Slacker and Steve - Prime Online Dating Age 8/17

Friday, August 17th


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Steve I'd ask you sound a studies. On if you're dating if you're out in the dating world without a study about wind your act your best what does that we like what prime I'm in my prime. Accent like when you're peaking it's from the journal of science advances and this is probably. Maybe I'm reading this wrong but it's probably one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen Oca it's as according to the journal of science advances. When it comes to dating. Women. Peek at the age eighteen. We've humid heat though there interest indeed the impede researchers found in the online dating world men's desire or ability it's windy it's when you're the most desirable on opposite sides yeah. So okay OK so they're showing pictures and their light. Is who who's the hottest in light of of everybody there like women at eighteen are at their hottest times are never going to be OK they ask men. What DA I assume yes okay so we think the women already this is gross rate. They do we're saying so far it's following him eighteen well that's kind of following a proposal collage that big word it's kind of following the need. 'cause that's when your. Quote unquote an adult fish I sort of final blue what do we think women are most fertile women are needs to army civil consciously tell. I guess. So here's the disgusting part of it Oca men and peak. X sixty and no I'm not saying one side 1550. Weight women find us the most attractive whom were fifty. Men news desire or ability continues to tick upward. And we peak and begin to go downward. At fifty GE 550. So and you're still. This isn't saying you're 28 year old woman your nasty they're saying you were just. Better. At eighteen. And you were at 48 whereas men. Where we're 28 we're still we're still taken up to do appear going down and down we're going. All so women wow that's so each year olds are finding fifty year old dudes in track. No let's Soledad. That's not what it means putting tell me when you're going to answer pull logical on us and that if we want to tip the species together at their peaks this plays this is actually this is perfect. Yes fifty year old men should be an eighteen year old women I never said that I can say why is it all falls in the human nature between men and women. Why. This is actually right on win animals father. And an eighteen year old. And you're a fifty year old man sniffing around my door and show you this this is. I saw this with the okay and I'm gonna do you won't get a good cook and you'll really well bodies that.