Slacker and Steve - Revenge 10/18

Wednesday, October 18th


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Staying. At and we won't custom chopper there are rules. That famous fight William ME TID. Have you done a lot to do I. Think of anything I've really done but I wanna do more yeah I used to go out more when I was younger when you get older it's dislike us too much effort went against girlfriends are against just rivals who are able wronged me where I saw him. Wrong to me. The mayor you thank you you sometimes when you talked I feel like your inner dialogue is very. Very marvel comic relief expert at my dad deal I think you're you're Bruce Wayne don't. People who don't put those two guests come to where there's a dude Todd baker in the Bahamas. Let himself a super hot 24 year old Russian model. Name Christina Kuchma. On in this guys make him a ton of money somehow and down she were on the data or whatever and she asked him for bingo pile money to start a business heat. Turned her down home. Garrity. Did sort of tossed her as a side note he was I just called in and vasser in your business. But I think she is 180 yes she's won handily beat rice is I want now you can let your hero office. Dressed in hander Brees is fully Kathy was right to say nobody knows you share news here's further revenge comes answer Shyamalan she's angry. She threw hot seat in these days which is not ideal. I grab this car keys in storm dostum over yourself he didn't get to Texas as you told me you will help me to start a business that were your words. This is always yet. I'm now you want to be an investor triple question mark well investor I have a surprise for you on. The backyard not start with that investment IDs idea first so many at all. He finds it is 55000. Dollar Mercedes S 400 grow up some firmer. You admitted did you used to be a grudge holding vengeful person then and now you said between every sentence it's cruel and she's just doing murder though she's due in the seem real thing everytime is she a few millions don't vote yeah or you know made my message do you really urged. Yeah don't need. Just turned down an investment opportunity broke up. So she did dump her this apparently but but some money he was an FBI informer. Using the Wall Street scam good for dump donor so Shia and he's he wrote to the paper I don't Hershey dumped my car I really love this girl and I would have married her. But her revenge went too far you know more. There's Carrie Fisher story came out recently below the child's own. That's my kind of revenge doesn't forty give one's duty to butcher block forty unit I feel like yeah you're gonna go to some of though weirder Boca. Arm and leg some consumer you're likes chain butcher places just have more meat brought in but if you go to one of the mom and pop with their late. Really get no talent chopper about getting gets you don't we insult indeed the trite and whatnot. Are so long ago this week this is not about Harvey Weinstein you know it sounds like it is one of her good friends was sort of inappropriately touched or advanced on by a producer from so Carrie Fisher center that producer eight how tong. And with the message. On if you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller. Ha good for her she should I mean she threatened to dismember him with the council on which you ask well with the those services has been around for awhile what you could make right now if I if you wronged me. There's IT takes me two clicks and I just and you like a pig heart with a nail through it and now know it's a legit service lets do that to home. In the middle do you put your hand out there. You've done a lot of bad things that you were not connect to thank you I that's that's decent revenge we want bigger and bigger. Your revenge stories. Worry it people thought and it and you pulled something off reinvested I know you're not going to be happy with the Swindon. As it's about a car. In it's about a woman who got cheated column. Where I kinda did what she did okay. She said my ex cheated on me. On it may be angry if I mean nearly angry on so I slashed its tire. Sewerage you know she didn't slash in new tires on his car. She slashed. The spare O war. Last year that's us that's who would have thought you know this is L one day. Technology doesn't know now does it and move when he's in dire need like. Today hole. He stays he'll see donuts has been a lesson life I would put a note on it I was should car remiss when I needed you you weren't there for me. I wound. And. All of you that is so good god this was another good revenge know what this revenge as well as this dude who's gonna copy shop. And the people next to him being loud obnoxious. I believe in the first story that I saw he actually asked them couples arms like. You guys and you don't know how. Oh yeah. It could so the people that swim there were being loud and really. Coming up with a business plans. And they brain stormed the idea of their new company. And while this guy I was sitting there he's they are like. Told our. So what ever they called always easy he kept. Would you like bridges pressured their domain. Brilliant simply brilliant suits who second that's a tenor of and that's good stuff slash in the spare tire here. Do when that kind of thing the last one was around there was somebody who is they're co worker was like making a man. So instead of you know trying to get right back down went on Craig's list. Room ads in hacks like Spanglish and Spanish flu day English said I have two goats I'd like to give away. How best annual and with the dudes found them all. Up. The rest of the day should cut invent your fielding phone call at six about the to go. Take did you tell you about the go. For me this look and listen to a date would you not say how stokes. I don't units. The youth only. Know what it Bluetooth like Craig's list and not ever return. Is what I want to have you pulled moss some revenge we wanna hear you revenge story it's racial. Yeah I right guys where a man. The man who went aren't so my husband has its neighbor who. Still all quite Huber Halloween decorations Herman Bremer how this but you'll need to go. Inside. Did you say from inside your house. Well I'm I'm okay I'm not pitch again that was a little weird to myself for the dog around your bedroom on where this is the. Well I got very and we knew that panic because you have mutual friends in the girl I'd show. But we're about what aid that we can get back get that purple without really knowing what we got their phone number of great bunch of slight vacation cruise's. All kinds of. They don't mean go. Age but the cool jeans and a number of years. Or eight base are complaining about all the tech. No it's random person no where in impersonating Tonya. Love a cowboy adds that. Please don't let your big giant spider. I'd say it seems to fair trade act it's stupid telemarketer calls and do some real these are enormous human trying to execute. Daddy Don legs that's and bring your best and so if appreciate the call Jimmy. Guy or rob and just. My my personally near fight score a ball out in March and out I broker spread apart and into the high school night. We changed the great. Mystery today aren't up until the juniors and seniors you're given a apart aren't that cool. Why would you give them 80 good looks like. And model. Why would you help. Yeah to put up. No wonder exactly whatever bits per gray came out that teachers knew they could not he nursery day. And they are our. And help the tension for the rest last semester so they try to figure out how what happened. Here are being. That's got layers of your life how can Monte charisma. There's setup sin no. Dude pavilion in trouble they find out. And they they eventually though word trouble and never found out new my friend worked out in the off the well. How it breaks your attempt at school right. So then they based strictly anytime they're getting closer on the lead he's in the office hearing all the scuttlebutt so he knows they're not getting closer to you that's true oh my god we're. That is. So whereas it is doesn't know that's a good stuff really proud you know under the fifth. Annan. Pristina. Yeah I mean revenge. I you Aaron and I it's so I went looking at my boyfriend had a child and yeah I kept Alex through an app on hinged on the unit on the beach with another woman to know while he was out on the speech. I hate we inspect our couch and get out coached. And my eight. All of my stuff out of the house and then that. She eagle all of so it gave urged dole very ultra look off the bat and I hit all the remote control and all the game console. Oh yeah you've been right I only you know that's just I don't know you every room was easy you don't look imports rose. You don't realize it tell your party right. Actually you're using shortstop. We just awful person. As he called me and eat it try to get everything back and I wouldn't take out so it go back and take out like right now remote couldn't. Yeah and annoy your remotes that's another thing where I exist so now leads. And when we kid you could at least go over and turn the TV on you can't or don't you can't it became much similar to you and me saying oh I die. It's just so you. Yeah that was the end of your relationship to get a chicken dinner now I think now this is Leo the only guy to the toilet and prayers go remote the new new. You really know Doug. We are here I revenge. OK real great minds trying to go volatility here examples my brother my brother judge's wife cheat not emerge as best brands more so 1 morning she goes to work needs needs you know obviously in the source you work series showed up later in the day slashes it. Here's how Jason baseball bat bustle windows roof for everything just. Dude seems I don't know this guy here I am OK okay. Yeah hey soul so they get the cops show up replacing Manny and got sort of outrageous statement no one takes his wife's statement. In the meantime. One of its registration to the vehicle and realize is that the registration is in my brother's name. So yeah match. You do every once it was car. Exactly dale had played just to talk saw two of them wanted to talk to its attention. That's pretty sewage that is still holed a putt normal today.