Slacker and Steve - Regulating Kids 8/20

Monday, August 20th


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Staying on the day. But there are no more sometimes just seconds before we turn the Mike on you say some of the most seemingly ridiculous things that have the there's a couple stories of out. How old. I don't see government can amount to a guy like how society how laws are being put in place. So that. If you suck it parenting and don't know how to get your kids are used to eat the right things and they're making laws to make sure that your kids he directing jobs. This is awesome and c.'s I'm a guy who has never put anything dark green in his mouth. Ever broke. Unless it was costs extra technical all the is like our good solutions for this for you. Years do you slide your virginity for these children. You know so we wanna really think about this full you discipline taxes upon social media here. Bombed in California there's a new law that they're trying to put on the books that would allow children and to only drink milk or water. At restaurants. Always I thought it was a school this is a restaurant restaurants. Also there try to dictate this error to a business owners well. Yeah. How can hook my children that's all they drinks mostly in my children water. But we go to parties and senators like other strike terror attacks temperament beyond that night Audi of just a water we have increased our honoree at night. No BB. To a water. Dude I cannot be you know I'm running an apparent vacuum begin to tell you while. How awesome that is in I thought your wife drink soda pop so I thought oh your kids you'd be so Richards. And they're not gonna and you were raised soda and I was at ray soda or coffee I had more soda when I was a child my my kids have ever happened while my you know unsealed trim their my mom would wrap bill. Not a soda and freeze it and an Indian your lunch box or whatever but. I had my kids don't eat they don't want. It's the fact dude it's one thing to show your kids that are modeled that behavior before them just take kids yeah and when they're off on themselves oh no thanks many Jews did and there but. Do we need a law. Didn't take your restaurant if it's too if. I'm a parent and doctor pepper frame that we always been a Dr. Dre Ramadan mock Danny Betty was a doctor Deborah named. How who are you to say that I can't see my ten. Errol doctor pepper you write a primer restaurant business owner. I mean for the profits sold for selling soda makes me Lou I'm onboard with the open market account the free yes this is. This is not natural selection more sympathetic with it but if somebody wants to poison their kid with soda. Technically that's that's within your family box nodding California though if they make this thing a law and it's not over there in Missouri. There's a school that's no longer allowing students to eat fast food during school hours. When we bring in fast food to the school or goal leave the campus at lunch go to get I don't think they're just not allowed to bring it in today because like what I used to do is like when once I was almost to drive I jumped in my car but his drive December 11. Knew some like. French bread pizzas are we all hit McDonald's or burger whatever and liked combat their suits in general lunchroom with everybody else and now down. And I allowed anymore. And I just parents might feel an up roar but it's the school they can laid out all the laws they want you have to abide so let me ask you this what do Spybot. Six a late last night we'll add some great chicken nuggets and I throw summon a sandwich bag and put it in their lunch box and cinema school that's facet. It is good question in fact is is gonna create. More work for everyone okay you'll likely get TSA. Sent up there and I don't know. Cipro a nice. Although we got our. The coast of Brazil and he's got some sappy though they're gonna follow Miller got a now those are checked soil and I'm toss some picks but that's you know there's you can tell Alonso clocked more at a certain point but none of this affects me my kids don't eat fast food at school and they don't you guys don't want anybody else tell me and dictating to you was apparent what you can send for food with you wouldn't go into California restaurant. Wouldn't quit my whole family go out or two liter bottle of doctor pepper for this. I truly there's a mound there's like and I'm just let it sit Debra when you're bringing it to me. 'cause barbecues while I. I'm exactly. But there is though you if this infuriates you or we infuriates you let us know on site currency FaceBook there.