Slacker and Steve - Pranks 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th


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And you are you lover of pranks are few and I know you did did the pig prank when your high school would you did you. I'm still like pranks you can prankster dumped that big print that he couldn't top that was my might drop on pranks so after that it was just kind of man that really. We talk about pranks if you pulled off a prank we wanna touch you. Honesty claims he invented the pig prank I did lose the game and other people copied me. There's still copying me I hit it first it's just another one of those things that like I've that we could find some diaries from Abraham Lincoln like you're on what for. Really true. I'm London's early on the other magically get married to audit not a big. Though any good. Good good. All the league I was shooter at all. It's the it'd. And you don't understand if you read one on one pagan at three in another ten you're assuming there's got to be a secondary which their visits are few captured they're all vessel leaned up to release him into high school Lloyd gymnasium or in the lunchroom. And it caused commotion. So you finally get the one to number three page captured. But Jameer had a sort of number two in the risen and so everyone's is still freaking out for an tees after I feel like if you. If you didn't anticipate this approach might break the home. I'd like to get a little back story on a lunch. Like what was happening in your life when he came over there where you you. Already just gasoline not hit a single night so I TV until we're I. Started good reasons and others like the all of these easily end up pretty sure he is so dead person you need to sharpen the number from a good enough we learn the lessons on the cleaned the best league heads up once you came up with the idea put numbers on you know yeah. And then you have to be out I saw this dude I don't follow politics as much as people would be shocked by that there's some congressman dated. Who you prank to wanted to get ELE it's part of this and we're not giving in we're talking prank so this has some political undertones to it would do not. I'd start. Stewart's. Sure. There's there's the democratic congress dude who's trying to take trump how. Boca and there's been all this talk of life he colluded with the Russians or whatever so a couple of Russian news do a comedy show or some bands just spell out. I decided to prank him the congressmen called go uses. O'Neal or Ukraine and receive data don't like this live from good to right okay could protect me from the Ukraine embassy instead. You know who's Graham not. I'm not always somebody like that. He's naked pictures at trump when he was out here at all Owens just sort sort of a US sort of miss U verse dank. And the guys I mean. I listen to some of the audio he's an interesting and they really know what would it meet yet but you lose this cold and it's raining in Boynton Beach and some secure but look. I should set a trial next time you talk to where. He did I think he's saying now greeted by the you can tell he's by an jet how little for the classic. I am inquiring of the president ranked. And that's why all of whom were for the Russians are involved I was I don't Mac might well that's your guy's got a quick clips that group called his secretary is now. And we're. You know the more I think he's got. OK guys I owe. So you can call William Seward who was he secretary and then the second if that's true it is sure did you get out easy now. It William Seward his secretary I quit the show forever Seward folly. Our pets have relations of the girl at her a lot burrito. It's just a couple of all your imaginary girl. Yeah Ross. This. That's from a different time cup can you tell my guys. I you know I don't that's why I'm shocked ears are shocked that I don't quiz I. You're no no president and so does one thing when no one cabinet members and crackers is dawn how do you go to your own please do with the I wanna make sure no girl ever could. Energy Stephens that's right. Unions secretary for everything can still move secretary Buchanan's. I'm not any good is she right stand paid you. Easier that's him. Oh I'm a little these dual on the stuff. Anyway when out trading stuff coming back to pranks. What are you chasing it's happened there and stand on those William Seward Stanton was secretary decided ups like your doctor. Actually don't assets. I gave go to Lou you did this makes him the boot did you sparse this makes me you learned Imus scholar. That's an aphrodisiac. From march 5 to eight date march 5 1861 march 4 1869. Million viewers so word we're trying to talk about pranks and you know didn't hurt to miss it over and a little part of me thinks you guys are portraying him right now I'm not POK you'd say you know knowing the right answer to launch since Israel yes. Sorry voter it's real that you had relations a bigger jets know you have accessibility they're here. Heard a lot of access. Brandon pace student at Knoll Grisham middle school in Austin it's hired a stripper. It to come in for a biology thing. Oh actually this is a verb and leave your specifics but that was his prank she was trying to get the strip sort of foreign to me at a middle school. Eyes she did kind of recognize the address so she she called the office. Before she got there said halo numbers come and jump out of what came clean she sounds sucks yeah. The old one yeah did you did trump ready next you. Should all. All come to my agent does school Blanton. And the but just never entered the building thank Tuesday at such a did stand outside the two greased pigs but should it. I think your cross policy piracy cross pollinating pranks but. And told him bomb. Like left Jim specific instructions I don't this is a fund Franklin not on prank. Her pretty close to like lead and instructions on watering a plant this certain plant in the house spoke so do it seemed a little bit like her dying wish or something. So her husband just went crazy and make sure you took care plan watered it like moaning that was his job Tuesday Clinton. Always she was Boston pitching. Coach. From the young. You magnet yeah. Yeah that's cute African and she did the stranger things thing where she lit up lights around the house to tell and there is no number two big. Loser crock pot yeah that is recouped shoot well now we're crossing polish your resume their. It could shows but lately that I. Just no way. We heard every new generator you know know how he died. Bill she is also accused walker stars stayed her. Action woody it's TV did that that's a spoiler alerts from like 82 so it's. It's just I eight primary is over not watching what she locks and that's news to me I here's the thing hmm we want prank calls you know. Now I got her Fraser go through what I'll bring Jess we want. Coles. Up zero of where you're at or should stick with the what was the thing useless having a chance prince Albert Mikhail I'm never sure there was enough immigrants over to Q that's tobacco was a branded tobacco do you have an camera approach Yemeni can't really not a lot of our. Oh yeah there's a link him to back or something in her pocket there's a lot of governor it's. I seriously I won it makes you part of me wants to respect you for this knowledge could come out our I was zero wedgie that's the part of what is your right. Wedgie pardons winning I don't have all still. Well you've done it antibody. Not a prank pulled on you when you think will voice is guys didn't turn your voice of revolves Williams who were going to be like oh my god absolutely if you don't prank and involves Linkedin so you and you can take it off in the weeds earlier monitored at all. Just kick back here and make an app that we've all been trying to. You know the. Oh Sarah. GI critics. No it next coming Hudbay and whenever his parents got to count he'd like in charge taking care there how are occurring and that. So one of the best one day he'd done it when they were in Mexico which he knew that it would not hitting a birdie at the he would bat struck first Beilein Greg. We can't stats code number and put into the country in his dad's only blowing. Lower. Shoots her a hint they would bring new chart it was like 2016. He put it her ilk were like yeah and I need to Christmas treat on the rest before he'd been offered a creepy. He's not a good person well it's coming this is yeah I Don I'd. I think that's our fault for going out of town I guess yeah. Well Chris is you don't have to keep people are on eBay then he'd be in place. All have to go through with deceptively Craig's right does he just talent right yes our missile. Oh OK wow he had 101000 phone calls to returning now that's fun that's a guy. You think that's on. Well not done the media but have I can guarantee you know you're not you wouldn't even know and I chancellor I was born and fighting units and hey you're EU that's five dole look on Craig's list tonight and how he SI total no number I'm married on the go somewhere and you know its size and yeah and I do pranks. OK I didn't mean to give this one has to care for the implementation. Freshman in college. At the end of winter break somebody put those big masking tape axed over one of the dorm rooms. And that's a sign that says do not enter into you contacted the dean of students Monday through Friday 9 AM to five. The first turn made gets home late Friday night cease assign change again in her room until Monday morning. So she decided she was just gonna go to sleep on the floor in front of her door. So at least our Rivera took pity on her what crap and so that was just a joke. Which she thought it was so funny she decides to leave it up for her roommate which turned out to be really big mistake on. Her roommate showed up to 1030 Sunday night. First try to pounded on the door of both the dorm advisors it's. We're all now shows. She almost didn't even students at a hole six birdies Sunday night no. Oh just not allowed her courtroom there's. Yeah. Importantly I don't let it. You do knowing everything about and occupy or desire to appreciate all. It is not. Did see that. Hardware and listen victims to a prank that's the best Palmer's Stacey Cook Islands not doing who's gonna be innocent symbol crew today. Yeah yeah I pranks. So. Back in high school and those who didn't might ask why it's from an eight had a broken Mir and it look like a funny mere inches ask me about it and just casually as set against restrictions mineral I have to Wear glasses when. Sean Preston and shut. 60 yeah bottom line is yeah. I got to meet her parents. Oh yeah they're telling her dad about how I have restriction Mears and this. Sort collapses tool while you're seasonally hey if he thought it was hilarious. At least understood they did DNA was not a Australia just her yeah yeah not a that's well that's god that's just extra. Oh they do for a little Craig's odd Jesse. Yeah I. I'll bet you one million done to. I love I lived with Q sit there and they were both nursing student going to school finishing speed and one of them decided. The medical pretty numbing cream imagery it. Cool now. And I allergic reaction yeah the exe freaking out there aren't many eight. You. Laid your mouth. They didn't put there. Good amount on and I'm like freaking out calling my mom. I'm like what are you could sort of its own need to go to a little. Bit and came home like an amateur. All. Pretty much got I think you're having a stroke that's true that's not in that. You'll. Oh wow little song you know lose yeah you couldn't tasted it didn't he's Minty fresh didn't taste like. It wouldn't look you increase picnic. Oh so levered had a little bit of both it's clerk how many numbing creams and you didn't go off and Emily. Yeah I'd and I pranks. All my third. Always the plain crank Obama not handle and only convince her that she had somehow switch her I plunged into play and it's now. It. In Spanish about all of pregnancy being that her opponent that working because we're telling church mom why. Why we don't understand. Not why not. We all regional. A mama you please wanted to yanish plus he's a six match and she but I don't understand. It and hope finally issued what do you see it. I'm no good it's yeah. Apple Store interrogated pitched. No yeah you all up and then. Act and are not mine is an urgent need Huard to keep. That's on alert who do it all that is almighty god you'll be so we don't drink on new but now you know you shall all sort of like a month.