Slacker and Steve - Parenting Contracts 8/29

Wednesday, August 30th


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And so we did talk to some people I don't know it's what kind of hijacked in the show for a friend of ours. He's Hubert he asks a question and no one complaining about it. Is such thing as a parenting contract. Like a legal binding failure of verbal thing her that's a question what are you people actually have. What what happened is they got a divorce and they're trying to do the best that they can and and do that co parenting thing. Which. Or how you can. That's just hard enough and then you can call somebody else data and some deals much it's like just once people move on but long story longer. He had detained in the key at one aide to get a haircut it was a little girl going in she wanted to her cat and he was like OK and then she got the chair. NO a trim turn into a cut turning dude was uneven and it. Turned out she went from like having significantly long hair to having bought the rights. Mom was not cool when I. It's one of those things where she didn't get any say. In. I know you're leading this is all foreign do you get a college. But it's nice it's mom's tier continue and it's to speak your co parenting. You can't go make it physical change to your child without both sides even though it's a child's will but the child does like four. So this was oh I thought when mom missed out on kids first haircut that's supposed to be important and I wasn't told about it he was more of the radical physical change to the child without mom's permission of the grows back. It is true. But it. She wants she's likes had to say no my attitude but you know we need yeah she's basically saying I wanna change our custody agreement unless. We can put a contract in place that's as. And this didn't didn't have to think from. Literally every single incident. If you wanna take usual muscle structure I needed to prove the ear pieces she's like oh I don't know how far things like this don't. But let's talk about the movie was saying it's somebody he knows. The grandma took him out and got their ears pierced 040 boo him but mom is now because that was a big day in a mother daughter and got everyone's into it. I my ears are pierced by holes closed over. Just don't put the stones back here. They don't did you have some and that was a big thing first sewage kids and close did you take him out well much basketball coach. Yes I guess I did that's right they closed up. So this are over again I don't know something about shooting a piece of metal through your daughter's ear without both parents signing off about it a little. There's people oh my god there is such a thing sort of Bridget. Yeah I'm the contracts. I had a parenting plan what is. I'm what didn't commit a legally binding and keep a ready yet when you're getting divorced and have children together instead. Inner really just bad what you're gonna erase the kids what that that the patient outlook don't look like. And didn't get to make what extent that it. Why don't do like like explain what you mean by that makes it if it's heritage as it did in the details like hair cut ear piercing more drew just. Did you worse. I'm churning extend mine Ed my ex husband and what are incredibly irresponsible all. Now all I ended up getting all of that its vision making Wright. Improvements. I even though you couldn't made to be without him he he was completely taken out who's paying this money right so he but I was no. He wasn't even yeah. Carl wolf and dish news you lose yeah yeah they Yahoo!. I like every penny got 800. The decision making rights taken away so I. I'm art and went pro at that it numbers all and he pat summer bit patient and you were used to enroll art and commerce or yeah you. Like oh yeah it was it was in the kit that's entrant sport need to keep. Anyways so you needed a lawyer to Duke Energy is right in all right Ian and notary. You know what did you do. I couldn't afford an attorney I get all of that might I'll. And then lunch you're really happy you look at other legal jargon I don't recommend it. On and fortunately I I knew enough and I I knew I had a couple friends all relic that the rich her knees bend. I mean typically deal without actually hiring line. And so if he doesn't sticker you don't stick to the plan than they don't the other spouse iams and there's. And we picking held in contempt that we actually ended up having four different contempt hearing there are good to score. Eighteen rich yet cash and. No they had sign this. Plus I don't. Sat back say he really eat just try not wrapped. What he had gotten wrong. Are you doing right. Nose and it like your dogs. While they judged is I did not fit pretty NGL where he can't eat just couldn't understand. What he had done that was so wrong which. While. You eat the ice bridge it is bottom line works for you when your situation and a friend the show will definitely keep your parenting playing if you got parenting planner parent contracts we'd like more information over on the soccer Steve's taste okay it's.