Slacker and Steve - Public Transportation 9/26

Tuesday, September 26th


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Steve I ask for some reason we're gonna talk about public transportation I think there's enough stories in case you. Are you opposed to act as the silver spoon boy horror. I like the fact that it's there are never need it but in case it is it's there I like it. I rolled the subway recently for the first time in your throat and it's. It's not his batters he's input it's a series sees the whole time I was a little bit scared. Over his old horror stories you hear about them. Yeah like people. And in all on first avenue and eight Gator win here don't we don't just refuses to Wear pants on the subway in New York City don't that guy woman says he gets on the subway lifts up his long tee shirt and offers an unwanted. So far he's done it at least three times and he has not been caught yet surveillance footage shows a guy Lehman subway station at. Police even with a picture that you seem to find him he was a lot fantasy about a lot of these stories do is. It is the passengers and other passengers. And we really did what they do notice they just don't even really care they just go about their business. It seems like in New York team is so you see your hand you're desensitized. So much I know I have to take this is like I we took a couple caps we were in New York. In the cab driver is scary if they can go fast but most of the time we're just sitting in the cab. Stop on a street watching people walk faster than we are sort might eventually we decided we've got to learn how to do the subway. Yeah and then and like my tee shot people on there it does it you could just start belting out a song and know. If you act anywhere on the streets of this town Zach or people would pull their cars over people would stop and look at you get cameras out. You could do anything you want on a New York subways and no one would even term to look at you and it was like mad it's that. So unsafe so awesome. Why fix we're yeah. So we're looking at somebody's ready stories you're stories they give you if you've got a public transportation horror stories to hold different sub belly of society. And what stock gained a mean planes trains automobiles like you. Two week to week is Cooper doesn't mean it's taken over just about anything transportation me. This dude. This guy and his friends on the subway again in New York City on a mean looking dude. It's on. Sits directly across a room and he's got the tear drop tattoos he's got three tear drop tattoos wall does that mean to you would have tied to it relates that's three murders imprisoned right that's what I always thought it meant so that doesn't mean well I mean different people saying different things this guy is he in the same we. Has she done it meant TD there bend prison three times I'm like I don't think it means that I think it means you kill someone in prison that's what I heard three dipped three different people in prison you know so the guy. Seriously sits across from he said he is his eyeballs were full of anger. He's just site. Has that. Guttural look any stared at them any looks to go to the right looks to the left as if looking for witnesses. And their light. We're dead now with the horse sitting on this saying he. Unzip his backpack slow lingering Euro reaches inside you know I mean yes that's when you're looking for the exit joy out of bail out of them train moving in sixty miles an hour. Pulls out a copy of twilight. It walked and begins to Regan books. So serious point it is tough guy just wanted to make sure none of these jailhouse it's half a quarter. Aaron Stewart isn't he yeah it was twilight new moon in the movie was coming out soon saw him dearly he just needed to get the book done before he's like I don't wanna be eighty spoiler alerts. Pizza here they thought they were getting a murder on public. I know my words Edwards at. Sixty. By tomorrow is that twilight. What do you do if you look at across let us know. I might not such a great books right oh this Oreo the move but it's a bit just agreed until lap before you. They eat nothing bad has happened to me personally. But some of these stories on rent it. Our synthetics. Which I think. Is there one lately to what the guy with what did he have his whole arm just ripped up and he's bleeding profusely. Apparently you feel the pain he is tops on them so boy you. Doesn't list the source iPad like dolphins called hypocrisy line bleeding profusely from elbow the shoulder yeah dash diddley makes Walking Dead looks like. He's oblivious. Just sits yeah what are you gonna do it too is we serve beyond the other one was they saw they were I think there on a bus. A homeless dude. Jumped on played thirty seconds of when the saints go marching in on the trumpet. Then took his pants office. And made a dinky. Right there in front of everyone and as usual most people this ignored it or I guess it was in Chicago on the L so it's another train it's another. Segment densely goes oh yeah. I uncharted and if that's the bottom line is this if you if you're a person who lives in one of those places or has lived. And you've seen something unique on a plane train armada. He got a unique public transportation story please share with us. McCain. And I public transportation what are you guys. Show and I didn't click here people on and it's how fitting from the current moderately bull dog. And you guys batted in everything you do it every parent with you and left to go to work and then I come home our player and their dogs that. I read eat out I wanna cry I do like me in my apple like a couple bad and I gone. The bottle. He had go to the veterinarian. Ask you have a dead dog and backpacks. Arab rule Powell is and I. Want to come home and either dead dog like that it you know bet. And if somebody's door all the duffel bag with the bed dock it and why you have lumpy I who we are. Feel like this is I feel like I got us notes this onto this are you sure are reading an urban legend to a. Islands devastated. Iowa with Whitney in my view and you thought might minding my business landscape you know every seeing. And look out and it got a guy that's getting off of my bias. He he I feel walk off the bus flipped my duffel bag and I thought Eric some. Sorry about her there is to somebody you while hunter is not to hand yeah. Now made bulldogs. Center standing near us. Arms. Yes and had to explain to the Stanley says hey it's not right to your dog well he's now with a CD giant awful but it's a CD bus riding type. It's you for the call. It is that earlier religion I feel like this is the letter letter of past rob. Yeah yeah I. Transportation for a public that kind of thing you got. Why would that not Japan for seven years as an English teacher saw a lot a lot of strange being on the beltway who went no I never had a are certain sub where rumors that the everybody. Such a lot of strange things it is very common to have a commuter falsely on your shoulder. Low to zero you're pretty active there in Japan Australia yeah. So has been. And I sometimes read for hours to get to and from wars that all the sleep put under rule. Almost six. And so yeah and when I mean is it impolite to them did leg so he just made the like shrug shoulders and polite to do that are are indeed what would you do when somebody's asleep on him. Yeah you're generally let them go to could be you know contain people are woman so you just yet yet normally does and all of these is what do. Well that's see you feel for them that they're getting their sleep and. I don't know I don't want somebody drove around fit the. Now how we are my son wasn't Communist thought. Laugh. In the where it's never saw the one note guys get drunk and you hang on one of those can't straps you know that the implied you. And argue with my numbers bare knuckles aren't fully extended and as the train would movie twirl around on its heels never let go. Thanks so he's just pure letting the entire world are okay. I said today given the oh are. Shana. Yeah see our guys public transportation's. So my our friend and I put the word coming home from a trip to new York and high school on the Greyhound bus through to get out there from Colorado. And her boyfriend had sent her flowers. And she fell asleep. And the flowers come over and flooded the entire side of the ball. So she's sweet end. The guys that you spoke of the flowers gone wait two hours later kept up run through the front of the bus. And planned to shoot the bus driver if you go to the latter problem. Let him lots. That's why our water on and you just can't hang there. Yeah didn't know who. Don't apply our attitude I took my gag down in between us to try and pipe block he could you look good created a piano has like three hours later. You. I your proposal hurt. These cops come running across the highway and then they well you couldn't sorry April weren't just put him back on the bus and so we're 08. Oh yeah now why this is Greyhound knows well the dog you. That is why you see when you're 26. Except my friend who still free and soaked sand and creepy guy our own but everybody else the play you've been right let's turn of the next stop their order of 08 year nobody talks finally kick the guy OK. And we all get back on the conflict. Fifteen minutes later she wakes up she's like why is everybody recalled his mood. Oh my god that is awesome thank you for the call me any pharma. Yeah yeah yeah I think public transportation but he got. Well I'm last year I was doing we have seen and I am. I ND. All and that was my parents my chin and then you've been touring Washington DC Milan London we. The poor have heard about it and haven't seen my son has put on about crate which was. A little bit different you know a little bit how weird. Is so that's certainly we don't carousel with a. It got hot in the captured it Elaine and then next thing I know there's other car that I'm next to us and just starts. John had a cab driver and the one that people aren't normal saying you know a lot of cuts for the campaign on the radio. He has got to this can't go on and no unknown and it blew five million tourists street in the camp divert arm pulled over to let us now and the car followed us. In the dying in the cart without the card. And go to the cab driver. Dirt on him about what you gonna do to him if he didn't have witnesses and you look at that that's where literally just kinda. At the cabin when peace and electing another guy goes back to curb pulled out of that and just start. Land him in on the cat. Nicely. Into Canada. My kids. My parents my mom boat trying to be nice like Pinochet Rick come. And I please go to this crazy now the match I don't you know cab driver variety that's anything's that's gonna. Have you it's just oh my god thank you for the call by the way I usually keep is when there's so many of you this had bad public transportation stuff. We'll keep going over on the site currency FaceBook page.