Slacker and Steve - Pay Cut for Gender Equality 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th


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He ever talks. Which version is he going to be here. You be nice IER items so dumbfounded hosts two putted unbelievably moronic this is I'd and so actually speechless won't okay so there's a question then there's a survey that they just they surveyed 141000. Adults. With this question and we would love it if you want if you wanna jump then it's for real this is for real. I think I think I'm afraid for us to talk about it too much because we're the wrong gender to talk about it. We're just we're were always the wrong gender and hopefully we're emerges out of it does feel a little bit like for the wrong gender now here's the question. And affording me like I'm gonna say this I know the writings are on paper but if I know the right thing to say wait here's a question. And could you. Would shield. Be willing to take a page typed. To promote gender equality so I I feel like that question is geared towards men. Did you guys. That's that's the so OK we'll CEO make him a million dollars were not gonna ask her to take a break it's so old. Hundred plus if she's and a company that wants that a guy would be making let if there is an example of normal woman making. More than a man I would say you would ask that but I think by and large in most companies. The man is making. More. Yeah I mean it was like what was it 77 cents on the dollar this and this is based onyx and you coming in with experience. And that negotiating a salary skills. Yes are these all come into play or it's as we look at this guys make you more there are so you mean for your down to know that. China insists this is so unbelievably stupid I'm trying to get behind the thought process okay let me let me ask you let me ask you question type so I was supposed to take food out of my kids as my house because you meet your crappy at negotiating this. I don't I'm understanding that that is the current that is the question being asked because you're crappy negotiating a salary I think we all got to suffer. I don't know that that's the entire reason for the for the for the pay gap. It is is. Is bad negotiating and I think that's probably. One part of why the pay gap exists Boca but I think it's it's a really weird. Phenomenon to ask. Anyone. To give something up because that person sucks at their jobs I don't understand them. So it's sort of so you wanna know how many people said they were. Tom. Let's say. A third of Americans say they would be willing to take a pay cut if it meant little leveling the field. 29% were uncertain and 38% said. What's he dissing my question. Like this is dumb it's my fifth graders to cut. Carry him on an exercise for everybody listening to your health. Everyone goes through our declaration of independence no boys go through and hello go through all of our four big legal documents you know we have in Canada and come up all the times you see the words say year. See the problem is were republic based on a free market society so I don't care. Now orient okay what are you need to go communism that's that's fair is that they give me a job that may have the rest of my life for a woman have the same pay for the rest of my life right. Regardless of my gender and regardless of your skills that exactly that's and I have no I have no hope to advance that's communism and so they want Communist. Them this question and I have. There. Here's here I guess the question that I have is are there women listening right now that actually won best 'cause I don't think they do. I'd never been a person who believed. That's a way. To get everybody even. Is to drag somebody down state Khieu okay. Never sought a bit as looks that's rare that you have more than me so let's let's take some from you I've never been that person do. Who was IH. Have friends who are are. Saying well sees. And I hate. I look at them and I Indy damn and I knew I hope. To some day. Had a tenth of what they have. How does its America you have the opportunity and I wanna try to get that I don't think and now. This is not the same gender gap I'm just I'm just you don't illustrating a point from me being a mayor and and what I see when somebody has something that I don't have. I would never go. Dot guys got three vacation houses and two boats. Had zero vacation houses in zero votes so she should give me. One of his vacation house. The government should take it away if and one of these boats as it's not fair so so if you order. Just a beat he cool. I don't I don't feel like she should lose something I feel like I need to get more. On my own and so you need to put forth more effort if you want to have with that person has. But the says no. This is so I guess you know my ass and do nothing and somewhere along the way did you believe truly that women sit on their. On their not a singer known and I've done not bringing with this a nothing to do with women I'm just saying if I sit in my ass is a man. I hate them I just wait for the government to go you would take away what are your whole so what are your car myself to give it to me because he's supposed to be fear us if there. I'm sorry go look for that word fair in the constitute our I don't want. So this is I've not understood this question and I'd buy it so. It feels very gender bias it's and it's geared towards men to say would you do about some even the playing field my question for everyone listening like I say it is. Do you really want. I feel like women are so tick bite. I don't think they wanna I don't think they want it that way where do we do we want to give what we earned. I think I think that women especially now org are are out there. Liked Russian it not taking any crap from anybody makes. All the systems that warm place tormented say totally a sense of things and makes. City's police sort of hold it over your head legally maybe you should go out on a date with me if he'd like to stay at this company. All that's being exposed and all that's going away as good show and that's also just totally anybody really wants to win by going. Yeah I know that's not cool bad guys got that I think I I think the kind of women better kick in its bite right now are the kind of women that just wanna go out. I think they wanna see her shake I don't think they even playing field that's it learn how to negotiate a salary better but in my eye and I'd just to reiterate I don't think you. I'm dot com type of person who evens the playing field with a bulldozer I'd bring in more dirt. Oca I don't feel like you have to. Take away from one to give to another even Steve and everything else I could be crazy lies are exposed to be consistent going to be even Steve I that's the other course welcome to the free courts I don't know what. Yeah I'm happy when he thank. Not ticket base. And your life well again I agree with you I don't think. I should have to be taken away from. To give somebody else Morse. If anything I think that they should just be given you the the example I work at a Harlem where there are two women who make more than me. So if that's fair to say that they should get paid I grabbed people who. No this is stupid yeah I bet I don't think big question was geared that way I think they're wanting to do one gender or any other but like I just yeah. Stay here because don't mean we've obviously had a hot buttons there's a lot of people blowing stuff up so many. Yeah I I. Any XP work well let me try and they haven't heard issuing marriage you Turkey and the woman and all the current execution. Did not act is undeniable. And really connect with the clear blue easy marketing latter are. I never said you horror and absolutely none which but basically your argument is is just blaming men differed on Pena was same as men that's that's an end as he 100000 words into why you make him less than us. And we can secure goalie. That's not part of it it's just aren't doing any bad even the aren't currently our current New England New York won't let that getting hate black. And athletic play there without equality even more. You wouldn't want you would want somebody to give up you you would want. Like you gotta co worker stating their maintain its 45000 dollars a year and you make in 38 you want him take a paycheck. That's what you want. It's a good little car try to battle the battle. It's weird little clothing and I I truly meld them right don't Barack in equal peaking at the. Absolutely. All all the absolute wild. You want him so if you negotiate a better salary than you do you want. Thus I've spare me your better negotiate or give me the extra block or maybe fortunately it did who should be punished him for a company who decided to pay them and why isn't anybody have to venue. OK got him. They're constantly. But also be handled a couple of them pull away from Holland I'll look at them until about negotiation. I went in there and negotiated and they didn't get a total. Hi I am don't want them back. The problem eight. How do you prove it was because your woman and not because of some intangible that they thought he had that you didn't write. That's not why. All. And maybe. What what what I was saying that it is an okay for me to sit in my but I'm not I'm taking I'm not talking gender. I'm just seeing if if a guy is gonna sit on his ass and do nothing and at I'm busted my ass. I'm sure sure. Jim I don't know how much what did you exactly salary to the worthless I hate now to me it's I've been removing gender out of that. Worthless is worthless. Yeah. Right. That's your opinion and you we do appreciate it that's kind of the question taken away it's some for Bruce first thing if he's if I thought 400 X company. And am making this amount of money I feel like I deserve that money and then you come in the world this person not making it. And they will. So that's my muscle tightened up all I'm working for what I do so either you got to fire mean to say. The Cobb turner makes this amount of money right regardless of gender and start over I think taking salary away from people scary Canada. Yeah I Don. I'm not I think that that. Abbott earlier ridiculous and a guy should not have to you give Pitt paid the woman. And I am I'm not a super dominant seller trial. Love eliminate the anatomy. But I don't think bay a 100% because women can't negotiate I think they obviously like. A national Republican national issue like women are generally paid less than men and I I don't think just because they can't negotiate I think it. Because they're women and they might be offered last. I think what they should do is offer them more money not hate it away from the guy and I think I'm decent calls. Pompano. Wasn't solely saying it's because a negotiation skills and there's a thousand actors and you take once he was more women work part time the moon's. More women choose not to be in certain industries that men do everything it's kind of weird is not some people some people who are setting salaries are women. And women that's my point oh. Eric your email applause isn't and you do Laurie you learn that it's socially it's not just the Mets I don't are. Austin saying that from now on every job to go through a chart hiring choices should be made like a boom without. Deciding gender like you should know a person's gender. When you hire them for a job we should to seal their qualifications. Their experience. Offer them lazy and I. Two of them and then you're asking him questions what are you have to use like why aren't actually the blind EU every time I don't age aren't that. I'd be totally down with that's dangerous it is me you know. But he's the only way to truly say. This this person negotiated salary. Even know who's Kyra I didn't know. I just offered any money candidate a yeah I see that you guys wanna get a little more calm down in the weeds on this and yell Steve is available for FaceBook yeah.