Slacker and Steve - Public Transportation 3/5

Monday, March 5th


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Staying on and click on this. A lot of strains and on mobile elected public transportation. On the if you had an incident on public transportation we McCain when talks here on. In Beijing China. On the U arguing against it right so it's their underground. Train some. Some Irish footage of footage. Of two men one wearing a mask and glasses. And you see this movie. Wearing him like NASCAR we talk like every word mask I'd like not a costume mask which is scheme is what's he wearing. Like us. Sick mask I. Oh okay like a metal you know cash. And they just start fighting like all out brawling. Play on the train like what you see in an old western movie like Tomlin out the doors and she and hair all over the car they start on one end and by the time they're done they're on the complete opposite and in. Everybody in the train cars trying to avoid them like jumping up on snow is an umbrella up. Kind of bled more people are just like yelling at them to stop and then certificate I'm assuming there yelling. The master lazy guy got the brunt the worst in recorded on the floor didn't kick and I don't trust sob my head it was couple days since I seen the video but I think it was mask guy. Ends up on the floor ice I believe so. Saying gee. Only get on public transportation why don't take public transportation don't you don't go anywhere well it's a mean do people in public transportation it's a half to not want to. You're right because there's evidence and when you go the Greyhound you do bad things right I forget who I did we talked about before did you did you smoke we don't agree on certain in the back the whole trip. In the bathroom or just out in the open toe in the open in the back seats we would just blow we had like you know those tubes of cardboard tubes inside a paper towels and we put about sheep on the end of it and so we would blower. You don't want is royalty quadrillion dollars skeptics are the dolls. Those people OK I know I'm a man balance sheet on the intimate Jaber Al role when you know you're my guy favorable Jamont Gordon's bella did. The proponent. Should never ask Freddie which I totally respect clearly you know the other passengers or the bus driver losing their resilience of recent. Com so this. We won't hear the weirdness and avenue on a plane train or automobile the other one that was big from the news recently it was it could turn a clean around. Gizmo guy. Parties. He passed for a key key was I guess it wasn't exceptionally. Snow hole cut on. And she's just wouldn't stop everybody knew it was him like we put on a plane and somebody's doing that you can never tell who it is nice Eddie how can you tell us. It leads. All of a sudden the old Earl hit me I. I it'll just come from the front of the match how do you tell the jesuit and also like you're looking around and it's you know there's somebody here taking advantage of the anonymity. I'm being able to pass gas in nobody knowing who would listen. This guy was on apologetic or he made it no I was around the SEC's good dude and it turned into a flat out fight. Oh while. Fight broke up which remain in the passenger sitting next to him despite their pleas he insisted. On an apologetic Lee passing gas throughout the entire flight. The plane had to be diverted to be and a we're police with dogs removed the offender. And another dude. And two women who had claimed they had nothing to do the instant. Sleep till with but passing gas is in the public is not illegal let's not even on a plane I know he'd hit it teaches us something that I think it was because she was on not apology one didn't matter in an -- he's keeps doing it so it escalated into low sabathia result is passionately so yes I forgot to tell guys this but I I had a situation on one of my flights and as recently on an international flight. Oh yeah we're out over the Gulf of Mexico and the pilot had to get on me threaten to turn the plane around because. Somebody that was back in coach was refusing to and tell use the bathroom back there and wanted to go to first class he's about him because it was close there's been. And it turned into a whole thing like screaming match with him in the flight attendants. And like the pilot got I was like literally some people just don't understand this is federal regulations. Like. You got a Mac and I get married yes so then and and we were over the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and he was like literally we're gonna have to turn this plane around all of you guys are gonna miss your vacation. If this person doesn't get their act together. I hate when people make the pilot sound like a dad right that's. Yeah Ali then the rest of the flight. Every person I got up to go to the bathroom walk to blame it was me sorry not me it's I think so you don't know who did what no idea why why that yelling and stuff up there. It's. All right so most stories we have are about attacks. Let's get another win we don't have time to get older woman got attacked with a screwdriver she's bomb on a Bronx bus. There were bomb there was a brawl on a school bus and us tool but there was like people trapped in the ass train and it was so linked to seedings or not. Yeah attract even dark. Yet it was getting hotter or our people stripped naked and writing I will survive on the glass slow good if you had to. An interest seemed weird. Experience on public transportation planes trains or automobiles we want to hear your stories Stacy. Old guy whatever deal. I don't think so Portland home to England and it. Eager to notre somehow higher and still don't absorb all that runs. From a child yes I think. Ashley so screwed me a hole lead in the car. They weren't waiting at the scoreboard it milk it out seeing the scoreboard. But the worst part was it. But that's Ira that red light to all of you electrical department of the car's. Automatic doors unlocked but not work he's. Your trust in the cool hole my job boards to get out. And thankfully after a human bird fighting and struggling they managed to get a lot and you know I'm Donna got out. But she had been then there's a long that you actually had chemical burn them more loans. At the hospital first severe chemical burns. Only done. I I eats. When you're electric car this goes solo homers against is did I mean everything just goes I wanted to address boom yeah. Oh is that everything out of I didn't know all of the in Tampa. Out of any deal automatic mode so automatically got a group. More. Is what I do own scary stuff there are things you may cost easy DN. Yeah I planes trains and automobiles. I'm when I. I went here and Montgomery in like a weaker U flight 200 my daughter I actually write the street are between you and I had. Out of public. It on me. C plus ladies like they tobacco. The bucks and I do experts and the cheering crowd at the home only home he's you sat on new. Been on me. It's. Had the Emanuel Amy and daughter. Are shoring your friend I see you're currently there are all that's not what can you do there's nothing I presume you know nothing I could do. Trying to tell you were remote ready. That sounds that's why Steve doesn't residents sixteenths to three ball down and try you know to make you look at things almost killed me and yes the more I did you elect. I'm an idiot and if you're out there and you walk on sixteenth street mall and you're texting I just you know those those mirrors process now without us they are. We will take you know safe and I want people didn't like wind behind him and I'd almost rather get hit full on buy it does when it brings you its like didn't touch. It's like it just go all. And their slot in them are not they are new. Oh dish. You aware of the homeless people spitting on you want my busts in the Mir in the mirror spraying each. A guy he planes trains and automobiles. Now and might very like I just met my very last cats are nursing school I'm dreading the dot com no the guy cops immediately kind of slumped over like sleep and a little that. A guy next content and try to wake them up but I kind of woke up from the Pittsburgh gets toward the back started about. And then the best dirt Obey and he completed just split into the crash of a neighborhood he definitely he did not live. You mean dollar golden blonde stick out. It's an nursing school and I'm like man I have to do some tents up by high enough about. And like satellite and that like you like crawl and they lean up against a tree and that trying to Jim beam at all about it that's pop songs. Hadn't. Oh man that. This you know.