Slacker and Steve - Proposals 6/21

Thursday, June 21st


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Slacker and Steve hunter and and don't proposals. All this is the time of year poses wedding they propose a ready this is a wedding season. Coca I don't you oppose same time I remember does it takes only your soda guzzling and a Minneapolis woman seriously injured her friend when she drove off in his Hummer. Only was hanging onto the roof rack we saw last night after guy given a woman I know this is selling a proposal story so far but it will be. On Astra night and I didn't. The woman a sober ride home he told of how she asked if she would marry her she asked him. Think we may mean he said mouth know it got out of this summer she slid into the driver's seat and took office this is where she is rational. She would sleep I. And you know and I'm stealing your call. I wanted to tribal Uga that's an express. He grabbed the roof spreadsheets Florida he hung on for dear nice. Eyes he looks in the window and saw her hit eighty miles per hour. His grip slipped to and sell offs. Easy team to next to a guard rail on the side of the road dykes had tons of broken bones and has been taken to the hospital. She came lost only to visit what an idiot because that's what I had not breast that are. The goal I don't know store. Actor because I wanna marry the guy if if I'm daft she's been charged with several friends that's weird what. I know you love your card you and hold on your car we now all acknowledge I mean you'll understand my car insurance. It's ethics let's crazy woman that's Michael RA did that advantage is wants to marry me out of nowhere and so that's I mean that's probably an. Not running a lot of proposals wears like dat we want you're. And it ought to be bad. We want some good we wanted to once I like the bad loans yet mostly bad ones and it's somebody has like an over the top really amazing one to make them. They would take you like he took you this space to propose. Except that we think. And space sort of what dinner space solar okay you go big city here's the thing. We got a couple other total stories like coming dudes have to lose a bring on a ski slope before you stop posing I did. Or bullets skew the other lunch. Still like you do lose their because it's like. What we did. You're always losing in the rain or snow drifter some there's some California being dropped an engagement ring while proposing to his girlfriend on the steel list. Sing and to be your foes there. No ties string to it. Most if not do something I know it's not school classy but then you don't end up on site or Steve showed everything junior and idiot trade you when you drop you have to go OK wait honey hey god are you trying to lose let me yet. If so into a certain group of trees below while the list continued to climb they searched the area but couldn't find the ring immensely NASA staff for help. Also it's just a moment no among all I am not in the semis here legs. Are your jewelry during his second search a lift operations supervisor actually found the ring under a branch. I just moves. How much beat you or do you ski resort maybe Christie boomlet dude you're like I'm always one or appear and they go. Steve go on the mound refineries come into every putter and I salute heroes. You're your snowmobile the mountain you kick back against a jury like forty minutes later we can download no luck charms with my flask new one yeah. Should we take a look for him I'm moved bullish brunch is brought. I think that things dawn food if I found it I would pocket an Illinois this she did say yes stuff. Always like to thank you he's complete immediate. If that. Didn't. Didn't know what to do with that. You you tell me about his other when I know I don't know if you saw a video some dude this is a wealthy beyond compare so much peak yeah critics like a football stadium or sometimes you have. As a whole big sealed. Many built a big pink box imported in the middle of field showed up with his girlfriend I get into helicoptered into this all okay. Because and that is big pink box in a bow on it but so she was instructed poll we'll be Opel will blow the string amid all the sides of the box fell. All these pink balloons came out and then the reveal was a result of being pink Range Rover that was parked in the box. Brings over does that make pink makes it right convertible rings are over all my gosh and an Idaho Springs from a major hurdles but it was nice you it was like the coolest OK it was an awesome car and any heat. They propose and she said mouth. But then it's open if you watch the video it cuts after a big cuts to fireworks or you don't know she said Yasser Al. And some people said no she said no to them that people's I know she said yes and dollars a compete conspiracy going out. I bet he had he had a video out because he's already does I think he's a video star summit easy now Jim guy or something yeah I got to pay for all this extravagance of repose at the bid to join you paid. Actually he needed fireworks Range Rover clearly we're all in this tank and she's a so I know little beat that wasn't in space shall we would take somebody if it was a bad day if there was stadium helicopter. Custom built Raines drove her wicked will get you NB a wheel house or the final we have for proposal before we listen to your stories. On this dude has a three year old son. I think it's his set no it's the bride signed Boca and they're like by this fountain and he decisive proposed route there. I guess his dot hearing your real fine in the town or whatever on as she's. Getting down on one knee the three year old who's also there. Wonders over by the sound and pulls down his pants and keys all over the sound back. See if that's not space that's back that's that's what I have what I did for a fling your proposal enduring is a moment. You and your proposal not to be anywhere Mir space. If somebody lost to bring it or did some stupid those are good for you otherwise space pink raids are over. That's what we and that's the bars that have the suspect we said Jimmy tremors on and no one is going to call well it's my fault if you've got. A great or terrible proposal story we wanted to Octavia any. He I you know I lost. So he had planned out the Pope whole proposal on a last minute detonated a proposed to me a couple of these early at a concert we are going heels. So he'd meet Arrington and to be able to go up on stage he can bring him they won't. Add friend collect that's but he was stolen nerve and she had a wait each much to drink no no I'll need to mean Mary angry with him. No I wouldn't really can't stop atom already and then turn around once we got and aids. And about 90% of the time talking cute idea. They're proposing to me. He lets you got to see just started doing stand up actor what was going to. Yeah I eat. Got under age written told our. Our friend tunnel he was going to about it or looked at in Horry was. And now and the Debian denounce him at that they wanna have their friends come out and he came out on speed and they called me up as well. So I sat there and keep her talking to the audience about. How I took care criminal and his staff and then he started talking and then went back that they can talk to the audience respect. One thing he ever get to a proposal right and they are never come back home included everybody else look. We dig it does I would pick her show since the cell. He's there and actually like helped pull the microphone for him in everything and he didn't get the proposal and of course they said yes and. Yes why wouldn't you marry the drop fellow who pays zero attention zero to. Oh Mike are you still out there. That I am sorry for his small liberal job I think it was this and demand the wow good. Still together killed I. Times. And where a lot of people who were like commenting lunch that means that menu is beefed up page over the next couple weeks without seeing that proposal. They both what's a win win for every one and site he had a little little interesting but I hit it felt angry I am happy. Yeah you ran the gamut of emotions my district. We don't tell you oh you're getting married. Ariel yo you know shine where dominant since the pay you for your story gaming hello Ashley. Ashley hey now hey. Proposals. As the. All of me in my. It won't happen now here in Breckenridge and you pretty typical bank Clearwire turnaround in all the treat her repayment believing he LL I'm and we were I. I am I haven't kept looking at the other couple and being don't we hear that the bishop like he kept following them are the like. Really confused and he would like hey Matt my my girlfriend here she can quicker pictured in the U pregnant couple. And he quit taking pictures that his wife and if you feel so we're kindergarten is that I took their picture and he'd like if you are picture. Do you think that you could take our earth than you think your picture do you think that you could take art. So we went up like that picture and I turnaround and I have not heard in the strangers. I've had no idea of going out but they started to realize that you attempting to mean it started taking pictures of murdering out of the arc anyhow as I apparently you're looking on the ground or am I. I called on dirt get. We have the poll the zoo and also. I didn't. Why why do you hope we don't I thought maybe you know on the whole thing you know like and some had no idea strangers. And you say yes all less. Please say you did it. GAAP it was so cute but I got by unit went back keeping people on her and god you did you. Trying to find people to take pictures for his. Or at least the end up oriental. It's been through. Oh they did eat out the pictures later at a you don't seem to Barry. Along with a restraining order. For her husband yes that's a little bit on the bizarre side gasoline have you. Jokes. You know I yeah I proposals out. My daughter would promote you at night at. And she had the picture with her now fiance. Around eight clown with the act yet. Always. How. You ask. Why dean. The body he did it on the fourteenth of October because Hewitt expecting something on Halloween night. So he did it two weeks early they're big Halloween people then. It's ESP exact kind of that you really like Halloween. And yeah I have a picture on the web site unpaid blood. With bandwidth is really scary creepy clown and enact it. That's so romantic that's me yeah. I wanna spend the rest of my life when you could like a clown when that happens.