Slacker and Steve - Relations Tape Went Public 3/5

Monday, March 5th


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Steve I ask you got to admit relations Dave went public and you were a little money little forgetful. So. It doesn't necessarily have to be relations tape can be a picture win something. You intended to be between you and may want it other people's CPU and one who sought to our relations tape went public. Surely even a company out of us no good to go well yeah I mean I have friends who work for them for just such prominence but a mobile phone carrier for the for a woman suing B mobile phone employee. Who stole her relations taped video off of her phone yeah while they were working on skis. She went in our distortions and problems and she said the employee was taking a really long time. Working on her phone. The next day she saw an unfamiliar email sent from her account. With the relations. Video. In the trash all. You. Called cops after realizing the email belong to the employee of him. The phone company can I he was found guilty was sentenced to six months in prison. That's where the stories and and she's now suing the mayor and and yes. He's. It's been really hard announcing their name if the no mobile companies. For negligence invasion of privacy skis. That's pretty sleazy that is so like. He joined current relations tape off of her. If you're going to take. Yes actually this is a long long time with what like I feel it with you was it my with the girls. That's a neglect. Now is that what more can I can't imagine. What was will you and your resume the might just might I think you should know. I need to understand my response to your technology earlier rate of technology assists I feel like for you to make your relations debut probably hire a caricature artists use the strangest you know it's you with a doozy seems like yeah. Or whether they added like a little bodies to quit because that's the character it probably has not very far more on this. Well you sat out like a high eight camera in the corner and run iron stereo or your so bright and he winds up. Or that there was just those primitive they had done little smaller and a little yeah those long were you cameraman or are you. So it was heard it was Turkey it was her dad's camera. So she countries view out of where she kind of thought she knew she had a work and stuff the problem was like every four minutes she kept. Run him back to the camera additional pieces of our she's so listen I know you don't tripod yes one of those I think it had like. In the connected body Baden the connected to or something Jesse remote and that the school it's Washington's man look what optic. On her Zoe she's from. On her right there I think I've said this before it. I think somebody actually texting and or do need their camera army and I should do that. I could make my relations in public what actually have a bunch of footage of my day and and it's all on on Sony hi eight camera I remember the I can't get it all. And so. There's a video we shot for one of our songs. And did the copy of it is on this camera he and so my humor doesn't work I got the tape out of the camera soul. There's companies who will transfer rate. Onto a dvd well the problem is mom I know sacked. On the tape that has the video forget to show on the road home. Like two things after that. Isn't relations stick so I see it's a light. Legacy boxer one of these companies are labs and so little dogs think what are pretty is legitimately get this these guys. Just have to mine they're gonna get my relationship there's no way for me this is an isolated no because I thought you really don't I would. If you let me ask you this what would you rather have that music video or that relationship or that really the relationship I swear I don't. I don't want it that was 31 wife was and yes. The only good news in our events so yes OK and on the tape can listen nevermind what I would know we need real stories of when your religion and closure which takes over here it's the music video and then. At the time we were sponsored by Miller genuine draft beer right my damned was and also the Pope came to Denver. Oh sold. So I did works really do hope that this is this why you know I'm late in the weeds and we're gonna get back to that so you. So I've worked for the world youth day sensible I was like out there selling merchants stuff I just got to isn't you know when needed again when I was back in between touring so I was selling stuff. Monday and played a show. And we all wore these giant mormons hope pat Smith's home Pope caps on stage doesn't item from world just so we played showed that. And we came outside and Miller genuine draft brought us all Harley-Davidson's. Osu week on a trailer there MGD things so. On the tape is a music video my band. And then. Right around on Harley-Davidson in public packed up its. And then straight into new relations while. You were sack religious of one point oh no no just a tough tough tough Panama. Positive more somewhere in the Pope had a beginning the other ball gospel are hot so I. I'm dead certain I'm from the sixth to music video was earlier this the first thing on my team we need really just we need to get this stuff you've got a Sony hi eight camera. Yeah let's do this and I just borrow it long enough to follow some music video all in our cameras where I don't even want I want. I know this sounds weird you know me I don't buy about things like this I don't. You don't wanna see what you were like I don't years and I don't intrude spoke I don't. Well shoddy camera work itself availability like out of focus and stuff like you're judging your performance of yeah. I think I did great on the table from what I remember using radio gaga. We immediately we didn't do my job security Heidi camera tomorrow for like two knicks not the real and also the gear that complain much during the great speeches there were only out. I can give you the tape for obvious reasons I can't give you that it. The guys that can anybody just anyone else. Further it's a couple. So familiar story of when your relations tape went public to and the woman I find the best is somebody didn't understand like air play. Com. Or you probably don't know like there's only with apple TV and different things this person was used in a row to. And I don't US speed you can plug in your TV you know some broken so Boca lies straight they think you're watching something off that. So she's watching some whether multifamily. And their watch and not the USB stick on the TV so she's getting. Nasty text messages and pictures. From her from her friendly benefits on her own no big deal OYC and at one point she sees the bottom of one of the pictures. A little weird squiggly symbol that she's never seen before don't know what's that. And she clicks on it oh no I want to button does is automatically take over the US the roku USB sticks and everything on your phone is being broadcast on the TV but live it took over lives. Yes it just becomes a live stream from your phone call right why won't she was looking at the junk tech osu hole for me you know WB yeah I also want. And I don't know. Does that to check. If it's that it suddenly became more flag got a full fledged OCR I'm some tech blogs illiterates I would do so and you Syria would. Just airplay button on apple yeah you would click on it looks like somebody just. Such time aren't we bush sat. And he beat me decent like broadcast into when you're neighbors apples and it's always go. Don't. Do it. That's all you hear and your neighbors lighting their iPhone and it took. The bong pipe so if you're willing to admit it some thing. Got into the wrong hands your relation tape your relations pictures went public we want to hear your story amber. I went out and deals. I can't wait until my husband that I am sorry to word in that people are better about it and in the senate viewing party at its friend deeper DB back. Yeah. No he didn't know why we do it acts. NBA just keep at bay he wanted to. That I wanted to divorce and he didn't even know he was a party here and that's why I was leading him. So he should show everybody all everything. Aspect I mean now beat you back I'm older Alan it's like. I would hot so I'm sure the great video and I'm okay. Well amber as you say company was friends teams. It's. So soft spot on the about it. That's how. Off the bat lake what are you on duty meanwhile like that's what we're about it. I have never and I. You may think this is weird I I'd seemed like TV shows were guys all sit around and make a huge act supported looks really stacked moving him like why won't you. I'm an adult movie with other dudes let alone an adult movie starring nick what they do in the loan or bad is so sure Kirk why isn't it nice for Mac and the. Upgrade. Is reviewing number did you destroy the tape RG keep it. I don't like probably a safe bet you know yeah. Settle some you want to thank you call amber appreciate it Jessica. Guy. But it's an opportunity to. And Barack I have this really well burgers rather provocative. Video they made an area wrote in jeans and all that yeah. He has. So I can't gala that they learn eighty killed. As we did our relation lit but to go to my boyfriend at my nominee as -- brand new group that lives. We have Jay Martin he's starting next to each other in your phone how do you make some mistakes. You know I detect being in this group taxed at a lake in between tech. With my significant other and I and I got Rick that is yet haven't LA yeah it was the most unconscionable experience I've ever had this. They used to Q look at mom and beyond his own no way I could never. Let me ever before he hits the I don't know what it did you know this just sparked another memory in my brain to remember like I. I had a houseguest I don't wanna say who was but I at a house guests staying in my house my wife took. Her and her children and our children to casa Bonita and they took all sorts of like those old west journey photos. And so then she got home and she wanted to put a mark on FaceBook. So she went into the album and like just clicked all those photos and hit Shearer. But also included in that. Was. Lake a tape of her by hearse else leg Tryon daily turn a student from an arm and nom she shared it. On FaceBook. So friends family. Carr who workers lose every wine sought that. Team that detected that eventually led to earlier divorce definitely did because the tape was not for her. For her significant other new laws zoo or her soon to be seen him use that. Shock taking place over reminding us of not just so don't let Dallas she's. Just want everybody to know we learn that room down that you have a son Jack with the yeah. I paid somebody sire relations Steve what happened. All other relations eight per say it was a picture so my husband. Several years ago had a picture of my top top spot in his. Mean they've reported spelled. It he agreed to ready it. Vacuum that'll Beckham give presentation and of course needed a stone mountain bike here you mining. So yeah. Put an open it up at the guys it turned and appreciate the Bretton Woods mine and he kinda didn't need to look back there of the boat a military husband wouldn't make eye contact with either one of us who didn't like what was the issue at all working need. Us I'm so the curb you guys see this night himself removed Palin don't you news smoking don't imagine that's the day is going live I just say yes this is how. You can tell Barcelona then put cocoa cup but you know. I'm like oh my god and man doesn't they'll have no idea did you give like ten minutes after the fact figure out what's. Lol wow thank you regards and a teacher. Yeah yeah I relations Dave went public spat that. She had so. Well I've been living and they get that and that my uncle who has a very religious the F Demi and and you know I had a boyfriend and we would spend video back and forth and around. I have but my laptop there are I active depending all of my picture isn't bad thinking it would just be I traveled. Around me my friends got together and none of these pictures or videos wherever I travel they are all you know the video of my boyfriend I had planned to each other learn like crazy not only have night. Uncle at all just standing believe that our names. Strategy you're. He like beat everyone you know saw you naked. Should. It's my idea that the yeah I put yourself both for adoption. The united knew everything.