Slacker and Steve - Profession Confession 10/30

Monday, October 30th


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Steve are there. We wanna do some profession confessions here guys need you you'll work at any job in the universe. And there's information. There will be critical to us the critical just interesting to us GAAP. We we wanna hear what daddy is because we were just talking to someone who worked at an olive garden. I've changed that there are rides with all of garnish well fish Martins bomb. And there are some trick with their bread sticks right unlimited breast Nextel write free yet. Mike if you were untraded just to bring anybody takes tone your face calls yet being just keep asking for more. Everyone needs to go to a smallish Murton and test this theory. They can bring you. One more bread stick and the number of people at your table so for a four at the table we'll bring five bread sticks. Why do you think Danny I was trying to think that was so big is it would crisis to buy more while they're free so that's not there's no enticement there are now visited student. It conversation going among the tables so it's like Melissa was look rumor or more woods which is what is what does what I don't know what the point of that. There's three feet earlier tabled a brings forth there's two they're bringing Torre that's just what they do you have to bring a plus one of the bread stick. It's you know we can't for your aero on another person said. That the bird. King whopper. If it's me correctly we'll have the following things for pickles to tomatoes one chart bro bumper it's only true liberal on one side Oca so if you flip over. There's nothing there. If you got a whopper with cheese got exactly two sizes achieve some whose nose was we made every see every single time yes there's there on you know Miller's. I don't. Don't know I always say no poignant hope they're gonna I don't know I don't I don't like that order of onion rings a Burger King has nine. Hope most of regulars are in total B nine in the onion rings so that's cool little things with like that's a school thumb. I said this on the four but it bears repeating for anybody who wants their child to get any musical instruments. If you walk into I eat any store that sells musical instruments and the guitar on the wall since 299. If you give them 299 dollars for that guitar you're an idiot you know because you can that's one of the items you can barter or you can you can do absolutely. If you you had to go on musical instruments. With out a doubt it's OK I just like a car if you don't have that ability then don't go into into they've put out some real quick to. The nation for if you buy like a guitar yeah piece you've paid for comes with it but if you're in slackers store he wouldn't tell you that Casey would sell it to you separately you pastor I do get an extra 190 for the kind of respect to listen to a lot of money on this guitar I don't wanna protect it should come flying. All total Powell doesn't come free I'm sorry it's like anything else I'll make it clear coat on the car I you know what I do. I can get (%expletive) and it's the case and three packs a strings and a strap. It's affect you how do you do the whole thing for a hundred bucks see that is such. Gary and implore you you candidate because they one of these are safe initiative so they gave us the case we charge 200 bucks or that's my case. There are another one profession confession somebody said they work in tech support. And they literally have almost no knowledge of the things that they do they're just sitting there and they Google. So our I do I know the people people just don't it's like. Well so Mike chief is satellite days blue are upper right corner and those guys like. That is the thing is like all you can do is Google blue line up right hand corner DirecTV or whatever to get an old. Yeah you get the same damning answer there like all right simple and they're just watching YouTube video positives I. This one looks like you gold touched a canoe imbalance you just that the Hilliard and some don't I support one to know there's no. Here's my favorite one this is that I do not know this until I read this is now the blackjack dealer said if you're sitting at a blackjack table. And you don't know what to do you can ask the dealer and I have to tell you. Wait no I used to bring look hard with me to kind of cut does a cheat sheet and they got rid of that slug this as a dealer dealers or car dealer here's my money you play my hands on me just ask you won't tell you exactly what to do but it's like should I hit on this or should I split tees. And eighth. They are versed in the rules of blackjack and they have to tell they have to answer your question. I mean correctly make him sick but it can't sandbag you yeah. I did wobble can you believe that I don't like that is for some of that trimming it to secure listen that I go yes I'm it is nice. You're sick if you're sitting at a table somebody's asking the dealer questions is big every chips dip and doubts you can totally. Asked questions those are real they will I see you worked at a taco John's hidden secrets. Just that you know that crack that moving forward in their outer yes the powder just comes and it's like they're flavored Salem and it comes in a bag abusive to steal left who pray you'll we will work in order against all else to tell I. I am telling you I I I. When I eight lives in a town with a taco John's within three blocks in my house. I ate potato allay this column know. At least once a day probably sometimes two or three times a day as those days and it is mess on him because like I would sometimes I didn't need to generally is a disk. Just ligaments ligaments toss him aside came in these bats I just don't. Basically yeah. We're not Salo was that it was just the city and is like this powdered her save us all as you know we would take a little friend Robin at least put their stick they started selling it they started Selma crack to put on their fresh but didn't dare crack is not as good a soccer Jones it's great amount and knock in red Robin's cracked. Lights but I don't know. It's my youngest is it's a colleague dressed as a go to. If you just on him. Did you read on the air maybe stock. You mention massed in front is correct and that's not demo. With the I if you war somewhere interesting. And have tips like secret recipes. Secret word I love this stuff like to go to a like I remembered the other when I remembers when somebody says when the number when the price tag tar ends in a four I believe. That's the lowest it's ever gonna go they're never gonna market anymore as a relief for X is something story for 99 mark it down to. 1998. And mortgage down to 1790. Size alone among laughs when they get to 494. Or later there's a four on the and that's that's the that's his low his outings giving up so we know the buy it now because tees it's never get any lower than that do those are qualities decent cool profession concession Telesis stuff you've got in your brain candy. Guy you are disguised. What's your concession here. Our work or curriculum companies aren't there was just I was excavation. OK okay. We. Hey I'm big man a bit an eight. I only want to commercial building on our own party got what he and I want you group about a quarter. Who I could you sell fuel cell phone that. Sigh of skeletons. And you didn't call you didn't tell anybody you just reburied them. Well or borrow my car that would put Bloomberg commenting or find an old building. I don't bury don't put out a project who you're red tape. Got to steer you right if there's a body or your skeleton but you have to shut down everything you had a brilliant always absent her DNA ten SE yeah investigations whose money you're losing tie him. Terrified people by rumor pops could've been murders and could've just been Stanley members a righty premieres or Blake who used to come back in the hole and keep control. My biggest Joshi Leo I see. It's a bit okay that's. That's and that's honesty ocean that's that's a great confession day to day deal for the cartoon these are real and that we're aware depose Saddam. There is. I mean that's a big damn deal that is some less now there would be no lights. It's a cornerstone of the old building its IPS if I'm my body is so cool here's paperwork. Makes no they just up can't hear. I am better. Yes. You guys what's your profession confession. I don't let some people it jaded by it each and they got home there that when he wanted to take him out debris at the price quite a bit you know and it's and then it goes on clearance they dropped against the original great good Roddick and then they cat Elliott trying to trash compact there and smash it. Non stroller leg just smashing. Our don't need or anything they just precious. That makes me really really sad yeah they never wanna get less some retail though they don't. Be they marked a price up to market back down. And then if it doesn't cells just over that's. Is diabolical it's who grew up you know always sure wow what. Thank you for the call easing that's I mean she does hum or you think that's real I don't know. Oh coal low profession contention where you got. Our woman aircraft mechanic and those engines that are being held onto the wing ROC only knocked down by six bolts that are designed to break. Cool yeah that is sure your mouth I jet turbine is held on by six bowl does that sit group. And why they designed to break. But yet they're designed to break in Kindle book present at all. If that engine shakes too much spin they can actually had the power to rip the wind off the aircraft. Hey which is full of fuel the so those older designed to break before the wind does and nerve and you'll just draw. So Scott. When you're about to maintenance and engine might tally how many times you saw only three out of the six bulls really looser not even they oh my god stop talking we are shutting down aircraft industries that this. Stint in in my unit uses servers I have found none we make sure that they are tight end safety wire two that they won't lose him on vibration. It's on us they called shear bolts and they snap on cern under that certain and in depression vibrations so. That is it. I mean it just does it never happens so I'm. I keep you scared but that is one of mysterious things I've ever heard in my life I was pregnant and engines and one is six bolts or hang him at the six bolster their will. Bring our bar manufacturer. Nine to bring yes. Thanks guys who put the DJ. Yes yes sir. With what's your confession. So my concessions. They've got a little money on your wireless Bel Air you gotta go in there and you. First start by saying you want to add a lineup serviced it all those guys are commissioned. Go on there quite yet alliance villainy you'd you'd hear your bill or whatever the right fit. And you say wow that's too much we got to go to another carrier the other guy down the street do and that is that right. They're gonna they've got they've offered and although this stuff that allows them to lower your bill eat and if it stay up a plan that's a big player. Really no no no you up. So anytime. You wanna lower that bill and any don't have that that line yet acted it there that's. So then the and you know what I don't need an extra month delta to lower bill but I just negotiated. AAR well. No they're all doing I don't I don't I can't do I couldn't do that business case law I will start to feel really threw the key really is into. That's decent good one thank you man. You still wanna add more of your profession confessions will take more over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.