Slacker and Steve - Proved Them Wrong 7/19

Wednesday, July 19th

We all heard about the teacher who wrote an apology letter 11 years later to Julian Edelman, a New England Patriots Wide receiver for doubting him. What’s your Proved them wrong story?

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Staying. At Tom. I think you summing it better we're we're talking about proved them wrong but it's more of an F you moment yeah who got a coach when you have that moment. This we got beaten stories we have I feel bad right now because these are all kind of touching stories and we're looking for the ones are little more like. Yes no and oh here's fun. New England Patriots. Julian Edelman and he's a little tiny receiver dude he's good. Arm got a letter from an old English professor. Apparently he was to taking out courses at San Mateo. The college of San Mateo in California. Big football school is active so but that's that's yeah. To figure out how this guy if he's an elite athletes in the NFL and he he teams from the college at San Mateo. He played quarterback in center bunch of records his English teacher apparently said down some joy and according to here's what let's just read the letter dear jewels I'm not sure you'll remember me I'm going to write you for a whole what seems like a thousand years. To apologize for a flippant comment I made you that semester. You may not even remember it. But I feel bad about it for years. You would made some comment about going to the lead and hat and said something about setting. And I said something about setting realistic goals about how few people successfully entered the ranks. Of the professional athlete blah blah blah. I don't think it phase you frankly but whenever I think back on it I feel terrible. Not because you prove me wrong. Because I stupidly voiced an un educated opinion that simply implied I had disdain. Or your passion for the game yeah. So. Only gets a letter electricity puts it out. Tweets it shows everybody. As he is as one arm around the supermodel girlfriend with a Super Bowl rings on the other heat index eased his bank account since. This is set the. Prove everybody wrong runners lose. I eat you know I mean. You have fun I mean I am little ones went big we did what is now. I still don't think it's big enough what's which what we did it but nobody high school side. I was you know blow yet you're coming out you're your original rock our momentum there's a couple right so I pretty. Band geek or whatever and the first time the choir teacher so we're doing a talent show you put together band and I was like I know drummer we'd like. And based clear and we came out onstage and I played a decent chunk of eruption into the vein here once you've really got me and it reads just like. Still reaching out for the drummer. We'll review so it gives you resilience of roto is there a way that was seriously you're coming our rock star moment. I was wearing US TT shirt I believe it might not not stone double I don't know it was the actual border oil guys to pass through those two I'd go where you bought though that you because that's simply some of my mom just in that picture recently she's cleaning somebody out it's sitting in my life. Oh your should arise if I Lesotho and I'm sure I think I'll never free and I looked at on this skinny little kid was short hair. But it was my ever. It was my first ask you what does everyone used to give to the athletes used to persecute you guys gotta love from anybody in my sector and a few moment is the same it's just at my tenure class reunion. I I teams broke in and were Bono I only team for a little while I have no way drop me are growing knowing that I was leaving that night. You know why it or boss knows and we've got as close ups and CI bus just strip. Syria hold earlier to grow up my act. You reported on your back she struck out sold since that's cute idea but that was my age that's your I've Iraq or Europe proved him wrong moment thumb. So did you have proof. Nothing like stood out like that just you know for me it's is living grade and then you know if people find out what I'm doing today you know it's possible from your small town kind of Dakotas are like I just had a buddy of mine up from back then and I have been kept in contact with anybody so I can he come up with everyone's doing. I thought I would be like not doing as well as everyone it turns out I'm kind of your. It's cool hey did it while I was in the small class and rural town but still you're right under the big dog hardy guy you want you act all the reunions. Yeah I say I'm what are you should go seek and I know. Any they couldn't track we go for the big important what I because I was out living large in keypad show anyways so the fifth. I would have tracked down now but now it's like the stuff above the wasn't until they Holloway meets legalized. Isolated. US do we. Folks at it would you. Not a Johnson I was so cool and high school to be would be really and a few moments with the yeah because I live large back then don't you didn't have my whole life has been for a fifth time there's a couple story. Here I want you to release one movie did you have one now he bogeyed and he's he's like dinner when we present our. I thought about hormone you remove feels more at the and there's there's a guest on Oprah. That bomb was abandoned as a child. She apparently your parents just like senator on the side of a road or something literally in Vietnam she survived a plane crash and leukemia. Before the age of twelve. Yeah architect she a do basically escape by herself from Vietnam yes Erica. She's she's been through all this stuff she's thought she's been determined she's overcome a disease she's healthy. Successful adult show her a few moment is to delight. The entire universe besides you try it. But you're not get all the time and they didn't she survived. Little moments like I'm trying to think of some famous people knew or were talking off air what to do should get money ball. Everybody like sort nerds Bill James says who wanted to take over like they said. All you guys who know how to draft players are allowed to get wrong since day one and showed him how it's supposed to be done where they athletes out. All bill James Bill James was a part time graveyard shift security guard at a pork and beans Baxter shot. You're well on his off time he set came up with formulas and apply them to baseball granted his full time job was his theory in stunning statistics professor at MIT but still we knew. Yeah we we knew I take it from me like you're just talked about as a musician shocks will never give you the time of death. So she's like I got a formula for there they're like all the owners and the old guard of baseball electorate eighty year old loser it turns out it kind of wasn't. So he figured out this form I haven't seen the movie and it eighteen games Oilers here that movie came out that was Bill James as. When Mo but did sing at the Oakland whenever I've I've got a right Jim well like you never talk about baseball again on the shouting what are you did good honors the manager of the general manager of the time assemble his team the way bill genes his series said you should and they had great success until my Minnesota Twins bloom on the playoffs I didn't win the World Series they did but they made the playoffs so we got kind of a house way a few moment he finally got hired the Boston Red Sox hired him to be a part of their team they were the first believers in him. And that was kind of his nephew moment we had other people caller show was there a few moments I remember somebody. Didn't say and you just talk about the warm prostate somebody light. Sound their way to work their way into management so they can fire the person. Who was mean to them. Remember that story there was some lady who callebs OK so it was I mean you're a long time. Job she's okay another. Did he told her life just. So she could go and sign of the person who would mean tour. Like two years ago and that was her and a few and and you were seen Warren Buffett kids seem to even bought a company right. Yeah how they agreed though the short long story short from this company try to break him off. And he wasn't having that he was never emotional about stock pretty goes you know what you trying to screw me on this for you back he quietly bought up stock in this company bought or by terrorists did until finally he had enough majority ownership so we walked in and fired the guy that tried to rip them off years before. That is that's another level of commitment here that's you moment yeah sometimes they just follow in your lap when you run into that person that's true you register you to show them sometimes it's surviving cancer like we had there's another do we know we can't tell you to determine a second. Was told he'd never walk again and I was coaching soccer on a myth symbol pretty amazing stuff if you if you don't some vindictive stuff. Or whatever it if you had that moment. Where you prove to the world rather lose and got your big. Mop top we want you or proved them wrong stories Travis. Yeah yeah. Oh yeah I was actually argued. Outlook my own cooling he would come. You can addicted to those crackers you know we get him some more than. And a scratch tickets soon. And the lawyer now as I do I so I don't know much you're spending way too much money on these. NBC. I'm you don't know I like him Omar at bureau show you that he's got downy ball warning like ten dollars a we're really ten dollars. Any side down any scratch it actually won a million dollar jackpot. Know what right. Earlier this your doing this that is no matter where case Shiller karma he was shocked. Oh my god do I do see the job. You can. Look at it they're. See Iranian when he did you ten grand for being in his graces of nothing that they what are isle mayor. If you can improve to he would the body union on what you think you're you're so I was. My skepticism that cost you moved to show me eat the god you who know so one million. I easy odds and are you still tight with your own goal or did you like lose the dead weight after is a million epithet. Are where we are. What are reviewing his new Bentley uses Cisco. And you should have took the Yankee Chavis called you gonna make you got out of school yeah improved drones to tether. They guide you through the bronze would you do. So I'm in the school when I was little I would always bullied because I would like the weirdest looking kid ever. And then when I got home they continue to my Brothers. Or investors and everybody. Warmed up pretty much before I was sixteen I signed with two different modeling agency. What will shut up like you blossom it's you like puberty was kind DO. CEO. OK you know what the best word is is you have to do they just hacked. Happened do you even have to do anything to do stood idly by I medics did Daniel I'd. I love my genetic make me what you have to try and I'll just go out to pat and a T shirt people still think import game. Who. And that's good or bad but Tom's. Door so I call it. Ask you this just this is your kind of describe not now I didn't have genetics homicide delight. We and I did my coming out party at school where I became the guy who no longer the trombone player Chris I was their guitar player. All the support all those people who were means and you just wanted to date me it's like I did cheerleader there is the day and I was like I'm wondering if you wanted to nail. So the other side it's. You're like me yesterday did you give into any because I know that once you became the model Marla they tapped in cornerback boy no team deal was like hey since then what did you do. I'm I've blurred and that and then when they got their hopes up I'm like aren't a body. Good for you have and there's there is due to planned outage staff feels so new does feel kind of you know you got so many few moments out of genetics. Exactly like my favorite way of letting people know it just like I'm. Banks are minorities how they got engaged to a firefighter. Added. You are you still modeling. How about it or good free else didn't you bring the car and that's a units and the I just. When the like underdogs is come right after everybody this this this thing. Yeah he looks like. Running into. And I approved Enron's. He Nigeria great score. Put for a fourteen coach says they never expected it. To go assistant on your cloak three years later. After I spent the time concentrating on judo I was a national chain. Had a shot I was in June though. A church and the art triggered after that I got long backed by multi sport. And by the way I'm at the right choice. Judo chop from Bradenton hey hey look do you like your quick and you quit listening to the review. Movies lure. Of the war mega deal all up and once absolutely does your does harder than wrestling whales are you sure yes. Yeah how did that feel. I would also I felt great. You that's pretty sweet I gotta say that. You kind of have to respect him for saying no you otherwise you never would have been inspired to become. But I for some reason in this is gonna some really bad and I don't want anybody to take this wrong especially you Steve O you used to be this guy. For me it feels like the F few moments to jocks feel better than almost any other when you get to go to would jock because. They're gifted and talented in their like their parents have told them they're the kings in the name in the B in the culture whatever all that stuff. And we and they think they're Berry and when you finally get to be a little. You get a little foothold army it's just like yeah shoot it right it's extra sweet it is sweet person I don't know why the could mean sharks are good people. And eventually added there and. I straits great moment Burris. Yeah I I Ron what are you. Well you know everybody talks about. They hadn't a church earlier when my daughter would stay very. Tense room. Her parent or grandparent has cheered everybody pretty much I. So no I want sure sure I moved away from Colorado originally a real impact to see it and it would never score Kirk nothing under the Arctic art. While and now I'm in fact I live literally within the trinity out of her jerk out addict. Her grandparents who knew all you don't trap rhetoric isn't she older around 45000 dollars in child support and I love the way that it would it be and wow. I'll die and are great mom. Didn't think you my girl got her used to that you needy kids parallels. I'll do that is a that is a great prove them wrong moment Reza we appreciate it Terry. Yeah but I approved Enron's. Our case out of a group and a real small world around. And act wrote smile. And I I went in you scroll. And my mother had passed away all and I was pretty much waving my siblings. This and so everybody was preparing to our current. It's in the school counselor. Was that typing every bit. Cartilage and I had never bite my pal because I was in deep reading hit. A member opened the book or studied and she died in parallel. College just does not for you girl Egypt teach it shattered seed and traits school. And I hate wanted to go to college. So. I went to college. Or add that it did not have a daddy I open your books studied. And I need. To be little list now here I hope I'm Jerry. Curry three. I did three. Sorry no reason when the cops can't agree I think it's technically actually technically you may carry. And majors and MC. Like to go back and tell us you went to the council learns and asks you. I wrote a letter. Did terrorists don't own any other student like my scalp that order completely capable inject just like she crashed. Soul slid. Crush errors with good till I. I dream a little respect she's just a counselor do well three degrees agree I tell you that. To a more of your and a few moments. Gotten to where you can actually save what happened word over on our FaceBook answer.