nobody answered her role false only saw an extra school saying that's. Awful it was really weird go to like target like you would reject a little while it slept. It would on its own tumor. Yeah tanks but but but she went on with surgeries and taking care of it spent price piracy Arafat on look. War and comments to eight team league ballpark in this room how much cancer is like what four bucks is a twenty bucks. And I thought. Really OK so she gets surgery an outpatient care and you take you yeah possible therapies you love. Won't let me you're like how much personality doesn't hamster had its moments loves give back to you announced this. While there's a story about it at all I want to. This is still alive and formulate your tears ago. No ma'am it's Brad Pitt took the quickest he's trying to get the idea to have six a colossal and include. Him stern any more is needed but oh well. On Tyler that's ridiculous all I laugh I did it we also note. Yeah I know that's 56 or bust my hundred answers to that your way and I. You know I don't mean I do what ever since I last July and I think to me differently it's what it's like Aysu it's just Elwood who's the guy. Pampered pets. Yeah I have pet chickens and women get too cold for them to be outside in their panicked. And broke the middle of them free range in the living here. OK I can't. Third there are absolutely. Filthy animals aren't they can be the roosters especially. Yes their traditional paid. Ellen you're like the fourth person I run into recently that owns chickens as pets hybrid I don't so many people now that pet chickens hats or ask you you. For the exile right. Didier shouldn't just silent everyone gets sentenced for fun armed terrorists. Explain this one do they use throws something do they do did it and bring it back to you oh yeah. Do not they don't let it slow. I'll take you all and savoring themselves this yeah. I'm just trying to get my. My head around every two and that's the yeah let's just chat police chased a little easier cleaner a dog will set Sean nervous chickens bit. They aren't very sound a lot the of the individual personalities and there are Smart actually beat Alan does do you do you smoke a lot of we either the yeah it. I'm just since I'm I'm a mighty mighty nice father in law has chickens and I'm like walked out to his backyard looked Adam and I lieutenant Roy Fineman is an armed it's I don't play you know there's no nothing fascinating about how. While good for you Elena please know yes bring your bring your chickens inside. She can just scoop on everything I mean that's when I thunderbird have you sharp tools talons American summer hard wood I don't need that she should put to the I'm feeling Elin does an argument I don't know. OK okay I don't know what Jack Carter comes. I'm judging your floral. Does that put sequel could do chickens inside and it's anything but when we execute yeah. This conversation I never thought I'd ask the color of the carpet warehouse places ago. Like chickens and so I want old guys floor and you recommend. And Schilling came on the phone for her or. Appeals yeah but somehow not doing a lot of Napa okay yeah yeah bless his dance three general preach it to fifty. Yeah I think we know we were Aaron well. Would you. Know leave oh. It's like this because I don't pilot Ali act yeah you'll pardon was a little bit maybe it like he. Did it yes. The band but I well. Choices slugger currency that's you don't hampered test what are you got. I'm our pets they're. And so I go into about people's houses and I have a client who has two labs and that means you god has Allard just. They have deep commonality if. Economy saw smiles at what senate aide. Wouldn't that moved from a different state and Serbian people physically moved houses to follow this net. And they're dog. Stuff. And it snowed they have to Wear booting it out in a doubt that they can't arbitrary and so you asked how simply do is turn around you really do it. I don't have it cameras. All I guess I see here she. Please see your booties on dog yeah yeah yeah and Dick Cheney do babysit them so when they're not home. I come over and guests in their house. With the dogs and you play when you're job is to play in T June moon and they don't even play they just sleep I just sit there and watch TV and eat their food. Even dogs suitor into peoples and so. He will leave out sued for you ask. There's no way you can now would never close my name on it what. Com source William allergist SCSI and allergies clearly you know what was the other person in a public league diploma not a little hard to turn out yet. Because the unemployment numbers are. I'm just saying this my kids have allergies and I used to take him so I recommend you call when he on the weekends ethnically dogs have better specialists and my children it's there's a stab club medical. For a couple lab doesn't even. Go there yeah I think you critical Jan ten though yeah. Yeah soon gave. You can't dance night. I'll get it right weird pet pampering stories but I don't know order and it would. Which is problematic of course the absence. Basically I can't order my of course every month but I pay wore my don't Randy. That's for your own brand what will have to pay for I need to do you have to pay for bored being in in getting. Fact is that moment how old I even show court so don't know why there. Why I don't know. How. Is this horse get a massage it probably every four weeks. It's there painting of his game it. Easily downed at below no it made you're standing up okay and our chiropractor. Lakes are. So he comes and adjust the horse. Yeah they're they're saying they did I holds you make money also worse or Arnaud RL. Oh this is just you just pour out of love so you don't celery that's my horse just got a massage those massages halves what are. Eight what are the endings like your horse massage I'm curious that the there are they just walk away I didn't talk a lot of guys unless it's not happy at Kamerion flaws test. That's so that's crazy at. And so what do you get out of bed did you feel like discourse loves you do you feel like discourse is grateful for the massages in the chiropractor or. You know honestly I can't really do about it all horse people are just credible thing. We just and that's ridiculous amount of money we don't how. Yeah well. I mean I don't think there is the first step so that's. As amazing Tinto. And I would I would like to do massaged by a horse person known well he's wondered out what you think just make. Yeah the thing is we think and you know Noah get all being on your Z up the up in on on video chat if you can actually the yeah I he pampered pets. It might not actually. So he either really good friend of mine and he's married he's senator early thirties and eminent iPad no Ted. But their two cats. And one other cats. Last year had a some sort of a problem on the down there. And over yeah. Oh and so it was like a hole overnight obeying and they've got super worried about it he came in the next eighty tolling I kept them quiet. And that Betty Ford grand RD UT I. UT and cranberry. Well Graham Saul I'm not yet when you thought zero ensued Steve why you don't do that should not -- bring him back to you when a second Ashley we need is school Steve on why you need it more of the constant real cranberry juice all you don't do ocean spray now. Crappy show girlfriend no nonsense that's what I trust me I spread UT guys like you. And it's dude I. Randy. Has dispenser okay UN yeah I don't look like. No it's a you don't cream grade raid particularly is like pretend cranberry 010 year old was clearing up UT you know. Know you gotta do the real soda bottle home with everybody really really well complimentary. I guess we need all these things. There's a doctor's number. Wow. I'm so I'm guessing no it's a little more it's a little more involved a little but that hazel and crane and great for a chat if it was for granted the she's a big cats flying know that before yeah. Yeah I mean there both of their caps spared their pride and joy he talked about him all the time we had they you kick the workday yesterday. Status. He lied so bad to bring it cast storage you would tell on everybody about it it was. Eleven so much. It's the problem that I sound is once someone gets a UTI they tend alleged. Have a propensity towards you keep you TI so hello Chad hasn't gotten more UTI's it was whoa whoa Dunn you TI Sanger. Actually hasn't it hasn't happened one a couple of months ago and they have this special medication for it now and they like which open die and you know you all of this. Out of a normal kind of day units shipped in Spain. We just find out if crayon great isn't involved in any of the special diet so being that we need to prove Steve Wright or. There's a thing needs a closure if you can call us until I see these people home this. Iiroc pages got the wrong stuff can happen it's a. These are. My did not meet our. All the way off the track this and and I don't know okay trees just. Yeah I. Crayon great for you TI's taste better times worst she's all right we will actually just go back to pampered pets what do you guys. Why a story well hello denials slacker whose fish stories what do I don't what happens. So my daughter at three years of age I thought she needed a pet like other pet store and a get re goldfish 33 and each. I took dying and one survived and she named Courtney after Elmo fish store think tanks say. She's forty years old and you look at my husband says dad I think north he'd only achieved that Barack a friend's. We got the pet store and get another goldfish that you are names that popped into the right at the spot. Gave the first one I didn't see. My daughter cried and cried and cried he gonna die so might what Ben. Called around to all these bets in the entire city by one bet that we'll handle a golf bash. He's taken in the ball in the water to Tibet. That then proceeds to give us for a different this arrangement wish her shot. Link has become a. Warm this story three sit gold finish. Right and so. We had to come home unconditional water amid a separate the two special spot had to be by himself yet been reconditioned to get it fixed. And good stuff that gave us. You condition the Waterford north beach and then and I you have to hold the finished down with rubber gloves while he put a syringe underneath the deals to. The you're getting people to watch how much all ended it takes ten to six to finish. Now believe or not this fish survived. And lived to be thirteen years ago 010 yeah you're you're you're and how much it well and out for about thirteen years it was about five grand. Jack's true Reese. A couple of you understand they you could've just went to the pet store with a guy like I found another fish it looked just like. Dorsey. Not one years of age can but this was about. More into. Blah. Most driving Apple's yeah I'll eat. Whenever I'm not spending five grand on resize your house dude they're. He's a tough on us. She says. When this rig every. Every day you wanna be alive and her feet all god I more tempered good stories we'll take him over on the side currency FaceBook news.