Slacker and Steve - Pay for a Public Bathroom? 3/21

Wednesday, March 21st


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Staying on the he's got about bathrooms oh today I know it's weird thing to talk about the latest. So you're out somewhere I know we do this weird thing that I know about Stephen Laura and her just before. CDs have to drive from. Denver. See you which node actor soda actually outsold acted the times again he US storage unit right I did in its. If he urged you to go body. You wouldn't stop at a truck stop flight ever or gas station makes it anywhere along I eighty that's just running is set to be ideal. Right that's right yeah I can't you know that's well either. Once Ameren the motel to 2 in the morning to selected user bathroom and I kept going and then like he memory storage unit. I had I I couldn't hold that one time and I had to go in my storage unit. Go in the corner yeah no I actually had this ashtray this operate ashtray canister ashtray so it took to live off frank strategists are guys I know I hovered over that. So you're your soul. A first shoe and nasty bathroom that you would rent out but you're motel bathroom had to be almost as bad as the trucks down though it was a it was had to strip across the toilet so I assume that they're cleaned and stuff oh. So if you're how say downtowns. And it is something he is coming over you now I would have no choice but do I but I managed to avoid. I cannot tell you the last time I used. A numbered for number two abolish public bathtub while you're so you'll you'll go number one anywhere right yes it does as a guy Jack Adams and everything's. A sit down experience for you so they have a lot tougher time than is so true so. There's a study out the talks about how much would you pay. Foreign nice clean bathroom while you're out a clean would you would you be willing to pay a C. CA tenth. To guarantee that somebody is white stacked. That toilet resilient so I gotta pay extra to somebody who's supposed to be giving paid to clean public restroom or us decimated the cleaners and ago. I'm in a new crappy job but if you speak because that particular little bit more then I'll do my job correctly well I mean it's like a rest area. I don't Hamas say OK you're how often they come back in my right you can't be on it as much there and if you do inserted dollar bill to give him do it in there would be enough money there are sick to really pay somebody hello hello Ross and you know oh so would you be willing to kick in a little bit since I don't use public restrooms I I would I avoid him pretty well. Mean that in a pinch OK yes how much should be depends. Well so is it on the stall door it would change in in the making unit for I've. I'd like you don't look outside yeah because we're talking like to seek area to do I want it all cleaned yeah. So before so they're still clings not enough unlikely it'll clear the right. I can't what are launch plan and that you ask us if you take it in this all steel Tebow just gives you actually reach. And do other singles you have to be before you entered the actual masses itself but then we'll in my. You regulate only won one in one hour like I've put my dollar and and oh yeah just prop the door open and then charged fifty cents to get in just. Don't sailing I don't know how. How you would regulate danys sober than today see the bathroom first to see how clean it is that's a great question I give you money after bad you know assess damage and there's a mirror I mean I walk around is there an open house this is. Net proceeds plus other words it's like yeah you're right I'd wanna see it's like what Mike getting through his whole spoke and I pretty Taipei but Durban times where I just needed yeah so you're gonna pay whatever I did five bucks. If you had to have to. If I knew it was pristine if you liked how sorry cherry creek mall bathrooms I am Ben and in analog tandem winning my first open Amelie profusely. It was like I I would just like I don't know there impeach. Mother's ex seal up the mound I don't have a go there it is immaculate they're due to a real huge for so they're just constantly clean and yeah look where the door make it's I guess wooden door handle on the stalls yes that's those are nice. On 56% of Americans. Are saying they'd be open to paying a price for me it was appearance he'd do we clean toilet apparently in Europe this is a common thing. Perfect I can see women because women may never have enough stalls and the ones they do it's like and there was get messy gross yeah. Yes literally you're seeing as how. You look a bathroom get grossed links if you're a person who hates gross bathrooms and why don't you flush but it's like the the mob mentality group. Did you have an and I think from my son at a high school. And I want to end not one of the stalls had been flush what. One of the SARS all caught it sees it that's this argument I just had with my son today I'm like dude you're standing there. And you have to finish. And then literally it's like your hand is right right there today. But you you wouldn't shoes of this whole walk away yet the disk 'cause I want to newsroom today and it was like it. It was just number one dynamite to FedEx series been in your air all right yeah. Even breathing bluish just typical call home and my twin idea in his room it's on the top it's the pull up pregnancy that's more songs. Yeah anyway 56% of Americans would do it we went we knew we were talking to our intern somebody said they had they actually paid money in Europe plea to the Eiffel Tower cost some money because obviously the ladies of fifteen cents equivalent in frakes yachtsman and try to talk to use them but here's the problem when I just senate if I box when I'm desperate right. Americans 45% who so that's 56% of said he would do it. They be willing to pay a quarter 45% and would only be a corner just not enough useless yeah you. Even if you clean work for recorder you know I mean if you want clean what do you get cleaned in this country for a quarter. Coin nothing I would why would pray blob more than that if I have got to be a hell yeah he's 29% would pay fifty cents. In only 6% would pay a dollar or more so. We're way no how did I how much do you snobbery name besides. To be able to sit down and not feel like I'm catching yes the few times that I have to use a public restroom I it's worth it it's so whoever die on the squad. And like you're quads are warriors are what trucks up earlier and I had to use a drug Johnson it was nasty drum solo U or you do it arms hang you know. It's nice this lends granite. Tough for five bucks man that I discussed savior who lives sit on your eyes just eyes are that would be an awesome things.