Slacker and Steve - Rescued 8/20

Monday, August 20th


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Staying on day. When you are rescued. I even rescued ever. You rescue peep. And I do the rescuing usually W you are you're always good news and she sort of situations where you need help. Governor release. I really been rescued ever been rescued the Foleo shooter. You know I would die if I saw on the ocean this woman who fell off her arm fell off the boat she was. With her husband and they're sealing off a Newport, Rhode Island. And she sell off their 39 foot sailboat. And he had no clue. Did you remain for like hours. We'll do it you're right allegedly he didn't know. This if the. It sure looks a lower and it's really a bloated she's been under our. She was down below. That's what he said. Yeah I thought she was just happened below holds on watchers store greens. He didn't figure out she was missing until he stops ceiling about 2 in the morning you she had to swim Milligan nearby islanders sometime. Yeah. Did she I think she did. There's two people who sell off boats by the Yasser do you sell off a cruise ship out Croatia with it's it's nice she was in the water for ten hours supposedly only show and they had to rescue work anyway Coast Guard went out and rescue their acts 4 AM chapter he's. Does start assignment and that sums knows about my bona Jeff. You brought let's say hello my wife if I don't know and she had a mild hypothermia. Owned. And she was very angry but she refused medical attention. You it is still there on the Paris if there's. The lawsuits come and I'm nick dude in Virginia by the way. I mean I know is going to be awkward Jeff to admit you've been rescued but we'll begin edu if you which voice this guy doesn't have to be we urge you mean. All of this gotten in filming a little help justice Stephen. I haven't confirmed superior we'll go to masculinity can tell our Bible scales well here's the reason you've never been rescued. There's primarily anyway yeah I know what you know why. Like the rest of you put myself in these precarious position. Right to call people may I did say that on behalf of the taxpayers of the United States of America that will never have to send a search crew were you think. It's like Jesse do you guys have so you were dead never really close do you just started to go I wonder how a million. Nobody ever said that despite his big hanging million. They knew that it's not who you're never gonna turn on the news gossip there's no local worried parents like I Aureus was how this is Larry is slow side it was so she's right equal distance from we did do is touch and see the dividend discount if she's not. Not and it now I'm concerned reds had disaster that. So to look Clara some flares right through to get a helicopter geez what in 25 feet at his house. All like what's to be sin south ones that you mark your uncle Clark goes out marvelous sort of like. Put a charge it's like nothing he saw me wrong. He ordered this time and. First set I think I nailed it party that's very yes you do I know I got me nicely and as Neitzel he's tough I'm with sprite. I'll do I'll switch it up because so I think it's O Steve is never gonna have to be rescued I had to be sort of rescued he can't say mullah but not really I. I was trying to rescue somebody else oh that's right you got lost in the woods. Knew it a little off only under some tutored in bulls like help you were sultan yes Steve I'm Errol. Jeff what's the word Ferrell but you got caught some poison I'd be or something I don't know what you renew and so on full moons still stay away from my part of commerce says he's DEC zero block oh. I revert back to that day wandering around the hills and Estes Park Slope because the funny part was that the kid you were trying to save. You lost track of you got lost CC view him in the kid is like but you're on fun. Yes she wasn't always told you you sold don't know skip at all. And we are the buddy system somewhat turn mine off and what. Behind me oh so you recently actually go Jan M I'll tell you as everybody's in on the trail walking on the trail to go farther and farther back in a turnaround reminds. Wait what where my dad and yes the good news or more by the news I couldn't find him I couldn't fine touch it's on the road. So you're ready to do would you live off of like to have some not are wonderful Gortat. Can. Make it to you a lot. Is that your weapons to rooting though guys I think you're gore I was just eating peanuts and I was saving the dried banana pieces to sling it whatever predators were coming out like little tiny throwing stars. We'll object I was. But you managed the that you emerged though they came as a huge I was come John rooms are there is always come up the road it can't sit home by the time they were there like. Slugger go to the somewhat of the road going. Luckily to be honest I I remember this story three different ways but the one good thing it's this was the one time we were hiking whisked choose. What do you think it was it was a Josh kampf enabled for some reason take your boots and Jewish so we had to go do like I don't know also was walk on caught colds there's. I think it was lakes we had to see you old. The only true and it's the nature that's what we're trying to go through white. Think what would Jesus do kind of thing like walking all the talking for forty days in sporting act I was closer stress him dislike. So you get the badge you war as there are going lose you most crazy like to experience what they're also denounce more isn't. They forgot you do benefit out of for a Europe that I wanna say the guy's home and has a never forget I know his full name because featured a great guy he was never in danger he was fine. Steve I swear to god but there were times were walking in and I'd surely it. But I just keep walking and I turn around and he's link but he slipped on some of them and it's like when you slip you give back upright we eat fruits yeah. Speech that a good thing I guess I'd die a year to complete. Stood at the so you know totally what all you. Console that's what I like guys like just what it was like I never knew he wasn't there to. Gratitude easy nice to know we haven't supporters I want gained just so peaceful Hershey's. And I'm covered in regret in Mountain Lion. So that was zero euros U. See if you like I've made my only bastards who did she did let me just say yes so I. Just admitted one of the hardest things I admitted animal lost in the hills among Christian king at the how does it going to be for you people to call in and say I had to get rescued from blanked that's true you're right you got you got stuck in a brawl. You couldn't get out of my head. Call 18 or so friends who put it comments thank mini books are diabolical. Gives me about a story and you. You don't ask actually put it's like I was closer to extinction intends to form my parents can mean harm. If I think Charles I've. Flew out of there they should sit down. If we can by gore campaign season came cork in it. Maybe she's just like he had spent time. Which for my survival here no idea who barely there I want to I'm telling them if you. You know you meeting gore beat Eminem's unique get a pizza you're the first and hope that there are. My children. He rejects rich I'd buy it you all the Eminem's out of and we need to penis in my. If you want it could just send by Eminem's and I wouldn't want that. We know we're talking about the creep you and tell us. Give us already know it's stolen slacker and a buddy Cisco conclude the so let me just headline the recipes a woman fell off a cruise ship in Croatia had to be rescued you know awesome women are floating unicorn got stuck in the weeds okay had to be rescued why call a woman rescued a squirrel. They needed CPR she who she is a rescuer she certified. The bush got it from watching the artist who each took another guy that's stuck in the tree while rescuing attacked. Only Savard got good work you spin out of we get extra points to any of you. I think it and dried bananas were apart. The cook it worry any gore like south since could I Euro rescue her or you had to be rescued because I had to admit the toils and it. We won't hear your rescued stories. Stacy. Yeah I arrest huge. Cha you know her Ryan tried to its settlement airplay drew again can't. I feel that there are. Where back at your highest Laura they're drinking can't even when my daddy just died she notre types. Not to be found out. Our street L legend. Do or does not close to that goes on farms and not encouraged that I mean. I'm sure it freaking out of course not just tell until we got to ski resort we. Spanish catch lacking in. And out in Winter Park. Zoom adjust off that diagonal thing isn't the right close to recharge those who can. Air raid their right pearl street. Yeah I mean I've gone to add Chela or your. Daddy church in town these odd amount debt. And Dutch. Well I mean probably I don't know 11 o'clock like midnight light coming up to actually collect data hatch. And it did not AM mom right in Baghdad. Mean you know it's the or backed over who can't cook her not to read their you know and law. Oh that's a track thank you for the call CC. She didn't say it but I'm 99% sure he only survive because of work. They he had been whose use it and I have had some fun and see Travis. Yeah. I'd say rescued. So I was moving into a new apartment building near the hotel that have been converted to apartments. Like you export. Killed my body comes over to help me and his wife in their infant son. Do we all go up to the apartment and being my body based start to make the first trip down to get stuck out. More on the lead your own. There's an older elevator historically felt it up and down the last home grill that this is an extra jumping up and down and wouldn't you know wouldn't. The whole thing. Now. Where they're now so. We have zero cell reception in there. How we can't go it but he could have put the fire department through a little slow to recall the fire department of course the first thing he says there's no yeah I was jumping up and down. So of course they're needed they're number one priority to come out and get a ready now. But Baylor fur like 22 and a half hours. Yeah elevator no. Second he hit well it had no idea where we are we can't disappeared. We come back up after having. We were between floors they had to like pull the doors of cars pulled out all that stuff. We come back up spirited cheers you mean that. Sorry you see these breeds. I heard curt Blake literally there's simply like three months old I help him up there would depend importantly a great part of telling them to be terrible. So she's just. Hunkered down assuming she was going to live the rest of her life is like when your husband goes out and his disdain for game going right right I guess that's it's simply could be as well I don't ever in my Shays how jump in here. I think Saddam and Stephanie. Yeah I rescued. I all right now. Went adamant about second or third grade I had an awful teacher. Bet she was at my English teacher actually wrapped me on the head a couple of times and I hated it so much that I. Hit in the crowded during recess. And they couldn't find me but they didn't call my parents right away they called the cops first off and they didn't call my parents read a way to let them know. That I wouldn't get me from the score eventually Downey hiding in a room carpet. You'll be rescued from a broom closet by law enforcement the. My parents are slow pit stop as they didn't contact it right away that he had it's exactly like. Early ninety's so. So did they arrest do you then eventually from the school did you not have to go to the teacher anymore. All now they wrecked yet but basically that hatred I ended up getting fired because you but you could test kits. Score while you had to do is enough strength to put those not a bad it's not about rescue operation thank you Clarice. Yeah yeah I prestige. So I was eighteen where backpacking in front and comparator wilderness area the husband and another couple. And I got high altitude pulmonary had. And I mean a woman looks that's another planet is that when your eyes kind of blow up. No it actually when your lungs fill up a political will from yelled it's you know. Yes why don't like man this is it's like Murray as the do you sedentary lifestyle when it's so. I would drown mean like 141000 meters drowning in your own body. Yes. So what Matt a friend that I was but I kept do that top of that mountain with all of our cell phones and called sturgeon rescued and. They came and picked me up like eight hours later. He's. I know I think forever right I thought I was gonna diet told may have been that I can't make it safe take any longer and and they showed up within five minutes. And when I got downed UEU. Hospital the doctors are also in impressed with the dead 'cause I was completely false my lungs. Sure how did they give it now. Rooney. Honestly it's just getting out of the altitude and they give you some weight stakes it's just can never lose is that it's pools of water around your body. Hi Reynolds. Act which. And it's.