Slacker and Steve - Pregnancy Cravings 9/27

Wednesday, September 27th


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Staying on day. Com every once in awhile we have to talk about what happens to the female body yeah during pregnancy I Craig pregnancy and that took the well yeah some days and times. No if you know this or misread the shaking its wheat wheat bread and I'm craving pregnancy. Just went to Jordan reverse pregnancy Cree yeah. Okay where it took the so and how Rolex farmer what's Al lack that I got enough and on somebody you'll that. Hey Al lack allied farmer who's for his arms and was hit by at least one deep on Sunday. On he thinks the mastermind thief is pregnant because they took 45 jars of pickles it's a twenty to thirty pounds of honey. It took about forty leaders of ice cream well yup. You nailed it. That's it's to that's what's your wife when she was pregnant no she didn't get the pickles and ice cream I don't know where that comes Rogers bonk well. I think it's been noted is a lot of women and that's what we wanna talk about pregnancy cravings if you crave something weird. Let's let's try to get Q who. Like. What are they actual rules where the actual things that Ukraine via. Arm ice what I find when we talk about pregnancy cravings. We're the pickle comes from and where he ice cream comes from I think Ukraine sacked that's the ice cream I was gonna ask you about that. And I thank you for some reason a lot of women do debt peak what do you call that. Where it's like you dirt or it's a vinegar he's saying okay my wife craved light. Sour she wanted like. Things to hitter in the cheek she wanted to likes it I was driving miles to find sour Skittles. And sat out linked. The most pungent. Sao marine ball I was her for both your kids or she was a drastically different for each it was sore from my want to was the same on both kids and there's this guard generals pretzels and talk about just before. You go into any store in the world doesn't have cardinals pretzels every source they just do with someone with a giant. Sometimes and it giant piece of rye bread at the end you don't talking about this there's pretzels a nice little tiny bread sticks and whatever in the big you know big. I piece of whatever. Big day occasionally re release other flavors whose iTunes content and as such here's to our general is spicy. Chipotle. Will they make one that's called deli mustard. Maybe the best why did you want to make released it's just the pretzels and its guard down those. Deli mustard pretzel for a limited time. Know an all time but for some reason their lights are you don't share stores or do you still shot. Point it was in every store every town and every. Where it's a she got pregnant and needs sorted into the plot to achieve. It's about yeah that's right you're you're driving you're did you had a job. Would you vote anticipated draw are you married error I know let's I don't like all these go to Texaco. I'd go to like. Ogle all these different gases are liberal decisions in town and stabbed. Diamond shamrock and you've cited diamond shamrock or what ever would've guess this wasn't my awesome my mild side backs so the next. So I'm trying to work. I see diamond shamrock I dragged him not to see more hours before we don't there at six. It could just. Get a clean single went home to bring cardinal Dolan must press the home she really don't floor pummeled her own. Then she picked the one he's from that was the biggest pain in the end I'll tell you this now I I have got a restraining order on Amazon and Jason's hatcheries because you can get when it they charge you more but I'd like I don't I need those. She still praise him now it's one of those things. Always thought that after the cravings that they have the child then they don't want anything to do with those jelly mustered some people some people don't like my mom crave it's. Eight US sheets he's continued to hammer out sometimes they had those huge cherry pepper. We Biden until midnight they just shoot. Did her everywhere. She Craig go nose and my mom to this day laws. It's one of those things she'd never liked him before. And that stuck with her but then others sayings she would she liked during pregnancy and then never again I thought she like detergent was a GOP no mine. I don't think south summer I was in her but there are definitely women who do guzzling money durst but seem real quick I learn of the reason why is because it's there it's the woman's body telling her like I need need I am right so if she needs if they're craving ice cream it's because they gotta have dares you really believe that don't you think your body knows we're not balanced only when you're pregnant though Dirks. You know it knows there's so many narrowing the task you load. You know why you would ever potash are so you want whatever's in the dirt are you telling me there's not bodies creamy screaming deal there's no other thing you can do it it's not in Lago won a burger or something. And Judas to their oil etc. I guess I'm saying is I noticed there's got to leave faster where are under way or less. Putrid ways they show us the and a lift some steal if it's iron over the place. I understand sweet sounds so when we we we don't wanna hear your pregnancy cravings we found some of these other cravings on the interwebs. One woman was creeping uncooked canned corn. I feel like that's the way you lead you to daytime warming up d.'s I don't have to you can go ahead muted street from the camp. Yeah I don't think stats 23 that's weird all creamed corn you have to warmup you 663. You're crazy Megan was an. No doubt thousands I think this really depends on what kind of corn it is extremes get creamed corn you gotta warn that out that's disgusting from what did you Latin is slightly local you have to remember she's you know you're opening Joanna really its own now didn't Timor be stealing each that's actual cuts the best arm ideal chemicals stuffed with grape jellies on my -- on this law I hope I don't I've gotten did you what did the salty sweet that south or is she hated sweet foods before she got pregnant and now he'd like she carried over like it lasted longer than pregnancy. So she's still call me and she's got like a stockpile of sweets and are covered. We did you have three kids some bushy the same every joke and everyone's different yeah yup. For example so with our first one she went from nothing to a sweet she had to have suites the second when it was like your wife all sour stuff he has. Our hour long and then she went back to suites with the second are with the third one that's why he's authored one. Our hope was wasn't Ira and the I was convinced it was a grow again because everything was the same cravings everything. As I wasn't. We've come so here's. Steve suggested off here a second ago that we should try Wii we and we've done some ideas for I don't wanna do that because I was discussing that was one of abortion as media would love Tina Boehner was speech grandiose that's the at CU I think you would I'm gonna say this. That's probably not as bad as you think I know I like both album just son and daughter but like he's in late some Indians sauce is like almost like you you make a sack Tay or whatever whatever damage to peanut sauce on it wouldn't. That would not be terrible that's terrible I would be this scenario so. I won't woman Craig's pencil lead that's the only really wanna get to pencil lead easily again if it's true it's your body going I need graph strap tight end but if it's it's a bizarre thing so if you. Had eight pregnancy craving we'd love to hear all about it the show itself. Yeah yeah. I Joseph pregnancy craving weird when. I had a really weird pregnancy craving only with my second pregnancy I crave the smell of cigarette smoke war. Not like like secondhand smoke but like. Getting info one Kyra they had been smoking in all I know that smell was like my biggest trading. So you didn't you you can put your dad to tell you I can already hear people jumping to like the text we are going to shoot. You. Do you suppose it is not just the smell. Oh we're like the smell like that acts scary Alex gaining influence Carr who has smoked and there earlier like. Yeah not not secondhand smoke just the smell unlike the smoke on closed. And if you had to act if you give birth did you still cream that's mill. Yeah warts do you smoke don't yeah I used to go girl. I never ever had smoked grew up in a family that a lot of people didn't really hated. I am now right they'll get somebody walks but I can tell like Ernie. Steve I'm telling you know you don't if there are other women like to ask you could just lead to a giving people rides in your car. Five or seller your jacket you laden snow yeah Aqua and moderate my jackets game breach of Marlboro reds. And you get different guys smoking differently little geeky smoke your countries for you or your my old stuff I shouldn't. Ray how is this smoke smelling clothing lover and smokes though it SS as chef that has I don't see smoke smelling stuff to put it. So. It cost himself that is onion and never heard that what I find weird about is that she doesn't smoke I did issues and I'm being good to try to likes. Have a healthy baby but I still crave the smell got none that's smoker creeping. Because as a nonsmoker I did I opposite of cradle to your arsenal wonderful to bear all harbors publish you do remind me in my dad's. When when he would like to my dad doesn't smoke anymore either. Only you still smoke tonight sometimes a tattoo with off a year when my daughter marry my dad and I was a kid trigger remember yeah it's weird that's cool but I inept and I never just that that sounded weird like I sometimes now. Walk behind you might take dad. Is this an artist I just didn't sides are Jesse you guys not. I prefer always your pregnancy cravings. My brain game plan and play pitch he is. With peanut there on top and they'll pick and people here. CF. It and that's a pretty discussing wall kind of cheese like to cheap like they'll meet a single kind of thing. Yeah I like keeping yellow cheddar cheese maple syrup drenched all over that puff lack. You're combining a lot of stuff there too sorry guys. Every now and I'm not. So much what I hear us but everything else totally. She's typical peanut butter and the maple. That I mean I'm out after the cheese and tickle the cheese pickles all right the team orders where it takes a dark turn a weird Newsom my mom who craves and she still insist. Our peanut butter and pickle on sandwiches she would you peanut butter honey and then. This is the sweet pickles on a sandwich I don't know how to feel that's my dad is while yet 'cause the honey in place of the that's measles or you would view that time. I could've been me one of us and it's just I think you're caught Kerry. Yeah I Rego Kramer who would you Chris. I'm the mine wasn't food related I know we had to touched. How dreary day so I'd like dump out boxes of cornstarch or baby powder or. To get back I would but the cal gun and a bowl and play with that and then like sprinkle in that the and the. Who wore a hole. It was a steal a touch staying I have never heard of that color really do anchor leg it's all the or like. At a multiple kilos of plural real strengths. I mean is good moral valuable guy in and I notre pregnant so you and I tell us in the stuff. He met there I didn't do the Smart and I bust my hobbies don't look at the I. That's kind of cool in darn game them you know that's a cool day cares for the call I had never heard of attacks nothing right a man and a marine. Yeah yeah yeah I did what was your prince grinning. I created on shrimp and beer but my girlfriend you're pregnant at times see Bankrate com. Hole I heard that when that's nets is seen as like the they do in the the gum they do laundry just heard I just find it. Comedy is so strong. I did and I are bound I thought you meet and you know I'm like go back to speak. I didn't matter what time of the day she'd wake up and she and her record you know but moved out on the aren't ever tripping her gap between now. So you don't like the sun dipped with comments. A just info why shouldn't there's not terrible you're we'll outsource jobs loves you but 95 the day even Connery and that's so moon Dina. I pregnancy cravings when you got. I craved the mound grout in the shall Wear. Yeah I. Okay why it's didn't legs you dig down on your knees are you just smell the walls everywhere. I would give mom a lot like I'd be in the darn husband like what do you do laying it does and I love them now out. It was really K. What is crowd even smell like yeah it's gonna miss. Like it smelled like wet like red after the rain it's not like they're it's. While he really admitted so I want to go smell like you don't weirdest thing is exactly were you just said Steve can I do a whole bunch of people and sellers. And smell and figure out.