Slacker and Steve - Psycho Parents 3/12

Monday, March 12th


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Steve on the he's about Psycho parents you guys are all Psycho. There's got a different stories in the news site you'll like when I I haven't had to go there are yet. We have a Psycho and out. How the police problems while. I have it in me oh sure I sometimes I don't need that all people pair team. It is sometimes you you feel like your child it give you an example on the this is the one mom slapped a seven year old girl. For bullying her daughter across South Carolina woman. On want to to a seven year old girl. And smacked her tissue. Had heard she was born your daughter here to watch in the schools inspector in the series she said the girl was throwing pencils and her daughter of the previous day she said a couple of teachers tried to subdue the Psycho mom. Tumbled more able to talk just civil now. Well we're not condone means hitting his seven year old I guess there's times where I feel like my kids are being undervalued. Etc. were being used tunnels. By other kids Bogut or there still other used OK gotcha and you just one day you just wanna go see it happen yes you're right. You were born that you don't efforts don't you have more value she. But I feel like that in the snowflake can only my nearest territory in the front of the reasons or current. I Z lawyer door what we're looking for is when you inside joke either them because of your kids and or in the name of your kids up for. You just did a cycle parenting staying in general I mean. Going after the kid whose bullying her daughter and Sloan knows. That's. Chris who know about how this woman Coca. She's Florida teacher who was arrested after armed. Attacking another woman during a Little League Baseball practice. Practice Lola she criticize a mother for wearing short shorts. It was a world and Eric and now associate repeatedly punched her in the face before she. Should keep you ease the victim suffered cuts to right wrist shoulder elbow and chest. Which is weird to she's wearing shorts short so you think your legs your credit for those rural farm they were fine eyes she also has bruises on forests. To Psycho mom decided she could she's in her shorts are you sure I think it is addition the short shorts I'd like to see how short shorts Jimmy's in the short. Just for verification of this was I. In our school that I don't have this theater Yule. Digital furnace it's your mainstream. Zeroing your phone. 20 Morrissey you're an short dress so. Then there's a round. Whereas the wanted to really liked. Oh did this Psycho mom would not let her kids. Get on to school buses for a field trips at all like no matter how hard they're going to show how I grew up in long -- along our way away and we come down to like. I Macs in museum of natural history know that other crap to move this woman should deal. Yes I know this has been explored. By people all of the earth why is it you can get on a plane. Named big tell you this seat doping 400 times and you got. Nine year old on a school bus and there are literally zero restraints in the works for leaning down. The highway at seventy miles an hour we just. Is there public school kids so we guerrilla oh I forgot it was going to be starters two other series. It's. There's secured its did you. Yes your chickens that I'm from seemingly mentally you're all about all right Prius people adjust our kids church hers to lose her. Rob you murderer Mayor Bloomberg were there isn't there. Except the elements 47. Still I don't mind and just took the you're not Iraq cruises through a little. Off on it did his Robert turning the Psycho dad okay because wondering you know good. It was an and a slacker and Steve a Mondays next year 'cause it's concise. I just don't want my kids. We used to teachers have the day off three with three days a week kid's head yeah you pay the more you always a good note the good news is they're all taken to take up for that. Don't know I thought they got the very hot we got to pay high HI. Wanna be married teachers that's awesome but blood on your system but it's not their fault so far though it's. Now what I've driven us down this road and I don't know how we're gonna get added I'm legs. And human moves. Seriously. Here's my life is like what she wants apparent sign in my frame our breath we're goes I don't parent she's like I don't like him. Yeah. So let's just get out of your mind. Mark he's not great for how it. Instead we only read she might call rematch spring ball basically is on like poster board sources say don't and not even have the largest possible market. You can accept it's it's our chance to know you're ruining our. Hypocrites have to if that's so I probably gonna fly in from you to interact. You guzzlers like go for but we are who took just that. This is with the yeah. Well that's we know they did including detects when we did feel that there is no good okay will start since his group. Why do I ask well we want. People's lives were ruined yeah are we didn't know what did you did it was great. And the. So. Look where Yahoo!'s real effect Beers and a Monday news though. Stephen. It's at least data you can drag for you know I did typical murder in the anywhere I don't care and finally. Psycho parents not 27 in their four day work week because. Outsells both so it's a little insulting their DS little beaches last two corporate. Because there's no way to save this any and as we're trying to talk to outside your parents and allied turn into a debate about forty work but it's still just as important. Honest I don't while Leo couple Psycho parents two to three year old to acorn missed. Questions just search. These three and optimum. Apartment I do ambulatory it's like look if you wanna eat again but you'll find your way out of insists that's what I'm sick if they don't be stupid to create curled into corn maze that. The main obstacle but they're opening until next day literally yeah it's good show held productive so you know there's so I think what they wanted they wanted to do away from their child oats Williams who I was like didn't go Cormier is a Chinese man has and it's a lot like the people the 27 day wanting an extra day. It's like they're taking our kids still corn maze that one day a week. For the entire school. That the economy is this is written but they get paid more to do its things with them. That's their fault they're the Vick they aren't tiered system. Are offering childcare my dad's old. And the you know I if you. And so I tell you punch the bully you done something cycle terrible flu is too we not talk about school districts 27. No no no. Yeah. But. It's the beefed up. I'm sorry guys but you gotta DOS decent grade point average of ice recycled air and would like to talk about. Did we wanna hear your store pretty piece Marisa. I I always say to parents. Bush and hey if my daughter would probably 81012. Outplayed you at darker. Shade slipped on the field like tweaked your next big ticket neat they called after the credit the pipeline. And I am you know that beautiful mom locker on the side of the feel a little over there are cheap they'll crack at that courier or minutes later they cut. He only does a great coach why. From the opposing team came over and live yelling at our coach for letting the kids taken needy. Appeal. So the third and I knew when he comes over her I get up but it space guy probably sticks for I cabinet space put my finger instead. You better get back here because that the my daughter and she's hurt and if you don't shut up I am not going to be held responsible for what I do see. Why old. We take in these good sportsmanship right that's what you're supposedly. Miss so did retired Grady did six foot got back down to crazy Psycho mom. Who can we need to keep act Gannon apologized to me in the parking lot later. All that's. I wouldn't cycle mom momma Bay Area I'm not yet somehow he had no like. I know you're no matter what you are. I think you're smarter than I am and I'm going to go now take over is that if you actually I your good your good Psycho mom there's your car. Melissa. Whole low. Psycho parents. Otherwise I woodworking and minutes after school program and that kid yuppie sport in the middle of the dog walking acumen and a right right after groups. And you critic for rolling dodge ball at the other kids that you with the Mac and a bad speaker. And we didn't know what to deal we took all the chase and another rail. Good dad a big kid who's already but the activity said the F word he instead looks like little. Jack came back wet my key report might of the games is that went by ago. Think he wasn't playing and participating started trucking got all at. Real she could idea admiral let's look like I would might seem like apple falls pretty close the trio now and that's. Orange Bowl what do you do with cycle dodge ball that could it. We hit about kids I love the gymnasium and read it harder compound like exit door hurt because he was choking them an inch and yet I can find animal a kinda chilly night hey Murray kicked well that. Like being obedient and. I kid an uncle ho hum dodge ball squads to the subsidiaries also got a mouth like a sailor within. Even a couple as a CBs who isn't going to be Psycho she's asking real media always this goes to Stephanie. Yeah I hear disguise Psycho parents. Our firm okay so our our girls are picking on my Carter. And arm. Aren't trying to do is read here are European. On the confession and that's who the Buffalo Bills. When they daughter had heard her speak he's edited for half escalated beyond. So this is. It was a nice a nice site in new on the backup UN nuclear bomb on it if I. Over with with the. All the kids are in the grow had to go home crying to me. They are taking off. I don't see enough of him while load no harm no foul a minute we're. I screwed. It. Mary's lead Stephanie how man this means for him to pose for this call I really has never really know before yea your phone number traces. The Victoria. Yeah I yeah I. I don't so parents. I had PHP. Can zero while back and it's starting to call her tour I commit a 180 degrees flat. My name on his own laptop and it's it's not one of those ones it's supposed to be like to think twice detour early age it was no matter what got me now tank. My mom tracked down in DC EOs home phone number. This CEO of Hewlett-Packard she got a pool of US campaign. He's the ultrasound the home front camera and club with his BHP. Is quite. Explaining that there were eight and sixteen and drastic and we had a panic but continued his internship at Hannity and. Why call a halt all so she wouldn't bring accidents on my guy he's got nice not to customer service I got no car quit so I don't. Is it strategy until I had no good and that is. You all positive.