Slacker and Steve - Personal Walk of Shame 9/12

Monday, September 12th

We've all had a walk of shame in some form or fashion and we're not talking about the ones after a hook up. Maybe it was when you went to the same fast food restaurant twice in the same day. What are your personal walk of shame stories?

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Steve I ask you wanna talk about walks exchange yeah. Well candy did did Google slightly different than your normal hook up walking shoes if you have one of those we would accept that as well we going to be you're your own personal. This just inspired by a there's a predator that Steve specifically. What no guns and felt jerks your drugstore market shame is what my favorite OID it's soulful. Martin's you can. You know it's not don't duties and it's. He does lead to block shame is due to its core prisoners and I'm explaining to me up is discontinuing its moment we just. Your mortified to being your own skin because you're still wearing a little black dress from the night before yeah it's 6 o'clock in the morning there's kids running around a slip and slide from. And you're walking past him with your lights fast steroids is needed her hair is bad and ask yeah black skirt. And here you're like he you're seeing it teach using music at noon you don't have your son that's just his food needed them at a club that's rough you know that. That can happen when it doesn't have to do relations can happen when your someplace like Brian wanted to drugstore. I was I was at my normal each small screen how do you say I don't know what drives all greens are all into the left. And so I'm in line and empathy for repurchases in the they have as rewards program they always ask you burn roars program or is it none that worthy. And that for some reason kind of guy that the clerk was kind of laughed in some of the other people line behind you laughed and so he's doing the whole spiel and I was list as clever clicks just left and right. Our eye is yeah. Does your records and yeah I was to come back when I come back we've rap part that's an addict I did affect all the people align behind me there. So like Dubai final clever quip and everybody laughs that I dropped the Mike and I'm walking out of his car. This stuff and that's when the next guy in line comes around goes sir you you forgot your bag of purchases. So why. And so long yeah. I welcome shouldn't be mean yes and. And I had to come back acting goes I love Perez. That's chiropractic. And yeah morning to all our loser. There's about I was close going you are you guys to keep my do you older than myself to ask you is how. And a masters even if I'll I had to go back there just I. It's obvious how might I do I know exactly know it's sad dump I. Doesn't similar but not as bad as just mean the dry cleaner Kazaa a didn't dry cleaner my thing and I'll turn only my shirts don't have to walk. Why. My whole cloud just. Do you do you raising your drug out. This cyber Democrats ice. That is a goal back here and he grabbed around my went mad he is no easy see how it's terror creating making noises and usually you're gonna all the magazines. It is. Word ever. I was embarrassed. Okay. Lou. Not as old enough to fly without my parents say I took the trip and I even when I was on the plane or sit next to some guy and I was the guy that passed out. And about I don't know half hour Philly half hour woke up he woke me up late nudge me news like a man you're drooling on me. Oh I thought so then they'll hold wrestler but had to sit there and there we had the whole walk all the way down the baggage claim and how. Laura backers grandma. Do you read through all done on this guy he's a free trade lifted off the QB you don't like don't at least it didn't it was if you know. So when you wanted to baggage claim all you can focus on is that steel. Rules and it would like we couldn't separation you know hi Kelly do this is lower lot and try to bring yourself up from the group and it was like everywhere I went he was there. Oh yeah you'll put the bathrooms are right. You say you. Cute it just because you say you did nicknames seriously yeah but that's yeah. And the so we saw from rent it there was one. And I. Still bird Johnson never you have what ever price I would I'm racking my brain more precise he eats it's a retail when one of the worst ones I remember I was nights. 22 whatever had a credit card and I went to one of the big box stores. She messed Schneider what an and that that was like back to the day I don't live when he changed did the lights. If you don't just bring everything to the French national I don't him. Today oh yeah TDs you can buy you know crack there. In juniors sitting right sleeve yeah Lucy walked out with and that's why they I think they did XP we're just you don't notice they were in the red register. So one of the back registers trying to buy TV. In my credit card gets declined not my credit card chanted declines yeah that's do we go and so. I pray I'm. I. Ozzie. I am. Creating a scene and so they're dealer manager calls almost all they're around the other Camilla and so I'm making a scene. People gathering around and everything idea and they made me call my bank in the insists clean fuel. On the entire crowd that's gathered around decide. And I'm just a sit there and and there was thank you yeah I mean money. It's not like I afford that luckily I demanded to be on speakerphone but I didn't feel so good. Could never deviated at all so yeah. Here and it's this kindly banker is well all dude you just don't have any streets here you. What do you name forever but why what makes you think you can get a TV room. I'm standing here and I didn't feel the eyes of the night. Seven you people who I've gathered around me they're my they're my posse is gonna walk down triumph and we would Meehan my TV in your design. But what are my units you can't still like. You don't play good knew when he wants I don't know where it was call. Pentagon that god does unedited yeah. I understand I hang up the car might. Just and again. You mrs. homer the law. Push my rise equally rude throngs and you're throwing tomatoes and benefits across I don't know TV so. This is built up I don't know job. And of the United States and oh. The fact that they noted when you make your release you you're all the walk past. There was nothing don't read it read this dude. Tried to pass gas in class. Quietly. And it on opposite usually have a continuous very loud and it was very stinky. And then he had to like raises handing go can be excused. Any had to walk. He was in the back row of the class Penner walk through the class everybody knew he was he had passed gas that everybody could smell it and as he walked out. You can see the evidence. We should arm he's not. The data and if I don't kill off a fees that kids this if you thought as she was he was covered so that was he is. Personal nice shame me block we'd each had one and Steve's offense had one arm. Have you have burned would you be willing to admit to us that you've had your own personal walk of shame we'd love to hear your story Michelle fifth with. These guys these personal reasons. Yes shell. It happened actually earlier this week. Army has been and I actually didn't injuring an apartment option arm and we're really excited and we actually had a relationship first time in the new plane until it really loud and parliament now. Eight showed an entrance to go to work and I opened the door and my experience or ranked outside might go. More so they got they stood there and listen and see you're listening to this man the finale but that's the. I mean yeah it's not my job opening blender traps and all I would normally don't worry so I had to walk let them down the stairs walked me through my current. The coach flip of the. Yeah whom I do and what do you say your momma t.'s he's heard the whole. Build out and led down and although. My dad you psychologically trying to break and I Elena the most I'll let it burn. Yeah no it wouldn't have to use. Smiles on but. Plus. The cut down here ran at least it's. He can be husband has never knew. The bronze good. You know the more I hear you know I know how much you know and that's a little you know like music playing earnest nice dessert. Done done. Yeah I don't know. Val jury whatever it's snow of course what are you know bull. Each piece of what combat is not the bumblebee and oh culture I don't even know what it's called I just hit number sixteen it's your coats the oh my guys. But it is wrong with our showed that I'm Connor which. I think personal want to change. I am so. Well my sophomore year of high school. Eight include and that's got its drill bit at a major crush on and I wasn't doing school up and it said noted that good. Are pure gold in my lap no. National. Congress are covered really so you're sitting head just before US drone. Yeah. The future so they need to stand up with the bar code he remarked past your prime. It's the guild I follow the law called the gamblers love food and specific and not to turn and you wouldn't cry. I also thought the. No I never got probably would have to ask them to honor dancing and it's it was a busy tomorrow but themselves in my Luongo and this city yeah it's a typical duke but but we learned some town this doesn't happen in all men you know personally utopia. It's that's awful Connor and I even colonies at the Amy. Yeah a guy a personal look James. So I am ever an arrest I'm finishing up my system and if there's stage. And all of a sudden I got a buck split aren't home and you hit a chopper is not a ball right on top of their ago. It's. On the box right it on top of the box and I are so merry has been CC do you include those who spoke. The reason and they didn't even did she see it come out your nose. They also. OK on the hour CNN's. I think this is like you're cool you did Lugar it's just triggered no excitement like an opera and my baby back ribs. Lady even as saying how are you ask that they wanted to know different too easy a lot. A lot and you want there's just boxes here and let's just it's. All of follows a lot of students you aiming to Michelle. Are you guys your personal audit James. OK so I was right all an act. Mean that had plenty of who moved on and I got you where they are all end. I'd Wear and not. All end. Went into the dock that while meanwhile an accurate to pick you up from school and alert like we know. United saying now and data at school where they wreck the hole and everybody here you don't have to do. Lasts only. Reaction and I wanted to glaring like why can't put that red hot in a blue yep oh necklace Ali you know you still don't sort. I think that's pretty Gibson yeah. This situation. That's when you move your opinion LA and I. And I had a waiter at Everett's turn and look at. According girl better Ranariddh eight. Oh my god. So let's Michelle Kristy. Regarding the whole slew you are disguise for your request which your personal want to change. Well last week. I ain't got nothing technical basis compared probably should note. And our had explosive diarrhea and blue chip going into the meeting Troy had a horrific run home. I thought nobody could have seen in the middle of the day. It and the minute after that I married my current. Are you a couple months ago yeah stopped me on the walkway. Yeah stop do what you were trying to get to where you needed to your business you're. He just pushed him out of the way and go out and the plot did you lose in front of him Kono. Know when you're bored go are you worried about. A. So you thought you were trying to do at home to have it make you already screwed up your wardrobe. No why rarity occurred up on the way home trying to hook. Oh yeah Datsyuk. Tom be so then do you see what is he says he did he. He's really trying to talk can be rebellion or something else to pull unrelated. It's you and and you can tell you why take a look at morale like blue. We're coming told that to you because of its own window it's me I don't know I didn't. Droid brand and our order a little bit scared because what gobbled up anyway so I talked to bill. Supporting Barack yeah street nerd thing that's how yeah how soil where you. Are and where you could see it. He's jumped in the shower as readers to harness our browser don't burn your dad he's he's where you the old tiny furnace is. And throw those out blazing there it's all part of a crime comes around to look there are oh my god Christie's that is horrified as thugs native I'm Nicole. I love so I forgot to turn voice guys are paying rent there. Nickel you'll be much prettier now if it. Personal want to change. Just I do it about strike out and I am doing in just order my neighbor you know holes and a very grumpy. Candidate said. I tried it thank you and how they're pregnant that it edged up eight bit. Senate does help out at cranky and need to be much better step that I. Okay you're the Smart pregnant woman who has sat down with a perhaps it is. And see your haulers out. So. Add he had a it's leading to everybody that can't expect. Anybody can catch. Quite mad on the I can pitched great weeks and I gone my way and block out the door and looked down the speed of two separate and she. Who really familiar aluminum side year aluminum had girls like zero FF OK well I Barack typically pregnant what are the rules are dangerous. Pass all those people who like my yes she's the years she goes out bribery knows better these folks do. You get dressed properly and I think I think he's really gonna go. Tat. Yeah yeah god he's arsenal want to change. Oh in my nearly twenty made it I didn't have a one night and whom does he want to see him he's been speaking up. The next morning I went to locked out of the room that I was in which. And in the living your letter to my ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend so he never knew why. GA. Of all only human being lost pay you choose to have relations web. You Jose and the one they your accidents where it's at. Yeah at it would add a really quick like hey what's up an outdoor pupil. Good luck with that takes. It's oh my god that's awesome to yeah zone wasn't one exchange never went back there it's cool to not bring up. Oh yeah that was never never happen again that's that is amazing things you can listen if it's. Yeah I personal lucky James. How old bell island and the college and I haven't gone my way cute. Library is that a final and the that's when the whole snapping the snap up. Revolving door and he and my hand typed and ripped off liking. It. I. Ripper know drew. I thought oh yeah Yang and now. Worst part about all of it is big cat condor bit. Under a bed alert flight had to go around in circles trying to get uncut. And so it's. Circling your office. Yeah I don't see the securities and that's the name of the golf. More locks ashamed Gilmore want to change starts a new fighters like her and Steve jays were made.