Slacker and Steve - Porch Pirates 12/7

Thursday, December 7th


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Yeah. I don't even gonna call oh yeah ourselves out. What. College after I. Let's say two words and you've got a story about it call but I don't think anybody gonna call for either so I didn't think about that's I do. The stewards are ports pirate boom. Now if a porch pirates stole something yours we always gotten. Imports pirates stole something and and you ran down the street that had one of those David and Goliath things dominant role in all of that yeah yeah yeah. You talk about how it's that's. We want is we all have those in the audience I carried into one even though I don't know the name of like it is and his slingshot or those links and as soon. That's right David did use that a Goliath he uses slingshot he's under the below thing I was called Orion wraps around your leg you're a hero and he's. We don't we would yeah link yeah. Why shouldn't they sort of pretty not for not knowing when it. Sound like it's and they fall down like popcorn. She knew or become a monster only then you ran into meant to grocery store so why in my neighborhood people put up flyers did make. On that our community FaceBook page and I would like to still shot from their morning doorbell nine he. Insert her and does support energy didn't so good and brazen they just don't care date but it's. They know that you have a ring doorbell and they don't care they're just. Now so the other day this story in the news that we're gonna. We're talk about as well but make the other day. I'm lane at home I felt terrible so I was like. In our guest bedroom and just laying there on all of our guest bedrooms at the front of the house which I'm never up there where your front door yes and I. I just wants mommy to eat if you're in the front of the house. The sun will glint off of every car goes by she noticed it on somebody driving I might reflections on the wall or whatever slowing noticed that. And I get up and look out my window. And there's somebody in like an SUV a little red. I think you do when they're driving nice parks so they don't look suspicious drives you is show your drive and 96 Geo Metro held together by duct tape. The torch pirates or drive and nice strides suvs it's just so you're like oh they must lives a block over some Coca. So. This SUV drives up kind of stops directly in front of my front door for a second well. And then drives on and stops directly in front of my neighbor's front door. And then drives are we were looking like to give them the address on the side of the house trying to find my address is on my garage. While they were there were Cason don't you do your case in the joy if there'd been a boxer he would have got out your house oh my gosh because you don't pan out neighbors for the rest of the way you're on the end mural podium target for a porch Byron and I mean side like the gated part so they they assume you stuff we get a list top shelf just hates your torch parrot. Everything I did it FedEx I do hold location UPS I do pull the location. Don't get anything of value delivered to my house you can stop now that you're not gonna get anything from you were this where was this you'll have stuff sent to the radio star salute you yeah. Or somebody's here to stay on her every day yes just. Hello. What's the what's the last thing that was sitting on your porch but I if I was a porch Parra what is snagged. Probably not that. You know honestly I don't want anybody in trouble but there was something cinema ports in mission and an out there. I went to Napa. And I ordered wine and your they're supposed to get an adult signature rule energies so wind was sitting in my front step swearing in Indy driver I don't see which company but the driver just left it without an adult signature and you're kind of off snob when it comes to winds your stuff wasn't that cheap stuff mostly it was the come like look I'm going quickly forgot to put holes for pick up on this one. Vineyard and I go looking it's like delivered a Mike did you sign for it. It team it's time for a go running out my front step eye opener to torrent sites to just sit there waiting and Judy it's a big box yeah hard for reports prior to grabbed. And run. Yeah and I got a couple really bad stones are my steps so they probably would drop it when I would to pick up thinks you'll see me Thanksgiving or not or that's what I was walking down I did. It won't lose I don't know under your reports higher ha ha he's got a little I ask you Houston's not my body does taste own workings and you don't like to move. I was doing the after Christmas and an Arab or inspiring and I know he's somebody role in the hospital with a broken ankles like. Read. Do you. Well it's funny because both you a little. Every time I get whatever package delivered the always take him nearest my door in fact if it's really no don't take my front Matt imported over the package they all company jazz really the best upper deck when you tip them or sometime. I don't. I have in the past must always remember you OK maybe that's why then. Oh my god OK I like it did Jim Carrey he's the insurance just like. From the side and advancement into the sometimes they don't even slow down the peninsula and then like you're the cool. But your dream from the real good stuff I mean we would take her story to be added if you don't we're missing you ones we have. Armed there's so we'll never saw the video and any I didn't see a video but I read the story heard about it I see a lot of these videos so she's vigils she's she above and beyond. As a parent I don't know if I wanted to do that she. She was more concerned about the package on the front steps and then taking care my kids right now with a big he was down for a nap when it happened now she's just scream and what asks are you doing today. But I mean. It's something I'm telling you left the kid alone in the house swallowed me you know was. But eager to see is now and in those guys to cited escalated to violence. I would not have been able to back in Santa she took off running heard she's she's she's she's a checker I gal out. And she got there. Yes elect of the lady came up and took the package off the porch was running back towards the SUV parked in the street. And she saw the many saw the woman so she went outside screaming after her well that must spooked whoever was driving BSE because they took off all package fell into the SUV and the lady that stole it fell out of the SUV you might wind at hall only and in her come Padres didn't care you know I believe he or she was drawn. What did what was in the packet I need to know what was in the package video I don't know Fuller now. On as she sat in the parents died I don't remember enough partner motorists are lies over this pathogens that's. Others saying is nobody knows. Think when you're porch Kyra. If you ports Kyra I had W don't know what to you journal I swear I. I mean you're not gonna get anything you're gonna get there's a couple of things I have delivered to the house then I don't send somewhere else one of them. Is it's just a it's a box full Beatty likes because we don't do debut as you know the kids are big right we usable interfaces so you'll get fat while. So it's like thirty bucks right the other one is this it's like punch occasionally it's like the she's bread balls we get that we did make powdered boxes of that to a gun cheese balls and more forcibly in my life facelift. T the last thing that they put on my porch was just the regular old delivery envelope slut legal pay purse credit card. I just had fraud and so they peaceable go hadn't overnight this to you because we know you probably need to use. These women say yeah that's the last two breaks almost six now so far the porch Clara I'd be more inclined to go after those. I don't quite a bit on each is its going to be baby wipes or whatever but if it's not. But what else could be used an envelope I just Kabila to bear bond or could be could be checked with the you have to go through that whole process trying to get that think that sold AI DC got a smelly surprise when an Oregon woman left her son's dirty diapers in a box unfortunate she was a repeat offender Susan's happy new over and over yet. OK I just wish our mom dad and ask other people set things worth site like it'll. Shoot off fireworks or will do some things. Why don't try to grab the package while. But I HU is it just me though is it this is happening more and more ever since people started installing. The security cameras on the report it almost feels like people from that the porch pirates are even more brazen because they're like the agency earlier you I don't I don't yeah I'm going for it. On here's the deal we got a couple people who have taken on course clerics we got some UPS people if you've. If you've been involved with the ports are you chased him down you did something and vigilantes if you wind until any reports firing. Or ST said bush is as if you are torched tires lefty too we just want your porch pirates or race. Listen. Yeah now he's. OK and so I retrieved the ash. -- we don't have a now trying to push cheered giggle every and so what we hear or read it but it tracks. And out of the league doesn't deliver I am okay are such well. And income eighty delivering heavy budget track so up we thought the Serb pulled out and act and like you worry here is not to panic I heartbeat yeah you know. I do you wanna. I don't port yeah usually you try to do got a huge call up as you renovating your primary owner. Exactly and do you bike. You know he's like can I do lenient pled not K. It but there at somebody you know. Check this year it stay or where I need a little bit risky or opposite now app material like keeping people are. By these people are like car saw a crack up. You try to. The rich. Any mirror sure that there are you know. Oh I didn't read every that you look at how hard is that that the on the porch again you know we do we are accountable for the that they don't get kicked out. Are you get busted in the Porsche higher grabs it not busted that you get like doing for it. What we do what we have to do it we have Q are. I didn't go in hockey people and seen how it did oh wild turn to our topic are delivered it never got the and then it'll be like an apartment building any encapsulate basically. Do we urge you to be rich you're really gay you are today. Wouldn't count nearly Kelly you're carrying a market like how rich and that high I you energy like. I'll just wanna I wanna second one tree and it you know I like it does Damon you. Everybody. Everybody everybody only how the late (%expletive) like that my each and stepped up my fortune under like what I like. Did you really you know like they're great. I swear I'm more UPS I don't Ljubicic get the job thank you think you can call. That's a good tiptoe around this time don't mean. At least. I. My eight to Ireland I think college shot he gets credit card very logical and she aren't they torched tighter and show art you order at brand new products option of tension. Turned out first party beach and have it delivered. His house and then there aren't. These small early. He happened. You were blocking them are waiting for the cash or whatever company she got a drop pop star storage and then like. Walk general Powell scraps that track kitchen book. At all on shall. It's good you must like strong and I sent to the actual car horns terrorists. Sick I don't know. I and that. I do you wish hot irons too aren't you there is charged with our out. At the college including might help. Load new love. How yeah that's the next level cleric did you hear the call. Jessica. Yeah I pushed higher. They were that kid that ran into our backyard and my brother saw him honestly can't and if you don't with the Camry Ford and. He's my folks who. Don't know what was intelligent and it would at all. All those big huge yeah Paul yeah my little booklet in the in his arms and why didn't welcome even more entertainment like hope. And the ultimate. Our.