Slacker and Steve - Retail Rage 1/29

Monday, January 29th


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Steve on the how its retail Rachel are there is there's suddenly a rash. At the time of year when people should be getting right it retail system worked since apparently. And this happened a week or so ago but I'm. The French love and tell. It's mountain. Aired its okay you're singing it's new talent and Star Wars it's over it's not it's miserable so overrun. They are so over by Mattel is. Amazing attitude sustenance keeps you alive speed. It's army exact opposite of sustenance nothing that keeps you alive it makes you happy that you're alive flow OK it's. Ever had no match. Oh look I. Don't all love himself whose body. He's a much what ever so they would chocolate do every we sourcing new talent graduate supposed to I was when I was rushing pronouncing it correctly the guy is never used it. I actually was pronounced I think new talent I think you were saying no not a low earth does not. I would never seen next to her she didn't know what the I just I think it's stupid call it new Chela when it's gone nuts and it. Oh we of sand the amnesty itself. Is it it is twice. Disappears you hope it just doesn't end so if it's not cynic a million teaser. Did I should have accent oh. I would probably give you example spoke to the great big chain stores call breaks plus write what they do it. Pitching breaks you go to the store what they want do you like this place. Yeah it did break plus most brought hey plus. We do we breaks it was it puts. So it's not Brock tape plus each brick plus did you did you bricks it's called no tell luck because it's got. No it's warmer us next money hey. Don't. So French people to stick to it if I. I'm just kidding I was good break plus an algae at least some point yes. Yeah I'm cinema breaks aren't. Stupid but particularly get some chocolate hazelnut durable peace let's hope he's still. Yeah you have no one here yeah. Rocks and loose to quit the senate. Lose sleep if you're gonna get to the next local and they needed to make it. Yeah clues as it's simple if you are so you can see. Many resemblance noodle on the trip but not all of something and I. Output through the anyway apparently there was a there was the retail raged. Only go to junior critical all the stories in a minute arm didn't they put new Chela on such an insane sale. Battle he's been. Literal. It's a whole lot all. It's for people throw themselves on storm a lot of pilots for half of popular spread. Into the quote from one of them. Are just took the because her doctor about their bloody hands cold here too she eat lunch and head all over brakes just took the a psychiatrist whose. Real. But it's finally if you or did break plus you're welcome for the seven yeah just now put their outdoors she didn't sign and how. A new blouses Wannstedt. I. And. I what are your customer who drove their vehicle in two. How so clearly they were just upset with simple stick it she brought knives on crack displayed try to exchanges with us told the employees there who was burnt him like all. What's the best you smashed your phone and in by apple care what's. Do you pay per. I'll drive you cope with the yes she's treated for injuries and talk about the I can keep bring stories but I think we're just an into changing the name of all the businesses and we don't do we originally. It's time. Unless the suspect if you if you. I I just keep going back to the day that you I didn't do anything that was you. I never like to be honest I don't do retail rage I don't. I don't get angry I get I get a second I leave it's probably the Smart thing but I don't stand are louder and scream Y they provided the was there with and its Arab we mentioned this before he ever this story Steve went when he first got tell it to here and and we were gonna do a show the other position got to get a good computers who ends like this when I got. And we went to the store and likes he had cash. Literally both hands up in the air Max also. I spent a smashing laced attack. Action wraps and it was in the soil it was like he's ready to spend like 3000 dollar now computer saved not one human being right store nobody. He climbed one of those you'll look it's it looks like steps yes they did they move around those big box stores he kind of goes like. It's the do you expect to do as I can talk with John thanks in Cassidy and the iPad but I. Do you screaming yeah I really want to talk Muslims and I couldn't get out of the store fasten them up and you may know that's still. As CompUSA. And sold it likes the reasons yeah that's yeah. It's this guy. Another do with their awesome coast to resist him it was probably exclusively to cons are cooling. Jewels back. The cookie cook at a party at the bloom who do well if you've lost it in retail establishment work we're gonna put it right. One time I would have worked netted subway a tyrant subway. This is a blunt yeah. I couldn't believe she loves a good look at it could. We're gonna drive to your words like the only subway in the entire state had a dry all of us right there are some dinner and so we made some ladies sub wrong and she took she waited like twenty minutes and drove back always done. On the drive through window you know and as soon as I opened it I got a full sub might Manny to offer could be right in the works. Who are stepping out of her car into the window well full force Tom Brady has ever. Sold on retail re yeah welcome to submit. With our. If you read some retail range and you're still listening we will ask you to change the name of the company at the mobile gets. I'll tell you even hear the retail. Guy bridge a range. Yeah oh so I work at a high end home the course store and I want title lady come in and say yeah I'd like to return the clock cleaned. I've been okay good how the clock what you want Jason Love are not a home. And you can't return the clock unless you actually have it with you. And she's scared to me like I'm African alien and she just looked damage goes all the yes let me in front of everybody and then just start. She actually he. Do you think you would like you didn't you're supposed to go to our housing climate pattern get a downed how strange how is this good golf. I don't know you know the sad thing about not the first time something like that it happened. Actually happened you know once every couple months out. I T NGOs stupid PO I can't do other how used you admit it pretty general that was all about never I'll tell you this be going to retail makes me feel I then. Through one of the hardest things the only thing I think it's would be harder is his food service CNET B I agree tonight's Christmas time. When. So did you when did you view obviously couldn't accommodate religious had never removed from the store once she got done yelling you look at. Yes it is Lester open I went to the back and I told my boss yell I can't deal a position right now just to meet five minutes now Rebecca. Why if that's some re staying given congress a Jessica. Hey K needs. Right now I. Unless though I heard that adds you ain't she. Since. Yeah I went. What everyone has a manager and they're the lady who called back because we've gotten reporter Ron and a shoulder. Angry and out you can barely even make LSU sang a song. I'm out they'll likely gotten something wrong I issued on I would act. And one community out there awaiting her when her money. I would go a little bit like your adrenaline pumping at a finally okay later really not. Braille like this have been injured and and Alaska until the current gotten a lot and I'm out there waiting primary and not that I don't cover money Orkut like honestly I don't remember wishing that the total as. I'm standing up and I know ensure you don't want to hear you food for you know I can do it it's not that hard. And you have questions or living and I mean little known. My money a lot. I asked a taken rhetoric heat it seems like oh yeah can you don't believe me want to go oh my gosh now I just need to militant totally. So I'd like I'm ticked off Cushing your neighborhood and I think if she can't you can't in the back pain it's. It. Out of both of which are under enough that I'm pretty sure they are both are. You know I know you're such a great example for your child and I'll try it why not get an out fuming at the play and I got money from Canada dropped an hour long and she still not proud I am not one black guy let me reassure you all think they're pretty sure we got like one part of our order oddly enough that they. Hope she shocks all of a bad thing out of the dog eat. She used my brother little news the other thing is I think you can be rude to certain employees of certain places but she Friday. They are so nice they are so. Sap bullied constantly it's my pleasure is my pleasure is what I to deem those guys you're you're just think evil hearted. Like I like dot. Little like I can't think you're god like everyone's action an attic about a couple but like I. You just. Need a lot of oh my god doesn't get you did good you know the other thing you got any. Yeah. Word I worked at a big bucks retailer. And a name. Guilty iron. And shades and I use your head and leaving a contract but I can't Obama another. Are. Okay what happens. I'm I'm an apartment where. During the additional percent adopt sales attributable like appeared you know 120 dollars in additional 50% off of that. Customers will there. Try to get their hands on apart as quickly as possible convict you know appeal on the product how the product you can buy it. Now I work in the him that department. And I had women assaulting me to get him back. Really physical contact you yes. Grabbing my close I had one lady pulled my shirt so hard she ripped an accurate but once hacks. During one additional person and god I Headley is cutting my arm pushing me shouting me so much so I had a panic attack in the middle the idol. 'cause some because the Michael cornerback he's 20% or eight. Didn't it didn't need additional Tony or additional thirty or forty you're a keeper. I'd ice. Still don't title hopes he leaves you pleased it's only money as users human beings I think the UIUE it's it's pretty cheap home we serve so you've got out of the reach out in the right. Oh totally out of yeah yeah there's an awful awful thing they do for the college Andy Murray pairings. And I think I increase our guys. I got banned from T-Mobile hey the. All a little compassion I needed that drive through this door to the. I did not current year's storms and IA not if you ask bond didn't said it would be yet can they couldn't get my daughter can't they didn't have not irrigation and in his prime. Walked out went to go to next and they would not let me and that's still our. Amazingly guaranteed in the door and says. Yours and not where I come here Tebow lay my head around mobile all allow you just one or all mobile worst. Yeah I thought I was Steve brother it's a good efficiency Amanda. I. Recent raids. Go the my heart that a car dealership. And yeah it Democrats are kind of ducked all the time and turn angry electorate because it and try to bring action. The pet store I. And that all I want a woman and because her curves like that just any pulpit or stop calling so. Because shooter ran out of gas she didn't understand. That she needed jury show the courage to ask and she came back into the dealership experience that street. K why she's not the I didn't want. Thank you want my sitcom like I did pull everyday when I think he's.