Slacker and Steve - Psychic 8/15

Wednesday, August 15th


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Steve content and wanna talk about. We know wing you didn't psyche. You had a sighting could do something. That is you cool it pulled. Once I take oral got you it was I remember what she did what got you it was maudlin she Millwood won because she's due I was single desirable nor her rehearsal. Oh we are back. Postseason play since it was vagaries that she threw out here's the thing does this morning. Mom who's a psychic. She has to Wear a hoodie to block messages from spirits now. I knew you'd be like boots and then roll the like hot damn she's wearing it's. There you go all the fizzle away. She's a psychic mother who can communicate with the dead them she says her her gift is so strong chess where including to block out messages from spirits. When he missile CN ground always got more where I am she sort of discard a paranormal powers I don't know what that is a like a child when she realized she sure didn't see things almost didn't. I don't know does that even near Norway say hello listen I don't wolf it's a little. Okay I'm sort of morph into that you're hemisphere's. OK so also my fragile grown so I. There's such as Scott Russell on job in a medical Foxboro hard. But she's also is psychic if the movie and you know it was she section in America and she's like a bit more sinned and Tony Montana who. She said when she was when shall stronger should the Omaha control against. Here's I predict what would look this is I predict they're lucky dog and I did you. Our ratings are going to prom. Because I come seal who both earning some girl the my girlfriend bought in on your radio guy he's pretty anyone mud these slump. I'm monkey blood mixed but it's the middle school I thought that's really off he's not gonna stop the the punch monetize some milk I have a real caught it on you you're rich or I don't do it. Elect. And so I wanted to see if you can keep up with the act and the little they'll break the slightly. My mom. I want to start over but I know that I didn't get a reading before this to tell me not to let our backs the. Do you honestly can you continue to I think he you're good logical guy here can you honestly say that it's always. The reason happenstance it's to our site takes a story in front of me. We're excited mail so much stuff. That there's no way it can beat vagaries. She nailed amazing stuff. Very I'll give you this the are great at their craft they really are they work car losing their craft is. Is that shouldn't where you think Israel. I think to throw out things and then the person attaches. What they know about their life to the vagaries that the psychic throughout the greater than their great. But you have to kind of know a little bit about the person and about people get to build a read people. Yup that is likely pockets and sort of true this psychic surreal you guys get a call your real sightings are not your majors on the let me read this quick little thing were to people's calls a guy. Ten years ago my wife was single and living in South Beach she's working at a job where she knew she was about. To lose her job so she wanted some answers. She went to a psychic. Thanks so far the lure HR he's putting particular place the bank of so sorry dad we've got to desperate person via. In need in search of answers desultory zing they say you're gonna like. Exactly you're discussing a life raft yes Jessica who. I I agree with you Steve I think there're there are people out there the girl who used to be on TV. It's. Yeah I knew what was her name she got a lot of trouble I know you're talking about yeah. Here we are. The psychic stated the following you'll soon have a new career path well now we didn't see why is this idea of how we. Hello Michael. Is slowly is spending that's why am media. She sounds odd but it seems that an insult beat and that's myself feature so Jersey re a super. Yes all my phone and shoes are desperate to the psychic friends is you tell him everything and also lets us items like. All her come insisting that she couldn't come up. We can show we psychic with those who are so yeah is there really jump shot I don't think this is just you're gonna go away FaceBook you know our little. You felt so the site he said you'll soon avenue career past mob media invigorate them you'll soon meet your life partner. We know she knew she was dating. This one takes some wave both still predict a total annual house twins. But you have twins and within three months she moved back to where parents were in New York. And she saw an ad for our job at Billboard Magazine so she applied for the job. Boy who had to come pick her up. Saint sees her. I guess I don't know somehow she met to the concrete her yes she met a guy Billboard Magazine who would eventually become her husband while. She got the job of Billboard Magazine a totally new career past noon. You can sushi. Police said eleven new career passing you'll need your life partner both those things happen at the same time put the so you say the same time would do what happens though. Right one after another they were dating come within three months of her hired eight. Old and very soon after. They were pregnant. With twin daughters. And at. Okay the woman she knew all these predictions and she set out to make them happen how you make twins haven't she jumped up and down tell them like yeah. I don't split in half yup I don't thing where you can have twin twins she TO now. She and her husband and said we morning's present doc goes where like we were poor rescue is so they were dealing with what's so. When you look at mom and quickly slow. Amara say they sent. To our warmest salt quarterly Ayman gimme a what it actually look into mental notes that Obama. I think always I did her movie event in the we get to Europe for three months of me that's pretty desperate that's the song of the truth is. Casino's front should try to force these predictions to control what happens if there and it's happily ever after because of the citation. Those not familiar talking about yet. So that's obviously got a text and didn't find out what's on TV side. Miss Cleo. She got she thought she her black suit our friends she was what you're talking about oh she was Jerry Hayes and Maya are real. True if you have who would you interaction with in real cited for the real ones yes. The there's really rare vibe between the real ones a little closer ones you don't -- Sarah downwards and earlier. Hey it's that's not much of the second day this is just your UX. I. Your best. Streak. Huh. Since the middle of the Arab common sense. You know what I'm saying now who are humans and improvement kids there on your it and took a that was good your Tucson tips Q I rejoice your best site experience dab in the yes. Are you sidekick. And he has his own. Until you are excited to continue go to. Yeah I'd senator Bennett and other media for twenty years there are all really so continue we wanted to arena who are you feeling now. Why do you like get people go to our director Edgar opens. Oh you talk to me those cigarettes did not yet stayed at ninety at their abilities if you know one. And of course special they really are psychic you were moody is a southern city yeah oh that is that you hear that's stupid just CBS three nice house and but to have same extremists surly know as they remember. Get. His both his parents have passenger and my sister we hang around the Millen about. Sure your your mom pretty sick we appreciate it. Just. And I feel like mother like that closure in here that you can't actually get closure. Yeah because we never really knew that he's met exactly those aren't. Yeah particularly people who are not there when he died. And your sister is. She's taking some accountability for her again that that makes sense. Accountability for her death. Yes it you know take your show floor. Put into that situation that I could trust Serwer. He. No she died from the same thing my mum passed blow guy. Okay do you have a friend or someone that you know that female that maybe had tightened correction it will generate after the suicide. No yeah. A couple of easy in Arizona particularly tough I knew that I know I don't wanna interrupt your lights for your mind questions your great leading I would not. Her win makes some of the things she said about your dad your face was no market yet because we never did well this system vagaries I look at what are they during. Flying faxed to debs vagaries that's all I'm doing right now. No you're not dead on we lawyer number 'cause we may have come back ladies and we don't it's another cost here's laggard soccer no way they you'll ever backs do me OK I don't dad. That's some. We need depth information so we can call her back forum news. Oh you're like all proud you're our go trying to tell me whether I think you do somebody killed themselves and I think you're not I think your forgotten that she's doing senile some that was C no no no I think she said Ku someone who had. When she sank into its bottom line really 'cause he throws a different ways they could have died was a suicide or car accident airplane crash was an well. Kodak's it goes I mean saying your mom was sick. That's risky man just some people's parents die in a car wreck some people's their parents just dive architecture not sick she did she's a Dyson she nailed it. Oh giver that and the whole dad's death be in different and you didn't know I mean I. On his face bush pro what's the FaceBook and your dad who has been dead long enough that he didn't have any FaceBook page. You don't even have a seasonal thing you learn Sandra. Yeah yeah I can cite ditch. Like not try to kicked three. You are on front of the gold mine bend Tribune and I would get ready to move from Germany should it stage. Eight actually Q&A that you aren't there aren't any Arab League where Tom Goldstein I expect our wrap up and mean all our water. Our awards meet every uniform and have worn child born son. And of course you know my husband I have looked at each other like that's not happening I can't support my frequent apparent. Met and I enjoy expense for the new airport. Even I have been told I couldn't have been murdered or how worn by. Okay wait let me ask you this he said it was but tarot card reading Gypsy and as she was Paul reading you did you make sure you're watching these sort of your walk it's. We got slightly all sold. Out she nailed it. She got her right you know he's. How big is your media mania in Europe she's whisked her husband. And this ladies don't when you're gonna need somebody else I know that is that's simply must write to her half of texas' school public guys in uniforms. She. I think my parents I guess and needing somebody know who. And then a woman who has been told she can't have kids she goes out our own women says you have one son she did you wanna live matter but it sure got that wrong. No harm no foul in the Gypsies and didn't get Iraq. She got a break. Well applied to drew and think about it a day in aren't helping and I never thought of it again the flip and I here Al stare. Had read my palm and I didn't think about it a year in labor. I realized everything yet told me come true. You to bring you knew what she predicted so you tried to make it come true. All. Kind of get the call that's absolutely and I. Self fulfilling a whole new word can't from what. You're gonna trip and fall down the stairs tonight. A human and a ranch with the camera caught up because my big reason. Hi this. Isn't going to be an aside do you mean hopeful that it's a cliche the the guys inside did. Oh my mom and I wrapped Arafat backed its own and actually corporate enriched our own. And only arm. My brother's friend at all and I hit it word and it brings that we're sticking out of the G. Holes or she felt some sort of weird energy and told her to get home. No should you use the bathroom bad you know did all right now during regular pace it and that's the perfect yes she felt it you don't that's what does the actual site teaching session you know not I did it she's like it's it's it's a steel so this woman had. And she wasn't development there was a strong enough saying. And she probably wasn't wearing eight at the so I did it furloughed or cause it was a thing and then it got through. They're I want everybody you know there were to try to get them back on yeah double and we'll get more reading from Steve when you when you're ready to be honest I was your. Ready to be on those are you what this guy or not let's hope it's if it's a easy come here quite good no candidates eligible with a cutter out.