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Slacker and Steve - Revenge 7/27

Wednesday, July 27th

A woman got revenge on her co-worker, who continuously stole her coffee creamer, by replacing the creamer with a certain milk. If you're thinking almond or soy milk, you're wrong! She put her own breast milk in the coffee creamer container and left a note for the culprit. How have you gotten revenge? 

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And and rove says Miller and how you got revenge not to be on the next and have to be on it can be just on anybody to be random person roads and he's you sonics and you've got it took its debut. It gets you initially over. This first story they got a so inspired was it's you know you've probably heard by now but a woman this happens at every workplace happens here all the time. Well he's I was feeling sued I know you people's. You view that's why don't realize you don't see here he's overly healthy lunch anymore reaches. Your George Ford. And George Foreman ticket I know it easy on the food machines accused Steele knowing New Zealand. I there's a woman who somebody was stealing her costing me. Everton. On. In so she pumped breast milk into it instead and let them steal it for another week writes that's poison in. Well as W is not you and I would imagine it probably didn't know is I haven't ever tried breast milk and dates and purposely I forget. That you wanted to taste it is always say technical and yet. While I'm guessing you season him more than once you probably considered an act as an instant. That Syria and I guess yes so it's purpose as an area. The woman you're with us currently legacy you're with somebody you had a baby love story. You don't. See it go I don't know. It's a lot she is currently like yeah and united enough. That's ya feel it back to run. Yeah as you Asus come your breast milk in their and then and after a week of letting him down her suppose a copy may soon have to note on the things saying. Good morning to whomever has been enjoying my copy Kremer a week's surprise. You've been drinking a breast milk hope you've enjoyed cheers. We know so she dried out and part order form the breast milk and we need to ask. Until it all down Scotty it's not always the powder about the powders terrible blow to liquids I Josie you're supposed powder now it's in like it's in the it's in the thing that we'll take a bowling pin. Jack (%expletive) (%expletive) it is OK guys that. And blouse she was still one of those up. Is she would pumped and pumped into it and yeah. Okay open dumped into the gonna say yes it's a organics on a worse so she sought revenge on a work stealer and she got it. That's a great revenge story put it she. It's a who have worked with a bad co worker was like a vegetarian and she was he meet in the pumping and no she wasn't doing content earliest company probably Donald company has Romo can aka. Zero V you know whatever and totally opposed all meat product out there and what used to Timmy Mac users Steelers. All this you don't. You'll only it don't boos really motivate. Eighteen. You stole it Saudi vs victim so far as the during this. Here's somebody out revenge on cheating husband now. A Texas woman arm to get an ad in the paper. And it says and it's like underneath like a realtor at and her it's as I would like to say congratulations to share a core mere. Army yanked whenever you and Patrick Brown they're expecting a baby is all people they're really in love and I hope it works out. Always Patrick's life to me should browns good that is that's some good revenge that it is. If you're do you are you are you eventually you're not. I you rule. I tight Vietnam it takes a lot. But did you know me I'm lazy yes to a best writers effort involved so I didn't used to back in the day mildly but nothing Manger like what you would they do somebody wrong do you and their house if you their house I can eventually gather when I got older I would see that person might come and out of the bar. And so I would just because anonymous phone call. John you turn somebody into very do we are protecting everyone else on the road that's how I look at it and my own life thank you I just did you know you will ever. My it once you turn somebody in. Then sort of what do what do they. Not saying that I condone drinking and driving so stuffy old. Actor Gary but. What are they do unto you. Deserve view I know good question I can't remember. As bad as it was did okay. Well I can't act now we go to once and they deserved it and did you did you follow up to make sure that they got pop. I did that I realized well I'm kind of front driver and under the same conditions so then I had to wait to see anything happen the next day. And he did they got pulled over they got ticketed. And they do get a deal on. Why would you describe the person and the vehicle they were and and what road you thought they'd be track exclusively now. Why it's why how do what I always do well if I'm just gonna say they deserved it I'll remember why com. Well karma. No we never caught up to me. All five were you I would be very can I do every one else of savers who actually did we're also very phrase here isn't isn't. You don't hear the start to my voice mail I. I'll tell Jackson. I feel now. Next a dude and his brother they used to be really good friends and something happened. And eighth fell apart nobody really knows when they started falling apart but this one brother. Got up on his other Brothers car while shooting a video. And in peed on it. He uses sixteen year old any you are needed on his brother's. Car and uploaded a video three days later the guy who's Karl was took his brother's Xbox. Out in like the woods and basically just. He puts 53 bullets into the Xbox than it. 53 early lows try to actually yeah yeah you Tucker reload so I had just submit it here I'll see you guys show he's he's dropping my. It is it's. He laid out there and ad spots and spent cartridges on the Stanley table for his brother to seat and then uploaded a video of the shooting on his book that was just to file okay. He. She is also a car go route he'll need wash outs and Xbox know you you're terrible news. To ruin your team gets in your engine block our cash young kids should. OK so finally and we don't alarmed all be sued like the breast melting but somebody else somebody was stealing pizza out of the break room for major whenever and from Sony will buy pizza. Opened up one of the slices until the cheese on the news footage blizzard on an. Microwave just Nestle that she's stuck back down all of my hope and put me in the put it back in the French and that they. Corporate eight the first nice without realizing that lizard resentment can Powell's yeah I don't know how many dead lizard stay put in there there was. Only eight holes as lizard yeah that's that's not all right so whoever it is they you've got revenge against Buena scorned ex lover or somebody you cut you off on the role yup aura co worker or we don't series when you're the best revenge stories generally. Yeah I remember. President Bush. But tell them that my friend actually marrying my ex. Boyfriend alleged I didn't find out about and tell her after they were engaged that they were even dating. Moved. Xena asked permission for your leftovers. You know she did not do her duty while you were still with the yeah. Not to my knowledge. Especially. And I allow her show I think it did everything over Shia community her maid of honor yeah. Always asks so you understand and honor her marriage to the guy you used to sleep less. Exactly it didn't coming UK. I got it all and repeated all of her and very hot and I asked her appointment it ain't. Ari we did it wrong to eight and letting it actually. Eight. So under what she did not to take it later and he ain't. All. Zero compete. You still stood there looking like you didn't know how this all happened or did you drop the bomb like I did this. No I did I until they're like out Larry now let me. I'm not my job bill. In law Powell that is. That's my truck ever that it is so you did the Mike drop free wedding right they didn't even try to get married earned on the altar joy at the altar call. Well I know I had him at first it was just the flowers weren't that element eighty and then after the inspection and then they all the acts though and I got up judge. It will help him like am I the way you can keep that stuff because to me earlier. Don't mind. Do you fly bounced out would you spend so much like I hate. I think I'm still attracted to you on the one hand because your diabolical but didn't. You're on deed poll because your diet eat or isolate the terrorists did this at the ordinary. Call my other poor do you should. Recognition will keep kids did you ever crosses her keys and I see no that's yeah. 00. My god sooner than the couple left. Adding that marriage anything's. They Bullard appeared later I ended up carrying trauma and mutual fund I haven't spoken pet parent or hand them back and. Are you in the studio walking out denouncing all my god and I would've tipped to D. J. White. Specifics that the Taliban was not there there is so I would I had like my iPhone plugged into a speaker playing in some bad ass exit music. The only guy Jen you're amazing we're afraid you were here is definitely getting a restraining you'll know they're still. Once. Your entire ride it all the way till Wendy Dey all hope that is still own speech holding me migs no. Oh okay. Oh my god telling us hey hi I'm. Better or should prevent additional tension may not be as good as so would certain other steadily better than breast falcons. It's an actual little blue. Is eight medical grade die. If you base didn't have brownies you can't see that there's blue dye in an area that people would need to brownies he greens. And it totally freaks them out because they have no idea why. Do you why. You skipped it doesn't even turn your mouth blue. Not if you're reading the brownies. And drink it directly that's one way issues medical. So this is ridiculous. When you bring in the workplace you brought an inflatable hairs but you know I'm new in the workplace to meet you do this. Well I didn't work in the department that was closed overnight and during the nice things to keep disappearing from our refrigerator. So we. They Braude at certain level of blue and Clinton in the refrigerator. And the brownies disappeared just. Are we still don't know for sure if you've got to Vegas and never came in a French yacht. Funniest thing. What are your credit. You hear reeling from the bathrooms yeah. Well happening overnight or we're close so old Nissan ceilings and while it it'll outlawed. And where do you buy this methyl and blew that. Don't sit. Steve does wasn't gonna sell later sell order Ellen that is diabolical rise in Australia call. There I wanna do is here and my people steal all our office has. But we do the girls don't competing so these girls don't expectant people drop off appearance in the movies. Constantly being rated by other people if we could turn you know my god we're doing nets at Caitlin. Yeah I guy. Search. On I prickly and expel them I'm looking at college class. There are fast fairways but can't quite a womanizer. Made a cat that I heard it turned him down. He ended up flunking her. My money you're in the class because she tranda because she turned them down. So he got them back I she worked for at local our national hotel chain. Is she called hit wise to let her know that when he had his wife for visiting yet laughter credit card there. Why it's. Is that true. And now. It got busted for cheating by the white anyway he writes yeah replaced. Boy 000. My god for his role some Dicey neighborhood you. That's saying did break it does marriage. It. How simply brilliant was that just one phone call on fire and elites even though we nosing in doing to deny he's achieve here exactly. By my god. He knew he used this is the same hotel that he had proposition credit needs and that. A club in June it was that was brilliant to move. Right I hate it makes you women kind Zune awareness brilliant in devious ironically I hear all those words they you should call genuine care and.