Slacker and Steve - Rat Out the Brat 9/27

Wednesday, September 27th


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Steve I am IPM. Not a person who gets jealous of a lot I don't I try not to Calzaghe Jones of governors. Okay okay I try to forget recently I'm not really I didn't want to knot and be. People who have stuff I don't have I I I want to I'm not. I want I just wanna go and get myself Oca but this ten year old girl this two month low just generally yes. She's a ten year old girl from Texas she rocks. She lives thirty minutes from her school. And so some days she can't be bothered to ride in the car for thirty minutes it's hard. So her father who's a commercially he's in aviation pilot. Runs a company called helicopter up. He tires of his helicopter. And flies her to school now why would you you own helicopters. Would you particular car. A minute chopper. Deal or no there is do you know what this kid is just turn out like. Guys here it's no prior and oh yes that's being groomed to be rich yeah ice. But why would you not access your dad's helicopter if he has won something Hansel and leaning a football field thereby not huge in cool is that. This kid. Why is a brat whose kidneys to get to school this kid's is there a bus system. You walk now she's been fine with a father since since she was two years old those safety rules are being around helicopter so we just are just. So let's say you lose your dad owned helicopter business you wouldn't get a ride to school roots in the hotel. Attack at an act if my dad owned helicopter business he would not take municipal coliseum nine. Good it's good to mix of thirty minute drive to school he'd like Julian three hour walk if it. You don't pour more you me the time. Prizes the fifth. He would never parents could not brings a brat I'm not a brat push each you know thirty minute commute rate that's just unheard of it's huge for so now it's five minutes I. Yeah exact cost and like nothing can Zealand's yellow government all your eyes and yeah. For helicopters free for the owner of the company though you're just how you all I guess that's right your trust fund because I perhaps a fast. Yeah. Am. I to Dublin core it is that's Lance Rick we don't quibble over little details that there was you commoners optical. Fuel came through about six factored into this man could make you it will mean some lower. So this what what we're thinking about doing with the story especially with Stephen is completely but yeah yeah high attitude about brass. If you witnessed something. That I. If you witnessed a kid. A young adults. It's just. It's clearly had the silver spoon stuck sold for a their head particularly in realise what. We resist OK as for me into web other people right now rats aren't. One student design Ed class I assume in college student and a paper in class. So he wrote on his MacBook instead. Anybody knew it. In the problem lose. Feature homer don't MacBook so what couple grand in bed with the euphoria I would write a month graffiti minor Obama about a new into why would you not just opening type. It's tough because. Penmanship can see I was still. I am still like obsessed were making about Brad that I didn't think the obvious answer just sent to. Oh my god he broad and he's just open it bigger rocks and see why would you if you could I would too if you could now. I would know another another person parents had given her brand new Dodge Viper for protected place shade color. So instead of saying my mom and dad thanks to me to introspection dealership I don't like then blew with the white racing stripes I would rather have. Ram oil filter orange one month your favorite coat on she instead gave her friend the title to the car nine so she gave way to car brands like I'm. Do you drive out let's go by the color you want now it perfect to diapers yeah. One brat she was generous brat she was generous she gave a person you need a car some transportation. Yeah I was asking a brand that's good dude. Why I think I I was it's like a little right in that don't see it OK mentally nor allow brides to get a ring humiliate the rings are the ones that have to Wear for the rest of their life yes well that's what she issued at the drive his car and his hideous color car for a super wife can't do that. You can get weird yet but you could take you could turn back did you didn't take you to one of those. Fancy car places they Goss pushed in pain whatever color you want known she took into of that charity the wheels some wheels. So. I know she gave it to a friend who was not this. The problem is and always said she might recall we're gonna get we're somebody's Conrad out the most extravagant Brad thank you again. You know they're going to be like hundreds of thousands of dollars of its thank somebody up here but if it's a kid it's like there's there's somebody said they were sunglass time. Justine and there are like six years old four years old here's my what do you want each one of them grab like Forsett sunglasses I don't you did this sunglass up dirt 200 minimum easy yeah. Any kids each whipped out hundreds out of their own pockets around each one had 800000. Dollars on I'm gonna protect their eyes. It's protective eyewear. Wood to the sushi restaurant I see about all months until I can only go there comes a month because it's expensive but I love it up. And went there and in a little celeb nine year old team for a birthday party yup you do you know what that feels like to. Makes you feel small that's it I don't like I have to protect the same to me I don't even know what not easier it'll turn by Diego. Go get. No this just all impressed because they're like blowouts. Why isn't their fault that their growing up affluence are to blame their parallel. Breast milk where might you not decent. That's OK and I didn't think that they're walking and god does though much of the belly today I would like dude I didn't know how much he belly was so I was like they're jealous yeah. Still the noted this but for those night drove the white tuna OK in the belly putts albacore none of Oklahoma for a bit. You know what I I went to school with the guys that literally every time that he's got a brand new truck and whenever his truck needed an oil change. His parents would come pick it up go traded in and give him a new one heck yeah. Dutrow every 5000 miles every five it was more like 3000 miles because there was this synthetic Seawright he's passers by knew in the you have to sit there and chain that's exactly what they say and move. From scratch those. OK I took a. So right now we've gotten this level of Brad this is where the brats are if you've been around kids and adults. It just exhibited. Sold alone. Rex it's like Apple's what that's fault did you did he he's Brad. Does an exercise in New Orleans and you want to read out the brat who give either radio station to do so if you if you feel weird about it will fully voice disguise you splits are with candy. Naive around to brat who's. Oh Lagarde could you believe Barrett. My corporate parent if a sophomore in college. Are to report straight every single paper for Beckett. He had such are not by the way you are disguised effort to mention that up front so you're not getting in trouble for the whole way that's that's one of your duties is still bright lights essays about books he's closer read in the science stuff in my memorandum I got high schooler motor. There that know yeah the complete college and I'm. If you if you dropped by as if almost like every week you can provide picked you to hear my credit that we drop our heart out. I would put a little Merck and there'd been an old Buick computer coup leader might are are you perhaps are martial art that. She is hardly your underwear and world war. That's the big bad. If you're recited quit don't tell anyone in key Brighton those. My grandpa how do you like his college career. I mean you see you you you honestly feel like it's a condition of your employment if you stop doing it you would not have the gigs. 00 without a doubt without a doubt it'd be written or come up with a pretty good leader group B could. You are right it went bar or are we could you wouldn't health care what other people are always track picture that you. 220 point three bush encouraged the question is a good grade are you get that is already questions which you get an empty underneath it could. Aren't you couldn't really well apparently. He's. You should dear lord does it come. And you bulls graduated the same time the computer and then. Wow that is a total. Brown's. Thank you for the call to any Sarah. Yeah yeah so I don't rat me out yeah act. Well ain't bad I'm having among on a birthday party very dear all we did when Matt and record in the YE. No niece she does a good thing for some who couldn't call my god. I'm gonna ask the public eye but you'll continental. Steer the the the you seriously took two year old Hawaii because of more wanna make your memories. Yes she a lot of them want it she knows every armed. And now we figured why and I figured the outfit. Well you just made great memories that's what every parent spoke guys that you would let me ask you a quick question dealt Steve tell me that one either you Steve Serra. To me one thing revenue when you were two real quick and that's. Right yeah. Are. Did you know you don't appreciate you're wasting. It's still a little bit you know you don't remember permanent crap and tell your life's good. Sands and you know again he got to work you know ease into you right to win Murray's seat there as quickly. Harry Naomi live widen. I hope so they took pictures yeah. Now earlier I do think they Serra I'm I'm shocked as many wanted to admit it was them but I guess we're back to be easier choice is because Britney. Guys you're disguised so well right now the brat if you're disguise easy you. Nice why would what about you makes you Brad. Bottom if so are you were brought in a very affluent and leave it definitely let me put look from that kind of like speed. But does one of those things would my grandparents owned a second how in a few resort town. Any time when they would go up to that second how. They would ask you come over until before feeder for them and my grandfather would pay you fifty dollars every day they were going to be on a mobile and build a bookkeeper. That's a lot of work though that's only an underpaid my days he's good birds do. He your receiver worked a bird feeder yeah I used pour seed and it takes about eighteen sacks since the. You back and forth between you do out of lake. Three they'd be in the city's creative in the mountain kind of thing like every great reporting there were commuting back and forth. So are you just a total peace and held the adults don't guard you hard to deal with. No I like I've learned how to. Demanded money they're immigrant parents letting you like how all of this you may not college fund for me and felt like I'd buy it. It taught me about money by now it an adult I'm way better with money don't wanna make friends because I know what to do with money. Right Brittany that was a lifeless and that was more than just would give to kids who did they taught you lessons with that. Wow games for the rescue like no you're just I can download I can tell the way you're talking is that I've learned a manager at hi in my bathroom wins in front of my poor friends so I thank you know it's hard to pick it. You don't do it very well with so. Chris. Yeah I. That's. I don't think Skyler didn't really club Colorado Karen. And paying particular attention to change how stupid you have to drop although one of my girlfriend because I got my buying her record that. For graduation. Economics at one of the they lived about forty pardon got to count and Craig added gotten so many speeding ticket chatting back and forward. Anybody helicopter. And a pilot who live on their property. Hidden beckon call. Som problems may get a he had a problem he saw I don't eat it. If I do I don't like people thought I ride the legs I didn't go I don't know if we keep this almost ignore your brand's story says Steve can be on your team got over on this tiger and Steve FaceBook page.