Slacker and Steve - Pathetic Proposals 10/3

Tuesday, October 3rd


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Steve can't absorb about proposals today. We're fighting basically in the in the building right now because our intern was helping us like Apple's sudden he's right. Welcome guys don't want to talk about good proposal to stick with the in his league that's not us the she hits McCain store does have heard about this is Missouri dude. I will give him points for which part. Using tax dollars to have. Do you see your grass in his proposal there's zoo actually the dead animals in the zoo alone. They're not just that's a natural habitat for a draft wearing a prince's Opel cuts solve them. That's his dumb you spent the last five minutes looking up I didn't concerts like six and a half. I was a junior like if you're ready philosophy you should not exactly a suit with the what would cushion could well that's yeah that's okay but that's just a round yet that makes it does rod see who she ought to know that. RC one now pair. Don't. IE don't I don't marquee. Mark he's like Hackwear I don't know marquis is admirable. It didn't blow the whistle okay yeah yeah I knew that you've had two weddings you should know this stuff I just it's just me but almost everybody I've ever dated a rings. It's not. This intrinsic and why I can't not be in a long generally can't not to be you want to pull that you know we're there on the mega number of negatives which one more and co dependent I'm back right. And if this dude I told his girl. We need to go behind the scenes it's a drafty. Tax cuts in depends and relies what I don't like saddle mentally she wouldn't be makes. I assume that's a million times and there's nothing drives me more nuts and some dude. Cool as taking you go to McDonald's on every day and he's like by the way we have run reservations are shopping mall mall this moss and into. It's so odd car into a mountainside built by elves sitting like us restrictions ever Friday night that's out of the ordinary is inside. I'm does seeing this proposal yeah. How old. Is it my isn't aiming at says I'm proposing on Friday you can attack the elderly and Billy Joseph shook my muscle we'll have to produce that. I just say it still this guy. I did this snag it's like each sheet is like moon. With the date a long time that. Sure he's not here today and we don't mean the Jerod axles lucky it's so he gets her backstage I guess and the draft lured her back so yes backstage to the giraffe. Change but I don't watch a you're treating me the ruse you're right the ruse was that they're there to watch a streaming video guys ordered to do this training they would that are aren't they got to see the draft and d'antoni there's dressed and our opponent since. It to give birth state she says the draft is. Michael already he's eating he's sure to please its its victory. Know you why you are not getting married his power from Europe yes it is no big deal like this is romantic she. Romantic but neither is this guy act like let's or just shoot giraffe people what are. Capacity meet at the zoo manner. Science. Maybe didn't that would make it's okay this is is done so they go back to watch trainer it is like. Where the weird films or music. Out of cedar draft a little. And then like whole. Stick up did you Rask has. Then did a necklace on you know wearing for engagement stone or whatever yeah Aaron yeah but it means through congress address neck. You all ready since forever standing here I just watched a training video I'm feeding the draft to stick with the leaves on it. Even notices exactly I don't think she didn't quite excellent. Hold. Food. Yeah. Golden rule and undermine the whole time is is donors Eagles went to Libya to shut told. It's. A date yet where they else so that's. But eventually he's like oh yeah you heard the term million square. So that she reached and she grab it off the neck of the drought dried you in the draft a hero checks we'll look she saw this show rejection. Of arms and they're doing the ring size is around. I've read your dancing was eventually vasser bring in and her lower floor. Yeah. A a so deeply sorry. To his talent quick patrol animosity but a couple of little these gentlemen analysts agree and some details rounds no no no not all I had a different proposals store all. Oh so you're ready to do you're ready to break up this like no yeah I guess I've yeah. I'm a little said yes all head and all zoos like would you like the draft to be their great rare cancer there. I don't care what you wanted to what's the dumbest thing I ever get your prosthetic post trust has just took the third year of the couple of kick it but if all of Hussein is. Figure out what time it is right now and end the show fifteen minutes before this event tomorrow yeah. That's just find the implosion point if the and bad time before it and the new double. Images he's understand that there's a point we're word don't you think we're just yet now we're just talking good teacher actually lucky color. We are considered excess shock don't Marmol. But. That anywhere earlier proposals stories yeah we don't want little d.s but it looks like we have. Time for a new candidate though this you guys know how says I am with like those reality competition like talent shows or whatever the so I've been watching the X-Factor UK on YouTube who live with the and so this just try having relations and her trip but. It's very that's okay. I. Forget that so anyway this is kid a break now then it this year what they're doing that's big is when they get to the third stage of the competition they get to go to Wembley Stadium in him perform in front of everybody in web Wembley Stadium and all gone. I so they're still judged by the regular judges. But they did this kid gets up on stage. He's been big his girlfriend they keep talking about it and every promo before he's saying now at times he's really good though Blake he's been great but he gets up in front Wembley and just. Wake crumbles a home just did terrible he was not good at all. He already had the ring in his pocket. And if you don't ask. Really ready. The judge has come back they deliberate. Guys like basically tears in their like oh I'm sorry this was really bad you're out. I'll check off and he has to be like well like. I inferno like 80000 people. Peter had our. Share and our military there's no I think rejected twice she did she know she did well. So who. Missouri the competition and I mean I know I like how bad does that sound right eats it's totally I mean he had the cocky like just. I'm gonna make it this is gonna be my moment I'm gonna ask her and then he just. All. Who constantly put on Ellen and ask somebody and they can do chick said now yeah give it our home cashiers are now I just can't. You don't notice the queen of happy endings everything has like a huge golf check in this is one little lifelong home. If that hurts so this oil from you if you're still listening to is we still have to say bunch more words before we go. The good legal methods and better. Just play along with the citadel high marks just drop please stop until it's what we did the court earlier heard the huge and it's just so if you do you. Have had a rotten we don't want good ones so we want he took me honesty every drill it through a Jurassic. Access expect. The I'll grab a marked down to you and says no but it. If you married terrible proposal. Opportunity proposal we want to hear your story that many of the united proposals. Oh my boy intranet that time I had been dating for awhile and you and we spent so weekend with some transit wedge from high oil. Who are in the military. And on her way whom from the mountains. And we had been talking about the possibility I'm going into the military. And heat because it is over and do so he turned all. Your. Does something to do this again Patricia get married time and I said I guess don't. That was the big remembered as a traditional and keep going off to war right he let's go ahead and get married so I got somebody back tier one hearts. Yeah me and what we did we got married about Julie accord he knocked a base pick and we've been dating for a long time and so it kind of one of those it was apparent that both can knew it was going in the act. Truman and you know when you know you don't have any of them let's ask him it's inevitable like getting chicken yeah. Now Armageddon in some Basel. According amazing Jennings the oh you are you still married. We really do not blame for eight years. Oh do you do for you bet your very tolerance you yeah. Chile's Susan who couldn't let my money ran a brilliant wow you're. It's. The bank usually don't that they knew then what I just speaks with the you cannot. I feel proposals that weren't great. My ex and I have been together for about three years and we moved him to get there we let stare at each other for probably three man three farmer I'm touched and like we talked a lot and he texted me Monday. Hey we need the top cleaning homes like oh perfect easiest break up in the history of the hour up to us both on the same page and then it. I got home to light rose petals and handles things and new day. Since whole picture meal plan and he got down on one knee each. And without even thinking and my response was oh my god I think I'm gonna throw up. 00 please just please show me. We are definitely so you have done but a. And now and I my grant to the bathroom. Out came back and had to likes it down in the middle of rose petals and. Handle low and it blamed and that it didn't think they murky now. And then I thought he should they're out. And I know zoo people and. Drachma yeah 00. Terrible I post go out at a hope actually. Made it stops they. Coming from him in the relationship he must just been nervous and building up so that. The proposal that made him treat you like crap he didn't realize they're nice you're like 08 checked out general Jack yeah hall sue. Slowly he like he accused me of cheating not and a few weeks but Ford weren't. Like. You're just being really insecure. And very jealous about our re saying I like probably a month but a word. He asked me human chipping and so we hear X. Oh hole. Do that. I'm ready this bed nets you just did you personally Justin Brown his perspective it's like tonight's the night I begin the rest of my life and she's night. And I had a marsh and then we gotta talk show after. Yeah that is romantic this is held in the freaking Embarq and I don't this way and she was like fifth year about Brittany. Hey guys. That weren't graves. So I had two friends that had been training bed. African safari trip turn like a year year and a half. And couple weeks before. They come over and key issue to romantic in those pay diet. The last night of our trip I got species eat dinner planned on their proposed. And where my my boyfriend and I think their like. She doesn't believe in marriage NG vocal about it assists and so I think the rest of the night late kind of groping her light. You know I think you'll ever get married apparently. No I don't believe in marriage and they come back from the trip and their broken up because she had no. All why he didn't. Bill I'm Jeremy should have known what she he was committed off I'd get a super dude you eat you steady look he showed that she's not January he had these. Asked. Oh John Skinner on the last night. They haven't told when he seven hours worth of travel. Gloria. I guess she's certain notice all God's side I think is a bond now brutal. They usually come Britney all homo all the time for marriage no debt. This is the Jeddah. I behind me the proposals. I'm we'd better not RN and street eight. The world's total that and you really like to me ally in Karbala kind of died there and and he wanted to be married him because she didn't want her to die community that a successful out of I sleep. Does the mayor just.