Slacker and Steve - Polly Pockets Are Valuable 1/8

Monday, January 8th


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Steve are there. Question does serve and yellow toys in your basement I do Michael either of them highly valuable. Collectible what do you think the most. High priced thing you have is works. All mind she probably gallery so many. Of alive. Probably you're selling by now why your what's your book because there's a there's a toy a from the eighty's in and ninety's probably it. The Polly pocket. I don't have any event it's a girly toys. I'm a dollar who's in the shop skins or plus for a little while there's little. Yeah it's it's it's silly it's a donut playing saxophone but there's little rubber friendly color I mean yes that's kind of based on the poly. Well these things are created by do named Chris wigs in 83. Time. And you were Mattel two way. They are selling Sony dash. For upwards of ten. Thousand. Dollars Polly pockets yes 101000. Dollar learn absolutely. Want to know why an ankle I didn't as the girls YEI I don't know this is this I quit I saw this story I was thinking if you are my kid. This is. More version you know why you keep collecting toys because you keep saying they're going to be were something PS yet none of your craft is worth any tank sometimes you work someday name one thing you have it's worth even. A hundred dollars there's a little dude I have no not something you dropped 200 bucks side. When you're on base down here on board any UK comes calling I. It's. All lies that. I was a little I got you call someone a little right now come aren't you it's if I had an investment in my basement. I know what was there are so tell me what you've got I have there is Lisa amigos stuff from like badly it was me yup it's a company that made some bad man action figures and vehicles and play action sets the talk about the grave that manner blacked out it's black radio will be old school blue gray mammoth but the one that was on TV we Adam West staffs and there's like me go me like back to leave. With the big map mobile of the bat lab and then visit that's prize worth Roth 400 dollars. Bring mussina because that's how much you dropped for an unity instead scenario clarity I know slacker in. Its war on someone else and the I know how much should you paper like you can evil stuff. Five I've paid like a pilot's probably hundreds like 5600 box thinking that night got and it's a hot time it'd just on the market just went to have you look he'll still lives people even know who the hell was sky is. I LA doesn't our generation anyway he's he did yeah so did you think when he passed away that's what I was gonna hit from what I didn't think was that guy. His signature is he's he signed every corner he was so everything is basically worthless and because there's so many toys on the market at the time. All the ones that I have really hurt them of them the yes scramble man. I do you do I frankly goal at all ya all that it's of the this is the rare ones I don't have I grab all the ones that were rare. Well maybe you can go on Craig's list Polly pocket and try to trade all of your size cycles. For Polly's far honest to god if you're listening right now and go home check your closet. Please do just I mean. No I don't I would assume you being the toy guide you have to have all the little pieces parts do you have Polly pocket or just looked up there are so many little parts that you guys to have all the means tax in LA got a mince it beginning container. Yes now we're talking but if you're one of those nerds who like put it in a bag of capture boxes or whatever you were talking and ten. Thousand dollars tough even 2500 box. Those Mozilla Polly pocket. It was going to be well Steve's guys you know you put all your money behind evil city it's got enough area.