Slacker and Steve - Relationship Green Flags 7/11

Tuesday, July 11th

We've all heard of relationship red flags. We want to hear the opposite! What are little things someone can do in a relationship to let you know they are the one? What are your relationship green flags?

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Steve I ever come I don't like dessert. An article and I don't Hayward we want done about relationship green flag green flag which means the ice and off and the moment isn't the moment you've got to. Knew that they were idols it's gonna be so much that at Tiffany I think it's. So like when you talk about relationship red flags justifying that it's. It's not act. Until you knew this is over it's the little things along the way were excitement treat your waitress correctly you're. Yes and it's like it's the little things I don't think we I mean if you have a green flag it's like it did show I enormous flag flies over a shifty dealership. That's great that's I think a lot of greens relationship green flags. Our little things that put together they become big things they become the reason you believe what you choose somebody but what's a green flag. In India and those stuff that. We found at I don't know if we still to surrender where it's like you're you're on the Salma damp like cooking dinner you know you do those things astray our conversations music are trapped. I just belted my spoon. Call you back a guy you hang up next time you get together they've got. A student or. Alone it's that saying are you realize and you remember a thing don't just wanna Melia. Well this thing so use this rumored to get through it but the problem with men and and I just I'm assuming all manner as terrible as being beaten. My relationship green flags are typically physical right relations related. Yeah if she did that all music all. I'm happy that the. But the thumb so that I do you know because I think women. Have a relationship green flags as simple as buying as soon as simple as him remembering poll or do you like going. Oh my god you know I remember watching the notebook when I was younger whenever in the next time you get together she's got a dvd. And a bottle shorten the team to tee box in your house and he's right. His green flag it it's a good for a lot of women it's that he heard what you said. And actually listened and then acted on it yet I just read something you maybe this is not a green flag bomb about OKC just it's telling. Maybe tester man I don't know if that's the same but anyway. Armed go to your mail and go hey I'm thinking about moving out of my apartment in case I do would you be willing to help me move. And if he cuss or stamina on trying to go that he's not the guy he's not so that's a red flag but if he instantly sent yes that's a cut is that it's a greens Jose Mesa, Arizona makes sense if he's willing to help you move that's agree that's fine draft. I mean she wants you for more than just there you go wants to be put forth effort you jerk your string jealous to be let's say you're hearing Fargo and. I I would think it is good do you think that pet names are greenside. RBS yeah you're getting to that level. Because here's my thing with pet names in green flags I've been in a lot of relationships. And I think Mike Green flag was. When I didn't want to murder them when they said my pet make. Our weight they all use the same to you oh yeah save the Euro like. To sit out. Suspect in this relationship I've tried following I am a chart. Such are the wanted to and I believe it soul with my. You guys I really I really tried to stop and I don't ever want to talk bad about my ex wife and don't I only sees terrible person but yeah this. She had a nickname that she gave me all I ever ever ever order. It was ninety per child and one of my coworkers. And giving me his girl he's always likes. I was just say it colder bug and you rule she called me bond bug net. Taiba and but sweet well I agree bug limbo but I didn't like it. Did you tell her that Palin in oh I didn't realize how much I didn't like it until I was in another relationship. And I don't you remember what the pet name was. I didn't. Like I remember. Liking it and and it made me realize that I didn't like the other when you don't see and what is your might your theory on this. I think a lot of relationship green flags are based on. Crap you didn't get in your last relationship would do social you I don't get that likes you you're just telling this'll be off the air so tell us what was your when your greens like this with meg this is pro am a huge green flags with my wife was that. I went IE when I told a joke. I didn't have to explain it to a with my girlfriend before her it was like every joke that I told kind of data. I would have to looks kind of like to explain it and go from eighty Z and with her I just told the joke. And she laughed and got it right away and then came back with a better joke and I was like I should thought that you're right that's good book and you know it. She just automatically got it I didn't have to explain myself every time so then that goes to my theory you have which you did he wasn't getting. Yeah well I'm only hadn't written down saying like I want to be sunny Allen or get my jokes ran away but because the last girl suck dad and my right. You worst your sort of desperate for the next like you didn't realize it ready and became a green flag because it was such a red flag in the last one pill and that's what it was with a nickname for me it was like. You realize I didn't like it tell I got somebody who did it right in her life. Good nickname yet Barnes saw what was new nickname Mozy woman's. Not who has bulldozer Sundar junker so that no there was some things will really is generally I don't think. You even just called my wife this in it was like yeah wind when I started dating her I is her name is Megan and I just started calling your migs I have no idea why. I call as our caller makes and she even said. That was one of the things that was like I automatically I love the value was nobody had ever called me that before and now after that that now that's what everybody calls that are. I don't call them because I hear you call yeah yeah that's good that's a so many people call that now. And you're seeing this agony of Steve to further bolster my Syria Lindsay do osu one of the girls I was woken up with. She realized that was kind of a catcher keeper because I had manners. If I'm like cool yeah now if that doesn't have manners but because mine were so millennia else and truck ton of money okay rudeness he was a hunks faces like little did she is younger than me so she was only dating punks faces like little V. And with those guys and had no manners and she was blown away but just like the basic manners to some of the other ones learned. It is what she wasn't getting that he writes I was agreeing so sometimes your green flag is just it's organic it's the reverse of a red flag yeah it's such a red flag in your last relationship did you willing to green night. You're probably willing to overlook a lot of 4000 red flags because of one of the red flags in your other relationships that you just wanna correct that's a good point. On some of the other ones on this list before we see yours I really liked it when somebody knows me well enough and this is weird. But like each. To order form. Yeah I can work week I can do that for you kind of just total greens like this Soria buster Martin junior Alex. We walked into a restaurant today and I was like and show tenure as little dean is oh that's right no I don't need a little detail exactly. It's like it's when they know you well enough they took the time to know you well enough to purge you order NHL need every note and remembered that. Yeah that shows Kerry. Like both firms guys I don't. It's cool but if you don't Brock intermittent and try hard I hate to go although it actually get into my major red or green flags. News. Relations. It is and always if we ever ask for her for you immediately if if that's good I can overlook absolutely every other entities have quite a bet on. I think you'll probably need some green flags freeze killed a guy I think you're a big one for you ways if she knows how to mix a drink. Yeah did she can destroy they feel like I wanna good or or or if you are. If you just have to tax and take a stop and pick up some men at the liquor store or something like out on the way our Cheryl and boom if she can migrate to get I would never I don't play a Manhattan there's very few people who can make me a Manhattan. I've never slept with any of them are my like Jimmy women then booked a little learned as a role booze related I don't thoroughly was simply. Where it's like no shard and mileage. Is Paramount obviously. Yeah. Studies she knows very well of who thought if I see if if I ask you to pick me up beer. And you brought the right beer or would you tell Akron. I'd I would I'd bring you al-Qaeda. I'd go when I'm drinking red stripe that's would you be stuck pretense that you don't drink red sign hung. Do you really have 6%. 6% during his one beard is micro brews 10%. Point 6% persuade. If that's the animal altogether do we do. And. Do you read sure anybody I don't due I swear if you don't. Mickelson took a picture of racing right here for a scenario like a while you are oh well I. PS for the rest of your line though it's there trust very you. Not at all I don't believe do you know why are you doing drinking a Jamaican beat us first of all I never hardly have. For no you I. What does a red flag between us so nobody in my team by news or you don't drink allies we were the liquor store assault compel a better have something in the house I want him tracked down was the last casing out that's how important it is to you viewer his greens slant. It was my eyes you know let's try to Defcon I know news. But that's an that's an album name the whole crickets that I so we keep gold dealers who would rather hear horse. Bottom line green flags it was those things that made you know that they were it. Yeah yeah and we can be as simple as he I don't tell my hero world has thrown upper Egypt. That's the change is on knowing that you lease hold their hair what else that was that it's like a moment. Where you realize there's the little things instead of the little things add up T breaking up which are red flags and the little things added up to you being your forever. Together whom we wanna hear about your green flags Patrick. And I what's your green flags. I have been like for me is when they don't I. Have to plot about everything they're good it just got. It'd be if you find something now. How randomly isn't it but I thought I'd let yeah. I'm an all my wife play when we when I first met her I was really big into surfing at traveled a lot that a lot certain big. And never knew she did any of that kind of that we would be like in. I thought here I am gonna teacher so then it. We battled out in seat dec one of the biggest that site speed on that beach and it went that back via being I had ever see. Hey EC days. Told you a thousand times that she didn't that's you know that's cool that is cool. And I guess if they're they're all I've been here I am always talking about it all its art are an extra had been its own Seagram building. And she's held it and that's cool dust in her green flag is that she's better out of the U that is typical automotive her red flags it's. Serving overtime and eases us through the snow tell you know why they in my life would say the same things. But it's it's so I think she's she'll sodomy is an athletic. And you know I don't I don't come off as athletic but like her were her dad's flew in and we went to Colorado and we like when after the ski mountains of eggs and meat but that's one thing you do physical it's you don't wanna do. And I but I never talked about it and doing so was she sorry the first arms or what I mean she's like she's like traversing unite ski pastor backwards and she's like. Real gay rights yeah like what to do more good. Things. And it's it's just like I had actually I had some good relations I call that is being the fifth major called magic that's a great and it's a great green flag Lucy. Yeah off when zero I don't mr. green flag. I am is good that I totally agree with we'll be back. I was and remaining it was being. And I and my boyfriend they're calling me Lil. And no one had ever called me that before iron. And now all of our friend army Lil and they are just like the most endearing things. And and then also mean the man you got answered like forty years and I felt fine and each tiny little joking makes it just hilarious. All your like your smitten CL UR I am I'm completely and what's his opponent is that we he calls you blue what do you call him on the oh man I assume this but I hear your current I had. You know what's weird is Steve's. Will shorten people's names like he would call you blue or is somebody on the phone we're talking to is named Jan. Jill called them Jennifer but you. You take liberties with people's names and I never see them look at you like tarmac I think they feel the same reason Lucy it's like. Well okay it's weird like we connect people where it's like I I remember distinctly somebody named Jan she introduce yourself as genuine like. Nice meeting Jennifer and she would you like that someone I said he was like. Hello. It was action because it's you you win proper and it was like respectful or something and I guess it's one of those even though she told me it's OK caller Jim that's why use yourself I always go proper you can really what I did girls hug her proper names. Yeah PTI dec courage here I got my my boyfriend limit guess that I never earned a cauldron go immediately and oh so you're so I guess he didn't cease sure and it. Yeah they do for the call Luke yeah. Oh yeah well. Our sons Alex. Yeah he's relationship green flags what do you got. Well my fiance is really good Eric memory bank not only about eight my family and burn here and we weren't dating heat called my mom to wish her happy birthday before I got a chip era. That's that's cool you know that that was cool ten years ago wits with the advent of reminders on phones. It's still cool as he took to time to enter it. It's a mix of sort sick is no. And I keep her birthday and I put it in his phone and let you know back in the day you're right you have no alerts yes it's just remember the days. And and rent money talent every year emit more it did to and that's a non state you for your flag. And Sony owns. Yeah I. Lose your greens you. So when you McGovern burger eating our paper and each her own pet died and (%expletive) beat my old candidate to her a mob. And she stepped over the green plaque because to a lot boyfriend would not let her anywhere near as I even like she could pick oh all. That's a good Juan Antonio utes Rossiter right out of the box. And again it's one of those things like we talked about we you in the manners and him and somebody didn't jokes. There was such a mistrust in her last relationship it was such a red flag. And to see that became coach usually usually you flustered green flag like your crossing the finish line with a girl you have that was huge Antonio that's a good well you just hand over blindly to Europe are way beyond how many got nothing to hide until. Means our kids Ciba jamming your aunt wasn't a dummy thought. Metadata and thought Antonio and he wouldn't the odds still owns. Yeah the year green flag for your laser what are you guys. But and so seriously. Oh rearm. Replenish each other to. Just send troops to promote reliance. Oh boy calling him chicken run with a guy when it comes movie quotes is your. Women are usually as good as the. Are seriously I mean all star honor shelter or honor I'll finish it shall finish at each we're all about those posters then. You know I am all children. How old Chevy Chase and then grounded. But Patrick vacation. Oh yeah that's cool that's greens I had real girl is even to you seem to me you are ensue but not. Stage and it. There's a lot of girls they only god yes Americans here's what that is exactly there interest and wanna live data to college in Virginia misty. Yes. Relationship grew flags done. I. Know women that's huge for us. You're angry especially when you're so wrapped up and technology youngest now follow it. You know what I. Paying attention to her guests. Elicited an I'm sorry and is updating my clan on classic Klansman you guys are gonna not do. Asks me how listening to that's a given day you could call it by you wanna add to these I feel. I thought I was I really thought I was gonna fuels to easier demon endlessly hear and why you did I yeah maybe I test my wife to find out what mine was and she's now getting back to me so. You mean there hasn't been so are there may be an announcement. X more relationship green flags over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.