Slacker and Steve - Public Transportation 8/29

Monday, August 29th

A New York woman derailed the subway after she urinated on the train and let loose a jar of crickets and worms! Taking buses, planes and trains can always leave you walking away with great stories! What is the most insane thing you have ever seen on public transportation?

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Staying there. Stories and we decided to buy our TD world of public transportation today yet you and I were not really familiar with that underworld that's a hoax pulled Al I don't I don't do much right on the elitist my daddy or multi meeting with zero underworld I had a bus pass when I was young I didn't add limo rides to school mum liked me on. So we is once cheered something. It's public trans it it's funny it's kind of muted kind of almost he turns out design when you hear the words public transportation. Trisha I don't think it's a great thing it is it's a necessity for a lot of people. The. I was since without being Condit should I mean do you how. Yeah it's a way of life for all a lot of speed most e-book O mores and not. Saul young. Wife IC public transportation from the windshield of my Audi but otherwise. Why. Okay I was plus what's bizarre road though. Only sex telethon right gray Powell if you're ever if you ever get a chance to deal with Steve on any public transportation like. We've been on the airport train whenever I want literally walk up and out and lit them pull. Hold onto just to watch him free gas and its hub city thing in there now you're you're you're over there would you like black gloves Dominik. Us. Under balanced so woman Ankara's chaos on a train in Brooklyn she set loose a jar of crickets and worms. Eight while they were going to Manhattan Bridge walk us and pull the emergency break even car stalled for about fifteen minutes. That is true I see movies and TV anyone can just grab the train bridge is anyone girl. I don't wanna believe that's true I mean either that's why don't ride public to does anybody it's that it's set it. Mutual look we all have trust we know that something bad would happen yeah. I don't do it but I think I just assumed. Doesn't really work because there's always going to be a nut job on the trust that everyone's videos that are drug on the us she said people other hasn't. Said she began dry heaving screening she needed to vomit. Odd then she said she had a number two. She tried to lift her dress. And then made a number one on herself and wants to carried on for about twenty minutes in telemann calmed her down. She was taken to a hospital to be evaluated some extremes is on a train going over the Manhattan Brad talk naral she's the one who told the emergence staying or somebody else pulled the emergency thing. Because. Of the crickets in the peeing in everything tell us. No today. People are saying you might not be true it it might be east she might have done all this on purpose as a stunts. All. It still counts as a publicity went out. Asked on or not a stunt that's a type of person that drives public trust yeah no I mean how we shouldn't have we seen a story we're also unlike a marching band gets on a subway sirens like north. You I won't. Mean that's that would be a fun story most diamond sites Christensen you're in yeah this is such that the error six. His few public transportation series this is doing your crickets in our coastal ports if you add these two things together. For this but I. I've got in Madrid was late to a slight in the Canary Islands last week. I'm we get to the gates in the article the way. But this guy was like I I'm not business. We did nine runs down the jet way. Joe's office on the tarmac with his suitcases in hand chases it down the trip the plane. And they stopped for an the planes saw him absolutely they came to a stop they must open the door it must have been Mike. A big toll to Heatley did you can't open the door and we still mobbed. So I feel like a little or plane we thank you know if they only get 737 hitters don't know yet to show off the jet way but it gives it to but human she'd get a look at the tarmac here just overall sluggish don't do there's no way anyway they let him on the plane. Aides say he was arrested when he got to the Canary Islands for work. All the things. Well let's go right he's won before he wrestlers no well. Should aim low moments playing normally they'd let him on the planes are the plane back to negate a low join the roster claim beat amount put him in no way let him you know hop in the world. What struck me as president they are supposedly he's already been like let me know so he's enjoying I mean he's still got Courtney it's installed no harm no little bacteria. Different time. Well maybe a little late because there. Then it to stop the plane unfortunate they let him in I don't like that guy there was a dude who got arrested in Oakland. For using a golf club Ted damaged windows in the Marc train. That's another year in Oakland she chose life is truth if you wouldn't. There are any of our youth so now you slam anybody who did its buses and trains what is especially if you're from Oakland as his ultimatum all these people must like he is snapped what he's got a golf club so don't I don't armed Agassi in stop with the bark if we do what those those terminal he just kept their Macs should play crazies national went a long and it and it's here we did did you train had Ned had to be taken out of service. While active service for all lines going out and in and out of San Francisco. Let's go to tournaments with a Oklahoma don't disrupt San Francisco is okay to get their healing. Never swung at a personal. Now I'd still stopped all the all the people on the trains are still inconvenience journal how would you tell the windows were smashed in Oakland amuses. This year. Do we keep going no game then I was just headline these next him. Meant not hiding Monty undershirt on a Las Vegas slightly although there you eskimo. We're going to veterans. Yeah I would have the Monty on the way out of making this problem it's the inexplicable stuff you bring your folks you know Brett I don't bring anything to Magnus it's bringing from Vegas fashion dignity annually will rise among almost nothing to cuff and a dash no dignity to. The father and nearly made me demand. He let drove onto the tarmac aren't you talking to story not Yahoo! and we smashed into the plane drew drove dude gonna pick up where nothing but boxers in the made abuses drove sworn in this site T oh yeah. Now some twisted like US life not a little airplanes tell Morgantown for today so it's like planes trains automobiles. Extra points and Steve says something con assistants talk writing on a great allies or whatever it is we just wanna hear something weird that happen do you on public transportation and Chris. Yeah I public transportation. When Antonio. And aunt mother and I where I Kiki on young girls there or they create on his the ballet. Yeah cracker. That we got and the training after. The performance. And not supper cast with JD now she is so we have come and boats and. I'm LT. Blues it's so he. Sometimes runs it like either a tour as his running late or their plane the nutcracker we too early as you're combining the holiday minus. I guess people who binge drinking out of Stein's for eighteen hours here we go out. You're going to add so. And I'm on the other night. On page police got their curls because that's fight broke out. She and one got hit the other guy used to quit flying. The other guy put it pat. The other guy kept true the Plexiglas. She. Feels so I see. I would liberal site. Tells sun that. The funny part is afterwards. Because I wasn't you know next to my daughter to chart or are you okay Amy clash you know that was terrible pitch chill number matter what can call. It's a subject that right there is to miss immediate star did not come on Halloween tricks. Hate of 'til like watching UFC site on cable you it's alive right so it's a couple front and get onto the public transportation. Well he's flying out has gone through stops with the bath OK. I humor they can't Chris I taste. Body public transportation. I would panic and telling Tom and a drug guy stumbled over to sit next to me and drew up all over the. All right I you might show up to right on top three all and the young prelude to train food the public. She's gone with CS crude is still thought I can't you know you're already doing it again really assume that it wears a catering car on this bad boy. I guess it's not that. IRL alone there's not a foe it's just so show us. What do you do when that I mean do you do you I mean my instinct been like shopping amber do you and it's just him caused Obama to come out more. Yeah it was bad and I bought a card you gave later. Can see there you go share everything because she's suddenly the payments justified what you have. The opponent. But among the opposite but that only on this is just an attitude thing if you. We know I've seemed harsh until he's ever been on me all I know Friday. I feel like having your kids are fun news weird how honest strangers are phonies just didn't I didn't SN he's he's. Amgen. You update public transportation's. So I love playing the odd election last night and it grow much as watching American horse story. And you're like a weird like all the way to people if you had fun you can we read your Tonya you'll need some originals and you might like to count but. Certain guarantee you better now yeah. I got so I'm sitting on a plane and I have to do next. It is still the two hours she's watching American horror stories. What a bunch of naked people episode and not the headphones and she's like Mota allowed. She's still doing. Yeah like pleasurable he elects not like you know like weird like that although the book like definitely caused lost the feel like you're conscious effort but he allowed. She's now wearing headphones stay hole and it's like a loud episode. And she was born going to miss it while we shot at CEO. Who say yes and you're trying to convince Steve to get on public transportation. Totally yeah as soon as men money and says oh my god. That's I get CMOs knew a guy who brought porn magazines on a plane and my Brennaman front and I want to look at it means Southwest Airlines resumed. No I know you didn't see him you just as the pictures well I was the victim of that do you. You're hard to pin. Like your perfect storm against who did should be welcome Lilly. Three public transportation. I live on graded on bad and I met a man who told me that he was king came dream car and. LeBron to know what we believe the actual the actual you know LeBron James is still alive so all. I. Actually got so I'm we were both reading Bible and I I after about a hit that he told me that it's about one and he got because it can date reincarnated. Stick woman that it's being tracked down and that the Greyhound had been paid a million dollars just to get him to Arizona. And yeah I mean I wanted to know where it's either flooded and of course I do inside that the F dish pan. Well we all are you gonna keep that knowledge we have to what I'm bus you can it's almost 100 CN. Hopefully I'll do what you study of fun trip I think it. And I'm like if you're broke out you can't just like act like it didn't explode it's. Not only did. Mean no. That's why this meant he sensed jar around here now it is actually how well. Ansari all my US. Charter does that Denzel lower I absolutely do not Lorenz mobile. Lauren looks like Laura anyway since it's tough on me so JC and they in the well in the midst of all that could be even the houses that get. Coming up like Superman I'm going to savings bond. Below I get the reference. Yeah. So did you pitch your TJ's minds true Weller did you just. Yeah. I am sure it is right now I'm not to be careful because he leg. At nineteen my decorated them and I didn't want you and I had a right it definitely out there you question about. He bet that he told that it sister Delilah. I mean let's also reincarnated from the Lila just had a sudden he could diesel pretty good if you like I think I had. So you bring it the Bible with YouTube as sort of a crazy person go abide by juice in Atlanta news. Well I don't title again for and I think it tomorrow I can become blocked means you're crazy trying to yeah. I was gonna say it's president it and I'm not magnetic effect he's all right so read the boss. You know right. Great credit and other Carol strength not keeping other hand about her only breached its. Lose you. Cilic UN I can go or not. I know I'm telling you or your car don't leave the world works now you when I could do our show from a bus we delicious. Knowing where it could be canceled let's just try to you would need live when we plus on out on a gray down going somewhere. You know. You never I've ridden the dog in I don't know if you I have Einstein lived on a tour bus I know it's different because my bus was. Hon you is so was our Greyhound I think I'm best in the probably not us but I'm Melissa. Yeah yeah I. Public transportation. OK so on my husband is a driver of one of these vehicles. And army he had to pull over his vehicle. Or ask a woman could get off the commission was given special kept us. But some clubs given special kisses to somebody she knew on the bus or stranger. In the war don't know. He just made her discovery make a bulls get off yeah well but also. Let me just up the middle of nowhere he kicked both Obama truth you know what do you know where. Was he drives one of the regional bus is not like you're good magnet now I get over the road go oh I can about a lot over the wrote that. I was gonna say this is public transportation stuff should be going on all its yeah this is this is one of the benefits of public visited the sideshow straight hours on the bus like at some. Yup well on the porn bust is the fifth but he doesn't get the morass he just did due to mosques. And casa blank hole or why aren't so you're new policy or I mean I think we look to guys fight on the train all of these guys doing there you think you've got. ITunes. Yeah I've been basically I would acting an airplane I am I have been gonna have a argue older kid I had the eighty strapped me in a beating Kerry hair. In a great crowd many an older gentleman passed out when Alan it is has. Stopped. See some worry that there would like Dell went out there that new Earth Day and I'm Bert are undertrained I went and like we got a couple guys we need another eighteen scene. We don't get it we put it on him that's another quirk I start CPR. With AT&T. V.s yeah yeah southern U. All your baby and I look down and realize like my three month old. And tingling from. They cherry or should I might as like a Holy See. Only what is not only where we like China and and he ended up being up 88 they had a teacher that car and I'm at heart to kind of just. Start murmuring but doing odd that while holding a baby. I'm the bad public tripped. This guy's minds your hero yeah. Well I I gad I mean I don't know it's something I've got a port right on a very look at it like that would that started using my bills by some I think I think it was just. Shiny hair like that attacked by debut at. You want you out of the middle tourists this guy in it during this process did you have a bit of an accident. Oh he totally dead so he would Hellenic and that happens don't have either that they would control of their foul. And. Knowing that I mean just like cupboard. And you know basically has. I'm shocked I was pretty special. What's the step over that she's is there's these lands. OK okay. The unwashed masses since I should keep going for a player team James is on a bus driver who thank you they do and a that's immediate. That's the but it happens. It being Adrian. Yeah. If Aurora. Public transportation what happens. Aren't well. I think he's about and a guy offered me cope not a thank you drink and preceded you have special alone time in. What you're doing the Hokies still pretty situation out of results. From. It would totally random weren't targeting so afraid you know 8:9 o'clock and anxious and he did. Randomly. Started cheering singing debut until Coke. And when I said no politely he decided Q and. Enjoy your ultra special early time. While I mean there's it's slightly easier people lay out these movies or doesn't mean your people and our new Cologne busted out my friend and president. Absolutely but we still love to hear more of your story is set up he slacker and Steve FaceBook page.