Slacker and Steve - Retail Therapy 12/8

Friday, December 8th


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I am so buying stops mentally I just found out a fact about you want to I ethnic and kind of fascinated by what would happen. We're talking retail therapy are the average American this report just came out to the average Americans and over 16100 dollars a year depending on purchases. Did they don't necessarily need they just make them to cheer themselves up OK it's about emotion and feelings OK and so we're talking about that before we get on the air. And and she's right. You you you don't ever shop to make yourself feel better and more I'm a dole. I go to be shopping like do something that I you sort of take the garbage out it's something that you can or brushing your teeth that something you just have to do we use do. You're never likes had a bad day your feel and sat and or you feel income. Think something you down or let your car's been sucked he in your lights. Anything in your boss he'll beat you in the nude sites to know what I'm gonna go by that TV I dual I want to do all current Samsung. Late. No I'm not I do get to upgrade that's up recently but it's because I kind of had to. And the only thrill I got from it when it was finally be mounted on the wall and looked up and everything was working right. I do appreciate you go all for you what's the process. It's oh my gosh I want that. And then I get to make your own site in the car than the trip down the store when you're excited going out this door oh yes you're surrounded by steerage suck all of that to me it's just like I did staking out the garbage. I will say this here's the thing about mean retail therapy and the cat Catholic in me kicks simply do so yeah I tried my I buyer's remorse all. Almost every softer street stall now it does make yourself feel bad. You know much like Iceland we more than 16100 dollars a year HMOs and hospital and I ate what was the last sailor who would like what's cheered you up. Would you purchase that the biggest thing I'd buy and and this is a few years ago I bought a Taylor. Guitar and a cola. Would do. Beautiful except. And Turco was like united Hawaiian word and it's very dark it's very beautiful. I always wanted that guitar as she that we thank you should crappy week nothing's going right I was feeling good. And I just was like. Driving down the road I saw a music store and had Taylor guitars on it. I was like you know what I'm going NC state having euros and they had warned it was like 3500 dollar holy smokes it and I just. Slap the credit card down Michael make payments on it are just I just I wanted to. And I walked out of storage and how many Strom it was beautiful it was amazing I was like. What's the Aston I just policies that defeat you just went through this Gloria Ohio would experience a moment as dour but don't call highs come with a crash. From which you should beat I don't mind crash happened when I'm happy it's quite literally up to our auction. I. Over CI terror related that is to me shopping is not therapy it's just something you have little. Let me start you are you more lights are you know like me are you what do you get any joy out of it or do you are you more like Steve Scott got that right in between you like sometimes it makes me feel great and then other times like I'll get home and do exactly what you did grow Mike. What do they do why today when I knew I when your resell their opinions video games stuff okay see what is this for you and for me Jennifer Fordham. Did you feel that yes there's that yeah sure I can't afford it is so I don't get to you don't know dependent right I don't know that mobility so. Bolsa bust no idea that you targeted reminds me of my youth. Yeah right here with a video game yeah I kinda all your cell therapies should go lads who have responsibility in your youth yeah to beat Steve again right exactly yeah well now he's. DB and anytime I. It would cost me a lot of more I know I'm not sure I wanna go that. Talk about there's a lot of people wanna be and your somewhere around let's look at the club so we would like you to tell us. What you've done. For retail therapy if you if you've done something. Big if you went out butts on the soup we got this like where we pull movies from from red or somewhere someone point out about a 43 inch on flat screen TV. Because. The boy from walker broke up with them. Okay see I see women doing this maybe a little bit more than men I don't see women I feel Russian women don't I don't wanna be all we throw parties like your drug. Yeah women I feel like go by. Jewelry I get into. It's shut up everyone who's writing in angry letter I'm not trying to stereotype it like to go buy jewelry or they go did you spy days. That's still retail therapy he's been a bunch of money. Readying themselves up for the next guy sort yeah okay they're nails did and a pair I don't our intern were. Couple of her boyfriend a while ago like a couple interns ago and I knew I was like we're gonna see new haircut and a new hair color any debt insurance absolutely positive I don't like she's great clips we acknowledged like it's like to 350 dollar haircut where they do with a sore in light it on fire as you know if you had a total. So that it if you if you use retail therapy if you've done something bought something amazing. To make yourself feel better. I mean this stack is 161652. Dollars per year is the average. The people that's a lot sets a time. If you're one of those retail therapy people we'd love to hear your stories odd Cassidy. Yeah he'll synergies. And I might note that well wild one my girlfriend. Ex girlfriend again broke up but me I know I do it blared and mental deal but there and I bought my card to card. Oh you are Charles your whole 16100 dollars and then some all in one retail therapy moment because there. What I. Did it make you feel better did you have venting it six in a meaningful on Catholic guilt buyer's remorse can thank. Intact a gray. A car and Ricky oh what I I don't really and I tried both great. That's that's a lot that's what's your first car telling a constant memory of how we got your card though and away you say something about. Broken up when they get this battling for the actions our system. You know thank you for the audacity. Candy. Yeah I you are disguised in your name is clearly a candy so when we your retail therapy. Tom I have a boyfriend lives. She's an army actually and told you I'd let you. Rolex nominee hopefully and a what are what heroic who come here little calling mixed income logs even blocked off. I hope they. I'm MacBook and so hard on them. Who went shopping locally and got a haircut and Lou Amarillo gold buyer be cute complete split it. You brought. A couple of them and pawned all this is not always stuff pundit picked the. I don't stop talking to them completely and our. Remove with a much. Softer he's got skin for you. Outta here and stuff yet but I don't think it was a Casio watches shoes oh lord and as he was a separate bowl and some brand names of that nice clutch my dad. Thank you could cost you need. Jennifer. Yeah. I I'm retail therapy what didn't. I don't think he I have found out that my. That I cheated on me. Care. Yeah. Obviously. I say what it is opening day which I broke. I hate didn't it my injury and trips. I. Like I pull out due in the act China Japan and think moment. At my girlfriend with me. When you're. He paid yeah right. Yeah. I mean. I think really would like to make you feel batter and say guilty didn't do it and yeah I did something I wanted to do I. Didn't know it was suited girlfriend sleepy yeah I don't possibly yeah. A. I didn't want it I told a marijuana can space and I told related needed time to lake and lake this is something I've wanted to do her a really. Really long time. Ill pilot it replaces Billy we've talked about the need permission. Tight. Well still much better after the trip. It and then you guys worked it out sit together. We know. Still put an end here Cabot money. OK so you dream trip he thought this latest Dana and Maria are you are easy. Well these are darn right I'm off the hook and then get a team back to insert them with a nice day you know it's been com. Little old and not be surprised just like I wouldn't turn out. Initiating. Did you sleep with anybody on the trip you you did did you. Well. And I'd definitely flirted with a lot. Yes or no answers for you that's the game two times and that's retail therapy and all wrapped up there one thing if you really go on and her other. You guys. Regional there are people who. How on last year I locked myself out of my apartment I literally lock like he stayed at a friend's overnight. It was so upset that you can type in the next day. And I went online and I baht to brand new gold to load mouth pieces because I play the Cuba. Hoechst shouldn't say I hope you looking to otherwise an awkward yeah. It you know it's hard court sued I wish I guess it's a much better call if you don't two. Is excited to. Well I saw a couple of big old Juba mouse and.