Slacker and Steve - Planes and Roller Coasters 6/15

Friday, June 15th


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And what's so far this you've ever fallen. Who good question probably. 1012 feet maybe a thing like how did you how did you follow us our. We like just fallen off of just Ayers or some early yesterday morning we were tubing down the river and we would stop and climb the cliffs alongside the river in the jump is an remembrance held back the I know you had on rocks and no I brew luckily I pushed off right at the last minute guy that was the last time ever did that nonsense you remember when we were in the elevators here. And they did that weird angle and we are almost up to the top floor images all the sudden it was like real. Win stomach if you could feel your guests. That is a feeling. That. No human I don't think any human ever gets used to it there's two stories in the news right now of people. Going through. That dropping weird feeling times a billion. One of them is a roller coaster in Daytona Beach. And came flying off the track low bomb it left a car dangling. But two of the writers on there. Fell more than thirty feet thirty feet there was this one of those things were. But ailment of the rail and ailment or another ring and bang bang. I'm not sure how we came down its is one of the cool roller coaster cars team completely derailed and was left dangling from the track and NASCAR was caring for people and two of them. Fell to the ground. The height of 34 feet is a growing row all the way to the ground. 34 feet and lenient that's three stories and a building rain yeah kind of yeah. Geez. I mean they didn't they're not doesn't say anywhere in here that they're they're not dead obviously they would put that. Arm. I am not sure if he'd be better to install in the 34 feet out of state or be dangling. I problems hole are we talking dangled legal war I mean I know they're stuck in the car but then you're just sitting there waste a car. Sailors yes the whole car is dangling so so part of artist can. Saw that's that's just what the other two people that they EMS is cardiac and they get to go away and you're like slot next column in my how long it might going to be here before. The two people who felt the ground I finally found it they're considered in serious condition good scary yes yea so that's bad. But I think this one is worse is some passengers. On a flight from Los Angeles. This plane took off. On any suddenly went into when nosedive. For ten seconds. That's a law on the touched is so Long Will we urine nosedive and an airline plunging do you have time to say goodbye and your brain you are my age. Were I'm dead. And your saying a prayer warrior like it's over they got Keith I just take you you're you nail a ten seconds. Must feel like that's her new your just sites. Apparently and I heard this before. They hit a vortex the night when another clean take sauces. It leaves the likes. These shortly before it seemed like some documentary where likes to put smoke up and the plane before makes these weird little brings in making kind of turning into. We can make a little fort know military calls a jet wash the air force calls it a wealth if you river movie top gun. American Jews went through some one else has jet wash it and made their planes spin around Hawaii and in good news guy. Offered Joseph wash permit I didn't realize that's what it was home they were all their way to Melbourne. And down. Yeah they then wake turbulence vortex or jet wash. Was caused by plane had taken off two minutes earlier period they know who's adopted knows so yes for ten minute that's a long time you know how many people were on the plane. Oh this is one of those figure airliner 400 in his fools who puts up. They had to all Obama. Even the pilot the crew everybody got to be he's going to pull. Cynics are either weird elevator day Norway. These people rollercoaster we had him on the plane and no that wasn't so back.